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tv   WSLS 10 at 11  NBC  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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republicans brace for the south carolina primary ... while the democrats face off all the way across the country ... in nevada. new poll numbers show republican donald trump losing ground ... he's still the front runner ... but not by much. donald trump sounding confident to a boisterous crowd in myrtle beach but the billionaire is still on the defensive. now for a 2002 howard stern radio interview where he said he supported the iraq invasion .. "i guess so" trump has repeatedly claimed on the trail. sot trump i was against going into iraq and i was right sot trump i said don't go into iraq, this morning on today he explained the flip flop. it was the first time the question was ever asked of me and that was long before the war started. by the time the war started i was against it. also, a new nbc news wall street journal marist poll out today - showing his lead slashed. everytime they do a poll i have a lousy poll. one potential reason: trump's
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debate that george w bush lied destruction. nbc news trump has been warned to ease off --- both by advisors and even phone bank volunteers who were hearing negative reaction from voters - about his attacks on george w. bush. "i've got to say by the way, saturday night at the debate, temperament was on display." down. words. "you can say you want to make america great again. you can even print that off on a baseball cap. but do you understand what made america great in the place." and, again, linking marco rubio to president obama in a new ad. nats the battle for 1,2, and 3 getting tense. all while john kasich and jeb bush struggle to gain traction. bush bringing out his mother again today. nats trying to bookend a bad week ... one bright stop for trump
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about the front runner saying in no way was this a personal attak, nor an indication of how to vote. new tonight at 11 ... the governor will now decide what to do about a bill that would allow home- schooled students in virginia the chance to play on sports teams at public schools. the republican- majority house of delegates and senate have approved the measure. this afternoon...the house passed the senate version of the bill on a 58 to 40 vote. delegate rob bell ...who has carried this legislation for years ... says it gives home- schoolers the same chances other students have. del. rob bell, r- 58th district: "they already are visiting local schools for classes and extracurricula rs. the one thing they can't do is compete in interschool events like sports or a debate. this would close that last little gap. more than half the states of america have it. that's our view." democrats have said it's unfair
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coveted spots when they're not participating in the traditional way. last year, the governor vetoed the bill. security will remain tight at hargrave military academy for at least a few more days ... as law enforcement continues to investigate a social media threat towards the school. today, a checkpoint was set up at the entrance to the school. the school announced yesterday that it would be closed today because of the threat. the threat came in on tuesday through a direct message to one of the school's social media sites and claimed to be connected to isis. today, law enforcement and the school's president held a press conference at the pittsylvania county sheriff's office. they say that whoever sent the threat committed a crime by doing so and law enforcement is committed to bringing them to justice. don broome/hargrav e president - "we continue to work with the law enforcement and i believe they are making great progress and we expect a swift response to this threat." cadets are being allowed to leave campus this weekend if they want
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roanoke city police identify a suspect following an early morning shooting. it happened in the 4700 block of delray street just after midnight. police say ... there was a disturbance inside a home. when those involved left ... shots were fired by different individuals outside. police found shell casings and bullet holes in a nearby home. several neighbors awoke to the gunshots and called 9-11. maria carlisle, lived in neighborhood 14-years: "it is a little scary when you find out that there's gunshot in your neighborhood and nobody really knows what's going on. it definitely put some fear in you. it's a little scary." nobody was hurt. police have not named the suspect at this time. a 15-year old on the run for more than two months is arrested. the minor now faces a series of charges... including reckless driving and felony eluding. police say it started december 5-th... when he walked away from a minimum security facility. officers were still searching for him last wednesday when he sped past a trooper on route 2-20. virginia state police say the teen refused to pull over and
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the car crashed. the car's four passengers were hurt during the accident ... but the driver took off on foot. he was arrested tuesday... and is being held without bond. a vinton man is behind bars following a child abuse investigation. 21-year old preston chewning has been charged with aggravated malicious wounding... abuse and neglect of a child... and child endangerment. he's being held without bond. the charges stem from an incident last week... when emergency crews responded to a call about an 11- month old hurt from a fall. the child was taken to the hospital... where it was later found to have multiple fractures and internal injuries. the judge in the trial of bristol virginia utilities chief financial officer stacey pomrenke says she can remain free on bond during her federal corruption trial. the prosecution in the case filed a motion to revoke pomrenke's bond for allegedly contacting witnesses before the trial. pomrenke, who is still employed at b-v-u, faces several charges
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fraud stemming from the ongoing federal corruption investigation. the judge said revoking her bond would make it hard for her to help her attorneys in jail. also new tonight ... two russell county minors face charges ... after police say they pointed a gun at another student. according to police ... it happened at the russell county career and technology center. it was reported by the public schools superintndent. following the investigation ... police found the firearm belonged to russell county school board member charles collins. police say the students found the gun inside collins' car. the two minors are charged with possession of a firearm on school property. new tonight at 11 ... three virginia businesses are helping protect virginia state police k-9's. the businesses donated money ... to provide state-of-the-art k-9 vests for three state police teams. the new vests have increased life-saving protection ... and are more lightweight ... so the k-9's can wear them throughout the entire shift. so far this year ... 4 police
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have been killed in shootings. virginia state police says the donation will help better serve communities ... while helping keep their partners safe. virginia tech leaders are taking strides to make the campus more diverse. today ... students involved with black men excellence network hosted the "uplifitng black men conference" in an effort to shed light on issues minorities face at the school. wsls ten's duke carter was at today's conference ... he joins from the bureau in the new river valley. duke what are some of the key issues ... that came out of the conference. the goal was to understand some issues students faced on campus like trying to find mentors who can help assist undergraduate students with their studies who may have a hard time transitioning to a school like virginia tech. opening shots of virignia tech enrollment numbers show few african american men are choosing virginia tech for higher education. jospeh owusu is a junior at tech. nats "it prepared me for the real world
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graduate," he's currently enjoying his career at the university --- but says it was hard becoming a hokie .. transitioning from high school to college. his biggest challenge ... often times being the only minority in a classroom. joseph owusu/junior "its annoying when you have racial based discussion class, because sometimes i am asked the question i have to represent the entire race. which is why organizers in the group black men excellence network are hosting the "uplifting black men conference." the goal --- to understand issues black men like owusu face in higher education so they don't leave the school. tommy amal/chair black men excellence network "making sure those students are successful here making sure they have a great time here and making sure they are setup for success," graphic we found out there are nearly 31 thousand students who attend tech. out of that --- about 11 hundred are african americans which equates to about 4 percent of the population. nats "black men in this country have the lowest graduation rate
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the keynote speaker at today's conference. as a virginia tech alumnus he spoke about issues he faced like feeling isolated because of the lack of african american males at tech. he's glad leaders at tech are pushing to having more inclusion on campus. dr. terrell strayhorn/keyn ote speaker "diversity doesn't benefit people of color it benefits all of us, we think more, we're more creative we have different mindsets when we engage people who are different from ourselves students in the black men excellence network are hoping eventually there will be some push with recruitment to make virginia tech more attractive to miniorites, especially african american males. in the new river valley duke carte wsls ten. virginia tech students are about to return to flint to retest the city's water after tech researchers exposed exposed those lead levels that far exceeded federal guidelines. nearly a dozen students, part of
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labeled and packed bottles today in kits for homeowners. three samples will be taken from each of 271 homes. they're the same homes tested in august 2015 where toxic levels of lead were found. marc edwards/virgini a tech "doing this home by home comparison is critical to understanding how much better the situation is now. and we think it is much much better. but you don't know for sure until you sample," the water kits, made up of the trio of bottles and testing instructions, are expected to be distributed march 5. testing should be complete three weeks later. new tonight at 11 ... roanoke valley home sales are off to a positive start for 2016. according to the roanoke valley association of realtors... the number of homes sold in january was the highest number of home sales during the month of january since 2007. the agency reports 287 homes were sold last month in roanoke, salem and botetourt, craig and roanoke counties.
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the average home price last month was just over 190- thousand dollars. new tonight at 11 ... the university of virginia board of visitors approves tuition rates for the next academic year. undergraduate tuition for virginia students entering next fall will be $13,220. tuition for second-year virginia students who entered in the fall of 2015 will increase by 328-dollars ... as will tuition for rising third and fourth year students. tuition for non- virginia undergraduates will increase 3 percent to $41,722. after five decades of service to the montgomery county community ... one man receives recognition ... by the state. hear what he says is the best
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for his 52 years of service as a rescue squad worker. 80-year-old kelly walters was presented with a resolution of appreciation from the general assembly thursday. walters served on the christiansburg rescue squad.. and helped start the riner rescue squad. he still aides on calls when he can. while it was an honor.. walters says he is content with hearing a thank you from the hundreds of people in this community. kelly walters, christiansburg/ riner rescue squad: "that really pleases me, when they can tell me in person, i was there when something happened. i'd rather hear that from them than all this other." walters says he didn't know he was receiving an award yesterday.. and that his family and friends
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friday was another nice day across the area, as temperatures climbed well up into the 40s under partly to mostly sunny skies. clouds will however thicken tonight into the weekend. tonight: clouds roll in slowly, not as cold with lows in the mid- to-upper 30s. saturday: partly sunny, a little breezy, and much warmer with highs in the lower 60s. we will stay in the lower 60s on sunday under mostly cloudy skies. passing showers will return on sunday afternoon and last into sunday evening. so, right now saturday looks like the better of the two weekend days to be outside. monday will see more clouds than with a stray shower or two possible. it will not be as warm with highs in the lower 50s. things start to then get interesting heading into tuesday and wednesday. as of now and this
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look like much of tuesday will just see the chance for a cold rain, maybe starting out as a mix for a brief period tuesday morning before the changeover to just plain rain. late tuesday, tuesday night into wednesday, there is the chance for a switchover back to a mix at times. the computer models are coming a little warmer today but could easily go back to a colder solution once again, so if that stays true, that would cut down on the amount of snow we see. i do think at some point in time on tuesday night into wednesday there will be some snow around, it just may only be for a little while though and may only bring a couple of inches into some areas. we'll continue to watch this very closely for you, so please stay tuned. temperatures both days will only reach the upper 30s to near 40.
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sunshine and if there is any leftover precipitation around, it will end early. friday will be partly sunny with only a slight chance for a few showers in the mountains. both days will turn a bit warmer, topping out in the middle 40s. day across the area, as temperatures climbed well up into the 40s under partly to mostly sunny skies. clouds will however thicken tonight into the weekend. tonight: clouds roll in slowly, mid- to-upper 30s. saturday: partly sunny, a little breezy, and much warmer with highs in the lower 60s. we will stay in the lower 60s on sunday under mostly will return on sunday afternoon and last into sunday evening. so,
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it's called the windy city for a reason ... but today ... even windy city for a reason ... but today ... even chicago windy city for a reason ... but today ... even chicago residents had a hard time ... fighting mother nature. wind gusts reached upwards of 50-miles per hour ... making it hard for anyone .. to walk
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evacuated after around. the high winds also knocked down power lines leaving nearly 100-thousand people without electricity. the nascar boys..are nearly tackle another edition of the great american race. in the state..are battliing for
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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the group a..thru 4a state wrestling championships have converged on salem.. earlier today...our own alyssa rae ..caught up with some of the key local teams that have golden aspirations this weekend-- the day has arrived. it's like christmas morning for wrestlers across virginia, all who come to the salem civic center for the first day of the state tournament. these wrestlers aren't looking for presents, but rather trophies. brockenbrough: "the kids have been waiting all year, we've been in big tournaments but nothing like this. we prepare them everyday, all week long, we've been telling them how many people are going to be here. but the mentality is you just have to survive each round." it's parry
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chance to add a state trophy to the mantle, the senior hopes to put one next to his brother kainan's, who won in 2011. jarrod wrapped up his quarterfinal match with a ribbon on top.. and advanced to the semifinals with a pin. brockenbrough: "that means a lot to me. to be around a kid since he's been an eighth grader and to see he's two matches away from what he's been looking for it pretty exciting." rae: "two notable teams here at the state tournament is up and coming rural retreat who's looking for their third straight team title and of course powerhouse christiansburg in the hunt for their 15th straight team title." there was no coal in rural retreats stocking, they've earned back to back 1a team titles and look to stay on the "good list" this year with a three-peat. boyd: "that's our goal coming in back guys are getting after it and trying to get the job done." then there is christiansburg, a 3a state champion year in and year out, working to deck their halls with their 15th straight trophy.
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an ambivalent feeling because you're wondering how the day is going to go but that's what i always tell the kids, don't feel nervous, just tell yourself you're excited and it's kind of how it's going now." but no gifts are opened on christmas eve.. the finals are set for saturday. in salem, alyssa rae wsls 10. and updating tonight with state semifinal action.. parry mccluer's jarrod clark at on a single late steps over..far arm...thats a key takedown ring up a tech fall at 5:39 leading 18-1 clark..into tomorrow's 106 pound final.. to 113 and trey boyd of rural retreat running a monster half nelson for back points to seal up a 6-1 dec win and 126 your's watching cave spring's sam ring...celebrate a 6-2 win to move into the finals.. and at 132...josh linkous of christiansburg. with a late
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and the 4-3 decision win...over zach long of hidden valley. worth noting christiansburg only leads cave spring by 5 and half points..after day one of the 3a team scoring for the lead.. fah-keer leads 4a. grundy 2a and rural retreat is more than doubling everyone in 1a.... conference semifinal action..tonight ...where rivals collide for the right to advance to the region tournament.. hidden valley..and cave spring.. the top seeded knights..jump out early..nice look inside to jake furrow...he shows good patience with the ball fake underneath and the easy duece. it was 10-0 knights early in this one. the titans..eventually come alive...jonah fitzgerald the three ball.. but the knights kept pressing the pace..while the titans..wanted to slow it to a standstill.. this is baker haviland for the easy 2..
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to the final..and punches their ticket to the region tournament with a ....52-32 semifinal win. more scores rolling at the bottom of your screen..but here are a couple of conference finals tonhight. ------------------girls scores the 500 set...but not..without some twisted scrap metal being created.. here's a closer look--in today's countdown to nascar... last night's duels...included plenty of incidents...and one very costly last lap...fray--cus.. jamie mcmurray's block attempt on jimmie johnson set off the affray... and sent a couple of teams...scurryin g for backup cars...moving forward--- jimmie johnson/duel 2 wreck:"..i
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how fast he was coming up that i was going to take that our line was going to take me into the wall so i tried to check up and get out of there and it just didn't work out." matt kenseth/duel 2 wreck: " do after practice at some point you got make sure you have what you need in the car obviously for sunday obviously we got to start over now and there's no better time to do that then this race even though it's so late at night so. lite o nite. the trucks..were in a crash fest
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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we'll see you back here tomorrow
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"the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bryan cranston, demi lovato, musical guest, the weeknd, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 421, that's it! woo! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much! thanks so much! thank you, los angeles -- [ cheers and applause ] for having us here. welcome, everybody.


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