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tv   WSLS 10 at 7 PM  NBC  February 24, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> announcer: this is wsls 10 at 7 pm . >> he opened the front door and tornado. >> at 7 pm at women explains terrifying moments when he clung to a tree would it tornado destroyed her home. >> we have live coverage tonight as people start to assess the damage left behind. storm team 10 continues to track this torment brings you
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joining us i am lindsay ward and i am tall at jefferies. >> active area as parts are hit hard in one affected the most is here, we find coulter standing by and we saw the image and how bad is the damage left behind? >>reporter: it is really really bad, this is everything you would expect from a storm like this and you can see what is left of this mobile home, it is completely destroyed and you can see debris scattered everywhere. i spoke to a woman who was inside and she said one of the sons actually got a notification that a tornado was in the area on his cell phone and open the front door and they notice the storm was upon them. >> he opened the front door and said mama, tornado, tornado!
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in the front yard. >>reporter: the company that her son works it has put her in her family up in a hotel for the night and they are looking forward to eating dinner with the family and relaxing. life for wsls 10. thank you, we are hearing from viewers in those areas, in evergreen, teresa lee says when the storm hit she and her staff got their children to a back hallway with no windows, as parents came to pick up their children she learned about the damage outside. >> clearly we are not hearing to reset and we will try and get that later in the newscast, she was told her husband told that kids staying at schools are staying there until their parents can pick them up rather than taking the bus home.
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was affected by the storm and it is located at the community center on community lane and it will be located as long -- open as long as it's needed. that's check in with jeff and see if we are in the clear? >> we may have lingering rain showers but as far as tornadoes i think we are done with it and if you look out on the radar you can see that we do have a couple of showers near west virginia and in parts of the new river valley and a little bit of rain over by giles and craig and the highest elevation of grayson county right now is a light mix. this big picture shows a line of severe weather extending from philadelphia to pennsylvania and south carolina. the line certainly capable of producing tornadoes and will eventually push offshore over
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there are many reports of trees down and damaging wind and i do think that frankly i would be shocked if we did not find out tomorrow about a tornado touchdown in appomattox county. it looks like that was caused by a tornado and the video that we saw certainly looks like or tornado touchdown in appomattox county as well. even more east. we turn out i intend to the wind -- turn our attention to the wind and we could have wind gusts over 40 mph and over 30 mph across lynchburg. overall it looks like the winds will increase tonight on top of what they already are and a saturated ground we could have more trees topple over tonight and into the day tomorrow. lindsay? >> thank you jeff, the system has turned deadly in sussex county and two people have died
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of petersburg around route for 60. state police blocked off the road where debris fell and the damage was reported shortly after a tornado was issued this afternoon. the line of storms hit the southern part of the country before making their way hair and 3 people were killed in 3 missing, dozens of other hurt from the powerful system that stretch from louisiana to florida. 19 million people were at rest during the first run of the storm and in louisiana more than 150 homes are destroyed. and florida, semi trucks, businesses, and more homes or damage. more than one dozen tornadoes were reported across the region. >> several clothes are on the ground assessing damage and we will continue to keep you updated on the developing situation on wsls at 11 pm.
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can head to our website at 6 people found guilty in the waynesburg police captain. kevin quick , 4 people guilty of charges related to the murder of quick while the other 2 people were found guilty of being that games -- games ringleader in a racketeering conspiracy, the jury read the verdict after nearly 10 hours to of deliberating and the family was also in the courtroom and at times emotional. after spending countless hours of time on the case they are pleased with the verdict. >> it was over 10,000 work hours of all the investigators from either the louisa county sheriff's office, the virginia state police, the federal bureau of investigation and the other agencies that work together. it was a tremendous effort. >> one of the defendant's lawyer said he was not surprised with the verdict, the evidence was powerful. police are searching for answers following a late night killing, they found a man shot
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after midnight, they will not save he lived there or who called police or whether they have a motive or suspects. the body has been sent to the medical examiner for identification. >> we are actively pursuing leads and we will do that pretty quickly.>> call police if you have any information. they face somewhat of a crisis over lack of lethal injection drugs and this becomes weeks before the execution of ricky gray, one of the seven remaining death row inmates, the governor stays whether it's too soon to say whether his execution will be delayed, they are considering a bill that would allow the electric chair to be used as an alternative to lethal injection. the formal bristol mayor and chairman of virginia utilities is now in prison for his involvement with the federal corruption investigation. federal court records show paul
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month sentence last week in a medium security prison implied guilty to selling race take its and attracting businesses, he pocketed the money and lying to a grand jury.
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`````r````rq coming off a win in nevada tuesday night donald trump sets his sights to super tuesday and he got his first endorsement from republican lawmakers on capitol hill and is now leading in 10 states and focusing on texas. today ted cruz won the endorsement from the governor
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will keep america the greatest and freest nation in the history of the nation. join me in voting for ted cruz for president of the united states of america. >> the race for the white house is not over for marco rubio or john kasich, they are not giving up on the democratic side hillary clinton wins and south carolina beating bernie sanders who says an upset is still possible. speaking of donald trump the republican hopeful is expected to speak at radford university, the day before virginia's presidential primary and according to the website he will speak at noon but tickets are no longer available. president. consider his supreme court nominee but it will be hard for republicans to explain an attempt to block, this comes a day after the majority leader says president obama should
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next president. >> there is an argument that the president should not do this because he is a lame duck. the truth of the matter is that traditionally lame-duck refers to the two or three months after an election has taken place in which a new president is about to be sworn in, i have one year to go. earlier today obama identified the qualities he is looking for, someone with a clean record, a deep respect for the justices role and an understanding of how the law
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for headlines tomorrow.>> the kodak basketball tournament returns to scale them starting thursday and we will tell you the impact it will have on the valley plus we talk about the rising cost of college education and the solution coming from bridgman and washington dc. furnace thursday morning on
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here on wsls at 10 >> announcer: now the area's best weather casts has awarded by the associated weather press. welcome back i am storm team 10 meteorologist jeff haniewich, scattered showers in west virginia towards the mountain empire in the new river valley, a little bit of rain from grayson county to bland county and even parts of allegheny and giles county. i want to show you the worst of
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the peninsula south into the carolinas. it looks like south carolina is into the woods for north carolina is not as there is an impressive squall line looking in. it has been known to produce tornadoes and we have had quite a few yesterday and quite a few today as well, including one likely across appomattox close to evergreen. in evergreen itself we had trees down and power lies down and in dry fork we had wind damage and this was a very active day. one of the busiest days we have had in the storm team weather center in probably the last 18 to 24 months, i don't believe we've had a tornado touched down in the last two or even three years. i am pretty sure that one did touchdown in appomattox but we will not know for sure until the national weather service survey team gets out there tomorrow and your hour by hour forecast shows a few left of our showers and tuesday morning with snow showers in west virginia and the slopes in
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showers and a spillover of snow showers in the niv and highlands tomorrow afternoon. i think we will see the storm showers lifting and by friday it looks to be a dry day and partly to mostly cloudy skies from sunup to sundown. will monitor river levels and flooded stages 21 feet and it should test it 22.6. we are looking at the river in south boston getting around a foot in a half above flood stage cresting on friday morning. we will also watch the wind and for the latest on who will see the strongest here is jonathan. >> thanks jeff, this is different and it will be straight wind of the system continues to wind up and headed out of here. we have a wind advisory in effect and a blue ridge shaded and brown.
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miles tesh 50 mph especially in higher elevations looking towards here with widespread cost of 30 to 40 here with widespread cost of 30 to 40 mph. this continues as we go through thursday overnight and blacksburg getting up to 40 or 44 mph. this continues all the way to friday morning and we will see the wins start to wind back down but in terms of snow that jeff was mentioning, not attend, maybe for the western slopes and a trace here for parts of an rv and the highlands. for the latest let's go back over to chief meteorologist, jeff haniewich thank you very much, temperatures in the 40s thursday, friday, saturday. lindsay and don, look at sunday through wednesday, lower 60s, chance for a few showers and sunday, monday, tuesday, we will see sunshine. that will be nice. we are warm today and i wish we were not humid because that
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across south side and appomattox county. . millennial to becoming a major force in the housing market. according to consumer reports 75% of americans between 18 and their own home, high rental cost and student loan debt is making it difficult for down payments. wsls has aaron brookshire here to explain. >>reporter: like many millennial's, 25 route sarah boller was tired of throwing away money on high rent. she wanted to own her own apartment. >> i felt like the rental market was going up in price and i was good to spend a lot of money without a return on investment. >>reporter: even with a steady job she did not have enough for the 20% down payment that was
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and costly mortgage insurance. she was able to get a combination to help with these upfront costs. these are intended to bring people into the housing market and they really have the basics in place and they just need a little something extra to get them into housing. you can find and you can learn about resources for firefighters and others. another resource for voter moderate income buyers and there's a new program called mortgage ready where they can report income from tenet. this helps people get low and zero important for counselors to work with applicants to understand how much they can afford. >> we are straightforward because no one is doing anyone any favors if they put them into the housing market and they buy a home and cannot
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>>reporter: no matter how you plan to pay for it, 1st time buyers should make sure that their credit record is as good as possible, that will help you get the best deal no matter who your lender is, i am an
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still damage left behind in appomattox county tonight ... after a possible tornado touched down. wsls 10's colter anstatett joins us now. colter ... you talked to a man we continue to assess the damage left behind in appomattox county after a possible tornado touchdown. >> we are joined live with coulter and we tell people to get to a safe area and one man did just that. >>reporter: that's right, he did, he was in his home and he heard the storm coming through and it sounded like a freight train. he got to his basement and as you can see here it is still very active and emergency crews are still on scene. they're trying to get everything cleaned up and back to normal and like he said, the gentleman said that he came close to not surviving the storm . >> at first i thought it was a train and then it got louder
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heard trees popping. >>reporter: so far i have not heard of injuries or deaths but if we do we will certainly pass the information along. live in appomattox for wsls at 10 pm. we want to update you on a story where state police say their 3 confirmed fatalities in waverley and they are identified as 3 males ages unknown. we will continue our coverage and thank you for
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we will see you brave erin andrews. >> the testimony from her father that brought her to tears. >> and targeting erin. >> how the creepy peeping tom changed her life forever. then, melania trump's first big sit-down interview. >> it's really getting nasty. >> he's like a little baby. >> could i have my mojo, please. >> it's ted cruz preparing trump to this movie villain. >> get in my belly! >> and this guy thinks he's


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