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tv   Eyewitness News at 600  ABC  February 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the second take away is, this system is not strong enough to produce heavy amounts of precipitation. it is not going to be falling at a big rate or coming at us all monday but it is going to be just enough to provide a coating of ice on the roads and it will make travel hazardous. i don't see any big power line issues with ice weighing down on the power lines but on the roads you'll have a thin glaze of ice at least. a live early warning doppler 9, we have snow fall north of charlotte. light fall in statesville. flurries in taylorsville and karen sent us this picture in lenore. the snow is starting to stick to the ground. that is the biggest concern to the north. we're seeing a burst of precipitation across lincoln county. later on tonight is when the main event happens and this latest futurecast computer model has it freezing rain straight up
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we'll add up how much ice potential we have in a few minutes. >> we'll check back with you in a few minutes. avery county schools will be closed tomorrow, anson county, union county and stanly county schools will be on a two-hour delay. cms has not announced any changes to its schedule. cms students are supposed to be in class tomorrow as a make up day from last month's snow. we'll monitor any updates from school districts across our area. find the updates on north carolina d.o.t. crews are preparing the interstates working to make sure your morning drive is a safe one. >> eyewitness news reporter alexa ashwell learned they will work overnight to get the roads ready for the morning. alexa? >>reporter: this cold air is setting the stage for tomorrow's wintery weather. that is why local and state crews have pretreated main roads and interstates. this is a look at interstate 77
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to come. channel 9 was there this morning as nc-dot crews fired up a fleet of more than 2-dozen trucks hauling brine which help prevent the road from freezing. they use this to pretreat roads in mecklenburg county so people like dan weis can get to work safely tomorrow. >> i'll be trafg up to winston -- driving up to winston salem. hopefully it won't hinder that. >> residents are keeping a close eye on the radar, an overnight dusting of snow expected to turn into light, freezing rain could wreak havoc during the early morning commute and want to be prepared. >> make sure gas is in the suv. put the car in the garage. we won't take it out. >> d.o.t. is reminding drivers to watch out for the trucks on the road. not only has the state called in back up to pretreat roads but charlotte's department of transportation will have 32 trucks out on 12-hour shifts treating at 16 routes starting tonight.
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today they appreciate. >> it effects different businesses. it will be good and bad. another live look at interstate 77, 1 of the many interstates nc-dot pretreated today. crews have gone home. i'm told they will be back out 3:00 a.m. tomorrow for any snow or ice removal that is necessary. reporting live in north charlotte, alexa ashwell, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> thanks a lexa. people are dealing with a bitter told valentine's day rounding out the coldest week we have seen all season. >> eyewitness news reporter elsa gillis spoke with workers who will be stuck outside in the below freezing temperatures to. >> love is in the air tonight and so is a major chill but that has not stopped people from going through with the valentine's day plans. it is, of course, a big night for people to go out to dinner, the movies and be out enjoying the city. some people tell me they're planning on staying warm inside
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few extra layers before enjoying the dinner reservations. one group of people braving the cold, valet attendants. i went to dresslers restaurant that is completely booked so that means the valets have bi-busy night ahead. >> i know i'll be running around. it will get really cold. got hand warmer s. you'll get good tips. >> maybe people will try to show off for the girlfr. >> most restaurants i spoke with told me the cold weather hasn't impacted reservations but i did speak with one hostess who had cancellations from people coming from the mountains as they've already seen snow there. reporting live in plaza midwood. elsa gillis, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> people across the country are feeling the freezing temperatures and the effects from the winter storm. the national weather service says portions of tennessee could get six inches of snow, much of the northeast woke up to record
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it was minus one in new york city and minus 19 in boston. parts of vermont felt m 19-degree temperatures. in the last 20 minutes, american airlines said they're expecting a major impact at charlotte douglas tomorrow morning. airline officials have dozens of deicing trucks ready to go but they do expect delays and cancellations. >> we just checked. the majority of flights seeing delays or cancellations right now are out of new york and chicago. our team of meteorologists will be monitoring this winter storm all night and into the early morning. we will have an update on the snow and ice moving into the area tonight at 11. you can also find all of our coverage on the body of justice antonin scalia was moved to a texas funeral home this morning. he died from a heart attack yesterday. on the heels of his death, politicians in washington are already fighting over whether or not president obama should nominate his replacement. democrats say yes and the
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republicans, including north carolina senator thom tillis say the next president should make that decision. in the meantime, cases will still be heard with just eight justices on the court. >> a year, 18 months, of 4 to 4 decisions by a divided court is completely unprecedented. >> scalia served for three decades. he was 79 years old. flags across the country are flying at half staff tonight to honor scalia. this is the flag outside the u.s. supreme court. the flag on top of the white house was also lowered. north carolina governor pat mccrory ordered all u.s. and state flags to fly at half staff. scalia's passing could directly impact two north carolina cases working their way up top the supreme court. one on prayer and county commission meetings and another on redrawing congressional district lines. tomorrow, lawmakers will hold multiple public hearings including one in charlotte regarding that redistricting case.
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that district 12 is drawn based on the race of voters and is unconstitutional. earlier this week, that same panel said the march 15th primaries should not go forward until the case could be appealed. developing tonight in lincoln county, north carolina highway patrol says one person was killed after a three-car crash just five miles east of lincolnton. it happened around 8:00 last night on highway 150. troopers say lisa gurdy was driving left of the center line when she side swiped another car and hit another head on. she died on scene. one person, 1 other person, had had nonlife threatening injuries. tomorrow, a former lincolnton assistant fire chief accused of embezzling money from a fund of burned children is due in court. investigators say bill fortenberry had been stealing money for five years before he was caught last year. the burned children's fund tipped off police after it found
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account. fortenberry resigned in september. republican presidential candidate ben carson spent part of the day campaigning in fort mill. he had a speaking engagement at morning star ministries. they were in greenville last night for the final debate before next week's south carolina primary. marco rubio will be in rock hill tomorrow morning for a town hall. that will start at 8:00 a.m. at the baxter hood center. those who want to attend must rsvp. he is third in the polls in south carolina, behind donald trump and ted cruz. a suspect connected to two charlotte bank robberies including one during broad daylight in ballantyne this week is due in court today. cmpd charged lewis fight in the robbery at first citizen's bank along jon jay delaney drive. they also linked him to this robbery at bb&t bank on mallard creek road last month. police arrested fight during a
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an overnight fire in east charlotte caused $15,000 worth of damage on parsons street around 12:30. charlotte firefighters say it was an electrical fire that started in the basement and moved to a back bedroom. a couple and their dog got out safely but they're not able to stay in the home. tonight. >> i'm very shaken up and i'm very nervous but i know that god is by my side. i never had this happen to me and i hope it never happens to anybody else. >> crews had the fire out in about 25 minutes. new data obtained by the state newspaper shows last year, south carolina had the highest number of officer involved shootings since officials there first started tracking them in 1999. there were 448 cases in 2015 -- 48 cases in 2015. in 26 of those, suspects pulled guns on officers.
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45% from 2014 when only 18 officer involved shootings were reported. new at six, president obama and russian president putin spoke over the phone today about topics including syria and terrorism. reports show both leaders expressed support for the cease fire in syria. putin talked about the need to build a solid relationship with defense ministries to fight terrorism. the phone call was initiated by the united states. some drivers in the central part of york county will have to find another way around for the next several months as south carolina d.o.t. crews replace a bridge over allison creekek starting tomorrow through early september, lincoln road will be closed. drivers will be directed to use boyd and jim mccarter roads. tonight, we're hearing from a man who contracted zika virus for the first. >> i thought to myself it is
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try puffs softpack today. . out of nowhere i felt really, really, really strong headache. >> new at six, we're hearing for the first time from someone infected with the quickly spreading zika virus. >> doctors reported 20 cases in eight counties in florida creating a state health emergency. he was a medical student infected with the zika virus. he had a bad headache, rash, fever and pain behind his eyes. zika virus. >> i had no idea what it was. i just knew i was sick so i thought it might be some other kind of disease. but back then i had never heard of it. >> after four days and a visit to the doctor, he had a clean bill of health.
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charged for beating and killing a man are due in court tomorrow. investigators say these men right here killed phillip burges last july in wadz bro. they tried to rob the -- in badz bro. they tried to rob -- wadesboro. they tried to rob the strict but he fought back. all but teal and demitri and teal are expected in court. search and rescue crews in taiwan say they have stopped looking for survivors one week after a deadly earthquake. 116 people were killed in the 6.4 magnitude quake which made a high rise apartment complex collapse. three former executives of the company that built the apartments were arrested tuesday and face charges of profesesonal negligence resulting in death. right now we're tracking a mix of snow and freezing rain moving into charlotte in just a few hours. >> meteorologist john ahrens is
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morning. john? >> in the more computer model we're looking at it is more indicative that this will be a freezing rain event and will be coming down heavily. most of this precipitation will be falling in a light manner. it will be enough to add for a big time problem on the roads. there will be a glazing of ice on the roads in the morning time and through the afternoon as well. out ahead of the system, a few snow showers have broken through. it has been mainly flurries app cross cornelius and in huntersville. it is starting to stick a little bit in statesville direction. actually more down 64 into taylorsville and stoney point through bethlehem and lenore is where we see the light snow. it starts to pick up through the high country. it is these areas specifically north of charlotte in the next few hours. i'm concerned about and duel data showing it is more snow here from the precipitation. with the temperatures the way they are, way below freezing.
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27 in salisbury. anything will freeze on the roads. so you're taking your loved one out for dinner tonight. take it easy. consider cooking indoors because, you know, the roads will be tricky out this way before the storm really gets going. 28 right now in charlotte. that storm gets going after midnight tonight and this is what has been interesting, i've noticed the past couple of computer model runs. it doesn't bring snow here at august we'll look for the trend. it is certainly going to be a freezing rain deal. have. it will be coming at us in waves through the morning time into lunch time and will be enough to provide that coating of ice. take it easy out here. with the rate that this precipitation is falling, i power outages go. just a huge danger on the roads. all the way in the mrng time into the early afternoon -- orning time into the early afternoon. by 5 or 6:00 it changes to all rain and washes the problems away. threat tracker is ice. stay on top of this.
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the weather app on facebook and twitter as well. i want to break down neighborhood by neighborhood ice accumulation. we'll start to the north. snow fall will add up here towards the high country but even here, the snow totals are a lot less. ice, a 10th of an inch. that is huge. travel up north over charlotte. statesville, troutville. over across lincolnton. you're talking about an inch of snow but here, even a 10th of an inch of ice. down across the charlotte area 44/100ths of an inch is significant. won't see much snow at all a cruise charlotte and south of the border in lancaster, no snow period. a freezing rain advisory in effect for lancaster and chesterfield with at least a 10th of an inch of ice. the highest travel danger we'll see is in the morning time. the roads will be icy through lunch, they'll slowly change to rain after that. here is your five-day forecast.
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don't want to forget. that there will be heavy rains early tuesday for the morning drive by that point. in the meantime it will be very icy tomorrow morning. >> take it easy on the roads, give yourself time to get to work. >> a lot of people want to see the snow fall. it won't be a big snow lovers paradise. it is a lot of ice. historic run in qualifying byhey, guys, it's, if you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways
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every . he may not be old enough to get into a bar but is old enough to drive and drive really, really fast. chase elliott made history as the youngest driver to win the
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last year it was jeff gordon taking the pole. this time it was ricky elliott be making it back-to-back years on the pole for the motor car. elliott had the top speed 196.314 miles an hour to be exact. chase and his father, bill, are the fourth father/son combo to win the daytona 500 pole. >> i'm so thankful for this opportunity. opportunities don't come twice and i want to make the most of this one. it is a special, cool way to start the 2016 season. this entire team did a great job on the car. we would love to have it to race on sunday. it is fast. >> how did the rest of the feel look? penske who had the fastest time in practice will start in 12th speed with speeds over 194 miles an hour. two stewart drivers will have to
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they were disqualified after failing post daytona inspections. the track bars were off by a quarter of an inch. truax failed to attempt issue. they finished second to elliott. it is kenseth's first career front row start in daytona. >> this is the first time. you want to be in the front row. just a big thanks to everybody at jjr. they're a huge part of this. everybody at toyota and drt making these so fast. it has been a turbulent couple of weeks away from chapel hill. the tar heels 3 game road trip began with back-to-back losses in louisville and notre dame follow will williams collapsing in a huddle thanks to vertigo. all things appear to be back to
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student section as feisty as ever. i'm sure the team fed off the crowd. tar heels lead by six with under nine to play. kennedy meeks with the block. the heads up play to justin jackson who hits jackson. heels led by 13 at the break. second half it is a 13-0 run by carolina sealing the win. it is page dialing it up from long distance, carolina in cruise control. 85-64. that is a nice tune up before battling duke on wednesday night. >> thanks! >> wintery mix. >> it is starting to add up on highway 321. overnight tonight is when the greatest danger will occur.
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we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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the new justice could shape the supreme court for a generation. southern brawl. the fiery republican debate in south carolina, the next primary state. the rowdiest, loudest, and angriest yet. >> the world trade center came down during your brother's reign. remember that. arctic express. the bitter blast of sub-freezing cold. bone-chilling and dangerous. the whiteouts. the accidents. and the new winter storm on the move. 100 million people in the way. and, deadly stunt? the zooming car. then the fiery accident, killing three young women. did a new social media trend, an app that clocks your speed, encourage the young driver to go too fast? good evening. sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with the developing news after the sudden death of supreme court justice antonin scalia.


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