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tv   WSLS 10 at 530 PM  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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called upon a line of q/z destruction -- ripping through parts of the country. >> bringing with it heavy rain, high winds. good evening.
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>> three people dead, three missing and dozens of others injured after a line of severe storms from louisiana to florida.>> 19 million people were at risk during round one of the massive winter storm. in louisiana, or the 150 homes destroyed while in florida cement trucks, businesses and more homes destroyed. >> we want to show you drone video from pensacola where more than one dozen tornadoes tore across the region. 70 homes and 24 apartments were severely damaged.>> i was scared. watching things fly around in your house. you did know what was going to happen!>> vacuum southwest virginia, the storm system brought severe weather and flooding. this is video out of danville. one of the heaviest hit areas. >> we want to join with jeff. this has been a powerful and
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some indications that we may have had a tornado and appomattox.>> it certainly looks like a tornado to us. we don't go and survey the damage. we will do that tomorrow. what we saw certainly looks like a tornado touched down. we do have a few showers out across parts of bedford county. as we take a look at what is going on out west, we do have some showers out across parts of blend with grayson county. that rain shower activity will be with us from time to time overnight tonight. we're having computer issues. you will notice that the worst of the weather is east of the viewing area and now done. we will have lingering showers tonight and we change over to melting showers for today and tomorrow and hopefully by the time 5:40 rolls around and we do our weather cast, the computer will be working but
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to you. meanwhile, according to the appomattox sheriff's office, the storm has already caused an injury in the evergreen area which was heavily damaged by downed trees. 500 people in danville without power. half of the outage is the -- is due to one downed tree. power lines are also down along route 58 in chatham. the rest of the power outages are scattered. appalachian power reporting widespread outages and glenn counties, floyd. lussier road is currently under a few inches of water after a back creek flooded with today's rain. the road is not open to traffic as you might imagine at this time. flooding is exactly what a swiftwater rescue team and
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they stay on standby with gear in case their services are needed. and pay close attention to potential flooding areas. >> reporter: -- >> right now, we are in a monitoring mode. we will bring in additional personnel. right now, we are staffing for people and we bring in for additional people to respond with us. >> the rescue team also received a new but that has not yet been used me for rescues and faster water. flooding could be a concern into the night as rain continues to fall in some areas. will be back for the six, seven and 8 o'clock newscast. don't forget, when we are not on the error, you can get all of the information on our. just search wsls in the app store. you can also find coverage on our website. wsls .com.
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a standoff with police. elliott was wanted for a probation violation with an underlying charge for distribution of child pornography. officers went to the home in lakeside drive around 8:30 this morning where he was found after a lengthy standoff in several attempts to communicate with him. he came to the door. he was taken into custody around 11:30. a montgomery county man is in jail on multiple charges after a high-speed chase. according to the sheriff's deputies, this happened in the eastern part of the county. over 100 miles an hour. the deputy tried to issue a traffic stop with the suspect seen on your screen. police say he hit two deputy patrol cars and ended colliding head-on with another patrol car. no one was injured during the chase. he was charged with dui and assaulting an officer. he is being held without bond in the montgomery county jail.
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department is getting creative to help keep pedestrians safe. the short 9m( for safety tips for drivers and pedestrians. the information is compiled into a crosswalk safety campaign that has thousands of views online. >> we have had an increase in pedestrian related crashes between 2014 and 2015. so we want to educate pedestrians and drivers. >> keep in mind that jaywalking is illegal. they say to always use crosswalks and for drivers to be on the lookout for pedestrians. your time saver traffic report tonight. despite the weather, the roads are looking fairly clear at this time. there may not be any major delays traveling on the interstate. >> if you are shopping around
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of the most dependable brands. >> in the meantime, let's take
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we have some breaking news for you in the kevin quick murder trial. a jury has told us -- we have -- we have just learned guilty on all charges. >> for suspects charged in xxt: murder of the waynesboro police captain while the other two were accused of being gang leaders in a racketeering conspiracy. >> we will have more tonight on wsls at 6. now the areas best weather cast as awarded by the associated press. >> you are looking at a live picture from our poor mountain sky camera. certainly, the sunshine returning after what was a very active day. numerous thunderstorms warning -- thunderstorm warnings. we had at least one tornado
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let's show you what the radar looks like right now. a lot of the rain has shifted to the east. we do have showers out toward parts of giles county and landon -- landing. you will notice that we will focus our attention to some mountain snow showers. these snow showers will mainly stay in 7ya8 tonight but they could move to parts of the river valley in allegheny highlands. by tomorrow evening, i think that the snow showers will dissipate and tomorrow, partly to mostly sunny. body looks to be a day where i think we will all our -- we will lobby precipitation free. flood stage is 21 feet and it is expected to crest thursday afternoon at 22.6 feet. a lot of flooding. then river in south boston. -- dan river in south boston.
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parkway does include the newer valley, and also the allegheny highlands. we will put this in motion zr@t: you. you could easily have wind gusts of 50 miles an hour. especially into the higher terrain. that is still a very blustery and windy day. likely not until friday and maybe even saturday when does winds will we can. thank you to all of you who have sent pictures and. >> reporter:)k tree has completely toppled over. this was sent in from jason kim . it certainly did cause traffic tie ups in the appomattox area. we don't know if it was a tornado yet. we will go out and see if it was a tornado that touched down in appomattox county. check this out. we are watching snow on the
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most of us will not see snow from this it as you work your way through the day tomorrow into early friday, we are tracking and snow, maybe an inch or two into blaine county and pocahontas in greensboro county. you could see 1 to 3 inches on the western slope's. we go from severe weather to winter weather in a matter of 24 hours but we are tracking another warm up on the way and jeff has look at that seven day forecast. it does look we will -- like we will have temperatures climbing into the 40s over the next couple of days. as we head into the upcoming weekend, we should have temperatures in the lower 60s by .gqt: i think we are going to have temperatures in the 60s as we head into next week1gzu5sn7 work for tonight, mostly cloudy and windy. overnight lows between 30 4-42. it will be a night where we have wind gusts of 240 miles an hour. for tomorrow, we are looking at highs in the 40s or 50s. we're showing a chance of a few
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a few mountain showers on thursday. righty, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday, we are drive. we will have more sunshine this go around when we actually warm things up a bit next week work is going to be rather sunny. -- a bit next week. it's going to be rather sunny. >> we do have a bureau clip that we have been showing off and on of what appears to be very much a tornado. a shot right here in our local viewing area and we will be sharing it again tonight at 6:30 and then again at 7 o'clock but we cannot confirm that until the national weather service looks at it.tst: it's not up to us to say whether or not it's a tornado but it sure looks like it.>> but we cannot say it's confirmed to be a tornado. the survey team from the weather center service has to check it out. social media.
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you can see for yourself and make your own judgment. but we will be showing that. thank you, jim. >> a look ahead into the story we are working to bring you tonight at six as college costs. in the commonwealth continue to rise, we're learning that not all of your money is going to classes and professors. that story and more coming up in a special education matters report tonight. >> a number of supreme court cases are on hold after the death of antonin scalia.
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move forward. five major supreme court cases hanging in the balance. tonight, an inside look ahead at what is in the high court here!y >> reporter: five major cases before the supreme court are now uncertain following the death of antonin scalia. we asked a panel of legal and political experts on their opinions of the possible outcomes. first up, executive action. more than 3 million amick -- immigrantssm9jh. >> that means the president
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if there is a court decision, the lower court decision will stay in place and that means the action is lost. >> reporter: second, heavily restricting who can perform abortions and where your>> it for - 4 -- 4-4 tied would create a national -- would not create a national precedent. >> reporter: next, a case argued in january would involve a republican employee. >> not much will happen there. we will have to wait until we get an appointee. >> the justices are all quite interested. >> reporter: that would mean another type. this one favoring. on the next case,ez already accused those excused
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already done work affirmative action at the university of texas higher education system and whether admission should favor minorities. >> it could mean a factor that you cannot be the basis of ignition. >> reporter: with seven justices, kennedy will probably be the swing vote. and she has been skeptical of race conscious policies throughout his tenure on the spring court work >> reporter: finally, one person one vote. a policy that the present political districts according to how many people live in them. a panel says texas can count every person. >> including noncitizens, prisoners who can't vote, children. >> reporter: the court could delay a rulinghx but it appears a tie is more likely. still ahead, companies are
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the major retailer removin amazon as its name to the sites no longer selling hoverboards. the decision comes days after the safety commission deemed all hoverboards unsafe. target and toys "r" us also remove them from their website. the consulting firm jd power reveals the 2013 model vehicles
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number of problems others have experienced. lexis followed by porsche, buick, toyota and\j p looking to add dozens of plan. the company is holding a job fair tomorrow from 5 to 8. saying it needs to fill 50 positions by the end of the month and another 250 by july. most of the jobs are manufacturing-based or supervisor positions.
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undergoing improvements
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getting a second chance. the virginia department of education grant of fiscal a partially credited reconstituted school status as the staten river proved strides teachers made. we have a look on the changes.>> reporter: o-r9[^l* is better to try to fail than to never tried all. the school is getting a second chance at making the grade >> it offers us an opportunity to continue the work we are doing for another three years.-ao$2 >> reporter: it is a second chance that the principal is in taken for granted. only 31 schools are granted the status >> we're getting close enough that the state recognize that and said whatever you are doing and have implemented for the last four years, just keep doing that.>> reporter: in order to receive accreditation,
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history, math and sll. < 75% of students must pass english. their math scores are where ua=w$t they need to be but they are still struggling in english. only three points away so they have developed a plan in order to raise those course.>>]=@t: first year, we took a big drop because the test was different.>> reporter: they switched to block scheduling allowing students 90 minutes a day to study those core subjects and also moving to an individual student focused approach. same they have come too far not to move forward. >> we learn from those mistakes and we continue. >> reporter: much needed as they enter into spring preparation.
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>> -- wsls 10. we were pretty warm today and arguably human ear the hotspot right now, -- arguably humid. fairly mild out there. we could have a few 30s and the mountains. by noon tomorrow, back to the mid-40s. tomorrow, we are mostly cloudy. i will let you know with highs will again hit the sissies coming up -- 60s coming up in 15 minutes. this is wsls at 6. a storm pactiv devastating punch hours ago. >> " locally from downed trees to power outages. crews are already on the move as the community starts to pick up the pieces.
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system that took a deadly turn in other parts of the commonwealth. we will give you all of the information you need. thank you for joining us on wsls . going into full effect this evening, we're learning nearly 500 customers are without power in the chatham area. >> also reporting about 500 outages right now. appomattox county has seen some of the worst damaged tonight.d1s`0 colter, you were inside when that storm hit and you have been assessing the conditions in appomattox since arriving there. >> reporter: i did just right here a few minutes to go along for 60. pieces of debris like this, this looks like a piece of wood that maybe came from a house.


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