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tv   WSLS 10 at 6 PM  NBC  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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now live in botetourt county. rob - what is the plan? the group friends of the greenfield preston plantation presented supervisors with a check for 40 thousand dollars. members say that's just what they raised yesterday, and there's more coming. nats building moving the group hopes that money will go toward canceling the move of the 2 buildings. besides uprooting history, former supervisor steve clinton says the county is putting itself at risk by not securing a performance bond for the work beforehand. steve clinton, former board member: 03:24:20 "from all appearances the county doesn't have that in this case, so if something were to happen to those buildings in transit, which is i would say a high possibility, there's really no place to go." shirley lewis, slave descendant: 02:51:59 "i was wrong when i thought the board would take into consideration the will of the people when deciding to move the slave buildings."
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lived and worked in those buildings voiced their outrage tuesday at the supervisors meeting. but the friends of the greenfield preston plantation say they have the answer, and it starts with a check for 40 thousand dollars just raised a day ago. peggy crosson, friends of greenfield plantation: ted at 9:00 in the morning, and by 6:00 p.m., we had almost 33 thousand dollars in committed monies." if supervisors agree, the next step of the plan would put the buildings back where they've stood for centuries, while also allowing for industrial development. 03:26:12 "we think there's opportunities to relocate that she'll building on the site and maybe modify the site just a little bit. it would still allow a standoff distance for the historic buildings to go back on their native site, and that's what we'd like." clinton says he and the rest of the organization think they've presented a strong case to preserve the history of their county. 03:27:59 "it's an opportunity to go back and take a look at this thing and rethink it. it's pretty risk free for them, so
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the group is asking supervisors to review the plan and respond by tomorrow night. the second of the two slave buildings is scheduled to be moved on thursday morning. in botetourt county, rob manch, wsls 10. a jury is now deliberating in the murder trial of waynesboro police reserve captain kevin quick. the trial is being held in roanoke. a judge declared a mistrial after investigators discovered one of the defendants got ahold of a list of potential jurors and shared it. wsls 10's ananda rochita has been in the courtroom all day. she joins us now in studio. ananda -- any idea how long it will take for jurors to reach a verdict? i asked lawyers this afternoon and they're not sure. they just know it won't be tonight because jurors are looking at six defendants who are facing different charges. four suspects are charged with the murder of waynesboro reserve police captain kevin quick while the other two are accused of being the gang's ring leaders in a racketeering conspiracy.
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all pieces of evidence and what was brought up in the past three weeks. there were more than 50 witnesses who took to the stand. during closing arguments, prosecutors ask the jury to pay attention to the evidence and not the quote "distractions" from the defense. now kevin quick's family was also in the courtroom and at times emotional. the jury is expected to continue deliberating tomorrow morning at 8:30. in the studio ananda rochita wsls 10. a bassett man is in jail tonight .. after deputies say .. he attacked another man with a baseball bat. benny stone is charged with malicious wounding and burglary with the intent to commit assault. according to the henry county sheriff's office .. stone broke into scottie rose's home saturday night and hit him in the head several times with a bat. rose was treated at carilion roanoke memorial hospital. he has since been released. stone is being held without bond. two people are arrested in connection with a meth bust in
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"larry browning" and "donna gardner" face several felonies including ... child endangerment ... possession of a firearm while possessing a controlled substance .. and conspiracy to manufacture meth. investigators say they found multiple one-pot labs .. items used to make meth .. and three guns during their search of a house on alleghany street yesterday. police say .. there was also evidence a child under the age 18 was living there. browning and gardner are being held in the montgomery county jail without bond. meanwhile .. roanoke police tell us a pedestrian was hit by a train this morning. investigators say .. it happened just before 9:30 on brandon avenue. we're told the pedestrian was walking with headphones in and couldn't hear the train as it approached. the pedestrian was taken to carilion roanoke memorial as a precaution. a national organization selects the river city for a program that teaches leadership and skills to address blight and vacancy challenges. danville has a vacancy rate of 17-point-three percent.
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states and the district of columbia chosen to attend the center for community progress' 20-16 community progress leadership institute. the event is set for march 15-th through 18-th on the harvard law school campus. roanoke county leaders are looking for ways to redevelop the county. they plan to start with one of the most heavily traveled parts of the area. wsls 10's brie jackson joins us now live at tanglewood mall. brie .. why start there? this corridor along tanglewood mall seems like a perfect place for development. it's densely populated area and has both employment and housing opportunities. county leaders see a lot of potential in this area. they ranked tanglewood mall as the number 1 area for urban development. over the past 20 years the number stores listed have dropped by nearly 50 percent. now economic development leaders
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into an activity center. it's still in the early phase, economic, the goal is to turn areas like this into a place where people can and shop. jill loope, economic development director for roanoke county: "trying to attract a higher level of population growth in the community all those things are economic development generators and the things we'd like to see along this corridor and county wide." this is one of nearly 12 areas county leaders hope to turn into activity centers. we'll have more at 11. in roanoke, brie jackson, wsls 10 renovations at the historic grandin theatre are expected to be complete by mid-march.
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slated to be finished by the end of this month. after total costs were calculated .. theater management realized they rang in under the projected budget of 85- thousand dollars and decided to re- roof the marque. ian fortier, grandin theatre executive director: "we fell really good about it. you know, we've been working, myself, the director, the board and staff for the last year and a half to really create a more positive vibe and replicated experience." by the time construction is complete, the 84- year-old theater will have a new set of entrance doors, windows and box office. making a difference and seeing success. how a local thrift store is expanding it's reach locally and abroad. plus .. a popular author stops by a school in southside. why she says .. it's important students take an interest in
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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local non-profit thrift store has been so overwhelming .. it's already expanding. "things hoped for store" opened last july and has already taken over the space next to it. all money raised except for overhead costs goes straight to educating deaf children in mexico, cuba and the bahamas. diane dipalma, store manager: "a lot of times they're just kept at home and it's a silent way to live, there's no communication, they don't have sign language, they don't have vocational skills. a lot of them and up falling into prostitution or drug dealing, that kind of thing because they don't have any skills to do anything else." if you're interested in supporting the "things hoped for store" .. it's next to el rodeo on williamson road.
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elementary school may be feeling a little more inspired to pursue a career in writing. nationally- renowned author, reshonda tate billingsley, visited park avenue elementary this morning. she spoke to the students and held a writing workshop. billingsley has written 40 books so far. two have been turned into b-e-t movies and three more are set to become b-e-t movies in the near future. she says taking an interest in reading and writing is important because it provides so many opportunities. reshonda tate billingsley/auth or: "reading and writing can help you become a video game creator, there are also, of course, the author, the teacher, the english major...if you are a good writer, that helps you in so many ways." two of her latest movies are scheduled to premier on t-v. one of them .. this fall. ...coming up in your storm team
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lester holt: "our team is in place covering a violent and dangerous weather outbreak in the south. president obama offers a plan to close the prison at guantanamo bay. we look at who is held there and where in the u-s they could be transferred. and should food makers be banned from labeling their product's
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we had rain move through the region last night into this morning, but by the afternoon, outside of some drizzle, we did dry things out a bit. another round of heavy rain will likely impact the region later tonight
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powerful storm system from the southwest impacts us. tonight: rain again forms, milder with lows around 40. fog is again possible.pleas e be careful driving. wednesday: rain likely, even some storms are possible, especially along and east of the blue ridge. warmer with the winds picking up, highs in the mid-to- upper 50s. a flood watch is in effect until 700p on wednesday. 1-2" of rain will fall tonight through wednesday, and you have to keep in mind that the ground is already saturated from all the precipitation we have seen over the last couple weeks. the rain may not have anywhere to go. in addition to that, the storm prediction center has put areas near lynchburg and southside in a slight risk for severe weather. flooding and damaging winds are no doubt the
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have on wednesday, although there could be some spin in the atmosphere as well. while by no means likely, the threat for a tornado is not zero come tomorrow. most of the rain will be gone around dinner- time, maybe even a little before that. lingering showers may be around through part of wednesday night, but they should be isolated and pretty light. then we'll turn our attention to the wind and some mountain snow showers. cold air will move in on the back side of that frontal boundary, allowing for us to see some mountain snow showers on thursday. thursday will be mostly cloudy and cooler with highs in the upper 40s. it is possible that the temperatures start to fall heading into the afternoon. the wind will be a huge factor for us on thursday as well. we could have gusts over 50 mph in would not surprise me if a wind
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folks for thursday, maybe even lasting into thursday night. friday should see more sun for everyone.we'll call it partly to mostly sunny maybe more sun east and more clouds west. it will be a cool day though with highs in the lower 40s. the weekend is looking good right now for outdoor activities. both saturday and sunday will be mainly sunny, all compliments of an area of high pressure. temperatures will reach the upper 40s on saturday, climbing to near 60 on sunday. another chance for spotty showers will move in on monday under mostly cloudy skies. however, temperatures will remain above normal, reaching the upper 50s. we should dry out and see more sun on tuesday, but behind that disturbance, we will turn cooler. temperatures will fall
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we'll head to floyd..where the lady buffs..are ready..for their annual spring the state playoffs. and the hokies...fresh off the upset of florida state..head
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the stars were out in la.. but blake griffin is still on the bench.. so up..steps---jj redick. the former cave spring and duke star...torched the twine for 22 points last night.. he's averaging more than 17 per game over the last ten 30 min per game of
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denver is at la on wednesday night. floyd county's long ..storied history of basketball success continues into the region tourmanet this week.. the girls team has four titles..and 12 trips to the final 4... including last season's state runnerup finish.. they crushed dan river 78-35 last night to advance to the semifinals wed night against ridgeview--- they stand 19-5 on the season.. today in floyd the buffs discussed the history of the program--and how the desire to be a part of it..begins early in floyd county. travis cantrell/floyd co associate head coach:".....a lot of times success can generates kid success but we've got such a good group of parents that only at the high school level but parents working with young kids and that's what makes our community pretty successful natalie boothe/lady buffs senior:"...i can remember watching the girls going to stay when i was little and i was always like i'm going to be like that when i grow up
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senior:"....i mean that's your pool drain that's your whole goal is to be in a great team great people great coaches in a great community. union high plays chatham in the other 2a west region semifinal on wednesday night. those games are set for uva- wise.... the hokies are back on the a-c-c road again for two more away games this week. at boston college tonight..and at wake forest on sunday. if it feels like...they've away from blacksburg'd be right. february...has included 5 road games and just two home games in a 27 day stretch. buzz williams:"'s a shame that the league scheduled two home games for us in the month of february but that's also that's just part of being last-- you're going to get the short end of the stick, and i try to be so so politically correct even though i have no political-ness in my body. tired of being tired of being disrespected by those that are supposed to be
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somebody needs to be the adult." coach williams..not pulling any punches with the league.. virginia tech's currently the 9 seed in the upcoming conference tournament after an upset win over florida state.. they would avoid a first round game, and face syracuse..the 8 round two.. they a 6-8 in the acc...14-13 overall. gm bruce allen says what i guess we've all know..rg iii won't be with them next year.. #2 kansas at 19 th ranked baylor and liberty's div i hokcey team mving into the eastern states collegiate hockey league. time to cut it out.. down 2...south carolina hs girls playoffs.. it's the burke bulldogs girls --in charleston, south carolina needing a steal..and a bucket..
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chuck duck....1 sec leeft... outta my kitchen im cookin mama's chili.. cut itout. chief meteorologist jeff haniewich joins us for a join us back here in half an
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breaking news tonight. state of emergency as tornadoes explode across the south. millions under a severe threat. fears the town could be demolished in the dark. trump towers as nevada votes tonight and can he win three in a row? and can anyone stop him. murder mystery, chicago images of the uber murderer in a gun shop hours before prosecutorses say he went on a shooting rampage. a popular sports skast e fights back after being secretly videoed in a room next door. could someone be watching you. and eating natural. millions look for on the label, but what does it really mean? amid calls for a crackdown, an answer that might surprise you. "nightly news" begins right now.


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