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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 430 a.m.  ABC  February 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the high country to make it feel below zero at boone. those numbers are going down much more tonight. windchill advisories in the high country through this evening as we'll be looking at dangerous chills. during the daylight hours today, it will be beautiful sunny out there and barely any cloud cover. a few degrees cooler than yesterday. as the wind kicks up, i'll show you how it will feel out there with the windchill. stephanie? as you head out the door, you'll want to bundle up. >> if you have a furnace that's older, make sure it's working properly because this cold temp could continue through the week. last night, some went to bed without any heat. heating and cooling experts are getting more and more calls about broken furnaces. >> it's expensive when people
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>> the longer this winter continues the tougher it will be on your heating system. york county breaking news, police are investigating a deadly crash. a trooper says two cars were involved both going northbound when one driver hit the other car from behind, the driver ran off the road, hit a tree and died at the scene. the other driver was okay. authorities have not released the victim's name. we are asking if alcohol or speed may have played a role in this. superintendent ann clark will hold her position through at least june 30 of next year. charlotte mecklenburg school board members decided to extend clark's contract. some members said they needed a full year to search for a replacement. dozens of parents also attended the meeting. one woman praised the decision saying it's vital to take the time to find the right fit. >> i believe she has led, has served, and leaves enough strength in her legacy to leave
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finding someone to come in, but we need time. this is not the time with so many other challenges before us. coming up at 5:00 on daybreak, "eyewitness news" reporter joe bruno explains the other major reason school board members made the decision to extend clark's contract. while you were sleeping, donald trump and bernie sanders claimed victory in the nation's first primary in new hampshire. cnn political analysts pointed to five big take aways from this historic knight night. first, they say donald trump should now be considered a serious contender. people who are ready for a long race, and strategists say bernie sanders is gaining is up for the from the younger voters. that means clinton needs to work on getting support from young voters and surprisingly, they say women as well. john kasich's campaign has been given new life.
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mark coe rubio's fifth place at this point was simply put, a bad night. the attention turns to south carolina. the republican primary is february 20th. the democratic primary is february 27th. tomorrow, some of the gop presidential candidates will attend a forum. ahead at 5:00, we'll hear from new hampshire's big winners and what they say was responsible for their success. it's up to the u.s. supreme court to stop an order to redraw congressional districts by the end of next week. yesterday, the federal court refused a request to delay a lower court ruling, ordering lawmakers to redraw district 12 boundaries ahead of next week's primaries. some ruled it was unfairly drawn based on race including charlotte and greensboro. the state says lines cannot be redrawn because primary voting
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count on channel 9 to let you know if the supreme court takes up that case. happening today, vice president joe biden will be in north carolina to discuss his new cancer initiative with duke university scientists and leaders. during his state of the union address, president obama called on finding a cure for cancer about i increasing funding to national institutes of health. quarterback cam newton promises to get the panthers back in the super bowl. channel 9 was there as players cleaned out their lockers. cam did face a lot of criticism for walking out of the post conference. he admitted that he can be a sore loser. >> at the end of the day, when you invest so much time and sacrifice so much and things
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emotions take over. >> panthers' head coach says he was not to blame for that press conference. overnight, checking in with police and they told us they have not arrested a man who robbed a student at knife point on a college campus yesterday morning right at the edge of the north east parking lot at central piedmont community college. the student appeared to be cut but was not seriously hurt. police say the robber ran away. school officials say they will wait until this investigation is over to decide if they will make any changes to security. a 13-year-old virginia girl's body who was found in south carolina's family is talking to dr. phil about the college student charged with killing her. >> we have no idea who they are talking to. this all could have been prevented. >> reporter: she vanished january 27th. her body was found four days later in suri county.
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charged in the case. today on dr. phil, lubbel's father talks about what they did to tray to protect nicole. >> her mug shot looks like she has a scar going down her face. same pretty sure that would -- i'm pretty sure that would have been my daughter trying to fight back. >> you can catch that show today at 4:00 right here on wsoc. families forced to spend the night without any heat. the latest on google's construction project in charlotte ended up leaving the families in the cold. >> we're continuing to uncover new information about why the construction company walked off the independence boulevard and why the project at 4:45. the financial troubles that we found in a new lawsuit against revere construction. >> a warning for parents as you prepare to send your child off to school today. >> we do everything we can do to disinfect the school.
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the illness spreading quickly
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geico for your boat. see how much you could save. how much you could save. 4:40 right now. parents, listen up. before you send your child to school, check their temperature. >> administrators at schools are saying if your child is
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don't send them to school today. the health department was notified after several students got sick but would not say how many. they started cleaning desks, doorknobs and other items twice a day. parents are also taking extra precautions. >> i definitely told her please remember to use your antibacterial stuff before lunch and snacks. >> the health department is giving the school guidance from the cdc and the state to contain the illness. the school says it also sent letters to parents. caldwell county superintendent sent dates for students to pick up the dates missed after the months of snowstorms and ice storms. they make them up february 19th and march 24th. how smart are people living in the carolinas? a new study has come up with a list of the smartest cities.
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consider and the big driver for economic success.
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i'll show you the futurecast i'll show you the futur good morning to you. giving you a live picture this morning from our speedway cam. the 30s. as you can see on your screen, we're in the 20s.
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we're talking about the teens for tomorrow. that full forecast from meteorologist keith monday and severe weather 9 here on daybreak. this morning, we're finally getting answers to what may have caused severe construction to pull out of the widening project. >> the company that insured the project is now suing devere. they are responsible for now hiring a new company to finish the job on independence. liberty mutual says devere admitted to having financial difficulties and inability to pay bills. liberty mutual says days before walking off the job, devere wrote saying "good luck finishing this work." they have not responded to our request for any comment. our investigation into devere construction continues online at look for your updates on the
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this morning, we're asking whether a handgun found last night at a school was loaded. montez smallwood was charged with possession of a handgun by a minor. the gun was found after school hours yesterday, and parents were notified. no one was hurt. channel 9 has learned the fbi will step in to help investigate the shooting death of the oak borough police chief's niece amy friday at her house. her official cause of death is still under investigation. the sheriff won't say if he thinks someone killed her or if he thinks it was a suicide. the family told us there's no way it was suicide. >> amy was the most kindhearted, loving individual. everybody's just in shock. it hasn't set in yet. >> no one has been charged in the death.
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town's former chief of police. they have two children. new this morning, more welfare recipients in north carolina are being tested for illegal drugs before getting their benefits. the law was passed in 2013, but it's just beginning to happen across the state. on tuesday, officials said only 90 tests were performed from august to september. each test costs the state $55. today, new troopers are reporting for duty. 29 are reporting across the state and there are still 160 openings to fill. troop h, which includes mecklenburg, union, gaston, cleveland and anston counties are looking for 22 new employees. we told you in february last year that the north carolina highway patrol was facing serious shortages. the department says it's made it more difficult to keep one calls and responding to accidents.
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working a lot of overtime to try to compensate. it is a cold one out there. we're sitting in the 20s right now. meteorologist keith monday told us to expect that today. he is here with our forecast with what else to expect. looking ahead, keith. >> sadly more cold as there's still a batch of cold air to the west that will keep spilling in. clouds backed up in the mountains. still light snow falling up there so travel issues will still be found in the mountains throughout the entire day today, and more importantly the windchill has become much more severe in the mountains as the day goes on. 18 salisbury and statesville. down. we may get close to the teens here in charlotte before the morning wraps up. here's how your day unfolds. we won't get back to freezing in town until about 11:00, 11:00 30 this morning. we don't get much -- 11:00,
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we don't get much above our average high this time of the year. it will be beautifully sunny, but the sunday will do nothing to warm us back up. the windchill values will be below zero in the mountains and make it feel like the 20s all day in charlotte. when the sun goes down tonight, we're going to see double digit below zero windchills in the high country. so our windchill advisory is up there tonight. as we start to get the numbers to crash tonight, we'll be in the teens by tomorrow morning. very little additional snow will fall in the mountains today. you can see a little burst here and there. 5:00 a.m., i'll show you in the futurecast how it doesn't really add up to much and how the cold is still the main story. down to 16 tomorrow morning. a few mornings in the 20s for a smidgen of a warm-up toward the weekend. as we head out the door late saturday night, get ready for valentine's day plans. the chill will really be in place. i expect teens back in place on sunday morning.
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weekend is always in view. this is a long-lasting chill. this blows away anything we've seen so far easily with temperatures hovering near 40 with the next several days as the next blast of cold air comes in on sunday putting us back in the 30s again. it's going to be a while before we see things really turn around, maybe the middle of next week. >> this is a dangerous stretch, isn't it? >> painful and dangerous. >> thanks. today, friends, family, and fellow classmates will honor three muslim students shot and killed one year ago today. >> craig hicks shot and killed three people last february. they say the three were killed over an ongoing parking dispute. a campus-wide moment of silence women be held before a memorial inside the school. the suspected shooter, craig hicks, is charged with murder and still awaiting trial. federal investigators say he made facebook posts against
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ahead at 5:00 on daybreak, a fight and death because of low gas prices? >> first, a sevennerred gas line meant a frigid night for
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10 nearly 100 families spent several hours without heat last night. >> that's going to be a cold night for them.
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contractor ruptured a gas line while selling google fiber. piedmont natural gas crews spent all night repairing the lines and service was restored. cameras were watching as they did that. one homeowner told us she was inside of her house sick when she noticed her heater wasn't working. >> i would like them to be careful. just imagine if this was your own family and you've cut the heat to their house. how would you feel? what would you want to have happen? how can you prevent this from happening again. >> last year, we told you charlotte would become the next google city? it's expected to bring extra money to the city each year. you may have to pay $6.6 million for spilling coal ash into the dan river. the department of environmental family says the fine could increase later. the 2014 disaster in eden dumped tens of thousands of tons of toxic coal ash into the river. duke already agreed to pay $102
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pleaded guilty to federal pollution fines last summer. new this morning, four local towns made the list of smartest cities in the carolinas. the job resource web site ranked marvin weddington and davidson the top three smartest in north carolina. in south carolina, t and k ranked fist. the web site looked at adults with at least a high school degree. >> interesting. not so far, a very popular place to move right now as well. remember, the site says the company considers intelligence before moving into an area. very big deal, to better assess the potential hiring pool. let's check on the roads now. many people are about to hit the roads this morning. mark taylor keeps an eye on everything for us. how's it going? >> not much happening near uptown charlotte.
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cold but no big problems once folks jump on the interstate. we have blue line construction that jumps up later this morning. >> it will get a lot worse in the next couple of days. coming up in just a few minutes at 5:00 on daybreak, "eyewitness news" reporter joe
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 superintendent ann clarks will continue to lead cms for anotherrier. the reason behind the decision and group of employees she will visit with first thing this morning. >> this morning, we wake up to temperatures ten degrees colder than this time yesterday. even bigger chill is on the way. we're checking that push of arctic air and when you can expect lows in the teens. we have team coverage of how the cold is impacting you. report angela hong is here to make sure your heat stays on as the temperatures plummet. good morning, i'm john paul. >> i'm stephanie maxwell.
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especially hard, too. in charlotte, give the kids an extra layer or two as you send them to the bus stop this morning. let's get a check on the first forecast with meteorologist keith monday in severe weather 9. >> it's going to get worse as the week goes on, i hate to say. it's going to get worse before the morning is done. we may end up federalling in the teens before the morning is finished. we're 19 in albermarle, but the windchill value is 4 below zero. some of the higher ridge tops are closer to 10 below zero. the winds will pick up through the day today and the high country. even here. those winds remain very gusty this afternoon. temps will be below freezing for the entire morning. it will be closer to midday before we see the numbers jump to the freezing point. we'll show you that time line to plan your day ahead and how long you will be needing all of these layers. stephanie?
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temperatures keith just
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