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tv   Eyewitness News at 600  ABC  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the democratic primary is next saturday the 27th. meanwhile right now is the final push in south carolina for polls. they will pour in for the crucial republican presidential primary. >> i think it's really important to have say in our country. >> thanks for joining us tonight. donald trump had a commanding lead heading into tonight's first in the south primary. we start the team coverage with the trump camp in spartanburg greg? >> reporter: this is where we will see him tonight, possibly in 3 to 4 hours. folks gathering behind me hope to hear a great -- a victory speech tonight. what we really learned is whose campaign is still on fire and whose is just about over. some major questions could be answer today, whether marco rubio will get any kind of a boost because of the high-level endorsements he got in the
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haley and whether the declining poll numbers of donald trump will benefit rubio or ted cruz, whether either of them may overtake him and take a victory lap in south carolina tonight. there's also jeb bush who's never been able to break out of the pack. experts say he needs to finish strong in this state in order to continue campaigning. they've made more than 100 appearances over the last 10 days. they say two or three could drop out depending on the results tonight. again the crowd tonight -- filing in. we expect hundreds to be here. trump expected to speak maybe a couple hours after the polls close. it's been a very busy election day. greg suskin channel 9 eyewitness news. elsa gillis continues our team coverage live in fort mill . elsa?
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on its way to the record- breaking for voter turnout. election officials told me turnout statewide has been steady, heavy in some places and workers say it's been the same here at this location in fort mill. i'm talking about record- breaking for a primary. typically turnout for this type of election is low. the record-breaking number of absentee ballots. that's an indicator that there's great interest in this race. this does not come as a surprise to most. the republican race has been a real -- a unique when it has garnered a lot of attention. >> this is an important election and we want to make sure we get our voice heard. >> i voted for quite a few elections in this has been one of the most different elections that i've ever experienced. >> it's very exciting to be in south carolina watching new hampshire and knowing that we get to watch the votes and --
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make a difference. >> there's just one more hour if you want to vote, you have one more hour to do so. now is your chance. thank you also. five of the six candidates are in south carolina tonight and will be as the results pour in in just under an hour. we told you trump is in spartanburg, jeb bush ends -- and more -- marco rubio's and columbia. channel 9 is staying on top of today's big races. count on the complete coverage as results come in for the south carolina primary. we will report the outcome immediately on our website and social media. we will also break down what the race means -- what the results mean for the race moving forward at 10:00 and 11:00. clouds paving the way for more showers. how much rain you will see in
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right at the time the unc charlotte baseball game is coming -- to an end. sunday is not going to be terrible but it's most likely not going to be bright either. thick clouds over charlotte right now but what i am noticing up to the north especially is a little bit of clearing. look at some of the cameras around the charlotte region. a little bit of sitting in some of these clouds. what that might do for us is put us in a fog situation for tomorrow morning. if you are planning in order -- an early-morning walk tomorrow or early morning church services you might have some visibility problems in charlotte especially the farther north and west. there might be more clearing in the cloud deck in the middle parts of the atmosphere. then we're talking about rain threats and then chances moderate so you will need that rain gear and this is really the beginning of a very wet
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i will tell you on the heaviest rain day will be coming up. -- when the heaviest rain day will be coming up. download our app, free for android and iphone devices. just this week we told you what happened at fire stations in charlotte, china growth -- grove and one of the location. the newest break-ins happened while firefighters were sleeping. >> reporter: yes they were asleep here at the fire department when someone busted out all of their windows and ransacked their cars. but this time the firefighters were prepared. >> it's pretty unnerving and unsettling. and pretty sad. >> more outrage from local firefighters. this time thieves busted out the windows of on-duty firefighters that -- at
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. >> it's our personal belongings, so they are not looking for expensive equipment or anything. they are going to the vehicles looking for iphones and stuff. >> they discovered when they woke up around 630 this morning, a few miles away firefighters at this station woke up to the same thing. >> they will wake up in a moments notice and unfortunately -- it's when they are asleep or for some departments while they are on a call and it's sad. it really is. >> so far this week firefighters into separate fire stations experienced the same thing. the thieves stole cash, ipads and even guns. some of the thefts happened while they were out on calls. fortunately this time firefighters were on guard. most of them had taken their valuables inside. >> public servants are having to go out on a public servant's
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belongings. >> they do say the cases are connected but so far they have not announced any arrests. live tonight in huntersville, gina terry channel 9 eyewitness news. tonight we are hearing exclusively from alma adams. the new map will be used in the primary election and includes all of district 12 and mecklenburg county. adams lives in guilford county about 100 miles from the proposed district. state lawmakers had to redraw the lines after federal judges said they were racially biased and therefore unconstitutional. >> it's just more people -- it doesn't mean that i'm going to be giving any less attention to them. the focus will be strictly on the 12th district wherever it is . >> last night and 11:00 we told you the us supreme court refused to issue a stay in the redistricting fight. that means moving the congressional part -- primary
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tonight the unc basketball team mourning the loss of a student manager. 19-year-old austin rainey died in a car crash late thursday night in northern virginia. school officials say he was headed to washington dc with friends when the vehicle he was in was hit by a tractor- trailer. the others in the car are okay. he was a student manager of the men's basketball team. today's -- today thousands celebrated the life of antonin scalia. his funeral was today in washington dc. one of his nine children paul is a catholic priest and led the service. he said his dad loved god, country and family. >> the deeper he went in his catholic faith, the better a citizen and public servant he became. >> vice president joe biden,
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members of congress and all eight sitting justices of the supreme court were among those at today's funeral. white house officials say president obama will start reading two packets of information for his successor the scene -- this weekend. the binder you see him carrying in this video is full of information that includes details of candidates professional careers, records and experience. republicans are threatening to block the president's nominee. they say they next president -- the next president should choose scalia's replacement. two officers recovering after both were shot during an early-morning chase. a total of eight officers were involved. they exchanged gunfire with police after one man shot at a patrol car. the two officers were in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery. they say the suspect who was shot is in critical condition. tonight investigators say they are removing this claim that cat -- crashed killing the pilot. we first recorded -- reported
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tim cook crashed in the woods off new salem road. cook, a retired pilot, was headed to lexington after a trip to daytona. federal agents will now analyze the plane's back block -- black box to find out what caused the crash. >> a battle brewing between apple and the government after apple refused to unlock the phone used by a terrorist. the tech giant now says investigators -- the move apple says they made. and what happened to this helicopter moments before the crash. temperatures near 60 but
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nevada. in just the last hour hillary clinton was declared the winner of today's democratic nevada caucus. with 79% of precincts reporting. she has a 52.1% of the vote. bernie sanders has 47 . a percent. here's a live look right now from nevada. i believe that the campaign manager speaking the clerk clinton is expected to address a crowd of supporters any minute now. the democratic primary in south carolina is next saturday the 27th. you tonight we are learning about the final radio call made to air traffic controllers right before that helicopter crashed in hawaii thursday. documents show the pilot told the tower quote i think i'm going down. moments later the tower radioed for help saying the chopper was in the water. a crash landed near the pearl harbor visitor center. the fight people -- five people
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a teenage boy is still in critical condition. officials sell the -- said the helicopter belongs to a tour company. the faa is investigating. new tonight tech giant apple says the fbi made a huge mistake in the ongoing investigation into one of the san bernardino shooters iphones. apple says the phone technically belonged to syed farook's employer which was the county. they said someone at the county changed the iphone password preventing anyone from being able to back it up. the fbi requested apples help in unlocking the phone, setting off renewed debate over privacy. john ahrens says there's a price tag to all this warm weather we are experiencing. john, what is that? >> it's so unbelievable. the temperatures are in the 60s but the price tag is clouds and occasional showers. tomorrow is not going to be terrible but it's definitely not going to be a work of art.
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bright either. showers push in earlier this afternoon. all of that is long gone so if you have plans tonight, hanging around uptown or over elizabeth, everything is fine. just cloudy but a little dry and mild, temperature down to about 54 even by 11:00. very warm outside. 57 in lancaster, rockingham at 60. statesville, claremont, hickory at 56. over boone and jefferson -- 54. right now in salisbury it is 57. what's going to happen behind the scenes? we might see a few breaks in these clouds overnight tonight. only for that to be filled in with fog by tomorrow morning. some of our latest computer models are tracking pretty big fog out there. visibility issues tomorrow if you are planning to jog or go to church services you might run into some problems and then after that we are tracking more rain. 10:00, raining heavily just
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push in bite 11. don't forget to check in with the weather app before use -- step outside -- before you step outside. some of this rain will reach charlotte. probably not as heavily but it will be coming down in the city by about 3:00 to 6:00 and finally things start to wind down a little bit. any afternoon plans you have, i would be watching out for the rain threat. don't forget about the fog morning. the forecast -- forecast will be a lot wetter, 57 across the high country tomorrow, 87% rain chance through the day and if you live over in hickory you will still have showers to deal with yourself. your neighborhood forecast, warm yes getting up into the 60s but very wet. looks like the morning will be okay bye-bye the afternoon it's go time.
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across charlotte, not as rainy, but still wet and by about the late afternoon hours, you don't want to be without the rain gear on. it will be very warm though, especially chesterfield up to about 68. charlotte baseball game, i think initially first pitch you will be fine but by about the eighth or ninth inning you make it rain showers out there. probably nothing to really cancel the game though. the forecast is always on the web at and look how these rain chances not only refused to leave but they get worse. tuesday into wednesday very wet and by wednesday, to add insult to injury, the cold comes back. a cool dreary day on wednesday so be thinking about that tomorrow even though it's not going to look as pretty, at least it's going to be warm. we won't be able to say that next week. >> we will enjoy it while it lasts. next in sports the davidson
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leading scorer w as the regular season winds down all davidson needs is to hit their stride at the right time. it helps to get one of the nation's top scorers back in their lineup as they hosted saint joe's today. he had had the stomach flu and missed game against richmond but look great today -- looked great today. keeping the cats down but close in the first half. off the ball gets a sliver of space, lunches and hits. now down six at the half. second-half -- who else? jack gibbs driving in the lane. that's good. he had 35 points and the cats needed every single one of them
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forth but an 11-to davidson run -- put it away for davidson. he lays it in and has 15 with the winner. wrapping up a two-game road trip in bowling green western kentucky today. they led 18 at the first half but this one going down to the wire. here's davis picking off the bounce pass. 49ers up six, he had eight points but the hilltoppers going on a run to seize control, edmonds know, johnson yes. a six point deficit turns into a four-point advantage for the hilltoppers. here comes charlotte. handoff to brexton -- from way out. timeout charlotte, cut the lead to one. after a pair of free throws, davis has to launch from a mile away but it's short. rebound western kentucky.
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sixth straight victory in louisville. he falls down and still hits. take another look. his knee merely touches the ground. that's unbelievable. louisville gets hot from three late. not here -- trent lewis misses, back out today mainly wide-open that three he hits. cardinals rallied for a 7164 went -- 71-64 win. mike krzyzewski got a technical foul. first place in the acc -- didn't look the least bit on them over -- hung over from an emotional loss on tuesday. this one. johnson had 16, tar heels and nine of the half and then they just opened things up. corner three caps the 16-to
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-- 16-2 run. bryce johnson for the flash. unc wins big 96-71 the final. they are right back on track. >> good to see that. and we've been bringing you the breaking news. hillary clinton right now supporters. here's a live look. bernie sanders. we will break down what she has to say and also have the results of tonight's south carolina republican presidential primary on eyewitness news at 10:00 and 11:00. john is tracking showers headed our way. the fog started and we could have visibility problems. after that we could have showers around for the afternoon. pushing to the mountains in the foothills, gets hear about 3:00 and that's the beginning of more rain chances coming our way, with the very best chances wednesday and thursday.
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ost powe welcome to a special edition of "world news tonight." breaking news on this showdown saturday.
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hillary clinton with a much-needed win over bernie sanders in nevada after a tense neck-and-neck fight. but sanders trouncing her on the issue of trust. tonight, the long lines and the celebrations. showdown in south carolina. donald trump firing away until the very end. >> so, it's crunch time, folks. it's crunch time. >> ted cruz and marco rubio with their last-minute push. can they still catch trump? >> it's in god's hands and in the voters' hands. >> the first test for republican candidates in the south. the results coming in right now. >> what donald trump said just as justice scalia was being laid to rest. as thousands paid their final respects. this is abc "world news tonight." good evening and thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm cecilia vega. tonight, candidates on both


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