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ron rordam, blacksburg mayor: "other localities have done it and they've not seen any sort of negative impact, and i think it's the right thing to do." another community joins the movement to "ban the box." how the change will benefit ex- offenders on the hunt for a new job. the town of blacksburg joins several other localities, including roanoke and montgomery county, in "banning the box" on job applications. that means the town will no longer ask about criminal history when considering candidates. w-s-l-s 10's rob manch joins us now in studio. rob .. why is the town is taking this step? mayor ron rordam told me today it was people in blacksburg that brought the issue to the council's attention. but .. he says after considering how it could positively impact the town's hiring process, council was in agreement. instead of asking about criminal history on that application, the town will now wait until choosing a candidate for the job, then perform a background check. town attorney larry spencer says it will ensure that
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position fairly and purley based on their qualifications. and he says even with the background check, minor convictions wouldn't bar someone from getting hired. larry spencer, blacksburg attorney: "if a 35 year old man that had a marijuana possession charge when he was 19, and he's had a steady work history since then, and good references from his employer, then we're probably going to hire the person." but to ron rordam, blacksburg mayor:"so many times if someone has something in their background that normally the town would not really see as a problem, they wouldn't apply, because so often someone who checks that box yes, the application just gets tossed aside." rordam says the switch only required changing one section of the application and the town used montgomery county's application as a guideline. rordam says going forward, he hopes other localities will follow in blacksburg's footsteps, including the town of christiansburg. in studio, rob manch w-s-l-s 10. a martinsville man pleads guilty
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kelly johnson entered a guilty plea in u-s district court in danville to one count of possessing a in furtherance of a drug- trafficking offense. according to evidence presented during the trial .. johnson .. who is a previously convicted felon -- was found to be illegally in possession of a gun marijuana. a bedford county man is charged after police say .. his two pit bulls bit two kids and attacked another dog. 26-year-old john maddox is charged with two counts of owning dangerous dogs. police say .. the attack happened wednesday afternoon. the dog that was attacked died a day later. the two children were taken to lynchburg general hospital .. where they were treated and released. the two pit bulls are being quarantined at the bedford county animal shelter. maddox is set to appear in court on march 21-st. jurors are expected to hear closing arguments in the kevin quick murder trial monday before beginning deliberations.
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after calling five witnesses to the stand in federal court in roanoke. testimony centered around alleged gang leader "halisi uhuru ." he took the stand for a second day saying the group intended to do good things for the community. four people are charged in quick's death, but uhuru and second suspect are not charged in the murder. they are accused of being part of a racketeering conspiracy. quick was reported missing in february 2014. his body was found a week later in goochland county. chesterfield police are searching for a missing mother and her nine- year-old daughter. 33-year-old c'ere lewis and sesha hill were last seen just after seven o'clock last night. family members contacted police just before midnight after the two didn't return home. according to police .. lewis and hill left their home in a silver .. 19-93 toyota camry with virginia license plates x-t-m 7-6-0- 6. anyone with information about
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the chesterfield county police department. turning now to your forecast .. a friday full of sunshine is a great kick-off to a beautiful weekend. let's get over to storm team 10 chief meteorologist jeff haniewich for all the details. jeff .. tomorrow is going to be a good time to get outside .. friday was another nice day across the area, as temperatures climbed well up into the 40s under partly to mostly sunny skies. clouds will however thicken tonight into the weekend. tonight: clouds roll in slowly, not as cold with lows in the mid- to-upper 30s. saturday: partly sunny, a little breezy, and much warmer with highs in the lower 60s. we will stay in the lower 60s on sunday under mostly cloudy skies. passing showers will return on sunday afternoon and last into sunday evening. so, right now saturday looks like the better of the two weekend days to be outside. monday will see more clouds than with a stray shower or two possible. it will not be as warm with highs in the
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respects to one of the most influential supreme court justices. antonin scalia's remains lie in repose today in the great hall of the supreme court building. president obama and the first lady came by to pay their respects. fellow justice stephen breyer says his colleagues are all mourning the loss. "he was a good friend and a real life force at the court. and it's going to be a grayer place without him. and a decent man who made an enormous impression." scalia's funeral will be held tomorrow at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception in washington. after the two days of ceremonies have concluded, president obama could announce his choice of a nominee to fill the vacancy on the court as early as next week. award winning author harper lee has died. publisher harper collins reports lee died peacefully thursday.
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price winning novel "to kill a mockingbird." last year .. harper collins published the sequel "go set a watchman." lee was 89- years-old. we're a day away from democrats facing off in nevada .. while republicans go head-to-head in south carolina. according to a new n-b-c wall street journal marist poll .. hillary clinton is holding a 28-point lead over bernie sanders. however .. within the last month .. democratic lead has been cut in half. both candidates say they are focusing on nevada's large latino electorate. hillary clinton/ d presidential candidate: "i was the first person to call out donald trump. i said, "basta!" enough of this prejudice and paranoia." the poll also shows .. donald trump is maintaining his g-o-p lead in south carolina .. but only by five- points. this .. one day after pope francis called him "unchristian" for wanting to build a wall with mexico. donald trump/ r presidential candidate: "i think he was very much misinterpreted, and i also think he was given
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according to the new numbers .. trump. traffic report... traffic looks to be moving pretty smoothly right now. v-dot is reporting a disabled vehicle on interstate 77 is causing a little bit of a slow down in carroll county. that's at mile marker 16. the south right shoulder is closed. you've heard of kung-fu .. but what about cane-fu? a class offered in southside is teaching seniors a special self- defense method. how some stocks of local interest
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friday was another nice this is a live look from our downtown roanoke skycam. friday was another nice day across the area, as temperatures climbed well up into the 40s under partly to mostly sunny skies. clouds will however thicken tonight into the weekend. tonight: clouds roll in slowly,
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to-upper 30s. saturday: partly sunny, a little breezy, and much warmer with highs in the lower 60s. we will stay in the lower 60s on sunday under mostly cloudy skies. passing showers will return on sunday afternoon and last into sunday evening. so, right now saturday looks like the better of the two weekend days to be outside. monday will see more clouds than with a stray shower or two possible. it will not be as warm with highs in the lower 50s. things start to then get interesting heading into tuesday and wednesday. as of now and this will likely change, it does look like much of tuesday will
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rain, maybe starting out as a mix for a brief period tuesday morning before the changeover to just plain rain. late tuesday, tuesday night into wednesday, there is the chance for a switchover back to a mix at times. the computer models are coming a little warmer today but could easily go back to a colder solution once again, so if that stays true, that would cut down on the amount of snow we see. i do think at some point in time on tuesday night into wednesday there will be some snow around, it just may only be for a little while though and may only bring a couple of inches into some areas. we'll continue to watch this very closely for
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tuned. temperatures both days will only reach the upper 30s to near 40. thursday will see increasing sunshine and if there is any leftover precipitation around, it will end early. friday will be partly sunny with only a slight chance for a few showers in the mountains. both days will turn a bit warmer, topping out in the middle 40s. now a look ahead to stories
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now a look ahead to stories we're working to bring you tonight at six. lindsey from the wsls 10 newsroom .. i'm lindsey ward. coming up at six .. virginia tech police are investigating a series of credit and debit card hacks. vo plus .. complaints about a smelly and expensive problem in campbell county. what's being done to address the issue. on cam those stories and more ..
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a warning for taxpayers .. after a 400-percent surge in email and texting scams this year. according to the i-r-s .. more than one-thousand phishing and malware schemes were reported last month. that's an increase of more than 250 from january 20-15. so far .. this month .. more than 360 incidents have been reported .. compared to about 200 for the entire month of february last year. the scams are created to trick taxpayers into thinking they are receiving official communications from the i-r-s or others in the tax industry.
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better idea how to use their canes to defend themselves. a powhatan couple teches the techniques across the commonwealth. the classes are part of the cane loyalty program. seniors and people with disabilities are taught how to defend themselves and how to use their cane to build muscle strength. the martinsville- henry county seniors and law enforcement together council hosted the program sponsored by the attorney general's office. leon turner/cane-fu participant: "i enjoyed it. i'd never seen anything like it before. never heard a cane could be used that much like a weapon." log onto our website .. wsls dot-com .. to learn more about website .. wsls dot-com .. to learn more about the program. something new is on tap for virginia tech. how the school is joining the
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virginia tech is stepping into the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women...
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...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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growing craft beer industry.. and it's bringing students along for the ride. the university opened its very own brewhouse that will teach students and professionals about malting.. brewing.. and fermentation. wsls 10's bethany teague has more on the unique setup. nats no.. this isn't a college party. but yes.. there is beer.. and
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as part of the food science technology major.. students are now learning how to make a brew of their own in the classroom. herbert bruce brewing instructor 15- 18 it's actually a natural progression of food science technology. the school invested a quarter of a million dollars in this brewing system. students are in charge of everything from an idea.. to a final cup full. nick patrick virginia tech senior everything from step a to step z. the craft beer industry is making waves across virginia.. pouring more than eight billion dollars into the economy each year. herbert bruce brewing instructor it is huge, and there's really no research facility in this area that has the ability to look at craft brewing and help with the industry. thanks to this hands-on experience.. students are learning what it will take to jump on board with the industry's growing success. senior nick patrick is a pro at making his own home brew.. but he is quickly finding out how much more it would take to thrive as a professional. nick patrick virginia tech senior 1:05-1:18 if i ever wanted to open a brewery, if i had gone in with the mindset of it would be as simple as brewing a five- gallon batch,
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been blown out of the water, and the brewery would have failed instantly. it's all students here for now.. but the hope is that eventually this will be a collaboration space for local beer makers as well. in blacksburg bethany teague wsls 10. dr. stanley jones/superinte ndent: "we have struggled in terms of meeting the target." a danville elementary school is about to lose something no school ever wants to lose. what it is and what's being done to get it back.
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danv the school district has already taken steps to help the school get back on track. as wsls 10's colter anstaett explains .. the district is confident re- accreditation won't take long. it's learning as usual for students at woodberry hills elementary school. but, that learning isn't living up to the state school board's standards. at the
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month members will officially revoke the school's accreditation. dr. stanley jones/superinte ndent "what it means is that we have struggled in terms of meeting the target. what it doesn't mean is that students aren't learning." for the past couple of years, student sol test scores have been lower than the state's expectations. initially, science and math scores were low. then last year, those scores improved but reading scores went down. each year the school has received a warning from the commonwealth, but now after three warnings the board has said 'no more'. dr. jones "we're not making excuses, we're just recognizing that there have been a conglomeration of variables over a short period of time that have had an impact on that target score." for the last two years, the school district has been making changes to the way students learn at the school and the principal says it's making a big difference. sandra andrews/princip al "you go in these classrooms, these kids are much more engaged. they look excited." until the school is reaccredited, it will have to provide monthly updates to the state school board. superintendent stanley jones
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the school will be reaccredited soon. the school district is currently working on scheduling a date to meet with parents to explain the situation in detail. in danville, colter anstaett, wsls 10. that's all for wsls ten at 5-30. your 90 minutes of news continues right now. friday was another nice day across the area, as temperatures climbed well up into the 40s under partly to mostly sunny skies. clouds will however thicken tonight into the weekend. tonight: clouds roll in slowly, not as cold with lows in the mid- to-upper 30s. saturday: partly sunny, a little breezy, and much warmer with highs in the lower 60s. we will stay in the lower 60s on sunday under mostly cloudy
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jon hardie/neighbor : "there have been times i was awoken in bed as it's not just outside ... it's come into the home." a smelly and pricy problem in campbell county. what's being done to fix the issue at "livestock road landfill." plus .. wsls 10 travels to the richmond area for an african american history lesson. but first .. "it's a very detailed sampling. it's a lot more instructive it gives people more information than what the federal government requires." virginia tech gets ready to return to flint, michigan to retest the city's water. good evening and thank you for joining us for wsls 10 at six. after exposing lead levels far- exceeding federal guidelines in the city's drinking water .. virginia tech students are about to return to flint, michigan. attention of the federal government .. which vowed to help. however .. virginia tech is still leading the way. wsls 10's dawn jefferies joins us in the studio... dawn what's next? what's next is to see how far
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has come in the last six months when it comes to fixing the problem virginia tech professor marc edwards exposed. meant packaging up hundreds of kits that will be used to test the water again. nat: assembling kits it's like moving day. nat: nearly a dozen virginia tech students -- part of the flint water team -- label and pack bottles bound for michigan to retest the city's water. dr. marc edwards/virgini a tech "this test is very very important because it's the only legitimate data that was collected at the time children were getting elevated blood levels from the water." 3 samples will be taken from each of 271 homes... the same homes tested last august where toxic levels of lead were found. "doing this home by home comparison is critical to understanding how much better the situation is now. and we think it is much much better. but you don't know for sure until you sample. detailed sampling will begin in early march. dr. marc edwards-- whose leading the team-- expects to see
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from flint river to detroit water and corrosion control measures put in place. 16.3025 "based on the science and our prior experiments we really expect it to be 3 to 4 times better." but that doesn't necessarily mean safe. 16.30.38 "you're never safe from live in drinking water under current laws in this country because you can have in a given city even if you meet federal standards 9% of homes can have any level of lead at all. so it's always a shared responsibility. 16.30.51 we're trying to see is whether flint is meeting the same lousy law that the rest of us have, that's what i'd be satisfied with. you know i'd like to us do better than that but they weren't being protected by federal law for 18 months." this week... the environmental protection agency environmental protection agency announced water filters put in homes are working. 16.37.07 "if we find out that the water is not safe we're going to have to wait keep people protected by water filters and bottled water until situation is back under control."


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