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the upper 30s. tuesday: cloudy with periods of rain.chilly with highs in the low-to-mid 40s could be a midnight high.temperatu res during the day may stay in the 30s the montgomery county clerk of the circuit court will no longer receive supplemental pay. we have a live report on the impact this decision will have for montgomery county. plus... changes to virginia's gun laws. the bill that expands back ground checks at gun shows. good evening, and thanks for joining us for wsls 10 at eleven. i'm john carlin. and i'm lindsey ward. the controversy surrounding the clerk of montgomery county circuit court continues. new tonight at 11... the montgomery county board of supervisors voted in favor of eliminating the supplemental pay for erica williams. in
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brie -- how much money are we talking about here? close to 22 thousand dollars. thats how much the county could have paid erica williams. but tonight they voted 4 to 3 to eliminate that pay. during a work session this evening, board chair chris tuck presented information about erica williams attendance and past evaluations of her former employees .there have been a lot of questions surrounding her decision to not re-hire 4 people after she was re-elected.since then there have been a lit of back and forth between county leaders.tonight, they voted to eliminate her supplemental pay from the county.that money would have been in addition to the roughly 120,000 she recieves from the state.some residents spoke in support of williams saying the county
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do. but county leaders decided to move forward with eliminate williams supplemental pay. mary alison galloway / moco resident 10:08:08 you are not the micromanagers of the constitutional officers and by the voters of the county. chris tuck/ moco bos chair to our constitutional officers if you fire hire your staff and you can not operate your office and you have to call in people. guess what? you are going to lose you supplement. as of march 1. the county will not provide williams with a supplemental pay after rumors of a shooting threat at northside high school... parents came together tonight to voice their concerns over the school
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during a community forum... parents demanded answers as to why the school did not notify them when they first received the threat. as we've reported -- the school was first notified about reports of the threat on wednesday afternoon... but didn't address the reports until early thursday morning. kathy meador / parent it was their responsibility and they failed miserably butted to they should have already had policies in place on how to handle something like that the administration has apologized and is reevaluating what happened. roanoke county school board member tom mccracken says he hopes better communication between parents and school administrators will come from this incident. a twist in a murder trial involving a shooting at the former obenchain's garden center in roanoke. demetrius wade is charged in connection to the deaths of ronald ramey and lenard hamlett. wade initially pleaded not guilty to those charges... but changed his mind after an entire morning of jury selection. wade pleaded "no contest" and took a plea deal for two murder
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judge said he could face a maximum of 40 years for each murder charge... and an additional mandatory five years for each firearms charge.. chastity saunders/ramey' s daughter "my dad means everything to us. we've already given everything to god and we knew this trial was going to be solved before we went into the courtroom today. for our family we had to deal with this well over a year and we lost the backbone of our family." the assistant commonwealth's attorney says the victim's family members are expected to testify when wade is sentenced. new tonight at 11... the commonwealth is another step closer to enacting stronger gun laws. the virginia general assembly gave final approval today on legislation that allows out of state concealed weapon permit holders to legally carry guns in virginia. it would also strengthen the state's gun laws by taking guns away from domestic abusers... and expanding access
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governor terry mcauliffe is expected to sign the legislation later this week. candles illuminated kalamazoo, michigan tonight... as a crowd of people gathered to honor six people killed in a shooting spree over the weekend. police say in all .. eight people were shot in three separate locations... at an apartment complex ... restaurant and car dealership saturday night. jeff getting/ kalamazoo prosecutor there is video tapes of these incidences, he walked up to these people and he shot them meanwhile -- accused gunman jason dalton was arraigned earlier today. he's charged with six counts of murder. according to the prosecutor ... dalton admitted his involvement. police also believe he was servicing customers as an uber shooting. if convicted dalton could be sentenced to life in prison. the man charged with first degree murder in the death of 13-year own attorney. is now being represented by anthony anderson of anderson and friedman ... and john lichtenstein of lichtenstein law group.
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also faces charges related to lovell's death. both suspects have preliminary hearings scheduled for march 28-th. eisenhauer and keepers are being held without bond. new tonight .. the virginia supreme court will not hear the appeal of convicted murderer randy taylor. taylor's request was denied friday. a jury found taylor guilty of the 2013 murder of nelson county teen alexis murphy. he was sentenced to two life sentences. taylor maintains his innocence roanoke mayor david bowers says he will not run in the 9-th district congressional race. bowers announced his decision today saying quote "this is my home and the star city remains in all honesty, my primary interest." bowers first announced in january he was considering a run for the seat... which congressman morgan griffith currently holds. while bowers is not running for the seat... he does have plans to reopen his law office full time.. and will continue to be involved in the city. meanwhile -- virginia beach
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seek re-election. the announcement comes after a recent conflict of interest scandal. sessoms was accused of voting in favor of projects that benefited town bank -- where he used to serve as president. back in december he pleaded no contest to a class three misdemeanor violation of the virginia conflict of interest act and had four other related charges dropped. with the virginia presidential primary just over a week away... several voters in the hampton roads area received absentee ballots already filled out. voting officials call it a clerical error with the company that printed the ballots absentee and test ballots were sent in the same box... but they weren't separated.. causing the wrong ones to be sent to voters. in all.. 17 test ballots were sent out. officials say they have identified the voters who got the ballots and they're working to give them the correct ones. testimony resumed in the federal corruption trial of bristol virginia utilities chief financial officer stacey pomrenke.
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blame from pomrenke to the company's controller... matthew boothe. boothe testified employees got cash bonuses that were not security administration. he said he told pomrenke the cash bonuses needed to be reported.. but nothing changed. the defense said boothe knew the w2's were wrong but let pomrenke sign off on them anyway. u-s health officials say people exposed to certain types of flooring made by lumber for cancer than previously thought. the c-d-c says it miscalculated.. and the potential risk is three times reported. the c-d-c determined formaldeyde found in select versions of the company's flooring could cause 6 to 30 people. the virginia based company has china. general assembly members are unanimously hospital. both the house and senate opposed the hospital's
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released sunday. the house argues... a plan must be in place first to care for the individuals in need of care. meanwhile -- the senate recommends a portion of the planning funds be used for an independent review of the entire system of psychiatric care. martha hooker, roanoke county supervisor: "not only are our citizens going to be better served by keeping this hospital open, but it's a financial issue for us also definitely, with reduced distances for those sheriffs' departments to have to travel." governor terry mcauliffe's original budget allocated one- million dollars to go toward closing the facility. both the house and senate recommend directing that money toward expanding community mental health services. lynchburg's mayor delivers his final state of the city speech. mayor michael gillette touched on the area's accomplishments over the past year. the mayor highlighted how the hill city brought in and expanded businesses ... creating hundreds of jobs during 2015. mayor gillette and vice mayor caesor johnson thanked council.. and members of the community for
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in office. both announced they will not seek re-election. the radford police department receives about 25-thousand dollars to upgrade systems.. and add a new member to its team. thanks to a grant from the department of criminal justice services.. radford is getting new wi-fi and software equipment that will automatically download data from in-car and body cameras. officers used to have to do this manually and burn it to a d-v-d. the department also received money for a new tracking dog that will help with finding missing persons.. fugitives.. and runaways. don goodman / radford police chief it's very hard to keep up, but it's imperative that we keep up also. people in our community expect high levels of law enforcement. they expect the technological advances to be in place here. the tracking dog is expected to be ready for work by the end of the summer. the ninth annual southeastern student wilderness medicine conference will be held for the first time in roanoke. the conference -- scheduled for the weekend of april 22-nd through the 24- th... is
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to bring nearly 300 medical students and professionals to the region. the conference provides education for outdoor enthusiasts and wilderness medicine experts. excitement continues to surround a buzzer beating shot made during a high school basketball game. why friday night's game wasn't only a memorable one for the entire team... but especially unforgettable for the
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we're one step closer to honoring this year's red cross heroes. today .. the non- profit started contacting this year's winners ... that includes the education hero - frank beamer.
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profit that distributes books across the commonwealth in honor of his mother who was a lifetime educator. coach beamer will also speak at this year's celebration of heroes breakfast. if you're interested in attending the breakfast you can log on to our website wsls dot com for ticket information. after never playing in a basketball game.. a high school senior makes a once-in-a-lifetime shot. it happened friday night during the saint anne's belfield and trinity episcopal game in richmond. trinity's team manager bobby oldfield -- traded in towels and gatorade for a jersey and the ball. bobby battles a degenerative muscle disease that often keeps him on the sidelines... but friday night.. which was also senior night.. bobby shot a three-pointer in the final seconds of the game. bobby oldfield it was incredible. one of the best moments of my entire life butted to wait to super richard hamlin / basketball coach to see him have his moment in the sun and to see his classmates and peers cheering for him that's
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bobby will attend william and marry in the fall.. where he plans to get involved in the athletic department. a local fraternity is giving back to those in need. the gamma alpha chapter of omega psi phi fraternity and que house -- a community based organization -- collected over 15-hundred cases of bottled water to send to flint, michigan. the two groups partnered with god's pit crew .. who will deliver the water. the non-profit is set to head to michigan saturday march fifth. well, monday felt like a.monday. clouds, drizzle, fog.not the best way to start out the work week. and it looks like the threat for heavy rain will increase later tonight all the way through wednesday evening. tonight: rain forms, cool with patchy fog.lows in
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tuesday: cloudy with periods of rain.chilly with highs in the low-to-mid 40s could be a midnight high.temperatu res during the day may stay in the 30s we may get a break from the rain later tuesday afternoon into tuesday evening, before another more intense round of rain moves late tuesday night and lasts through wednesday evening. that second storm system on wednesday could bring more heavy rain and the threat for some storms as well. when you factor in the rain tonight lasting through wednesday evening, we could see 1-3" of rain, so flooding could become an issue by mid-week.
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issued. in addition to that, although we will not be all that warm on wednesday, that low pressure system and accompanying cold front will have lots of energy and dynamics with it, so a few stronger storms are possible too. wednesday looks wet all day long, but the best chance for these storms will lie in the afternoon and early evening hours. temperatures on wednesday will reach near 50 degrees. thursday will see more clouds than sun with mountain flurries and/or snow showers possible. it will be cooler with highs in the middle 40s. it will also be windy on thursday as well, with gusts over 40 mph possible. friday
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surprise me if we saw more sun east and more clouds west with any precipitation staying in west virginia. it will be colder with highs only in the lower 40s. the weekend looks pretty nice for outdoor activities! saturday will be mostly sunny with highs in the middle 40s, while sunday will be partly sunny and warmer with highs in the low-to-mid 50s. the chance for some rain may return on monday. 3 degree guarantee
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hoopla tonight... to get you caught up on. and we'll look back at a special state title..won on the mats saturday..
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denny hamlin:daytona 500 winner:"....we all want to win for the gibbs family because this is what this is what they do they don't have you know they don't have other businesses and this is just a hobby would be doing that this is what they do and everything they've committed everything to the sport." joe gibbs/nascar team owner:"..most people never get to have a dream in life and i've had two from an occupational standpoint i'm probably one of most blessed guys in the world." denny hamlin puts joe gibbs into victory lane for the first time in 23 years. another noteworthy state
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and gone.. and alyssa rae has one of the more compelling stories--to come out of salem this weekend...alyssa. alyssa rae/wsls 10 sports:"...the 2016 virginia state wrestling tournament produced many individual champions from our area but for one wrestler the victory meant more than just the title. .the head gear worn by grayson county's will lawrence in the championship match saturday was one of a kind at the virginia state tournament. that's because it's from alleghany high school in north carolina, will wore it in honor of his friend justin todd. lawrence: "he's like my brother, we trained, we've done everything together, blood tears, sweat. we put in the work and he's my hero." justin was will's training partner and friend. he won the north carolina state wrestling title in 2014 in the same weight class as will. justin took his own life in november, leaving his
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memory for motivation. coman: "it really just refocused our training, the workouts got tougher. we missed not having justin." it was justin's dad who gave will justin's headgear. and wearing it proudly, will fulfilled his dream, winning the 1a 152 lb. state title. the win couldn't have come on a better day. coman: "today would have been his 20th birthday. so it's a very emotional day for me and will. we want to dedicate this to justin, to his memory and his legacy." as will shakes hands and celebrates, he points above, and thanks the one who wasn't there, but got him there. lawrence: "we did it dude, we done it. it was worth it man, thank you, thank you. it's the first state title grayson county has won in any sport... for almost 20 years. alyssa rae/wsls-10 sports:"....i spoke with justin's dad on the phone today and his whole family drove up from north carolina to be in attendance for wills big
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the acc has been volatile at the top.. carolina, virginia, miami, duke..even louisville have had there moments.. tonight...the canes..and cavs... in the latest round robin showdown of ranked teams. jim larranaga's routed by unc this weekend.. tonight...a different team.. ja'quan newton to beat the halftime buzzer.. 3 counts....30-25 canes at the break. second half..malcolm brogdon was unconcious....that 3...and he's 8 for 8 in the half.. 2 ponit game..this for the lead..... hangs on 64-61 over the 3rd ranked cavs. west virginia with a torrid pace at home for the win.. they sweep the season series from iowa state. ------------------------------ ------ the 8 seed roanoke college women fall in the odac tournament to the 9---va wesleyan... the region tournaments..tip off tonight. william fleming...hit the hardwoods tonight against
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to the home of the colonels we go.. fleming....gettin the rock's christian watson the nice catch- convert 2... fleming with the first half lead. more from the home team...tyrell adams... square dare 3.... and the miss..james hagins...the board and putback 2. william fleming travel to loudoun county tomorrow night with a 53-34. win... 3a west girls.. coach chuck pound's lord botetourt squad hosting turner ashby.. trailing by 4. kick it to samantha hufford...she drops in a bucket...and the comeback was on.. more lady cavs...uptempo brooklyn shelton..on the putback finish 2.. and maggie quarles...swoope s in..for 2 more. lord botetourt runs away...67-54. lite o nite university of new hampshire throw a fish onto the ice after the team's first goal.. but this havin' some trouble-- i not going
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chef..when you need him lite o nite. stay with us.
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year-old woman who got to visit the white house. virginia mclaurin not only got to meet president barack obama and the first lady... but she got to dance with them. in 2014-- mclaurin began a social media campaign to meet the obama's..
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dancing. mclaurin was at the white house to celebrate black history month. the tonight show with jimmy fallon is next.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- taron egerton and hugh jackman. audra mcdonald.


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