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tv   WSLS 10 at 6 Weekend  NBC  February 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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60s. temperatures will reach the upper 60s for southside. it will be breezy with gusts to 25mph at times. monday night: mostly clear. lows in the mid to upper 30s. now at six ... calling on a higher power ... how churchgoers in appomattox are coping with this week's devastating tornado. chief steve hudson / prince william co. police dept. - "she clearly had a passion to serve others in a way that went beyond herself." a virginia community mourns the loss of one of its finest ... how police in prince william county are remembering one of their fallen officers. and... campaign takeover in southwest virginia ... republican presidential candidate marco rubio pays a
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good evening, and thanks for joining us for wsls 10 at six. i'm brie jackson. the race for the white house heats up as presidential candidates make last minute campaign stope before super tuesday. republican hopeful marco rubio is making his rounds in the commonwealth today and is speaking at roanoke college tonight. wsls 10's ananda rochita is live in salem. ananda how is the crowd looking so far? people are starting to line up to see senator marco rubio speak tonight at roanoke college. there's a big push for candidates ahead of super tuesday ... in fact donald trump will be in radford tomorrow. rubio's campaign team listed support from virginia leaders this week on his website. some from our area include danville city council member lee vogler and former chair for roanoke county gop ed lynch. rubio was at a rally in the richmond area a few hours ago and there he talked about the country needing a strong conservative movement. he also didn't hesitate to talk about
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roanoke college a few minutes ago to hear about why they wanted to come out to listen to rubio tonight. claire feeney/senior "i've never seen a live presidential candidate so definitely different from the television. i'm interesting in hearing what he has to say definitely about climate change and i'm a big planet earth fan. that'll be interesting. just to see him is really great for roanoke college." doors will open at 7:30 and the event will start at 8:30. we'll have more on what he says tonight at 11. in salem ananda rochita wsls 10. rubio's fellow g-o-p candidate donald trump will visit the new river valley. trump is expected to speak at radford university on monday. according to the candidate's website ... he will speak at noon. trump's campaign stop will happen the day before virginia's
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on the other side of the spectrum ... state lawmakers are campaigning for hillary clinton. governor terry mcauliffe ... senator tim kaine and a handful of others visited churches today to show their support for the democratic frontrunner. members of the group are also hosting phone banks ... canvases and organizing events for clinton ahead of super tuesday. some events took place in charlottesville ... hampton roads and norfolk today. a virginia community is mourning... after a police officer was shot and killed saturday. 28 year old ashley guin-don along with two other officers were shot while responding to a domestic dispute in prince william county. police say 32 year old ronald hamilton opened fire on the officers after allegedly killing his wife. guindon was killed just one day after being sworn in to the police department. her co-workers say she was passionate about her job. chief steve hudson / prince william co. police dept. - "she felt like she still wanted to do this job. she couldn't get it out of her blood. it was something she thought she could
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the other two officers are expected to recover-- one is in critical condition. hamilton was a member of the army who worked in the pentagon. he's charged with capital and first degree murder as well as malicious wounding. hamilton will be arraigned monday. cleanup efforts continue in appomattox county after an e-f-3 tornado ripped through the area. while many people are still trying to process the evergreen church service is providing hope. wsls ten's duke carter reports. nats of people singing people are already worshiping inside evergreen baptist church. nats full this is the first sunday after the tornado damaged hundreds of structures in the area. nats "the house was off my head, it was gone it was uprooted," before the pastor spoke... ....sharanda totty shared her story of what she expereinced during the storm. sharanda totty/storm survivor "stuff was flying everywhere, chandelier dismantled, washer and dryer flying," she says before the tornado hit
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underneath a mattress. totty says she doesn't know how she survived except for.... totty "god clearly saved me, you let me keep my daughter, but you saved us, clearly there is a reason why i'm still here," nats "why in the world do we look to the government and look to other things when jesus has what we need," chris king is the senior pastor at evergreen baptist church. he shared his reaction considering his church is the only one in the area that wasn't damaged during the tornado. chris king/senior pastor "definitely an overwhelming devastation to this community totally unexpected" during the sermon --- king spoke about how people should learn to not always be in lives. king offered words of encouragement. and says it's best to rely on a higher power especially after a natural disaster. king "we serve a god who is in control of all of these dynamics and yet he cares enough for us and loves us enough to desire to come through to our aid," king says he just wants the community to
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come together to help those who may be in need. something volunteers who attened service say they plan to do --- assist those who need help. rodney callahan/volunt eer "just the love of christ, and helping out everybody and helping out your brother," so that they can eventually rebuild and get back on their feet. in appomattox county duke carter wsls ten. liberty university students are lending a helping hand to help with disaster relief. about 25 students are helping to either cleanup debris or count the number of tarps on homes. some are even helping emergency crews assess the needs in the community. volunteers saythis is the students way to help the community try to bounce back from the storm. the thing that i appreciate about this team as of yesterday and today is their humbleness to come out they're not out here instagraming and spending time on social media yelling to everyone about they're out here they're out here humbly serving," the student leader says they will continue to come back until wednesday. he says about 150 to 200 students
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the red cross is teaming up with other organizations to assist those impacted by the storm. the groups opened a multi agency resource center today in appomattox. it's located at the appomattox community center. the resource center is also open monday from noon to 7 p-m. the red cross has served over nine thousand snacks and meals to virginians since the tornado hit wednesday. a former fire chief of bath county is receiving recognition statewide. chief woody henderson was named virginia fire chief of the year. henderson used to be the chief of fort lewis volunteer fire department. he's now retired. henderson received the award at the fire chief conference at virginia beach saturday. it's the start of a new era at hotel roanoke. the star city's oldest hotel is officially part of hilton's curio collection. the collection is a set of upscale and luxurious hotels which are hand picked for their distinctive
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are 22 curio hotels worldwide. hotel roanoke is the first in the commonwealth. the virginia in lynchburg will also become part of the curio collection. today's beautiful weather got many in the mood to head outdoors or to the lake. crowds stopped by the 42nd annual boat show. thousands of people came out to see the latest outdoor equipment for the water. local watersports dealers were there showing the latest technology with more than 250 boats on display. going on now for more than four decades, this is one of the longest running consumer shows held in the star city. organizers say the event not only helps locally family run businesses and those looking to buy - it's become a beloved tradition. people come and go with technology but we still have second and third generational families here in the dealership. buying locally is not only good for the local economy but for the community." the event wrapped up today at 5 pm.
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event and will be matched by the south-west virginia boat dealer's association. that money will go to god's pit crew to benefit the victims of the recent tornado. still ahead -- apple continues to make headlines for its debate with the f-b-i ... how the phone encryption debate can impact you ... coming up in a wsls 10 consumer watch. and don't forget when you see news happening, i want to hear from you. send me an e-mail to b-jackson-at- wsls-dot-com. or you can message me on facebook .. at "brie jackson."
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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apple filed it's formal legal arguments in a battle with the f-b-i over iphone encryption. the debate is heating up... and the final decision may end up in the hands of lawmakers. wsls 10's
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encryption might sound like a complicated process, but many of us use the technology every day. security features on mobile devices protect our messages, photos and personal information from getting into the wrong hands. sot: darren oved, attorney "presently there's a court order directing apple to create a software that disables certain security features in the phone" the software would allow the f-b-i to attempt to retrieve data from a phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. apple has refused to comply, saying that the order goes far beyond a single investigation. sot: darren oved, attorney "this could affect the security and the encryption technology on phones that most of us carry today" apple c-e-o tim cook said in a letter that developing a "back door" could put all i- phone users at risk... and set a precedent threatening civil liberties. several recent polls indicate the public siding with the government.... but one by reuters indicated support for apple... and denying government access to phone and internet communications. .. even in the
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sot: darren oved, attorney "i think it represents an overall concern that people don't want the government intruding into their private lives" some argue the issue should be decided by non- elected authorities and private companies... but, rather the american people. sot: darren oved, attorney "and the way you do that is by having congress the representatives enact a law to deal with this directly" two lawmakers announced they plan to introduce a bill to form a commission next week to help address digital security issues. erin brookshier, wsls 10. the amount of cyberattacks on the i-r-s may have been larger than reported. a new government review found hackers potentially accessed more than 720 thousand taxpayer data. that's about 390 thousand more than initially reported. the i-r-s first reported the attack in may 2015. the agency says it will send mailings to affected taxpayers starting monday. the happiest place on earth may take a hit on your wallet. disney's properties in both
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releasing their seasonal prices for single day tickets. the changes will let visitors look at a calendar in advance to see which days are value ... regular or peak. value days in florida will cost 105 dollars ... regular days will increase by five bucks and peak days will cost 124 dollars. in california ... value days will cost 95 dollars ... regular tickets 105 dollars and peak days 119 dollars. officials say annual pass prices will not change but multi day ticket prices will increase. you can make a difference by giving blood. wsls 10 is teaming up with the red cross for the 10 cares blood drive. it's monday march 9th at the american red cross donor center in downtown roanoke. the drive runs from noon to five p.m. center in the square is offering 50 percent discount to blood donors. donors can get half off admission toward the science museum of western virginia ... roanoke pinball museum ...
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american culture and the history museum of western virginia. so make sure to come out and donate! coming up on wsls 10 at 6... alan will have another check of your storm team ten forecast... that's coming up in just a few
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you're looking at a live look of from our tower cam tonight: increasing clouds late. not as chilly with lows in the low to mid 40s. monday: a weak cold front brings a slight chance for a morning shower, otherwise a mix of clouds and
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60s. temperatures will reach the upper 60s for southside. it will be breezy with gusts to 25mph at times. monday night: mostly clear. lows in the mid to upper 30s. tuesday: a combination of sunshine and clouds. still mild with a high of 64. wednesday: a cold front brings showers with mountain snow showers behind it. temperatures will fall from the 50s early to the 40s by the afternoon. thursday: partly sunny with highs below normal in the mid 40s.
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pressure passes by to our south. enough cold air may be in place to see a period of wet snow thursday night into friday morning. this won't be a big storm, but it could bring a slushy accumulation in parts of the area. stay tuned. saturday: we clear out with sunshine and temperatures below normal. the high 49. sunday: seasonably comfortable with highs in the mid 50s with sun and clouds. weather closed captioning to college hoops the odac
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the highights from the civic center..
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the second sprint cup race of the season.. this one in hot-lanta.. the folds of honor quiktrip 500. kyle bushc on the pole but after failing post qualifying inspection he starts from the back. -with 41 laps to go.. leader kevin harvick pits under green and jimmie johnson takes the lead. -and johnson appears to have it in the bag when ryan newman blows a tire bringing out the second caution of the day. -johnson ahead of bucsh on the restart.. and the 48 car is able hold him off. -there is a wreck on the front and gets the win in atlanta. it's championship sunday in the odac tournament. both the lynchburg men's and women's teams fighting for a conference title at the salem civic center.
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guilford. in the first half.. hornet's caroline naumann banks it in for 2 of her game high 15 points. -more from underneath.. this time it's chaney forbush with the layup. -lynchburg trailing in the first half.. charmaine hairston goes in the lane and cuts the lead to 1. -guilford keeping it close.. essence abraham drains the 3-ponter. -but lunchburg just heating up.. forbush again in the paint picks up the bucket and the foul as lynchburg wins the odac women's championship 62- 55. the lynchburg men taking on randolph-macon. -hornet's daniel rowe buries the 3 from the corner early in this one. -alex graves on the fast break.. caps it off with the easy layup. -lynchburgs defense putting on the pressure.. zach burnett on the steal and brings home with the layin... and this one went to overtime and lynchburg is
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conference champions. virginia's dominance on their home court was evident yet again yesterday as the #3 cavaliers hosted #7 north carolina. uva hasn't dropped a home game since january 31st of last year. they're a perfect 14-0 at john paul jones arena this year.. but were put to the test hosting the acc's top team .. the tar heels. acc player of the year candidate malcolm brogdon had a team high 26 points and also added 6 rebounds.. 3 assists.. and 2 steals as the 'hoos beat unc 79-74. verbatim virginia travels to take on clemson on tuesday.
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virginia tech's men's basketball team only has 3 games left in the regular season. the hokies are in winston-salem to take on wake forest. the demon deacons are second to last in conference standings.. with just 2 wins in acc play... tip off is tonight at 6:30. to news and notes... --- wins the honda classic. -pittsburgh beats #15 ranked duke 76-62. -and golden state's steph curry breaks more records last night.. most 3's in a game.. and most 3's in a season. and let's remember.. there are plenty more games on the warriors schedule. speaking of steph curry.. he had another incredible game against oklahoma city last night. in an overtime battle and just a few seconds on the clock.. curry launches the is good! he drains the game-winner to beat the thunder.
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n-b-c nightly news is next. we'll see you back here at eleven. on this sunday night, trump slammed. the frontrunner drawing fire from fellow republicans and democrats tonight for refusing to condemn the former leader of the ku klux klan. and bernie sanders looks for a path forward after hillary clinton's south carolina landslide. fallen hero.
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on the job just one day after she's sworn in. tonight, the small town police department in mourning. young guns. the intense debate in one state that would allow the smallest hands to put their fingers on a trigger. the snack craze a lot of people are chewing on. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: decision 2016. this is nbc "nightly news" with kate snow reporting tonight from austin, texas. good evening from austin, texas. just over 36 hours until polls open here and across 11 other states. it is shaping up to be a pivotal night for so many campaigns. the republican race took on a mean edge today. ted cruz and marco rubio attacking donald trump over everything from his taxes, to his business connections and foreign policy.


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