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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 26, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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thursday. call me at-8 >> my mission is simple tfoalstors. there's always a bull rketma mewhere, and i promise to help yofi ihe imer. welcome to "mad mone" welcome to cramerica. other people want to make fries,ca m-800-743-cnbc or t rninan, then roared higher, as people seem to forget the bad ws, think may it clgshihohty e ined 212, nasdaq advanced also. longer term if the stories change oar even better. somerom before earnings, and some from after positive interviews, so i kw what i'm talking about. recently we had five ceos come
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narrative is exactly what i'm talking about. first up was tom faulk, ceo of kimberly-clark.r, thepa said it projected the headline number 2016 earnings of 595 to 61 i don't know -- i read the notes. i heard the prs nference call and read the analyst comments. it seems likkimberly-clark had im way, n to look at the stk wh
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mediatadeyom ttiw, aim it for a close today. the sellers -- they were jus next up, let's talk clorox. here's a similar situation. sill lth incredible margin improvement because energy costs were way down. demand was good. terrific. the news flash was bleach haha the stock immediately get obliterated, falling from 131 to 4.
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i asked what the heck is happening here? what's the deal? solobbered? d he had beaten everything he was i puzzled over a line item. uignora. and i promptly called the mp decline in clorox ridiculous. it was. memo to the idiots who sold it. the stock has gone for 124 to me 131 i'm confident it can take out that high.13 ain. he sat right here. that was by far the best quarter of any pharmaceutical company. most olerated. the fda approval rat weresoff the charts.
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merger with pfizer while under attack by house democrats. a legal loophole in the -- loweroreign judds, weigh nevertheless on track, ready close the second half. i asked if he could explain how hard the stock has been hit of late. he said baffled, hi had no explanation for the weakness whatsoever. i asked coul b >> i thought might it be proclaimed my own bafflement, too.
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didn't deserthree weeks ago we visited with the ceo in san francisco. the stock had faen the mid $50s the numbers were looking, given he was in what's known as the quiet period, where you can't quarter, he did go out to say it was a fabulous time fo salesforce a w percent, the tab lo software, he said business was is i boomling, and w ceos had been praising it all over the place.
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immediately fell another 8%. e whole thing was insane. inlt to injury, earlier a brokerag cautious on the conference call and thgr and of course the strong dollar. then last night salesforce best tech quarter for 2016. a 27% revenue growth. that's astounding. including a 38% rise in operating cash flow, to 460 cl million. take that doubters that the company makes for money. two nine-figure contracts, again, unheard of. the gross margins were off the chart. while what did have to come up? how abouthe analyst estimates
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they were taki up gigantically after the quarter, because salesforce is doing so well. it was absurd that they didn't see it coming. finally there's the palo alto story.with ceo mark mclack lynn when we were out there. it was in free fall just three weeks ago. he assured us itas sound, it kept getting hammered anyw. it's soaring all the way back to sellers' remorse.nder t further review, the reason for the decline seemed too pat. explanation is pretty darned thorough. it's up almost four points. th this went still lower. what did they sell?
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now up 14 stight points. wh my bottoline is all these are examples of fear and panic trumping -- but fortunately now the panic is receding. your first judgment may not be a judgmentt all. just the siren of worry blurring yourecision-making, and keeping you from makg some mad orida. hollis? >> caller:i ya, jim, how are you doing? i'm looking at qualcomm again. the theo maybe it's time to get in. i see they're having problems with the china's and koreans about their licensing. of those. i got a little too bullish on qualcomm, then watched the stock go down, but i think you're okay here. it's not my favorite. i like skyworks soluons
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>> calleer, firstime caller. >> okay. >> caller: i bought the avis group stock about foon >> whoa. >> caller: very positive article w in the "barr's" one stock is down 62% for the year, and approximately 50% since i bought it.verallni vestment? >> okay the car rental -- lemevedad te yesterday. it took my breath away. bad as the stock, but it raised eyebrows.on avis. how e numbe t ooke in oklahoma. brook.
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'm doing well, how about you? thank you for taking my call.k question.e n performing really wellwe o you think it'sroke bthrough its price ceing? if so, would youuye been going over ll, because it's in the it has roup is under a lot of
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all right. this is what seller' remorse look and panic trump rationality. domino's delivers pizza to use yo dorell in about 30 minutes. today alone. could the company continue to help make you some dough? > i'm getting my shopping list ready to see if super value, to you just ahead. don't miss a second of "mad money." follow assist jimcramer on twitter. send jim an e-mail, or give us a
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today was no different. clip. congratulations, best in 2016 of everything i follo than 13% tod. wowza.ig let's check in with patrick doyle, the ceo of domino's mr. doyle, congratulations on the best retairestaurant quarter of 2016 i've seen so far. appreciate it. it was pretty terrific. r ote from you andnd.vernight and certainly not e exai quarter?
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s great job, t sttantly, our store manage gng? >> this is something that eak and mcdonald also had a great quarter, has been ctpothe matters yin bers, it does, doesn't it?ugabt 're aling the momentum, 're money than ti the
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same hymnal, it drives aot of s. i'm seeing them a going this well is -- is pretty rrific. patty said, people up through greatness of america which doesn't get talked enough about.orrino-cheese -- we ordee my watch. but the truth is when there's a devi that can reach you, you will put it out, and now more money when youo these
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right?rga mall fee to the franchisees, to the stores whenever this is a technology, a digital order. the most recent additions would be the ability to order through your apple watch, and we also have sometng now fhe you can voice order off of the new amazon device in your home. we just want to be evewhere, and we're . ght was pretty amazing, we're talking about value. i know you always said, listen, it's not like we're taking share, but you hadn't taken on any price increases. people like value, >> it does. our national offer has been the same for six, seven years, two medium two-topping pizzas for $5.99, and frankly it allows us to advertise more than just
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if you're moving your price means yohave to use a lot of ertising dollars to kindprice int with consumers. they kw whno they're going to get when they come to domino's. we think it's been effective for er. it's toot numbers, too, but the pizza place where 'v around the customer, so if they want to order from a watch or order from their app, or order from mobile web.
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check one box, that they wan that meantt it is too early to know exactly how ireturns are good, the consumer feedback is good. we'll see how that plays international which also was a, biggest growth champion for 2015. why is that? we've got fabulous partners there. we just opened the 1,000th store in india. this is our first market outside the u.s. witthe largest restaurant company there today. as we see the economy come back inia faster-growing economies being lower are particularly aig
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i think prime minier modi has e keciting story. >> and i know the -c button plays out w stomach, which percentage are burger and chicken. pizza is steady. we had a terrific manager from popeye's louisiana, she admied there were some burger wars taking share. jax in the box was a severe disappointment, but pizza itself, there is some sort of r angle p shareablnature of pisa and valuable nature of pisa i think does well. but i think what you're seeing in the industry ee one of them at popeye's. she driven great rultses you see other folks doing it.
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really nailing it and those that aren't has been broader.s continues to grow a bit, and hopelly we'rshare of stomach from other folks. >> difficult, buybacks, all e things we love to see. that's patty dle. congratulations, sir, on a really fabulous quarter. >> thanks, jim. this is what you want. this is what you want out of a stock, what you want o of a pizza, too. my family is big orderers. stick with cramer. coming up, per once on the express lane to profits, b rasee
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ak a
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pu o n busome needso n o yo's toal llwn to a dollnd which point many people were worried about the company's viil over the next few years super valu became one hottest surging months of 2015 to peak at 2 la well this was looking like an
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doge. the hoe ce> fe me, special victims unit what ? is there any way it can get e mojo back? roar higher. the rebound was all about a troubled company that got its pe made a foolish acquisition of albertson's. that was rht that turned out to be disastrous. that's all supervalu sits 2012 bottom. the turn here started in july of 2012 when supervalu brought in a
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son's, and if you remember they tried to take the assets public, but the deal got pulled, because nobody wanted to -- i was going to say garbage, but i'm more of a diplomat, how about -- garbage. down to 3 billio just so you know, at albertson's would there was some glee involved. one wayne had gotten the company out of hot water, we saw in turnlad b duncan, former head of officemax ae supervalu restructurednto three segments -- a wholesal foot, the discount chain, and reg lay retail operations under the cub foods, hornback's, shop and save the progress was slow at first, by february 2014, it was clear ry dollar of sales, were improving dramatically. the same-store sales went from negative to positive, and by the end of their 2015 fiscal year,
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decent product. by the time we- 2% sales growth, solid margins, 20% earns growth.'s not what you call a best of breed, but a business from the brink of death to being in good health -- >> house of pleasure. so what sake? [ buzzer ] >> house is it got from 12 and 4 to change in ten months it started last april when they company delivered a slight
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more than 600%, ha in the stock did indeed get obra suddenly the lar symphony investors, then jana partners owned more than 1f n
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spinning off the sav-a-lbunee ti. it was trading down ou cknd october. ebruary 2016, and he is love then to ma matters worse, it reported a big miss on both th gaame-ore s
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all that super-valu basicall on january 7th, we learned tha they planned to spin off the -l, ilming s w it as a negative.ipos, actly, in januar xp ecs. e lehime -ssaesr gu down 2.6%.n ng we continue quote.
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the st we n kas long hist t a to be challenged versus the other players, w super-valu roared to m because it was a terrific turnaround story, a left for dead company that practically rose froe it gradually worked its was not to the honor roll, but to a b- thing about that concerned of .etting better,
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this particular student was veryvalu had already picked now from the back from the dead turnaround narrative seems to be over, there is no compelling reason to own the stock, except it's cheap, but cheap is not okay. kroger ain't cheap, certainly not as cheap as super-valu, but that's for a reason. kroger is a heck of a good company. wrence wants t >> caller: boo-yah, jim cramer. >> what's shakin'? >> cler: first of all, let me congratulate you on the great job you are doing. >> thaou we're out here every day doing terrific stuff. johnson & johnson. thank you for sending me the
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we've been worki pretty darn seen in a good facebook video. after we sat around and had alternates popeyes i had a drumstick. now that narral reason for the to go higher. i prefer kroger. much more money, had we seen the good, the bad and ugly. but i'll reveal the common thread. how do your stks stack up?sure your portfoo li makes the grade on "am i diversified?" and this night's edition of "the lightning round," so stick with cramer wristband to understand how much they move,... and created degree with motionsense.
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thy, and hou c theo onco o k the street"sawh awa
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ets anies in thegetsspally mcdonald's,wey's as rso on doyle, the ceo of domino's was holding the line on the bottom line -- these are allbest value wins. ingrained down to the stores we
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cr esch the frills, they want the g out at all. dustin in texas, dustin? >> boo-yah, dustin. e huge expansion going on, very sa this is a stock that got very overvalued. a lot of people did what i talk it is still too rich, but i the size, i can't relate it on would rather own shares of
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it is time. it's time for lloyd lloyd. >> buy buy buy. >> sell sell sell.
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are you ready skee-daddy? time for "the lightning round." let's start with altuni in new jersey? >> caller: mr. cramer, thank you for all your work and watching our back. i do my best. >> caller: f.u.y.? >> i think cedar fair is fabulous, i like the yield. about a 5.7 year old? i don't mean this as many diminution of how i like 6, but it cedar fair may by cheaper. >> caller: what do you think about weyerhaeuser? >> at 5% yield, home depot said that lumber is strong, no way i'm going to turn my back on wi. eddie in utah, eddie? >> caller: boo-yah from salt lake city. >> good to have you. what's going on? >> cramer, my question is about valero. going to be -- >> sell sell sell.
3:48 am
eric in connecticut? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> way too risky. huh-uh. i'm worried about the risk of the lending stream there. no. let's go to tim in connecticut. tim? >> caller: jim, thanks for having me on -- cfo -- >> oh, i missed that. what is it? >> caller: solar city? >> i ain't going to play solar city. i'm not sure i like the business model. i have been a gigantic backer of first solar, and i reiterate that i like first solar and management. they are always welcome on jim cramer's "mad money." pat in texas? >> caller: i love you, jim. >> thank you, pat. >> caller: i have a.h.s. >> susan salk, the stock is coming back.
3:49 am
charlie in virginia? >> caller: yesterday a guy asked you about duke, and you recommended american electric power, kind of touting dominion. my bad, my bad. dominion should have been in the exact same -- along with a.p., and congress ed. they're all good. can't own them all. pick one, but it is good. ladies and gentlemen, that's the conclusion of "the lightning round." the "the lightning round" is sponsored by -- i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions.
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cramerica, it's time for us to play a long overdue game of "am i diversified?" all week i've been highlighting similar stories, williams sonoma, gap stores, lionsgate. what i don't want to see you do is invest your money into one favorite stock to see it fall dramatically. you want to protect yourself across industries, even geographies. so call me or tweet me @jimcramer, tell me your top five holdings, i'll tell you if you're diversified or you need to spread the love in different sectors. this tweet says novo north is, buy you nvidia and viacom industries. the one i'm worried about, because you're going to say,
3:53 am
close, is the -- two chinese companies, bidu and netti's. i can't have that. i don't want any chinese companies. if isle give you semiis conductor, and that's good, but i want those changes and done now. we're not going to own chinese stocks. that's it, end of story. that's how i feel about fossil fuels. >> caller: good morning, jim. >> don, how are you? nike, footlocker, twitter, microsoft and t mobile. >> hmm. all right. i'm off to the racing with this particular group. footlocker and nike, i come out here and say whatever one does, the other reports.
3:54 am
and buy bristol meyers. twitter isn't doll that well, no, we don't. microsoft is in tech, too. honeywell, t-mobile, that's john ledger, he wear that is magenta thing, and nike we do like. but those changes have to be done immediately. if the market were open, i would say make them now. kim in my home state. >> caller: hey, jim cramer, from your favorite state. i'm in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. >> wrong part. you're from the winning part, not the losing part. >> caller: you've been that right, jimbo.
3:55 am
we love you here in p.a. >> they love my in the marcellus shale. >> caller: would what we do without you? >> wow. will you tell the wife? she's mad at making some comment about how she's frugal this morning. what's up? >> caller: we've got five stocks here for you. honeywell, home depot, waste management, ford, and coca-cola. we want to know in we're diversified. >> that's what you're going to find out, keystone state-er. home depot, to frank blake, what a number. ford 6%, call it 6.5% with the special dividend. honeywell, i like what he's doing. coca-cola, 3% yield, and a return in the domestic. wow, we have let's call it
3:56 am
waste, retail, we've got auto and we have manufacturing. we have perfection, as can only be expected from the keystone state. "mad money" is back after the break. my son and i used to watch the red carpet shows on tv now, i'm walking them. life is unpredictable one thing i need to be predictable is to be flake free. because i have used head and shoulders for 20 years. used regularly, it removes up to 100% of flakes keeping you protected every week, every month, every year you ready ma? always life is unpredictable, so embrace it!
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odd numbers after the bell, yes, absolutely palo alto was terrific, but universal display kind of shocked me. i am disappointed that monster benches did not deliver a better number. they have switched over distribution systems to coca-cola germany. i thought that would spur sales. over all-the market strong today. i'll just put it out there -- oil was good. i always like to say there's i promise to find it for you.
4:00 am
i will see you tomorrow. i would also like to take this moment to publicly support ke$ha. >> though many have now come forward for ke$ha in her case against dr. luke, adele is the first to say it out loud. i'm billy bush. on the long list of superstars that have actually worked with dr. luke, we'll tell you who's sharing and who who has remained silent. >> i'm 100% certain. >> the hotel gets its turn in the erin andrews peeping tom case, as does erin's psychotherapist. is the actual video now being shown to the jury? >> here's the real story. >> and it turns out snooki's got a perfectly good and believable explanation for her wobbly appearance on "cocktails with khloe." >> i was wasted. >> lights, camera, access. adele throws her support behind ke$ha.


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