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waynesboro police captain kevin quick. the revealing cell-phone records released today in court. and ... the university of texas at austin announces it will allow handguns in classrooms. what this could mean for students ... next fall. good evening, and thanks for joining us for wsls 10 at eleven. i'm john carlin. and i'm lindsey ward. after 12 days of presenting evidence to a jury, the prosecution rests its case in the murder trial of volunteer police reserve captain kevin quick. tomorrow, the defense will begin its attempt to defend the 4 people charged with killing him. w-s-l-s 10's rob manch joins us live in the newsroom ... with the latest. rob - what kind of evidence did the prosecution bring forward today? today was all about the cell phone evidence that the prosecution says first led police to quick's body. apparently, evidence recovered from one of the defendents, mercedes shelton, led police to goochland county, where quick's body was found. the prosecution says cell phone records from shelton's phone also put her in charlottesville near the turtle creek apartments
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cell phone pings from the other three murder suspects, shantai shelton, daniel mathis, and travis bell, also apparently led police to the spot in louisa county where they discovered quick's stolen toyota rav-4. now of course, this is just part of the evidence the defense is going to need to refute. the prosecution has previously brought forward experts from the state crime lab that said fingerprints inside that car matched all four suspects. it has also called forward one witness, leslie casterlow, who said she directly heard the suspects discussing quick's murder, and another witness, jamar rice, who says he heard about the murder through the suspects close acquaintance anthony stokes, who is charged separately with rackateering and obstruction of justice. the picture the prosecution has painted up to this point is one of a gang killing, claiming all of the suspects are members of the 99 goon syndicate. each one of the defendants has their own attorney, and it
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several days of trial to change that picture and humanize these accused killers while finding an alternate explanation for the evidence linking them to the crime. in the studio, rob manch, w-s-l-s 10. the university of texas announces it has approved rules ... allowing concealed handgun license holders to bring their weapons into classrooms. the decision was announced by the university's president following a review of the controversial campus carry law. the senate bill was passed last year. it will go into affect august 1- st. in a letter addressed to u-t students ... faculty and staff ... the president says ... while he does not believe handguns belong on campus ... he is obligated to enforce the law. as a professor, as a teacher myself, i don't want guns in classrooms that i would be teaching in, and so i certainly empathize with them. butt to but in the end, as the president of the university, as the head of a state agency, i do have a responsibility to
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the president says ... the next step is to form a campus carry implementation task force. the group will be in charge of assembling faculty and student representatives to help train and communicate the new policies. a shift in politics tonight ... as a new n-b-c wall street journal poll shows donald trump slipping from the front-runner seat. the new poll shows ted cruz at the top spot nationally among republican primary voters. the poll shows cruz ahead with 28 percent ... trump at 26- percent ... and marco rubio rounding out the top three at 17 percent. hallie jackson caught up with cruz .. on what this means for his campaign. tonight - a stunning shift in the republican race - a new national frontrunner - ted cruz. tc: it's tremendously be leading the field nationally, i think as a result hj: did you ever think you'd be here? tc: that was always the plan. that's how you win. it's a fifteen- point flip from last
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trump - slipping seven points... cruz - up eight.. after the iowa caucuses, the new hampshire primary, and saturday night's south carolina debate. as cruz heats up - he's burning it down in south carolina - with a scorched-earth news conference - cruz/nats from presser: file the lawsuit! daring donald trump to sue him - over this ad nats from ad / partial birth abortion trump wants cruz to stop airing the spot... pointing to his current pro- life stance. ben ginsberg: trump supporters have shown a great likelihood of forgiving him for positions like that. cruz insists he'll put the ad on tv more often now... even as trump doubles-down on his threat in an msnbc town hall. trump: i've had great success in business, i've had great success with lawsuits, i've had great success in things i do. and i don't know that we're going to have a lawsuit, but we certainly want to keep somebody honest. taunting cruz - saying "time will tell teddy" - trump's again calling him a liar
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hallie: "you hugged him for months and months and months. and there are those who say you and your support of donald trump at that time has allowed him to be where he is today tc: oh listen hallie as i said at the time, there is a time and cease in a campaign for policy differentiation. hj: so you always knew this moment was gonna come? tc: of course, it was always headed to this but at beginning...we needed to consolidate conservatives first" but in south carolina - it's trump who's still dominating in the polls - cruz - trailing him - marco rubio close behind - and closing in - late tonight, picking up a new endorsement governor. on the democratic side ... trouble for hillary clinton. a new c-n-n poll finds her nearly tied with bernie sanders in nevada ... which was once a 16-point difference. the nevada democratic caucuses are 3 days away. the next democratic debate is march 6-th. new tonight at 11 ... a man is behind bars following a car chase in amherst county. deputies say 53- year-old
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sped away from deputies after trespassing at riveredge park in madison heights late last night. after an 8-mile chase ... deputies say crank got out of his car ... and ran off. he was arrested a short time after. crank was charged with possession of meth with intent to distribute ... felony eluding ...and trespassing ... among others. he's being held at the amherst adult detention facility without bond. montgomery county circuit court clerk erica williams responds to the board of supervisors about turnover and her work attendance. however ... it's leading to more questions than answers. last week .. supervisors asked williams to explain the 155- percent turnover rate in her office during her first term. the board also asked her to respond to allegations that she doesn't always work 40- hours a week. yesterday.. board members received a letter from williams' lawyer saying ... she's not prepared to provide this information. she believes personnel matters are private.. and the board was not specific enough
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attendance records. although the board asked for a response by today.. it cannot require one. the board is expected to discuss williams' response at its upcoming meeting on monday. less than a month after the death of 13-year-old nicole lovell and allegations of social media's connection... the roanoke public library system joins forces with state police to bring parents and teens together to talk safety. they're hosting an internet and social media safety event to bring parents and kids together. library director sheila umberger says ... the goal is for teens to hear from someone other than their parents about the potential danger lurking in cyberspace. 23.16.54 "they're not against each other. they're not trying to prevent them from "having fun." actually it's just a family trying to say, this is what's going on. if you're going to use this information and be on the internet have these tools that you know about to prevent a tragedy." the first meeting is march 3rd at
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will cover social media and apps ... many of which parents have likely never heard of. umberger says ... they'll use any questions or concerns raised to guide any future meetings. a pennsylvania congressman is claiming more deaths are linked to the birth control device "essure" than originally reported by the f-d-a new data shows evidence of fetal deaths dating back to 2008 and finds a total of more than 300 fetal deaths resulting from essure. the f-d-a previously reported only 5 deaths. the findings were released today by congressman mike fitzpatrick. fitzpatrick recently proposed a bill that would pull essure from the market .. to protect other women . amanda rusmisell rus mis sell/nc. 09:35:33" it was the worst decision i ever made in my life it caused me to have a hysterectomy." congressman fitzpatrick is now confronting the f-d-a... calling for a review of the new data. power outages continue to affect nearly 4- thousand people in southwest virginia tonight. roanoke city ... and county are still seeing the most ... with a
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customers without power. franklin ... botetourt ... campbell ... and patrick counties are also reporting outages. an early morning fire in bedford leaves 3 people without a home. the bedford county department of fire and rescue says it received the call of smoke coming from a home off shepherds store road ... around 4:15 a-m. when crews got there ... they found the attached garage on fire. crews say the fire spread to the rest of the house before it was put out. no one was hurt. crews estimated damages to the house at about 200-thousand dollars. the bedford county fire marshal's office along with the homeowner's insurance company determined the fire started from a heat lamp in the garage. now to a story you'll see first on wsls 10. a 40-million dollar expansion at the western lab of forensic science in roanoke is now complete. this lab is one of the busiest in the state averaging 15-thousand cases a year. the director of the western lab says the extra space allows them to add more than 6
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the new building will also make room for more examiners. the lab is also very busy handling the increase in meth related cases. it investigated 278 cases last year and now even designated a specific lab in the new building for meth. kevin patrick/directo r of western laboratory of forensic science - "with the ability to add more equipment rather than six examiners working on waiting in lane waiting on an instrumentation we have six pieces so you only have two people waiting in lane." while construction at the expanded portion of the lab is complete ... crews are now working on renovations at the old building expected to be finished this summer. new tonight at 11 ... new allegations unfold in court today during the corruption trial of bristol virginia utilities' chief financial officer stacey pomrenke during today's opening statements.. the prosecution said pomrenke e- mailed five witnesses prior to her trial.
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pomrenke encouraged quote - a culture of corruption at b-v-u. pomrenke denies she had any involvement in corruption. she is accused of tax fraud, bribery, conspiracy and extortion. a grand jury decides to charge a suspect in the so called "mansion murders" in washington d.c. the grand jury investigating the case returned a 20-felony indictment against 35-year- old darren wint. wint is charged in the d.c. home invasion that authorities say left savvas and amy savopoulos ... their 10-year-old son ... and their housekeeper dead. wint was arrested last may and remains in police custody. if convicted he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. new tonight ... botetourt county says it's waiting until next week to move two historic slave structures on the greenfield preston plantation. the buildings have been the subject of heated debate. the group "friends of the greenfield preston
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plan. the group is hosting a special ceremony on-site tomorrow at noon to bring attention to the history of the buildings. danny kyle, friends of greenfield: 10:52:16 "it's basically to honor everyone that worked and lived there and we know that there probably are graves there that are unknown and it's just our way of saying thank you, we honor you, and to us it's a very important deal because it goes back hundreds of years." the county is still conducting archeaological surveys on the property to determine if there are any unmarked graves in the land around the structures. the ceremony tomorrow will be led by pastors from churches in the area as well as descendent shirley lewis. it is open to the public. new tonight at 11... virginia's award. the website won the outstanding
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travel and tourism category for website design. it was judged in five different categories ... including design ... content ... feature functionality ... usability and standards compliance. it received a total 476 points out of 500. the website was re-launched back in april of last year. it recorded a record number of 600-thousand unique visitors last year. still ahead -- serving home cooked meals for generations. how the alleghany county community will remember the
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the alleghany county community remembers the life of a local legend. she was known simply as "granny" ... and she passed away yesterday at 109-years-old. granny averill worked for 65 years at averill's country store. her sons say .. generations of
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cooked food and no one left hungry. wayne averill/ son "when they would come to averill's store and everything if they didn't have money enough to buy the food mom would give it to them." punky averill / son "she's not known by miss averill, she's always granny to every body. i reckon that's the reason she got the name because she treated every body as her grandchildren." she enjoyed working the store so much she started there in 1941 and didn't stop until 2006 and the doctor made her. after last night's clipper system that brought some parts of the mountains southern parts of the nrv and mountain empire a light accumulation, it was nice once again to see the sun come back
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melting continues across the area. but we are still dealing with the ramifications of the precipitation earlier in the week in the form of river flooding. the roanoke river at randolph is forecast to have moderate flooding, while the dan river at paces and south boston are forecast to have minor flooding. we'll keep a close eye on this for you, but any flooding is expected to end any time between thursday afternoon and friday afternoon. tonight: fair skies and cold with lows in the mid-to-upper 20s. once again, tonight beware of the potential for re-freezing. thursday: mostly sunny with
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we will stay mainly sunny on friday with highs in the mid-to-upper 40s. we will really warm things up this weekend. saturday will see a mix of sun and clouds, with more sun east and more clouds west. the mountains of west virginia may see a stray shower or two, otherwise we look dry across the commonwealth. clouds will continue to thicken into sunday turning mostly cloudy with a few showers possible at that point. temperatures though will reach the low- to-mid 60s.enjoy the warmth while it lasts, because it won't be here very long. we'll start out the next work week under mostly cloudy
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temperatures will remain above normal, reaching the mid-to-upper 50s. after that, we will cool down quite a bit. will only top out in the lower 40s. and both days also look more unsettled. we will be mainly cloudy both days with passing rain showers a good bet on tuesday, but by wednesday the rain showers may changeover to a wintry mix or to just snow. we'll be monitoring this potential for you closely over the week or so.but things could again get interesting by the middle of next week. right now there are more questions than answers, but regardless of what the precipitation type is, it appears as though there is a lot of it heading towards us. stay tuned. we've got hs conference tournament hoops get you caught up on.
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virginia tech visiting jim larrananga and the 11th ranked hurricanes. first the miss...tip tap. chris clarke...the putback 2 as he
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inbounds.. jalen hudson for 3.... the hokies led by the break 22-21 second half...canes open the half on an 11-2 run.. forward kamari murphy gets his own board and the putback 2.. then it's sheldon mcclellan square dare...3 ball.. angel rodriguez...had 14... miami...commands the tempo in half number two..and the win.. conference tournament action...will be coming at us vin diesel like.. fast and furious.... after snow delayed these tournaments.. conference 16 patrick henry hosting orange county..north of charlottesville... early drive.. nice look to dom joyce for 2 in
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orange county elijah smoot...leave it for jordan shook...for 3. but ph...going up tempo..ahead to quarterback q- shaun calfee...q ...with the catch convert 2.. ph....routs the fightin hornets...84-39. 3a conference 31....stanton river at the northside girls-- the vikings alexis houston kick to alanna blankenship....tak es it strong to the rack for 2... the golden eagles's madison meador breaks the pressure and finsh autumn stephenson for 2. later..more viks... it's sydney smith to bailey grubb...for 3. the vikings with the win....52-39 we are creeping every nascar's super bowl.. and ..just like it's namesake in the's unlike any other.. we
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face---in today's edition of countdown to nascar. by all accounts..its a white knuckle ride at 200 plus miles per hour--- a single a single driver..can mean mayhem for the field. add the simple fact that so much weight in placed on the daytona 500, and you've got a recipe...for a pressure filled day- where experience matters---but often luck is the trump card-- jimmie johnson/2 time daytona 500 champ:"..decision s made by others give you your opportunity you don't you look in the mirror the entire lap around the race track and try to set up you drag the break to push all the cars back and eventually that energy comes back forward and if the time is right and the energy gets to you when you get the knowledge to move forward and move you can make a move so to set all that up is virtually impossible you just get lucky i mean it's timing at circumstance leave that lead to an offense of moves." the hendrick team dominating
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2015...and two time 500 champ dale earnhardt jr is considered an odds-on favorite.. for jr--it's more about driving style..and his instincts--when he's dueling at the birthplace of speed- dale earnhardt jr/2 time daytona winner: "yeah you don't come in with a strategy you just have a style of driving that you just do all the time you don't start the race going you know what we're going to take the lead on that block this were in a password in a pit on this lap we're gonna hold them off you don't make this plan there's no real their strategy to what the pit crew is going to do and what they want to accomplish but the drivers just out there making choices based on instinct and what's happening around him." 20th ranked #5 north carolina to the wire. here's the final play of game.. duke wins 4 in a row..they wre down 8 with 6 min to pl;ay..
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stay with us.
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of course you have to be 21 to shop at the abc store ... but that didn't stop a deer on the run in clifton forge. check out these pictures captured on surveillance video of a doe walking in the store and heading straight for the bourbon aisle. virginia alcoholic beverage control posted these pictures on its facebook page asking people to caption the pictures. the tonight show with jimmy fallon is next.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jennifer lopez. snoop dogg. musical guest zayn. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 419 toledo! woo! >> steve: and now, here he is,


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