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tv   WSLS 10 at 530 PM  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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pulaski county ... a judge has found ashley white guilty on all three charged on felony child abuse and neglect in the death of her son noah thomas. wsls 10's bethany teague was inside the courtroom as the judge read the verdict. bethany ... how did he reach this decision? this evening ... we're in for
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this evening ... we're in for some dangerously cold so what happens next? when will we know what her fate is. >> they have ordered a
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so there's no sentence for ashley white but they have squadded it for may 16 at 1:00. she will have a presentence report with the sense inning -- sentencing guidelines, so we should know in may. >> interesting new developments still coming out today. >> got another big story. that's the dangerously cold temperatures we'll be looking at. the wind chill advisories will be kicking in. >> that, combined with scattered snow showers, even a bigger system headed our way. >> right now this is a live look at conditions off of i-64 in covington where the snow has been falling, what jeff call as clipper system coming through. jeff, what can you tell us? >> we're going to be very cold
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and tuesday of next week, probably starting sunday night we'll have a more significant storm system. you'll notice we do, indeed, have snow showers out across west va sprarks even across parts of ohio. we are still dealing with snow showers locally into parts of allegheny. they will tape are off around midnight. wind chill advisory in effect from 11:00 tonight through sunday for areas in light blue. that's nelson, elmhurst, bedford and parts to the west including the roanoke valley and highlands. it will feel more like 5 below to 5 above across the arundel valley. so bundle up and take care of
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winds will pick up. developing now in arizona, two students were shot and killed this morning at a phoenix hear high school. glendale police say they were both 15-year-old girls. police are not searching for suspects. a weapon was fond near the bodies. >> what we found out thus far and what i want to get out there is, one, we don't believe there are outspabd standing -- outstanding suspects. the two women were fond next to each other. there was a weapon next to them. >> an official report has not been released. the bedford county sheriff's office had a month of silence to remember officers killed this week. five officers lost their lives in georgia, maryland, and north dakota. they asked all law enforcement
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>> it's horrific to know these officers are dying for no other reason than they're just police officers. >> bedford county sheriff's office put together 100 ribbons for people to wear today. >> the bedford county sheriff's office is helping the community prepare in the event of an active shooter situation. he said it's important for people to be trained following the recent trainings. we have more on how you can take part. >> reporter: no one can say they will never be in this kind of situation, which is why people like janet blankenship are getting prepared. >> it's getting closer to home. it's not if it's going to happen but when. >> reporter: she took a training course.
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>> we felt this was needed in our community. it's in the that the police are taking their time getting to the incidents, but the incidents are so fast. >> reporter: organizations can contact the sheriff's office if they're interested. they will receive a checklist as part of an active shooter assessment. some, like captain mike miller will go out to each site and have a plan. >> we have to figure out with we can do with each individual case. >> reporter: miller also teaches people about being aware of their surroundings. >> when you go into places like look around. >> reporter: the sheriff's office said it's getting a lot
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emergency departments want be toking rue -- prepared. >> elsewhere, two men are in jail following a large scale jail operation in lynchburg after law enforcement seized about 58 pounds of marijuana, multiple vehicles and $65,000. randall simpson was arrested with entnt to sell, give or butte more than five pounds of marijuana. 36-year-old johnson was arrested for similar charges and being held on a $10,000 man. >> a man was sentenced for a management conspiracy case. he pled guilty to con spiring with the intent to disbought. more than a dozen local and
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despite the winter weather, roads are looking clear this evening. no major accidents or delays to report at this time. >> well, you have to dish out more money to deliver one of the world's popular theme parks. how much it wills can you to head to universal studio florida. >> let's look at how stocks
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street. the winds are pick up. the winds will strengthen. we have had light accumulation. the flurries and snow showers continue. let's show you what the radar picture look like. we've got energy from mountain lake to simmonsville and along interstate 1. you'll notice from now through midnight, that is our best chance to continue to have the flurries and snow showers, mainly toward the higher elevations.
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the hd forecast shows around midnight, 1, 2 in the morning we're dry. those clouds will dissipate by lunchtime. then everybody is mostly sunny, especially after midnight. clouds will thicken. during the day on sunday we're dry. things will likely change sunday night. the details on that. here's john. i will show you this. you want to see this high pressure. initially we have the arctic air in place. we'll pay attention to the black line. that's the 32-degree mark. this area of high pressure slides off toward the atlantic ocean. it will start as snow. the gulf of mexico moisture from the south as the system approaches will meet with the cold air in place.
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start out as snow. some of that warmth from the system pushes up. there's not a ton of cold air to count are. we'll see it transition into freezing rain. this is the time period monday afternoon into monday evening where we could see ice accumulation and transitioning to all rain as we get warmer air still beyond that. behind that colder air returns. it will fall as additional light snow. we're tracking this. the precip depends on how long the arctic air stays around president the third thing in question how quickly will the storm arrive. it comes up quickly on sunday night. timeline mainly after 11:00. light snow monday morning to early afternoon.
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afternoon into the evening we'll seat snow start to transition into freezing rain. that's where we'll see the main problems. the evening commute could be impacted. before that storm system gets us sunday nit to tuesday we have a lot of cold air. 30 in witville. we have some wind gusts of 20 miles per hour and hot havings. today and tomorrow wind gusts up to 30 or 40 miles per hour. later saturday night or sunday the winds will weaken. it's going to be very blustery out there with your wind chill friday night into saturday morning 15 to 5 below zero. 5 above for roanoke. 5 to 15 will be your wind chill.
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highs in the teens and 20s. we're in the 30s on monday. the 40s should return by late tuesday. we should stay in the if the f50s return on friday. we'll have more sunshine but monday and tuesday, even sunday night, that's the time frame we have to watch. it's in the just going to be snow -- not just going to be snow this go around. a local woman is back home after quite the vacation. the cruise ship she was on survived the massive storm at
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hear her story. after a terrifying trip at sea, a christianburg woman is back home. >> he is recalls clinging to the railing as the hurricane force winds slammed into the royal caribbean cruise ship she was on heading to the bahamas. >> reporter: raging sea and a
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>> the sea was very, very angry, very quite capped. i was on the 12th floor and i knew it was hitting the 5th, 6th floor at least. >> reporter: passengers aboard the anthem of the seas expected a sunny trip but the captain announced the ship would be heading into a storm but stevens said no one was prepared for this. >> tables were sideways. that's one of the reasons why the following morning on monday morning, they had trouble seating everyone because the kitchens had been slammed. the bakery had been slammed. salt and peppers went flying.
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times the boat was at a 45- degree angle. >> my cousin was afraid and stressed. i they a lot of people get sea sick. we didn't but a lot of people did. >> reporter: stevens being an avid traveler has vacationed on 51 cruises. she said she is probably one of the ones not terrified. >> it was nice this get back on shore. uber agrees to set hall class action lawsuit. >> and we want you to remember, we've got our 24-hour news stream.
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>> head over to uber agreed to settle class action lawsuits over its safety practices and fees. they will pay $28 million. this comes after claims the company misrep sent the safety practices and fees. the settlement would give $25 million to riders who made trips between jan 2013 and jan 2016. uber also agreed to rename the safe ride fee to a booking fee.
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you want to go to universal studios in florida. a one-day ticket to one of the two theme parks is $105, up $3 from last year. a one-day pass for children 3 to 9 is $100. walt disney offers similar prices for its park. people in downtown roanoke looking to find something special for their valentine. chocolate paper offers sweet treats, specialty cards. those look good. managers say this is one of their busiest weekends of the year. about 20% of the sales for the year actually happen this week. >> just knowing there will be a smile later that i won't be able to see. they will open up the gift. it will be something that's fantastic and hopefully knock
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>> he says they're expecting 4,000 sales this weekend. >> can't go wrong with chocolate. two local women put their strength to the test in steve austin's broken skull challenge. >> when you see news happening, we want to hear from you.
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facebook and two local women are taking on steve austin's broken skull challenge. the two go head to head sunday night in the summit race on cmt. both are hokies.
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touch with the other contestants. >> the ladies on the show, they were all amazing and incredible athletes. they are on the show for a reason. >> tune in at 6:00 tomorrow as we catch up with allison. it airs sunday night at 8:00 on cmt. >> wow. that's some rough stuff. >> broken skull.
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