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tv   WSLS 10 at 11  NBC  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:10pm EST

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an officer involved shooting in roanoke county, at one of the busiest intersections in the roanoke valley. we'll have a report from the scene. and.. a community comes together to dig through the devastation left behind from an e-f-3 tornado that tore through central virginia. good evening, and thanks for joining us for wsls 10 at eleven. i'm john carlin. and i'm lindsey ward. we are following breaking news tonight out of roanoke county. where police are investigating an officer involved shooting. it happened around 7:15.. near the walgreens off brambleton avenue and electric road. that's where our very own duke carter is tonight. duke -- what are police saying about this incident? this is still an active scene here at the walgreens on brambleton ave and electric road. we have been told roanoke county police are still conducting their
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very limited details right now but they say they got a call around 7:15 and say they saw a black man with a bandanna and a hoodie waving a gun near the walgreens parking lot. when officers arrived they say there was a shooting that took place and the suspect was taken to the roanoke memorial hospital. can not say if the unidentified man has died or how many shots has been fired. amy whittaker/roan oke county pio :00-08 the call was from a person calling into 9-1-1 and said they saw an individual in the parking lot with a gun." thomas gill/witness :09 "i saw his gun in his right hand he was waving at cars he turned
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me but i took a left and called 911." police don't know how many shots have been. we have been told by county police spokes person no officers have been injured. no word on when the roadblock will be cleared. live in roanoke county dc wsls ten we will continue to follow this developing story and bring you the latest information as it becomes available. when we're not on the air make sure to head over to our website .. wsls dot com day two of scouring through the rubble and debris..
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as families -- with help from a cast of hundreds begin to dig out... the stories are emerging of how people rode out the storm -- and how one family is coping with a heavy heart. nats of storm after the piercing sounds of a tornado touching down ... nats of chainsaw the hum of chainsaws echos through evergreen. nats of chainsaw lucille jennings / evergreen resident: "it looks like there has been a war." 80-year-old lucille jennings says seeing these national guard soldiers show up at her door step was a blessing. she survived the storm, and so did her trailer ... but it took a beating from downed trees she couldn't move on her own. spl. alvarez / va national guard: "we came across a house that had a very large tree sitting on top of it we've been out here the past hour hacking on it." lucille: "just as nice as they can be. they are sweethearts." overwhelming community support is the thread holding families in appomattox together. inlcuding that of tornado victim keith harris. macauther harris says ... he wants his brother to be
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:52-1:00 macauther harris / brother: "keith was a good brother. he always tried to help provide for his family and the rest of the other family's too." meanwhile ... an appomattox woman says her son escaped death ... and she owes his life to a painter. chris wright was working in the home's basement... when he says the child ran down the stairs. that's when wright told him to get inside the closet... because the storm was picking up. 1:16-1:25 chris wright / survived tornado: "right before we slammed the door, everything was black because the power was out and then it got light again and that's when the house lifted up on that end. and you could just feel the woosh." thankfully .. they survived inside. outside ... the work has just begun ... spl. alvarez: "it's why i joined... to come out here and help people." but this community is in good hands. storm team 10 chief meteorologist jeff haniewich was in evergreen today where he got a first hand look of the devastation. he joins us now jeff -- after tracking this storm for hours wednesday what
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communities across the country during disasters is now helping the people in evergreen. this morning... members of god's pit crew delivered several pallets of water... gatorade... and blessing buckets. the buckets are packed full of essentials like toiletries and non-perishable food items. members of god's pit crew were in evergreen yesterday -- working to figure out how they could best use their resources to help out. volunteers say it's bittersweet seeing these locally-donated resources stay here in the area. john cline/operation s manager "it's fantastic to be able to give back to the community and to everybody that donates and loves god's pit crew, but it's also sad that it happened here in our own back yard." supplies have also been sent to tapahanock. volunteers plan to stay there four-to-five days to help with clean-up efforts. the tornado is also having an impact on super tuesday. due to the damage at central baptist church .. the voting location for the "chap precinct" will be moved to friendship baptist church. any tornado victim who still needs a photo i-d can get a
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office. in other parts of the commonwealth... people are reliving the horrific moments when the storm hit. security cameras at an auto parts store in waverly caught the deadly tornado on video. clarence bain, jr., lives in waverly"i saw this big cloud and all of a sudden it got dark, then when the wind got up i saw the roof coming off the top of the buildings." the e-f-1 tornado claimed the lives of three people ... including a two- year-old boy. clarence bain junior... who lives in the small town... immediately started searching for people after the storm hit. clarence bain, jr., lives in waverly - "i fell in the woods, and when i got up and i looked right there and both the bodies were sitting over there and i called for help." bain found 50- year-old larry turner and 26- year-old devine stringfield. he says...about 10 minutes later.. someone else found the two- year-old. the toddler's 30-year-old mother was seriously hurt. seven other people suffered
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dozens come together tonight to remember the lives lost in a mass shooting in kansas. three people are dead and 14 hurt after police say cedric ford opened fire at his workplace. police say ford shot two people... stole a car and drove to the excel industries plant where he continued shooting. ford was served with a protective order filed by his girlfriend hours before the shooting. ford was killed during a shootout with officers. sheriff t. walton - / harvey county kansas "this man was not going to stop shooting.. the only reason he stopped shooting was because that officer shot the shooter." meanwhile police have arrested and charged sarah hopkins with supplying cedric -- a convicted felon -- with an assault rifle and pistol. new at eleven... governor terry mcauliffe signs gun compromise legislation ... enacting stronger gun laws across the commonwealth. the bills will expand concealed carry agreements with states across the country... require people under protective
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require state police presence at gun shows for voluntary background checks. governor terry mcauliffe the debate on gun safety has had sharp edges that has kept all of us apart for so many years, but we braved those sharp edges together this year, and we can be proud of the accomplishment s. i look forward to building upon the progress that we are making here today despite heavy criticism... the governor says he made his decision to sign the bills based on safety and not politics. an accident is under investigation tonight in lynchburg. police say the driver of a moped was hit after he failed to stop at a red light. it happened around 3:30 this afternoon at the intersection of 12-th and church street. 25-year-old warren grooms junior was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. meanwhile police across the roanoke valley are cracking down on those who run red lights. police have stepped up patrols in an effort to raise awareness and prevent people


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