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tv   Eyewitness News Tonight  ABC  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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news, won't be dealing with a windchill as much, our coldest nights are when the winds are calm. by the time you get up in the morning, 19 in charlotte, lancaster -- 16 for lincoln and hickory. single digits in the mountains. that 19 not a record. record goes back to 1885. that was 12 degrees. high country, 15 to 20 below. you can get frost bite within 30 minutes. bundle up as much as you can. cover any exposed skin. don't forget to bring in your pets and check on the elderly before you go to bed. people are dealing with well over a foot of snow in the highest elevations. because of the snow and the dangerous cold temperatures,
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closed tomorrow. ash county will be on a three hour delay. the [ indiscernible ] district will take extra steps to prepare for the cold. alexa ashwell spoke with several people who are just bracing for tomorrow morning. >> reporter: you always want to allow a little extra time in the morning when it's going to be this c you have to get the car started. it will feel like the teens in the morning. tonight, people walked quickly throughout uptown charlotte. >> pick up my girlfriend from work. bringing her a coat. >> reporter: once the sun set, the temperature continued to drop and the wind brought the cold to another level. >> it would probably be a lot warmer if we didn't have all this wind. >> reporter: they tried to block the wind with all the layers, but it's is tough when
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>> i walk maybe a half a mile to and from work every day. >> reporter: elizabeth also walks to work and points out it's always coldest in the morning ands evening, of course when people are traveling to and from work. and when kids are going to and from school. tonight we reached out to cms the district will have normal operating procedures tomorrow, but bus drivers may come in early to start up the buses. if students get to school early, they will keep them on the bus because it's expected to be so cold in the morning. and of course these precautions are especially important for those in the mountains. remember the windchill advisory remains in effect throughout the night. reporting live in north charlotte, alexa ashwell. the cost of the cold weather can cause damage on your car and that can really add up. it drains the life of your battery.
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older, it runs a higher risk of dying. that could cost you more than $200 in the winter to replace it. the cold can impact your tire pressure, which can impact your gas mileage. the cheapest tires are sold for about $60 a piece. just warming up your car for 5 minutes can increase your fuel consumption by up to 14%. watch meteorologist keith monday's updates every 10 minutes tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 a.m. the last three hours, channel 9 learned miguel garcia is back in north carolina after he was captured in california. garcia was driverring drunk on the wrong way in february of 2000 when he hit and killed
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he's due to be in court on friday. new at 11:00, charlotte's city manager says cmpd will not renew the contract for shot spotter technology. it cost about $160,000 a year. two years ago, in a channel 9 investigation, we questioned whether shot spotter was worth the money. it was first installed in 2012 during the dnc. that was patted for with your federal tax dollars. cmpd asked for $200,000 to cover the future cost. new developments tonight in a deadly shooting that claimed the lives of two maryland sheriff's deputies. a fun man shot and killed -- gunman shot and killed one of those deputies and another was
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the sheriff got choked up. >> it is with great sadness i tell you both deputies who were shot earlier today have succumbed to their injuries. >> now the suspect who had warrants for his arrest in maryland and florida was also killed in that shoot out. no one else was hurt. new at 11:00, the u.s. department of justice filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city of ferguson, missouri accusing it of targeting black residents and centering its court system around profit. >> we intend to aggressively prosecute this case and we intend to revail. >> ferguson city council voted to improve its police department and court system. the city gained national attention after a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed teenager, michael brown, in 2014. the last 4 hours tonight,
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trying to drum up support. >> you're next. it's going to be so important. because if we can win south carolina, which is an amazing incredible place, incredible people. if we can win -- and i don't want your money. i want your vote. >> trump won the new hampshire republican primary yesterday with 35% of the vote. tomorrow some of the candidates will be in rock hill to answer your questions. only ben carson and ted cruz have definitely said they'll be there. and donald trump has not said whether he will be there. count on channel 9 to be at the forum. new tonight, we've learned tomorrow town leaders could green light a controversial development project in this mooresville neighborhood.
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retailers like costco and academy sports. 100 neighbors have signed a petitions to fight it. >> reporter: many of those neighbors plan to come here to voice their concerns. by now, many of them have seen maps like this one that outline where the retailer would go. what many tell me is what this doesn't show is the possible impact to the community. the town of mooresville is changing. here at the intersection of br atley school and talbert road -- it plans to add retailers like costco and academy sports. a map of those plans leaves space for 6 other retailers too. >> it's the infrastructure for me. we're talking about -- huntersville, even northern charlotte.
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populations of all those towns influxing on us into an area that doesn't have the infrastructure for it. >> reporter: town planning officials meet thursday to look at zoning for the area and to decide if it's time to get the green light and recommend zoning here. resident caroline underwood started a petition against those plans. with concerns like traffic, neighborhood safety and the value of her home. >> be careful where you live because your neighborhood could be next. >> reporter: in the next 24 hours, the town planning committee will offer a recommendation to the board. from there it's on to a public hearing on march 21st. dashawn brown, channel 9 eyewitness news. for the first time tonight,
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on camera about the crash he was involved in after the super bowl. >> the sitting in the side of the highway in california after the super bowl in the dead of dark going what am i doing here? >> mccrory was headed to the airport after the game. he had just put on his seat belt right before that happened. the mother of a murdered three month old broke down when she took the stand in the trial of her ex-boyfriend. jessica wallard said her daughter didn't have any bruises the morning authorities say she received a fatal blow to the head. prosecutors say the little girl died from a fractured skull and had burns and bruises on her body. >> laugh and play all the time. she didn't cry or -- >> moore's attorney said he did not hurt the child. the testimony continues tomorrow.
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will gather to pay respects to the oak borough police chief's niece after she was shot and killed. a family member found her dead inside her home on friday. the county sheriff wouldn't say if he thinks someone killed her. a visitation will be held tomorrow. a charlotte businessman pled guilty to an investment fraud scheme that scammed nearly two dozen people out of $3 million. in december, we -- lured doctors in dominican republic. he's facing more than $5 million in fines and up to 40 years in prison. a few minutes ago, i showed you the chill we'll wake up to. when we come back, i'll tell you when you expect the next winter storm to arrive.
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investigated e've invest
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investigated for months. the widespread trooper shortage in the carolinas. >> 8 new troopers reported for work today. but resources are still thin when it comes to protecting our roads. >> reporter: a few final words of advice for the 8 newest troopers before they hit the highways in charlotte and the surrounding counties and they couldn't have started at a better time. the highway patrol has been short. in december 2014, i rode along are troopers showing you then they were so shorthanded they couldn't proactively patrol for drunk drivers or texting behind the wheel, too busy moving from crash to crash. >> we are actively hiring.
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for minorities and those who have prior law enforcement experience. >> reporter: the trooper shortage has been dangerously apparent during severe weather. during an ice storm two years ago, troopers got more than 300 calls and couldn't get to them quick enough. we could be looking at wintry weather again as early as next week. these newest recruits will have to learn on the job and learn quickly. >> it's definitely worth it in the end. >> channel 9 eyewitness news. >> by now there are still about 160 open trooper positions across the state. steve tracking that winter weather that could be headed our way next week. we'll update us in a few minutes. one year after muslim
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chapel hill, family and friends are honoring the students. students, staff and the victims' parents were there. the school honored them by putting their dental coats on display. >> it's hard to describe what we do in dental school and the relationships that are created other than to call them family. >> investigators say craig hicks killed the students over an ongoing parking dispute. a deadly east charlotte shooting that we've been covering since december. 35 year old angel carlson died of gunshot wounds. police charged montes mcloren with murder and robbery in her death. they said he hearthed carlson,
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two knew each other. our two photographers who covered the super bowl are halfway home. they're spending the night at amarillo texas tonight. chief meteorologist steve is tracking the cold and trying to find good news for us. >> always trying to find the silver lining. remember all the warm weather we had in december in it's still in the record books. when you look at the winter as a whole, we are still -- on track for the 5th warmest and 10th wettest winter in charlotte history. that's not going to help you tomorrow morning. no question about that. the kids need to be wearing the hats, the gloves, the scarfs. temperatures will be in the upper teens. especially as the high schoolers and middle schoolers are waiting for the bus. our threat tracker tomorrow,
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the good news in the charlotte area. very little wind compared to the last couple of days. that will take the edge off the wind and windchill. notice wind speeds stay safely under 10 miles an hour. high country, better than the last couple of days, but a 15 to 20 mile-per-hour wind with this kind of chill will still make its presence felt. under the sunshine tomorrow, the north wind continuing to blow. tell be a little warmer, but let's face it, we should be in the mid-50s this time of year. in statesville, mid to upper 30s tomorrow afternoon. at least there won't be the biting wind. overnight lows tonight will be in the teens. chilly temperatures, lower 40s in fort mill. still 10 to 15 degrees colder than average. and up in boone, where we had incredible weather the last few days with the snow showers, windchills of 20 below tonight.
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tomorrow. highs will be in the mid-20s. still chilly, but not as bad. we're forecasting between monday morning and next tuesday, that's when we'll likely knock temperatures above freezing -- that will be about 165 straight hours of temperatures below freezing. sounds like a lot, it is. i went digging around the record books. rolling rock back in 1960 had 11 straight days, over 260 hours of below freezing weather. we're not going to go there. however our next batch of cold air arised as we move into friday. sets the stage for a pretty chilly weekend. highs about 40 on saturday. valentine's day, your valentine will appreciate a hug. temperatures will be in the 30s. that's it. and that next storm will be
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monday and on into tuesday. i just had a peek and i'm a little less concerned. this will still be cold air in place. especially charlotte points north. but charlotte points south, may start as snow, maybe a brief period of freezing rain and hopefully by monday afternoon we'll warm enough that it's just a chilly rain. but it's still too far out. >> check on the pets, the elderly. an airline is fighting a plan to transform air traffic control. the negative impact this could have on you. >> plus low gas prices are about to get even lower.
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havertys. new tonight, you can expect to save just over $300 this year thanks to plunging gas prices. the average price of gas for the full year is expected to be $1.98 a gallon. >> the population in huntersville is going up, but crime is going down. it's partly thanks to an extra
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serious crimes are down 10% since 2014. huntersville police hired a contracted employee who uses prime analyzing software to form patterns of the time and locations of certain crime. and they deploy officers using that data. south carolina farmers devastated by last year's
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as the panthers cheap out their lockers for the off season to enjoy a small break from football, the front office will be hard at work figuring out ways to improve an already deep roster. they were busy last spring signing thomas davis, cam newton and luke keuchly. now it's time to evaluate and assess the needs for the team. roster building is a year-round process. >> you can't sit here and rest in your laurels, oh, you went to the super bowl so obviously you're going to go back again.
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>> it's going to be interesting to see what they will do when it comes to re-signing josh norman. he is a free agent this season. it is possible the panthers may use the franchise tag on the defensive back. if that's the case, norman can see a salary around $13 million. the last time they used the franchise tag was in 2014. the charlotte hornets are putting together a nice winning streak before the all-star break. second quarter, hornets 4th and turn over. it's an 8-point lead for charlotte. later, it's lynn running the forty four. they scored 60 in the first half. walker continues to dominate. he weaves right around the defense for the score.
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wins 117-95. but gil crist left in the third quarter after redislocating his right shoulder. south carolina played brilliant defense all night forcing this turn over right here. 94-83 win. guard brian sullivan led the wildcats to a win. the wildcats handled the explorers. college football news, former charlotte catholic running back elijiah hood -- he hit the books hard too with a second straight year that he has made the all academic team. >> college football it right around the corner. >> exactly. >> all right. thanks.
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back at a plan to transform air at a plan to transform air we just got breaking news into our news room about a landis woman who has been charged after police say her toddler overdosed. 26 year old shannon clement faces several charges including felony child abuse by neglect. they say the child had purple lips and a white substance on her face. police found drugs and drug paraphernalia in the house. the toddler has been treated for an overdose but is expected to make a full recovery. delta airlines says the plan would risk your safety. legislation would make air
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non-profit group outside of we were just talking about how cold it is. >> we'll take the edge off the chill in the next couple of days. back into a deep freeze by the end of the weekend and we'll
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>> thanks for watching and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, sacha baron cohen, zendaya, and music from mana. with cleto and the cletones, and now, stay focused, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. it's wonderful to have you here.
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