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tv   Today  NBC  February 18, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EST

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and that is snap back by old dominion. >> that's nice. oh, nice. >> that sounds like an actual sound. wow! we are very excited today. we have a terrific actor with us, joseph fines. he is making headlines for playing michael jackson in an upcoming tv special. he's also starring in a really exciting, beautiful new film called "risen," a very interesting story line that i found to just be -- >> you have been raving about this. >> it's fantastic. we are also sitting down with rick springfield, who gave us the gift of "jesse's girl" back in 1981. he has a guitar and new music. we'll hear what he has to say. >> and elvis duran is here to introduce us to his artist of the month. just saw him out at the grammys, canadian born. shawn hook will play his hot new single for us. >> and a whole new collection of luxe for less. >> yes. >> first of all -- >> i'm in the move. >> wait. aren't you bummed that spanky tuesday is over?
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>> i looked at our ratings in new york yesterday and i'm not kidding. at the bottom of the show where we do spanky tuesday it went like zing! people like the spanky. >> no, they love the spanky. and that should concern us. >> i couldn't believe it. i was like what did we do at the end of the show that was so great? oh, spanky tuesday. how about some -- >> no! no! >> words of wisdom. but it does get you going. >> here we go. best friends are people who make your problems their problems just so you don't have to go through them alone. sweet. >> my hodie, even though i'm not your best. >> you're in the top three. i'm kidding. >> but i am the oldest. >> all right. today is random act of kindness day, which should be every day, but it's nice that we've chosen one special day. >> yeah. >> we would love to know if you
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recipient. we don't want you calling us up, telling us how wonderful you are. we want you calling us up -- >> put it on facebook. >> if you have been the recipient of a random act of kindness. >> don't you love the stories where you go, i can't stop thinking about it? we would love to hear the stories, someone who was great to you. this was not great yesterday. >> this was -- we can't believe what happened. we're shocked. >> sir paul mccartney got dissed. he had beck with him, the drummer. >> they went to a party. >> tyga's party. t-y-g-a, tyga. they said let's go to a party. it's grammy weekend. i'm a beatle. why don't we go to the party? they go to the door and tmz is there. there's video proof. he gets turned away. listen to what he says. >> you need to know the hits. work on it.
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ever. >> paul, there's no way they just -- >> back up, guys. just back up. >> i think he handled it beautifully saying we need a new hit, guys. we need a new hit. >> tyga said no. >> obviously, tyga didn't say no. >> whatever. tyga's bouncer said no. >> these kids may not even know who the beatles were, you know? >> we want to point out -- first of all, we all want to know what he was doing at tyga's party. why would sir paul mccartney, the beatle, want to go to tyga's party? and someone said he was trying to go to another party and got lost. >> we don't know if that's even true. >> we want to make it better and say sir paul, you're welcome on our show any time you like. i'll throw a party just so you can bust it up.
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on twitter and apologized. he called paul mccartney a legend, and said he had no idea that paul was trying to enter. >> that's probably true. but this bouncer -- >> they need bouncers who know who paul mccartney is. >> all right. >> so here's a question we have for you, now we have our wine bot. remember the thing where the wine is overflowing on the floor? >> yes. >> #teamklg or #teamhoda. here is the question. is it okay -- is it ever okay to crash a party -- >> you were not invited to. >> whatever. >> that's the important part, that you weren't invited to. >> i say yes, it is okay, because it's a party. and, therefore, you should enter. and i've done it before. i've gone to something and sometimes they have rope lines and say you can't get in. i think if you just work your way in, you can make it. and i don't have any -- i don't mind it. >> you should go in there and drink drinks somebody else paid
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else paid for and -- >> well, don't say it like that. >> you're going to go in and just be there and not imbibe and partake? i think not. >> here is the thing i think. if you go to a party just like bounced. matter where you are. in new york sometimes there's a rope line just to have a rope line. there are people standing >> it's crowd management. >> sometimes there's really nobody inside. i went to a club once in new york that had binoculars. what's that club called? >> a peep show. >> whatever. i was trying to get n i was waiting on line. we were trying all the different doors. nothing was working. finally, we got in, and there was nobody in there. it was like a head game. there's a line and they let people trickle in. so it's like, what is it? i can't wait to get in. >> so you were a sucker again? >> anyway, i think the point is it's fine to go into a party you're not invited to. >> i haven't even said no yet
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i won't go to parties i'm not invited to and i don't want someone showing up at one of mine. friends of friends are not allowed to bring friends. >> isn't it kind of fun when you walk by, and you go this looks like so much fun, and you go in. and even like sir paul mccartney, he could have gone to another door and maybe they would have let him in. >> i don't think he felt he was crashing it. >> i didn't say crashing. >> is it okay to crash a party you weren't invited to? >> he wasn't invited. he went into it. >> well, i'm still thinking you don't go to parties you're not invited to. >> but it's fun. >> it's a four-letter word called rude, hodie! >> joann crashed a party and had fun and they liked it. >> she drank a lot of -- >> whatever. she had fun. if you think it's okay to go into a party and enjoy yourself and bring your own joy tweet us. >> all righty. so far i'm winning but not by
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come on. >> we have a double hump day hunk today. >> we do? >> could it be two sweeter guys. ryan reynolds is interviewing hugh jackman. >> this is when the two actors get to come together for an interview. take a look. >> many actors enjoy performing their own stunts. >> yes. >> do you do all your own acting? >> if they're sex scenes, i do them. >> yes. it's where the craft is. do you ever age? >> not since 2008. >> gorgeous. my next question here is from a blake lively from new york city, new york. he writes, hugh, i tried calling you on the burner phone and you didn't answer. are we still meeting at the hotel this afternoon? i don't have much time because ryan's having a mani/pedi from 3:00 to 4:00. >> yeah. >> i'm getting a mani/pedi from 3:00 to 4:00. >> yes. >> super weird. >> what, that he's having a
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hook up? >> they both have such great, great senses of humor. >> genius. gwen stefani has a new song out called "make me like you." >> she confirmed to jimmy kimmel tonight that the song is about blake. >> take a listen and listen to the music video lyrics. go. it's getting hot your lips on my lips i can believe it how good it could be didn't want to believe it but now you want to see thank god thank god that i found you now you've got me missing you >> is that him? i liked it.
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>> okay. >> here are the lyrics. >> >> what was she doing under there? >> here it is. ready? i could get used to this. it's getting harder to leave it. your lips on my lip. >> yeah, like it. >> i can't believe it. how good it could be. didn't want to believe it. but now i see. you're all i see. joseph fines is with us in the kitchen. did that move you? >> how was that? >> did that move you? oh, we're happy for them but i think they need to get a room. listen, i love your new movie. it's fantastic. i did see it. oh, my gosh, i saw it yesterday. it's extraordinary. >> you've got a lot going on, don't you? >> just a bit. >> you've got a lot in the hopper. we're going to talk about it in a little bit. >> can we see the little girl? >> yeah, we have to see the little girl.
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he has been a leading man in hollywood for more than 20 years and is well known for critically acclaimed portrayal of shakespeare in the film "shakespeare in love." my personal favorite, though, was luther. oh, my god! >> joseph fines is out with a biblical thriller called "risen" where he plays a skeptic, forced to investigate the disappearance of the body of jesus christ, referred to as jesuit, from his final resting place. let's just say that his interview with mary magdalene didn't get him the answers he
2:21 am
take a look. >> no. >> spare me the riddles and zealot babble. where did you take jesuit. >> he is right here. >> that's bright. but alive again? >> open your heart and see. >> i see delusion. to keep a crusade alive. >> it's so compelling. congratulations. kevin reynolds who directed it, magnificently. >> what are your thoughts? you saw it. >> i get frustrated as a woman of faith. i've been a christian since i was 12 years old. i get frustrated by bad production values. when you're trying to tell a story that could have impact, profound impact on people's lives. just make it a great movie. >> i think we got the balance between high hollywood
2:22 am
with kevin reynolds helming the movie, and also scripture that is not tampered with. >> no, it's very true. >> very true to the story. at the same time you get the mash-up between cinema production value and scripture. i think it's the first of that kind. >> did you know it was going to be like that? >> i had a sense it was good. when i read the script, it wasn't a bible movie. page 30, i said this is turning into the story of christ. it's a detective movie. there were two takeaway force me. the lens we see the story through the eyes of a nonbeliever. that's great for a whole number of reasons. we go on this journey with this man. we know the end and what he's going to encounter. we know what he's going to go through. and the other thing is that most films that depict the story of christ end at the cross, which is a pretty heavy place to end. as an audience member -- >> it has a happy ending actually. >> the other equation. we kind of kick off where "the passion" left off and get to see the resurrection. >> so compelling, hoda. i can't wait for you to see it. >> i can't wait to see it
2:23 am
>> in malta and spain. part of the success of the film is the authenticity. it feels like you have been delivered to that time. it feels rugged. >> were you a believer going in? you're a catholic, right? >> i am. i'm a baptized catholic. i won't bore your socks off with that, my religion or my thoughts. but this film is a wonderful conversation of faith, if you want to pull that away. it has a huge value in terms of one's faith. my personal faith goes in and out of focus all the time. >> you do a lot of different things. when we were reading the intro, you're in the michael jackson movie. that's been out for a while? >> we shot it last year. >> it's so funny it didn't get attention and suddenly everyone is saying now that you're the guy who plays michael, everyone is interested. >> it's a 20-minute satirical comedy. it's very sweet. it's a road trip, it's a number of hours in a car with michael, marlon brando and elizabeth taylor. >> that supposedly was true. >> supposedly. it's an urban myth.
2:24 am
look at conversations of the three of them in the car. >> what did you think about the controversy of you playing michael? did you go what is this? >> i think it's completely valid. there's a huge conversation to be had out of this. i think the main thing is, you know, when you're portraying anyone -- who am i to play shakespeare? who am i to play michael jackson? >> or luther? >> or luther. there's -- in the creative community there's an urgent sense of pulling on the resources of imagination. that's what i'm asking the audience to do. >> that's what all is all about, right? >> imagination. >> joseph, thank you so much. >> you are an absolute delight. >> thank you. lovely to be here. >> thank you so much for the beautiful movie. "risen" opens at a theater near you. >> don't miss it. it's fantastic. >> he's music's next big star and he's artist of the month. we'll meet shawn hook coming up
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>> he is a canadian born multitalented singer/songwriter, destined to be the next star. >> we wish we could tell you what we're laughing at. and we know that because he is elvis duran's artist of the month. >> shawn hook is ready to bring his soulful sound here to an american audience. >> his single is called "sound of your heart." it's burning up the charts. elvis, what is it, other than his stunningly good boy looks. and the head of hair. >> and that head of hair that girls, and guys, will want to run their hands through. >> he's canadian. we love our friends to the north. >> yes. >> thank you. >> his song we're playing it here on z-100 in new york.
2:29 am
part for a second? >> yes. >> he broke a guinness book of word record record by standing -- tell them what you did. >> i stood on an exercise ball for the longest time. >> how long? >> three hours. >> three hours, 16 minutes. he broke the record. >> how did you even realize you could do that? >> short story. i grew up in canada. i used to play hockey all the time. >> canada fever. >> i was training to play hockey and get core strength. i decided to break the guinness world record because i was fascinated by guinness world records as a kid. >> and you did it! >> long story short, i got recognized. >> when did you realize you could sing? how old were you when you realized you had a skill? >> my grandfather was an amazing singer, and i just looked up to him. there's a christmas video, i was 4 years old, sitting at the campfire with my leg on, pretending i was singing and playing guitar. i didn't realize i could sing until high school. >> did the chicks dig it? >> yeah!
2:30 am
you performed with elton john? >> i did, yeah. in toronto. >> what? >> it was a charity event. >> what was that like for you? >> it was surreal. the whole time i was starstruck. he shook my hand when he came off stage. >> what did you sing with him? >> i don't even remember the song. >> what? >> i was hoping we were going to sing "tiny dancer." i don't know what it was. it was one of his classics. >> you totally blanked. >> you have to do "the bitch is back." that's a great song. >> the harmonies were so complex. we did a full rehearsal. >> wait until you hear him sing. >> we're so excited. >> shawn is going to sing in a couple of minutes. tweet us, you guys. >> i'm busting your buns on this. >> i'm asking for your help. >> no. >> i'm on the second glass. >> no. >> wait. is it okay to crash a party? the answer is yes. >> that you're not invited to. >> #teamhoda. >> i voted team kathie lee. >> of course you did, elvis. of course you did. come on now.
2:31 am
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it's wines day wednesday. we're ready to play our trivia game "who knew." since february is national snack food month -- did you know that? we thought it would be fun to test your knowledge about your favorite munchies. hoda is across the street, causing all kind of commotion at 30 rock, the shop there is. $100 to those who get the answers right. to those who don't get an even better gift, one of her signed books. with me is melissa clark, reporter for the "new york times" food section. you've been with us many times. nice to see you again. are you ready to play? >> i want to get a snack first. >> i've been hitting the popcorn over here.
2:35 am
>> why don't we have any snacks over here? what is your name? >> my name is dottie. >> what do you have in your hand? >> an empty wine glass. >> where are you from? >> new york. >> here's your question. julia child was known to serve what snack food to guests? was it, a, goldfish crackers, b, ritz crackers or, c, cheez its? >> cheez its. [ buzzer ] >> wait, wait, wait. >> she's a winner. these little things, right? >> julia child loves to eat goldfish crackers and she would serve it with a reverse martini. have you ever had a reverse martini? >> no. >> all vermouth, a little gin floater. she would get her guests a little fuzzy before dinner and then serve an incredible meal, starting with the goldfish cracker. >> hysterical, shows a sense of humor. okay, hodie. >> adorable family. where are you from? >> new york. >> what's your name? >> chanele. >> and yours? >> elise.
2:36 am
here we go, kids. in the movie "ghostbusters" what snack food is used to explain psycho psycho psychokinetic energy? >> twinkies. [ ding ] >> didn't somebody then use the twinkie defense later on, that said it made them crazy? >> they do make you crazy. you can't stop eating them. here's a little twinkie fun fact. twinkies were originally filled with banana cream instead of vanilla cream. that's why they look banana-ish. >> in world war ii, there was a banana shortage and they switched over to vanilla. >> that's interesting. hoda woman? >> i want to show you real quick, somebody came all the way from hawaii. you're from hawaii? >> yes. from. what's your name, sweetie? >> denise. >> where are you from? here we go. >> what snack food does this
2:37 am
cheetos or lay's potato chips? >> cheetos. >> yes, girl! >> wow. >> so far, a lot of people know their snacks. >> i know. we all -- well, it's a good thing to know. cheetos, the flaming hot flavor, my personal favorite, that was invented by a janitor who worked at the company. >> not a janitor anymore. >> i hope not. i hope that man got well paid. those are the best. before it was chester, the little mascot we just saw, the mascot was a mouse. because, you know, cheese, mice. i don't know why they switched it. i don't know why. >> should have thought this through. >> we have time for one more. >> hi, what's your name? >> eric. >> and kathy. >> here is your question. ready? >> yeah. >> this brand was the first to include prizes in each box sold. ritz crackers, fritos or cracker jacks? >> cracker jacks. >> yes! cracker jacks, it is.
2:38 am
they didn't win it today. >> yes. >> available on amazon. thank you so much. nice to see you. >> so great to see you guys. >> come on back because rick springfield is going to tell us about his new music, rocket science. there he is, after this. increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? artoo, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars, this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away... closer than ever before. come join star wars awakens. now at walt disney world resort. (from x-wing) hyperspace! there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips' fiber good gummies plus energy support. it's a new fiber supplement that helps support regularity and includes b vitamins to help convert food to energy. mmmmm, these are good!
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you know that i wish i had jesse's girl i wish i had jessie's girl >> come on, you can't get enough of it. fans have been singing along since 1981. hard to believe. every word, baby. >> 35 years. >> 35 years, with the release of
2:42 am
science," about to propel himself back into the spotlight. we're so glad you came to see us. >> hello! you just keep cranking them out. >> i guess, yeah. although they still play "jessie's girl." >> did you always know that was going to be your crown jewel? >> no, no, not at all. actually i thought it was a good album track. i thought there were better songs. >> not the single. >> yeah. and they said, the radio started playing it. actually, it was back when djs would pick a song they liked. record companies didn't pick it. djs started playing it. >> and people went crazy. they still do. >> phones lit up. >> on your new record what do you think is the song people will be singing along to the most? >> i think "light this party up." i don't know. i'm the last one to know, truly. we're doing four of our songs in our live set now. "light this party up" gets a great reaction. >> you know, as a performer, what your audience loves. are you sometimes surprised?
2:43 am
there's a hard track on it called "miss mayhem" that all the fans are going, yeah, this is the one. "light this party up" i wrote for the movie "rikki and the flash." >> yeah. >> and they were looking for a song. and i said, well, i'm happy to be in the movie but i'm also a there's this. and it wasn't right. for her. they picked a great song. it just didn't speak from a woman's perspective. >> you're performing at this iheart event. >> it's a good song. >> i heart '80s party. >> yeah, right. >> who do you get to perform with? >> tears of fears, which i never have seen live, was a big fan of in the '80s. >> yeah. >> billy idol, missing persons, culture club. >> wow! >> and -- help me out. i have add, so it's gone. >> will you play a little bit for us and see if we can pick your songs?
2:44 am
>> okay. >> i want to hear it, though. >> it's one of the new ones. >> good beat. good beat. >> it worked once. >> whole new generation. >> yeah. >> you should start every song with that. >> i'll start every song with that rif. this is "light this party up." i'll give you a little bit of it. that i wrote for the movie but kept for me. sometimes my life feels like one long fall from grace i chase my dreams and i was getting weary from the chase i've held an angel's hand i've felt the devil's bite >> yeah. now i take my regrets and burn them down the future is looking bright let's light it up we'll light this party up you raise the party cup, we light
2:45 am
give you a kiss for luck, love is the deepest cut we'll light this party up >> yeah! whoo! that is fun. >> how many cuts on the album? >> there's 13 on the main one and three bonus -- no one is happy with five songs a side anymore. you've got to have 16, 18 songs. >> people want their money's worth. >> it's a different platform. there's a best buy version that's only available in best buy that has the bonus tracks on it. >> really? could you play a little "jessie's girl" just because? >> no. >> i don't blame him. >> yes! >> we don't have the words on the prompter. jessie is a friend yeah i know he's been a good friend of mine but lately something's changed it ain't hard to define jessie's got himself a girl and i want to make her mine and she's watching him with those eyes and she's loving him with that body i just know it and he's holding her in his arms
2:46 am
you know i wish that i had jesse's girl >> i wish that i had jesse's girl >> lilliana is up next! how can i find a woman like that
2:47 am
2:48 am
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> you have met elvis duran's artist of the month. now he's here with his new single. >> hughes the multi talented singer/song riter, shawn hook. >> this is shawn and "sound of your heart."
2:51 am
you were my courage my sword and shield grace under pressure my wall of steel i was a stone weighing us down you were the angel i chained to the ground i miss the way you undress, i miss your head on my chest can't stop this bleeding, can't stop believing i'm missing the sound of your heart beating baby i'm in love with you oh, and i'm missing the sound of your heart beating baby you were mine to lose, oh and i'm missing the sound of your heart beating missing you missing you i'm
2:52 am
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2:53 am
i'm missing the sound of your heart beating missing you, miss ing you i'm missing the sound of your heart beating beating, oh i'm missing the sound of your heart beating >> whoo! >> that was awesome. >> good job. >> big, big career ahead, definitely. >> that was awesome. >> thanks, everybody. get noticed with jewelry that makes a statement. >> and there are looks for less. first this is "today" on nbc.y, you forgot the milk! that's lactaid. right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so you can drink all you want... ...with no discomfort?
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lilliana? >> are you dressed? we're coming into your dressing room. >> love what you're wearing. come on over. >> this year it's all about jewelry that makes a statement. >> yes, a big statement. it's about these oversized, kind of architectural inspired pieces. starting with cuffs. both of you wear cuffs. >> i love cuffs. >> you're wearing one right now. this is from whitly v, under $50. celebrities are loving this on the red carpet. super cute on her. and from bobble bar, these are $38. i like it because you don't have to stack a bunch of bracelets. put one on, you're out the door. ready to go. if you like these, next big trend is about the statement earring. beyonce at the grammys looked unbelievable, wearing the big oversized earrings. it's all about the statement earring not the statement necklace. electra is showing us how to wear this.
2:58 am
>> the pair she's wearing is only 9.99 from h & m. we have a fun version here. sometimes they get really heavy. these are lightweight plastic. and then the last trend is something i'm calling the mono earring. also very big trend. emma watson was wearing this. i think also on the red carpet. one side has the long earring. >> you need a little bit of tude for that. >> you do need a little attitude. she's showing us a moderate way to do this. this pair of earrings is from stella & dot. to do this a tiny hoop and the attachment. you can wear it as a set or switch it up and do the mono. >> how many people during the day are going to to say to you, do you realize that -- >> a much simpler way to do it, from nordstrom, and under $40. very cute way. very different. >> this is from shop bop. >> that's what they're going to want at the end of the segment. this is our wine bot. is it okay or not okay to crash
2:59 am
>> looks like my cup runneth over. >> it appears i'm winning but i'm not. because kath has a cup and a half. i want to thank everyone who helped me. it's really nice. tomorrow ambush makeover. >> plus everyone has a story. >> it's a great one. remember to love. never too late for love. >> why are you saying that to me? tv and music you don't want to miss. have a great wines day wednesday because tomorrow is thirsty thursday. >> as long as it's not spanky tuesday. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you some money. my job isn't just to entertain
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call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jimcramer. after today's tremendous rally with the dow gaining 257 points, s&p vaulting 1.65% and the nasdaq roaring 2.21% it's worth remembering that good things can happen, too. that sums up what's behind this. the first three-day winning streak we have had in 2016. some of these developments are straightforward but perhaps ephemeral like oil surging to over $30 a barrel. others are less obvious if you are watching the stock market. a lot happen behind the scenes in the credit markets which is why tonight i want to walk you through the hidden but bullish changes that helped the market regain some mojo after what's been a thoroughly nightmarish year for the bulls. first we have to recognize this market has been plagued by a pair of stressed out stocks, free port mcmoran and chesapeake, the two most visible black holes out there. chesapeake has $500 million in


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