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former obenchain's garden center in roanoke. demetrius wade is facing murder and firearms charges involving the deaths of ronald ramey and lenard hamlett. the double murder happened in january 20-15 in the 36-hundred block of shenandoah avenue. wade initially pleaded guilty to his charges ... but changed his mind this afternoon. wsls 10's ananda rochita is live by the courthouse tonight. ananda ... what's the reason behind his decision? it all happened after they spent the entire morning picking out a jury to serve in this trial. the assistant commonwealth's attorney told the victim's family members ... wade may have changed the courtroom. wade pleaded "no contest" and took a plea deal for two murder charges. the judge said he could face a maximum of fourty years for each murder charge and an additional mandatory five years for each firearms charge. the victim's families took up half the courtroom this morning. it was very emotional... some
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crying. we talked to ramey's daughter who said justice was served. "my dad means everything to us. we've already given everything to god and we knew this trial was going to be solved before we went into the courtroom today. for our family we had to deal with this backbone of our family." the assistant commonwealth's attorney said victim's family members are expected to testify sentenced. more on wade's possible motive behind the shooting. john? ananda ... like you mentioned there wasn't a trial but did the commonwealth's attorney and defendants explain what kind of evidence they would've presented today? most of the evidence was witness testimonies. wade's lawyers said this was an interesting case since there was no d-n-a evidence the lawyers were relying on what people may have seen or heard. a carroll county man is in
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against him... after the sheriff's office says he lead deputies on a dangerous high- speed chase. randall jones was wanted on an unrelated charge.. when his pick-up truck was seen traveling down chances creek road on friday. deputies attempted to pull him over... but jones started driving recklessly. at one point... jones turned off his headlights and nearly hit a deputy placing spike strips on the road. deputies say... jones then started driving on the wrong side of the road.. ended up in a field... and repeatedly rammed a deputy's car. deputies used pepper spray in an attempt to stop jones... but he ran off. the 30-year-old was eventually arrested. he's being held without bond. an update in the nicole lovell murder investigation... david eisenhauer now has a lawyer. eisenhauer... who has been charged in the death of 13-year old nicole lovell... is now being represented by two roanoke law firms. anthony anderson... of anderson and friedman... and john lichtenstein of the
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18-year old. eisenhauer is charged with first degree murder and without bond. his next court appearance is scheduled for march 28-th. the uber driver accused of killing six people... and hurting others in kalamazoo michigan... admits to the shootings in court. jason dalton was in court today for his arraignment. while he was there... dalton waived his right against self incrimination... and admitted to carrying out the shootings. he's now being held without bond. the uber driver faces murder and attempted murder charges... and weapons charges as well... for the fatal shootings... which took place saturday night. neighbors say they don't understand what caused dalton to start shooting. sally pardo / suspect's neighbor "i'm so sad for his wife and his children -- and of the victims." several of dalton's other passengers have come forward... saying he was driving erratically and dangerously before the shootings started. the loved ones of the sandy hook greivances with gun makers to court.
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say gun makers and distributors should be held responsible for the shooting which left 20 children and 6 educators dead. the lawsuit says remington... and its distributors and sellers... all have a legal obligation to products. instead... the families say remington is doing the oppostie... by using fast-paced in violent video games like "call of duty". manufacturer "i would like to see them to stop looking at violent prone young men as their ideal customer." manufacturer "it's their target." to dismiss the suit. controversy surrounding the montgomery county clerk of the circuit court continues tonight. the board of supervisors meets to discuss whether erica williams should receive supplemental pay from the county. as you may recall... at least four members of the montgomery county circuit clerk's office were out of a job after they weren't re- appointed by the
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they said .. they believed they weren't re- appointed who did not publicly support williams ahead of the election. afterwards...the board of supervisors requested the in response...william s said ..she was not prepared to provide that information and private. that brings us to this point. in christians burg. brie how much money are we talking about here? close to 22 thousand dollars. that's what the county would pay erica williams. board members are now concerned about the turnover rate since she came into office. as you know...after erica williams re-entered office...five deputy clerks left the clerk's office. chair chris tuck says that
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since then there's been a lot of back and forth between williams and supervisors. tonight they'll discuss her pay. the state set her salary at 120 thousand dollars which is in addition to the supplement from the county. the board of supervisors has the discretion to reduce or eliminate that compensation. that's what's up for discussion tonight. the meeting is expected to start here at the government center affect the compensation supplement ? county leaders say tonight's decision will only affect erica williams and her pay. we'll have
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roanoke mayor david bowers says he will not run in the ninth district congressional race. bowers announced his decision today. the star city ... although he will official. david bowers, mayor of roanoke a campaign. it takes staff and strategists and time and money and all those things. i always had the fire in the belly but, some of those other things didn't fall into place." according to the state's department of elections... no republicans are running in the 9-th district... and morgan griffith is an unopposed democrat in the race. virginia's voter i-d law heads to court. lawyers for the commonwealth's democratic party were in federal court today... arguing against the state's voter i-d law. the democratic party of virginia argues the law is unconstitutional. .. because it illegally depresses minority voting. meanwhile... state republicans say it's a common-sense
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fraud. at least a week. state republicans unveil their 100- billion dollar budget. both chambers of the republican- controlled general assembly released their state budget proposals sunday. the house's budget includes a 3-percent raise for state workers... the senate has proposed a 2- percent raise... which matches what governor mcauliffe outlined in his budget proposal. both the house and the senate have recommended more spending on education than the governor. they're also asked schools for more flexibility when it comes to using to the money. both chambers also rejected the governor's idea to lower the state's corporate income tax... along with expanding medicaid. the newly proposed budgets also include items related to the closing of catawba hospital. we'll have reaction from a local leader tonight at six. a local outlet store that closed in reopening in roanoke. orvis ... an outdoor retailer
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store along blue hills drive march first. it will be located in the current warehouse on blue hills drive -- which will soon be the only orvis distribution center in the country. orvis' vice president of operations says ... crews began revamping the store back in december by adding dressing rooms and new carpet. mike rigney, orvis vice president of operations: "the next step we are picking packing instead of shipping the product to our retail stores we're going to be delivering it to the back door and just be presenting the product actually for customers here in the valley." wayne bowers, roanoke city economic development director: " orvis has a fine reputation nationwide and really through out the world. so, i think that anytime you can associate yourselves with a name like orvis, it's good for roanoke." management says ... the new store will add about half a dozen jobs. the orvis store downtown will remain open. this will be the company's 11-th discount store nationwide. check your lottery tickets. a store in carroll county sold a
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powerball ticket this weekend. lottery officials say ... someone bought the ticket at store number three -- formerly known as the cana exxon. the winning numbers for saturday's drawing are 11, 12, 15, 16 and 54. the powerball number is 25. in your w-s-l-s ten timesaver traffic report... there is no back-up... but the right lane of north- bound i-81 in pulaski county is closed for an emergency pothole repair. the lane closure starts at mile marker 89. it should reopen around 6 a-m tomorrow morning. doctors say one thing you shouldn't take for granted... is getting enough sleep. but you need to catch your 8 hours on your own. what patients need to know
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this is a live look from our poor mountain tower cam. well, monday felt like a.monday. clouds, drizzle, fog.not the best way to start out the work week. and it looks like the threat for heavy rain will increase later tonight all the way through wednesday evening. tonight: rain forms, cool with patchy fog.lows in the upper 30s. tuesday: cloudy with periods of rain.chilly with highs in the low-to-mid 40s could be a midnight high.temperatu res during the day may stay in
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we may get a break from the rain later tuesday afternoon into tuesday evening, before another more intense round of rain moves late tuesday night and lasts through wednesday evening. that second storm system on wednesday could bring more heavy rain and the threat for some storms as well. when you factor in the rain tonight lasting through wednesday evening, we could see 1-3" of rain, so flooding could become an issue by mid-week. flood watches may need to be issued. in addition to that, although we will not be all that warm on wednesday, that low pressure system and accompanying cold front will have lots of energy and dynamics
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stronger storms are possible too. wednesday looks wet all day long, but the best chance for these storms will lie in the afternoon and early evening hours. temperatures on wednesday will reach near 50 degrees. thursday will see more clouds than sun with mountain flurries and/or snow showers possible. it will be cooler with highs in the middle 40s. it will also be windy on thursday as well, with gusts over 40 mph possible. friday would not surprise me if we saw more sun east and more clouds west with any precipitation staying in west virginia. it will
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the weekend looks pretty nice for outdoor activities! saturday will be mostly sunny with highs in the middle 40s, while sunday will be partly sunny and warmer 50s. the chance for some rain may return on monday. i'm dawn jefferies here in the wsls 10 newsroom with vo the man accused in killing rampage in michigan is now charged with 6 counts of murder. appearance. vo ... is once again living her dream ... after a car accident left music.
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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in w-s-l-s ten health team... as you may know ... a good mood and energy levels. but ... new research shows it also plays a role in reducing your chances of having a stroke. the study followed more than 200- thousand adults. researchers found those who slept between seven and eight hours a night reduced their risk of stroke by 25-percent. too much had a significantly increased risk of suffering a stroke. but getting a good night's sleep is easier said than done. new data shows more than one- third of americans aren't sleeping well. and while many americans think one way to safely solve their sleep problem is to turn to sedatives... new numbers say that isn't always the case. the drugs can cause other serious problems. overdose deaths from the medications are on the rise.
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filling prescriptions for sedatives has gone up 67- percent. meanwhile ... the number of overdose deaths has more than quadrupled. sedatives can be prescribed for insomnia... anxiety... panic attacks... and seizures. the recent winter weather has caused some anxiety for local school systems. with closings and delays... some now have to dip into their holidays to make up the time. a break down of what local schools are doing to keep students on track. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment.
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we dodged the chance for more winter weather this week... but many school systems are already having to make up days after the recent snow and ice storms. wsls ten's jenna zibton counts up the days in tonight's education matters. students in virginia have to be in class for at least 180 teaching days or 990 teaching hours... many school systems rely on instructional hours. full screen
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system is trying to preserve spring break... and added two and half days to the calendar to make up for snow. march 24 and may 25 are full days and may 26 will be a school day. in bedford county, february 8, 2016 and march 14, 2016 are now be regular school days. roanoke county had 3 banked days but went over so students will be in school march 24th and june 7th as a snow makeup days. in rockbridge county, there were no snow days built in last year... so they made changes for this year... building in five additional student days and adding time to the school day too. right now, they have enough banked time to miss about three more school days without having to make anything up. on cam in montgomery county, they have been closed for nine days with six days of early dismissal or early release. they still have time remaining. roanoke city schools are still okay on days as well. jenna zibton, wsls 10. our 90 minutes of news continues next. stay with us for w-s-l-s ten at
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you see this stuff on the news all the time. butted to but then this hits not just your community but your friend. now at five- thirty ... a michigan community in mourning... after six people are killed in a shooting. the latest in the investigation. and ... closing arguments are underway in the case of murdered waynesboro police reserve captain ... kevin quick. the final effort ... before the jury heads to deliberations. plus ... a local music teacher finds her stride again ... after a car accident took away her ability to read and play music. good evening and thanks for joining us for wsls ten at 5:30 ... i'm dawn jefferies. and i'm john carlin. hundreds of people remember the victims of this past weekend's deadly shooting rampage in kalamazoo, michigan. 6 people were killed ... 2 others critically hurt when police say 45-year-old jason dalton opened fire. today ... a vigil was held at a


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