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tv   Today  NBC  February 26, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EST

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody! guess what? >> what? >> thirsty thursday. february 25th. >> i just read the other day, i had no idea this is a leap year. >> it's a leap year! >> we'll have to have another day of february! >> 29 days. how about people whose birthdays are on the 29th? >> i know, i wonder if they celebrate it on the 28th or -- not the 1st of march. >> i wouldn't wait. how about gwen stefani. "make me like you." this is that song about blake shelton. like everything is.
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yeah! >> i like it. >> wait a minute. ihoda day. stop that. that was good. >> all right. we do have a good show. >> yeah, yeah. >> we hope bambino and blake aren't watching. they're not going to like it. when i came home from shooting this the other day, they were all over me sniffing. we have about 100 dogs that went to this wonderful place called the spot. >> yeah, we're interns for a day and we decided to intern at a dog washing and grooming and playing place. and it was -- >> cleaning up some poo-poo and stuff. >> yeah, it was fun mostly. until it wasn't. >> and two lucky ladies made the trek across the river from new jersey. it's not that far. but hoping to get ambushed. we think it was worth it because they're going to get their glam new looks any minute now. >> and we have our man. >> we love lou. he's a man. >> he is. he's going to tell us about some quick fixes for some of your problems. and a new test that can detect
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>> oh, that's great. >> that's great. >> because usually it's a lot -- it's expensive to get it tested. >> yeah. we'll see if that works. >> i bet he wouldn't bring it here if it didn't work. lou would not waste our time. >> lou wouldn't do such a thing. >> real quick thing from sirius yesterday. mary and kathy galotti came over and gave great makeup and hair tips. hats off to the ladies for spreading their knowledge and angela bassett was on and she was just -- >> what a class act she is. lovely. >> you know what my favorite thing was so far about the morning? >> what, hody? >> every now and then you pick up a big glossy heavy magazine called "du jour." >> "du jour." >> and then you say oh, there is henry cavill and you open it up and you realize the good stuff isn't just on the cover. there is glamorous stuff on the inside. kathie lee has a nice little spread in here. and the headline says in case you can't read it -- >> no, no, hoda. >> just the headline.
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let me do it again. "forget sunshine." "for nearly 30 years kathie lee gifford has been the brightest thing about waking up in america." >> wow. >> how about that? >> take that, you haters. >> anyway, it's a beautiful article. it's available on newsstands on friday. and it's a real -- >> i thank all my friends for lying about me. i'm very grateful. >> there's a lot of wonderful things said about you. and it's worth -- a beautiful read. >> i'm deeply grateful for that. you know who has the world by the tail? >> who. >> adele. last night was the brit awards, their version of the grammys. >> adele swept that awards show, took home four trophies. >> her new cd was eligible. >> the reason she wasn't eligible for the grammys in the united states is because hers came out too late. but anyway, she won best british female artist and best album. then she sang "when we were young." so here's a little bit of her performance. tired of getting old and it
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i'm so mad i'm getting old it makes me restless it was just like a movie it was just like a song when we were young [ cheers and applause ] >> i love her. >> i love her too. but you know what i don't get? >> i got chills just now. >> i didn't. and i'll tell you why. because she's 28 years old or something, right? or 26. 27. and sings "when we were young?" please. i'm wearing shoes that are older than she is. >> did you like her star dress? >> no. i love her, love her, love her. but no. >> i liked it! you know why? it's whimsical. and she's 26. >> 7. >> please, somebody get something right on the program. all right? anyway, she also won the global success prize, which recognizes success overseas. she got emotional during her speech. >> she says she's a cryer. >> yep. >> i got really lost for a while.
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back. and to be -- for you to be so kind to me -- [ cheers and applause ] i want to thank my boyfriend for supporting me. and not bad for a girl from tottenham getting global success. thank you. you're a dream. >> i love it when she brings her full-on cockney. you know. just adorable. >> that was great. >> and she also publicly supported kesha during that speech. >> so did justin bieber. >> okay. >> anyhoo, let's move on. >> yes. if it happens over there, who cares? >> got bored midway through that. >> what else? >> ansel elgort. a great actor, we've had him on our show before. but what i was unaware of is that he is also a singer. >> and a musician. >> and a musician. >> he plays piano, as well. >> he posted this song that he wrote on instagram.
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i've been waiting sometime for a love like yours yeah >> is that good? >> well, yeah. i mean, he certainly carries a tune and he knows his chords. it's hard to tell from that. not great audio. >> you always know if someone is pitchy or whatever. and i never know. if you would have said to me that was so pitchy i would have said yeah, it was so pitchy. >> hoda, you love -- it's good you don't know more. because that's why you enjoy so much music, because you have no idea. you have no -- you know the old saying "ignorance is bliss." >> you're going to love my i hoda. >> let's look at the woman's wine workout. >> this is something we can get into. >> her name is april story. >> this is how she exercises. she uses her wine bottle as her
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>> and it's gone viral. she is sitting on the wall. >> by the way, that's a good exercise. >> doggone it, she's smart. >> she said she's going into corporate two of her favorite things, same concept. so it's wine and working out. we like her. >> probably doctors don't recommend it. but what the heck? >> who cares? >> when you have a lot of things to do in any given day, do you say okay, today i'm going to write a list, i'm going to write down everything i have to do, make sure to get it checked off? >> i try to do a mental list. but i don't usually do the -- >> you don't write it down? >> no. christine, my wonderful, precious christine who i couldn't live without, at the beginning of the week just gives me an overview, like if i have a dental appointment or, you know, physical therapy. things like that that are costly if you miss them. >> yeah. okay. >> yeah. >> i think i like to write down -- sometimes i write stuff down i know i'm already going to do. like i write down in the morning when i'm sitting at my table, i write down workout, because i know i'm going to go work. see? i get to check off that i went to work.
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down that i know i have to do. then i feel like i've done things. >> but you know you're going to work out and you know you're going to work. is it -- why do you do it, hoda? >> because i like to cross things off. i like feeling like i've done something. >> no, i agree with that. >> yeah. there's an expert in time management who told the "daily mail" that a to-do list actually is a waste of time. >> complete waste of time, he says. who is the so-called expert? describes him as a place where important tasks go to die. >> no, it's not true. because you won't remember. how do you remember things? >> everybody's life is different. and some people have insanely -- you know -- >> busy lives? >> busy lives and very complicated. and say you're an intern for anna wintour. >> you better keep a list. >> you better keep a list. that's right. speaking of stress, it's time for ihoda's playlist. >> by the way, you're going to love this. this is a throwback. this is a throwback to another time and place. are you ready? >> yeah. >> outkast.
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can you feel that b-a-s-s-a i know you're one of that 808 i like the way you move i like the way you move i love the way you move >> ready? i like the way >> spent a long time on these lyrics. ten times, so far! >> can you feel it when you're on the dance floor? >> no, no, no. >> have a drink and we're dancing together. >> that would be weird. sorry, hoda. i love the way turning left, turning right >> all right. if you want to hear more of that, you can go to my sirius show on thursday. >> why would you want to? monday and wednesday at 2:00. please send in -- everyone has a story. if you've got a great love story or -- just any great story. need a few of those. >> all right. don't forget, next tuesday we'll
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>> hoda did in junior high. >> how many times has she said that? >> it works every time. >> every time. >> amanda just heard it for the first time. >> i loved it. >> all right. so you can enter once a week. for complete rules and regulations how to enter, go to hit the connect button. >> why did i throw those cards? >> i don't know. >> we're going to doodle. spending the day as dog groomers. >> find out if we're up for the task. plus the big reveal of our ambush makeovers. >> after this. oh, hody.undry can wreak havoc on our clothes, ruining them forever. sweaters stretch into muumuus. and pilled cardigans become pets. but it's not you, it's the laundry. protect your clothes from stretching, fading, and fuzz. ...with downy fabric conditioner... it not only softens and freshens, it helps protect clothes from the damage of the wash. so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes.
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who let the dogs out somebody around here decided the two of us needed to get a real job, or at least try one. >> they wanted to see if we were up for the job today. and since no one thought we could be trusted to work with actual human beings, they said we should try our hand at dog grooming. >> the folks at spot canine club here in new york city were kind enough and crazy enough to offer
2:21 am
>> take a look. >> what are we doing, hod? >> i don't know. i'm not sure what we're doing. >> an internship of some sort. >> this is the spot. >> it's called spot canine club! >> we're supposed to learn how to groom dogs. >> take care of dogs. we both have dogs. we both love dogs. but i'm extremely interested in learning how to do glam expression. because that will be helpful in my home life. >> i'm nauseous. >> i'm excited. >> i'm nick. >> hi, nick, i'm kathy. >> i'm hoda. >> pleasure to meet you. >> we want to learn how to be groomers! we both have good dogs. well, mine's good. let's do it. >> awesome. come with me. >> here's a nice fuzzy dog for you to try. think you're going to do okay with a bath. >> you're not going to assist? >> i'm going to watch. >> are you ready for some shampoo? are you ready? she's got hair like mine. unruly. she definitely needs care. poor thing.
2:22 am
ooh! >> there's cracked poop on her butt. oh, i didn't mean to embarrass you, sweetheart. i'm sorry. now she's like, thanks a lot. >> i don't want to touch it. where are you going? underneath? >> you have to get her belly. >> good girl. >> she's got a lot of soap here. this is fun. sorry. >> she does not like to be sprayed back there. she doesn't like it. some women don't like that. >> all right, rose. you ready? >> ooh! she does not like it. >> she doesn't like it. >> you're bending her neck too much. >> no, i'm not! >> yes, you are! >> oh, you're such a good dog. >> there we go! we did it! i am on this end! >> good girl! >> some of it went in my mouth. >> what is this?
2:23 am
>> this is a doggy daycare. this is where we take care of people's dogs. >> so they come in the morning and stay all day? >> yeah. >> hello, everybody! >> hi, guys! >> oh, good babies. everybody wants some love. >> i'm getting scared. there's a lot happening. >> hodi! >> what? >> found some doody. >> where? >> right here. >> ew. >> that one is going to need a scouring pad. >> doesn't it make you want to take home a little brother or sister to blakey? >> maybe. i'm not sure. but we've been hard at work today, haven't we? >> but it's been fun. they're such sweet little creatures. >> they're so happy now. >> we washed them, we dried them. we brushed their teeth. >> there is one thing we have left to do. >> let's walk the dogs! >> every day when we walk the dogs we have to make sure they're secure so they can't get away from us. if they get away from us --
2:24 am
>> find them in new york city. >> come on, let's go, let's go. >> oh, my gosh, i'm exhausted. >> hoda, can you move it? >> i'm trying. but i've got -- hold on. >> hold on. >> come here! >> pepper, you're so heavy. >> it really was fun. >> we were so happy during that shoot, weren't we? >> you had asked earlier, could you ever work at a place like that? you know, if you're young and you need a good job, i mean, nobody likes to clean up all the poop and stuff but they're such loving, trusting things. >> i know. >> big thank you to all the kind staff there and all of the doggies at spot canine club. special thanks to rose, who let us experiment on her hair. >> i know. she's got a long fuse, rose does. >> apparently she still has some poopy on her bottom. she's not back at doggie daycare but her parents sent us a photo. she was supposed to pose with a sign, thank you sign, but she decided to shred it. >> oh, that's great. >> way to go, rose. all right, never lose your cell phone at the bottom of your
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so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes.
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all right. if you want an easy way to do your nails on the go. >> or you can never find your keys like hoda in the bottomless pit you call your purse. >> then you want to check out the smart solutions our style editor bobbie thomas is buzzing with today. b.t. >> thank you! this week is fun. these are little things that make life so much easier, starting with something that everyone on social media has been talking about lately, the tweexy. this is a silicone ring that holds a nail polish bottle so that you can paint your nails -- >> that's crazy. >> anywhere. >> isn't that so cool? >> crazy.
2:29 am
i wouldn't recommend dropping the color. isn't that nice? >> that is so smart. >> so it fits all size bottles. then i fell in love with -- i love being able to see my makeup, because if you can't see it, you won't wear it. not all beauty cubes are the same, so celebrities are grabbing these oversized vanities that are clear. we have to take a picture of it. but this beauty cube has everything. it has room in the back to hold these large pallets. look how much it holds. brushes in the front. 15 different lipsticks. so this is such a great buy. >> by the way, we love your brushes. >> thank you. >> they are so soft and buttery. >> you guys are going to freak out. watch my hand. do you see the table right here? >> yeah. >> do you see the light turn on? inside a purse when you're rummaging around, can you get a tight shot inside this? this light when you go to grab it, it illuminates. you can't see it in the studio. but this glowing orb will just
2:30 am
so you can have this on the nightstand when you want to walk to the bathroom at night, keys coming outside to your car, open the door. >> what keeps it -- there's no -- >> it's battery operated. it's all hidden inside. but we spend 75 days of our life literally searching inside our bag. >> hoda spends a little more than, that don't you honey? >> i do. >> so if you put it in there, you can see everything! >> when you go to grab something in your purse, it turns on at the touch. so it's a touch sensor. and last but not least, i'm obsessed with this called the flint. it is the old school roller -- >> yeah. >> that's just been reinvented. you just twist it -- >> what do you mean? >> it's a roller to get all the pet hair. and then you can just roll it right back up and put it in your purse. it's retractable. isn't that so smart? >> that's clever. >> the container store -- i love the container store. >> i do too. it's awesome. >> isn't that so cool? >> these are all excellent. as usual. >> thank you, bobbi. all right. you need to fix a couple things
2:31 am
>> don't worry. we've got our lou and he's got all the tools you need, baby. >> plus two ladies are about to see their gorgeous new ambush makeover. >> right after your local news. the challenges facing the country never stop. so neither does the u.s. army. we train. adapt. and get smarter. every soldier. every unit. every day. not to keep up with change; but to drive it. nobody knows what problems tomorrow will bring. but we do know who will solve them. let's get these dayquil liquid gels and go. but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast-max. it's the same difference. this one is max strength and fights mucus. mucinex fast-max. the only branded cold and flu liquid gel that is max-strength and fights mucus.
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ambush makeover is brought to you by fingerhut. fingerhut, now you can. shop today at it's thirsty thursday, and the moment has finally arrived when we reveal our -- >> "ambush makeovers." >> our glam squad has swept two ladies off the plaza into our makeup room to give them brand new looks. >> control yourself, hoda. working their magic is stylist to the stars -- louis licari, la, la, la, la,
2:35 am
>> thank you, ladies. >> and our lovely "today" contributor and fashionista, jill martin. >> hi. >> how did we find our two lovely ladies today? >> easy as pie. again we had a nice crowd. the weather's actually quite balmy for new york today. >> i know. weird day. >> so we were able to pick two lovely ladies in moments. >> our first lovely lady is janet tiavata, 64 years old from madison, new jersey. janet's a retired executive administrative assistant who's been married for almost 30 years. she's here in new york on a girls' weekend to celebrate her birthday. she describes her style as very laid back and easy. take a listen. >> when we picked you, you were all kisses and hugs. so why is this so important to you? >> i'm just excited to get a brand new look today. looking forward to it. >> and cousin annie is flipping out. >> my god. she's a new grandma. so she's going to get all dolled up for her new baby. >> we're going to make you the hottest grandma in the country. >> thank you. thank you. >> i love them and she is here
2:36 am
friend, annie. >> hi, annie. >> please keep your blindfold on for just a second, okay? here is janet siavata before. janet, let's see the new you! wow! nice! all right, are you ready, annie? take off your blindfold. >> oh, my god. oh, your mother would be so proud. >> your mother would be so proud. >> you're beautiful. you're beautiful. >> oh! do you want to see yourself? >> yeah. >> right here. >> oh, my god. thank you. >> thank you. >> you look gorgeous. >> thank you so much. >> look right over at camera 12. we want to admire you. you want to stand with your cousin. okay. tell us, louis, about the hair. >> jill, we scored today. the most interesting thing here -- of course, you make the hair a little deeper. the reason is, the aging process goes on, our complexion changes as well, and your hair color should change too.
2:37 am
woman, but we've just made it a more appropriate color. and just make her skin color come alive. that's a great haircut, and we have the wonderful arsen girgoff with us today. which explains the style. >> and the dress, jill. perfect fit. >> oh, yeah. it's new by shawnee. and we added a belt from another outfit. so if you have a tiny waist and you have a dress that sort of needs completion, feel free to take that off and mix and match. >> and that pretty makeup. >> of course. absolutely. >> big round of applause for annie. you can walk right over there. >> our second lady is susan johnston grandee, 61 from medford, new jersey. she's a ceo and a mother of four. she mostly works from home, so doesn't really dress up unless she's leaving the house and shays she's pretty low maintenance. let's hear her story. >> susan, you seemed pretty freaked out when we chose you. so how are you feeling now a few minutes later? >> better. yeah, i think it's nice. happy. >> oh, good.
2:38 am
when we picked her. >> yes, i've been trying to get her to do something with her little bit. so this is exciting. we're going to take good care of you. >> all righty. and she is here with her daughter sara and sara's fiance. matt. all right. here is one last look at susan johnson grandee before. and let's bring the new susan out. >> wow! >> oh, my god. >> oh, my gosh. take off your blindfolds. get ready. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god! you look incredible. oh, my god. >> you look great. >> you want to see? turn around, sweetheart. >> oh, my god. i love it! >> can you -- >> you should love it. you look fantastic.
2:39 am
>> okay. this shows how a simple haircut can be so chic, easy, low-maintenance. this is no problem for her. it's also more appropriate for her texture. it also shows a little bit more color looks younger. >> she's got taylor swift's hair now. >> that's hysterical. >> of course arsene and enid. >> i think i recognize that jacket. >> okay. this is new claire. and it's called a fly-away jumpsuit. so look at the front. it's a dress -- no, don't -- over the jumpsuit. which is super trendy right now and cool. look. so when she walks -- >> it's like a palazzo pant. but it's a little different. >> with the layer. i love it. this jacket, if you don't mind turning around, has scalloping down the back. i don't know if you saw when we got dressed. >> beautiful. >> that's still washable, right? >> yeah, washable. >> leather that's washable and lightweight. it's so attractive. >> let's bring out janet siavata
2:40 am
both our ladies. >> thanks to our beautiful glam team. louis and jill. if you have a house problem and you don't know what should you do? >> we'll find out right after this.moms know their family's mouths often need a helping hand. after brushing, listerine total care helps prevent cavities, strengthens teeth and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine total care to the total family. listerine total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth . and for kids starting at age six, listerine smart rinse delivers extra cavity protection after brushing. working on my feet all day gave me pain here. in my knees. but now, i step on this machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my knee pain. find a machine at they say when mr. clean saw all the different things his new smart phone does...
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it's not just for marks on walls... it's tough on kitchen grease... and bathroom grime too. he's your...
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time to ask lou about all those pesky house problems you wish you could fix yourself, if you only knew what to do. >> well, from how to detect mold in your home to when to change your smoke alarms, all you need are a few smart tips from "today" contributor and host of "house smarts." lou manfredini, he's got a name that names with rotini >> that's one of my favorite pastas. thank you very much. all right, ladies.
2:44 am
weanies. we just thought -- >> thank you for the rotini. i like my rotini the bigger size. never mind. >> jennifer had a question about smoke alarms. including how much shu replace the alarms. does her hot attic affect the battery life. et cetera, et cetera. >> this is an important question. i want to make sure everyone watching has these detectors in their home. make sure you have carbon monoxide and smoke detectors on every floor of your home. in particular, the battery operated ones, make sure they get replaced once a year. the detectors should be replaced every five to seven. so if you don't know the age of this, throw it out and buy new ones. because they're -- it's not worth it. now, there are -- >> does it make a pinging sound or something? >> it chirps. but now what's happened is manufacturers have come out with ten-year detectors. and so what they have is sealed lithium batteries that last for ten years. when it starts to chirp, you're going to throw that unit away
2:45 am
>> i like that better. >> there's something goofproof about that. and then some newer technology from both kidde and first alert. these are smart devices. this particular one is a listening device. that you can plug into your home. and it will hear if any detector goes off and send you or a family member a text. >> oh. >> imagine if you have a parent living alone or a grandmother that's by herself. you can detect that and first alert has one where this is actually a built-in detector that does the same thing. little bit more expensive. >> smart, though. >> $100. >> but worth it. >> really worth it, absolutely. >> noel from iowa asks this. she wants a recommendation for a really good first tool kit. >> this is something i know you both agree with. life is too cheap -- or too short to drink cheap wine and to use cheap tools. >> okay. >> you'll get a cheap job done. >> correct. this is a collection of some really high-quality tools i put together. crescent wrench, which makes these great wrenches.
2:46 am
this is swanson. these are tools you're going to spend -- this collection right here, a hammer, utility knife, channel locks. this wonder bar is the greatest thing ever. >> what is that for? >> for everything. >> like what? >> everything. pulling a nail, getting underneath the carpet. lifting up a piece of furniture because you need to get under the chair to put something under. >> oh. >> it's called a wonder bar and it's the greatest thing. and of course a pair of safety glasses. this collection of tools will cost you under 200 bucks. you'll have it the rest of your life. until you lend a hammer out and nobody brings it back. >> people do that. it's very rude. >> how do you know when you have mold in your house. you said there is a quick test. >> yeah, this is the thing. most home tests and this is one right here, very good test. this is about 34 bucks that you would take samples, they give an envelope, they have you mail it in. and in a couple weeks they give you the results. this new company, healthful home, for 40 bucks you can test the mold and know within five minutes if you have bad mold. so that's a swab that what you do -- >> you swab it. >> it's like a pregnancy test.
2:47 am
this on and then there is a little q-tip. once this liquid goes in there, you pull it and now you swab the area where you think you have mold. then you go over to this little pregnancy test thing there. if you have one line, you don't have any mold. if you have two lines, you have -- >> you have mold? >> then you have mold. so now you go to the next level. so you're a young mom with kids and you think, i have mold. i don't want to wait two weeks. >> can i ask you -- it can do a lot of damage. >> absolutely. >> you just swab where it looks -- i have something above my shower that looks like it might be. you just swab the one area? that's it? >> take that home. >> and we want to know tomorrow. if you have mold. >> bring it back tomorrow with your pregnancy test. or you're pregnant. i don't know. don't swab yourself. >> one would be a miracle! >> we're hoping for one line. that was a good one-liner. >> i didn't expect it from you, lou. if you have questions go to
2:48 am
>> from a knight in shining armtor to a god in egypt. >> nikolaj walder-costau. >> new adventure.
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all right. he's starred in everything from big budget hollywood films to indie dramas but these days nikolaj coster-waldau is best known for swinging his sword as the dashing knight jaime lannister on hbo's mega hit "game of thrones." >> now he joins another epic battle in a new film called "gods of egypt." in it he plays horace, the god of the air, who's left blind and gets a surprise visit from a mortal. take a look. >> you pilfered one of my follower's corpses. >> they never even got close. >> give them to me. >> not yet. >> give me my eyes. >> i have a proposition. >> you bargain with me! >> oh! >> give him the eyes. >> wow. you go after him. >> you don't need his eyes.
2:53 am
>> oh, my god. >> is that fun? it looked like it was -- >> it was fun. and it was very complicated. i don't know if you noticed, but i was significantly taller than the human. >> yeah. that's all cgi, right? you were on a green -- >> well -- it's all cgi-ish. but the thing is we were still there shooting together. brendan, who plays beck, he's my size. so we had two sets. we would shoot the same scene twice. then after they would put it together. but it was very complicated. >> when you saw it finally -- because it must be weird when you shoot a certain way and you watch it on screen. what did you think of how it all -- >> especially when i read the script the first time, the whole thing that blew my mind was that size difference. with the gods being -- i was like how are you going to do that? and what's amazing, when you see the film, two minutes into the movie you just accept that that's how -- that's the way it is. >> how it is. >> because today technology is so advanced, they're that good. you don't see it. >> it's in the budget. but it should be up on the scene.
2:54 am
talk about them? >> is that cgi or is that you? >> it's all cgi. >> is that seriously you? >> yeah. >> can we see that again? just one more time. come on. >> in slow motion, please. >> we like it. >> uh-huh. they're going to cue it up. >> no, not that. no, no. no. >> no. >> did you have to work -- >> it does look very cool, though. >> working with that eye patch, was that distracting? >> there was a couple of times actually when -- because we have -- it's an action adventure story and there are so many action sequences, fights, a lot of stuff -- i fight a lot with gerard butler, who plays the evil set. you know that thing -- hold your hands to one eye and then grab that. >> wait a minute. >> just grab it. >> cover your eye -- >> and get it. >> oh, you did it. never mind. >> you can't do that? try that. >> i told you before, just to pretend to miss it. you know the thing --
2:55 am
because you do have one eye that's dominant. cover the other eye. cover the other one. >> all right. grab my finger. couldn't do it. see, it's really, really hard. >> did you just say grab my finger? >> all right. anyway -- >> we told you you'd have fun. >> "gods of egypt" hits theaters tomorrow. >> thank you for coming. >> thanks for coming on. >> we'll be back with more in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> what just happened? >> let me grab you! (cell phone rings) where are you? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom?
2:56 am
happan cby oh yh. one bon brand.. degr mote, rea tionsense. protection to keep you moving.n. c loch mor cae pril
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s and learn w to use windex the right waytickets?
2:58 am
we're used to hearing about celebrity feuds but sometimes it gets messy when the kids are
2:59 am
>> okay or not okay? magazine says many stars have so we were asked, is it okay or not okay to bring kids into feuds? >> here's what we had to say >> this question has a one-word answer. never. >> oh, that was very concise. i say no, it's not okay. if you want to argue, argue. but ple kiea out of it. >> exactly. >> yours had fewer words. hmmm. >> you know, sometimes they sound clever when we dthemo >> we apologize. o good for you trea >>nd h a new book is out. we're so happy for her. >> and the new kids' movie "zootopia." >> how could to cover those wires in your house. >> and a '70s music lebration. >> you mean when music was good? and madeline helps you clean
3:00 am
thursday. call me at-8 >> my mission is simple tfoalstors. there's always a bull rketma mewhere, and i promise to help yofi ihe imer. welcome to "mad mone" welcome to cramerica. other people want to make fries,ca m-800-743-cnbc or t rninan, then roared higher, as people seem to forget the bad ws, think may it clgshihohty e ined 212, nasdaq advanced also. longer term if the stories change oar even better. somerom before earnings, and some from after positive interviews, so i kw what i'm talking about. recently we had five ceos come


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