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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  February 15, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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weekend long and michelle has everything grammy. >> taylor is going to be amazing with the opening. if you go to the bathroom, pause it. make sure you watch every moment. >> you heard it straight from the host. taylor is going to flip. >> just as l.l. was warming up, social media was blowing up over where's nicky? >> it's the grammys with superstars. >> the promotes may tout her but the best rap album actually won't be performing. maybe next year will make more sense in terms of timing. >> i can tell you she hasn't rehearsed with us, but if she shows up surprises us, we'll see. >> we hope she's there in the audience because we love h and we know she loves show. >> here at clive davis'sparty, it was definitely date night and
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john legend and christy teagan who gushed about little girl who's on the way. >> we're sunprepared, but with in the best way, i don't want to know too much, just want it to happen. she's going to come out either way. i just want her healthy. >> and blake and gwen pile on the pdas. >> just last week, barry was to the hospital. >> he really revived extremely well. he said he wouldn't miss this for the world. >> grammy nominee justin bieber was also out party he also did a surprise performance brought valentinue lenentine roses for all the ladies. >> sam hunt has a big fan in carrie underwood and tonight
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>> and gaga's some new ink the to honor her hero. >> lady gaga has something spectacular and special? yeah, we had already booked gaga to do the s before david bowie passed away, but when he died, it was like we were of a single mind. we talked the next and said i think i really need to do something for david bowewie and i said that's why i'm calling. >> and lionel ritchie was celebrated as the musician of the year. >> this amazing. >> this is fantastic. >> and it has my name on about that? >> how about that? i dream >>rihanna's soulful rendition of "say you say me" was just one
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tribute concert. rihanna rocked one of ritchie's hits from the '80s. and once twice three times a lady >> how long have you guys been friends? >> since we were kids. >> i it. >> stevie thrilled the person of the year award, honored ritchie as not only a genius, but also the music of the ye award. >> lionel ritchie puts you i a place where you can remember what car you were in, what street you driving, what you were wearing and who you were kissing. >> for rit wilson, it was the second amazing show in two days. posted this instagram video
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that brought jennifer lawrence to her feet. >> it suprasses all your expectations. >> believe it or not, this amazing event was just th warmup for tonight when ritchie will be honored during the grammy broadcast a medially of his hits sung bydenny dovato, megan trane for and luke bryant. >> will you g on the stage and bless us with something. >> they want me to, but i've been trying to tell let me just sit in the audience and enjoy it. and you know, i know. >> there's no way you're not. >> i know they're going to try to do that, i don't know. >> and we can't wait to see what's going to happen at the lionel tribute at the tonight.
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has all the grammy news. >> it will be a great night for kendrick lamar, you know, he leads all nominations with 11. he also has a budding broma with the president, so it's good time for kendrick. here's what we can't wait to see at tonight's grammys. tell you all about it when i see you again >> first on ourlist, adele. she's not nominatedbut she's one of the nights biggest performers. >> adele will deliver a galvanizing performance, i would expect probably a medley of songs from her new album. >> people will go crazy and it
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albums the week after the show. >> and red carpet couples. the grammys is a perfect day after valentine's day date. >> taylor and calvin, a justin and haley. and zane malik who's d gigi. >>. >> yeah the weekend is up for seven awards. he'll be just one of the amazing performances tonight. but it's those amazing duets we can't wait t remember in years past we had beyonce and tena turner, lady gaga elton john, this time we've got our eyes on carrie underwood and sam hunt.
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chan win best new artist. >> it's like going to the greatest rock concert in the world. you get a taste of everybody. >> for the first teem this year's show will be broadcast live coast to coast. so that means they'll be ready with those sensors, but of course, everybody wants to know who will win. >> al of the year is the biggest awa and it's also one of the biggest surprises. >> record of the year, i would say will be uptown funk, probably barry miles. don't believe it just watch >> it will be a celebration, but there will also be tribut stars we lost. >> may they all rest in peace, you know, they magnificent contributions to the world.
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grammys next big star, the gooiruy behind this song we talked to about his a list friends, partying all night with selena gomez and brad pitt. and outrageous grammy styles, remember lady gaga's poofy pink
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i'll tell you all about it when i see you again >> this could be a huge night for charlie, he's up for a huge grammy. but truth is, we see a lot of bi grammy nights ahead for charlie. he's working with selena gomez. and we pressed him to give us the details. >> tell me a working with selena, you produced her in a closet, which is pretty incredible. >> she came over and i literally set the mike up in a closet. it was like the most ghetto setup ever, but i think it added quaintness of t record. >> see you again spent 12 at number one. he just dropped his debut album, one track mind, his instagram reveal not afraid to go shirtless. an selena not only did a duet
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the kboeldenglobes. >> what was that like? >> that was the most hollywood thing ever. the top of the shot was brad pitt, kat perry and her. and it was just like, at some point i realized wlooirk,like, these guys are all friends, and it's just really easy to hang around with all of them. >> so you mad it very clear on your social media snap chat that you you're very single. >> am very single. you have posted hamiltona lot of pictures in bed. what kind of woman are you searching for? >> her not to be available all the time. it me on my toes a little bit. >> nothing wrong a little chase. >> a little chase. >> no games, though. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i'm going cruisy.
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tough on t life. charlie's about to head off on a two-month tour of south america. and still to come on "e.t," taylor swift's secrets to making grammy hits. >> we spared no expense, we use our shoes. . and as tonight's grammy nominees
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we'll look ba at the g taylor swift, to the top female nominee of this year's grammys, with with seven nominations. blank space is up for song of the year and bad blood for best music video. all eyes will be on taylor, and brings home, here a five reasons why we believe she's already a winner.
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flash back, we have it from 2008. >> this is my first grammy i have ever beento. and i'm already so overwhelmed. there are so many famous people here. how do you handle it? >> i don't. >> how do you contain yourself? i'm not able to contain myself. i'm so much more mature now. >> that was then, this is now, and the first reason taylor is winning, this buy. next month it will year since she and calvin harris have been da reason number two, taylor gives to the ladies major squadgold. >> it's going to be just my friends everywhere on tour. they're sort of like an unspoken code that we're there for each other and we would never turn on each other. kind of like this alliance that is the best kind of friendship you can have.
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she lets fans get this close, as the most followed person o instagram, she had 424,000 posts last year. >> it's amazing. >> but that's not the fir time she let swifties behind the scenes. >> oh! oh! oh! >> that's the ohsing on blank space. >> this is the breakdown chorus of shake it off. i love that that is so high-tech. >> i love the drummer. >> we spare no expense, we use our shoe. >> taylor also taught us something, she took a stand in
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letter that got them to change their subscription plan, she aapproximatelya approximately apologized a after her war with nicky men na me and taylor might still have sex >> taylor told us she cautioned kanye before hand about publ song with such a strong massage nisic message. >>know, taylor actually had an exhibit here at the grammy museum, it was actually the taylor swift experience and it broke all kinds of attendance records when it opened. i think she'll have a lot more to celebrayear, nancy, i think it's going to be her night.
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certainly look forward seeing what taylor is going to because her fashion is always on point. but taylor is one of many stars that we expect to be a fashion stand off tonight. >> i was expecting you to a arrive with an egg or something on . >> w will gaga wear? just look at h transformation, a backless gown at the oscar luncheon and at the globe, she all elegant proper in her versace. we'll hold out for something to go gaga ove
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envelope. but . >> it's my favorite designer, i have worn a lot of his stuff. i tried it on, it fit perfect. i love it. it's the right color. >> since then, riri has done everything from tie neck to ruffles to sleek and sexy, but no one could forgets the giant pinging and poofy from last year, the internet went crazy creating names like an umbrella, a party cake and even nicky manaj's wig. >> nicky can go from a seductive vamp. remember when she showed up as a pope look alike? and this leopard look was outrageous, but it was a couture of run way. made it pure nicky. >> that fairy g mother
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i thought i would keep her warm and snug. >> how will you walk in tha tresz? >> you have to saunter over. >> this year mrs. john legen pregnant, but that won't stop her style. the proof, the stunning black gown she wore at this month's mtv awars. >> i also lovewhat's under you're dress, your shoes. >> make sure you join us tomorrow, because we're going to break down all of tonight's grammy fashions from a to with our expert joseyez joe zee. >> how about a hello-goodbye dress. >> which bond girl made her stage debut at the
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the answer is coming up next.
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at "e.t"etonline, the glammies are on stage tonight. >> history will be made at the grammys tonight. >> we're posting right from the red carpet as we talk to music's biggest stars. we're the grammy family. >> follow us on twitter and instagram as we give tonig
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is giving us full look at what's going on behind the scenes. that's on "e.t" tomorrow. welcome back to the show. in tonight's "e.t" birthdays, which bond girl made her stage debut at the london stage bhalallet when she was just 13 years old? answer is jane seymour. he sold more than 2 melillion copies and who can resist it?
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she's always got the best
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the worst is yet to come t is yet to com tonight on "the bachelor"... ben: welcome to warsaw, indiana, the place that i grew up. this is my high school.this is where i played football. lauren: this place is such a huge part of who he is. [ crowd cheers ]and to see it firsthand... oh!...i get why ben is who he is. the crowd goes wild! jojo:this the week before hometowns, and i feel myself falling in love. this is the perfect timeto move my relationship forward. i wouldn't be surprised at all if he took her home.
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how can you give someonethat much validation? we all care so much now, and it's intense. [ sobbing ] i didn't expect this. it's like, "why am i here?" the easiest thing to do would be to run and to just remove myself. that alone made me just, like, sick to my stomach. ben: i am just overwhelmed with emotion. caila: something feels off. maybe i'm not what he's lookingfor, and that's the scary part. [ women sobbing ] ben: i thought it was gonna be clear, and it's just -- i don't know what i'm doing. it's all coming up tonight on "the bachelor." [ birds chirping ] [ children playing ] [ dog barking ] [ train whistle blowing ] welcome to warsaw, indiana, the place that i grew up. this feels incredible.


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