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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 500A  ABC  February 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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bigger storm chance. i just got a new update to show you in a moment and what we can expect coming through the region and how quickly we clear out through this afternoon. about 5:01, the wet roads could be leading to problems. >> we have an overnight accident on 85 involving a tractor-trailer at sam wilson. at one point, the interstate was completely blocked. no longer the case. in fact, you are at 65 miles per hour, 19 minutes coming in from gastonia heading into uptown charlotte. checking i-40, exit 96, this is happening just west of morganton. we've got an accident scene confined to the offramp there. we'll continue to watch a stalled vehicle in charlotte to see if that's causing any delays next. josh? breaking this morning, right now, severe storm
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as it heads our way it's already caused daniel in the florida pan -- caused damage in the florida panhandle. >> and we have video that we just got in. vicki? >> reporter: the southern part of the line of storms triggering the severe weather is over tallahassee, florida right now. we're getting the reports of much of the damage left behind. the cluster first tore through tuesday evening and just left. the tornado caused this damage in pennsylvania cola. you can see in the -- in pensacola. you can see this home's roof is gone. that's also this massive tree ed from its roof. there are many other parts of the path of the dangerous storm. in fact, it covers about 15 states. the wind and the storm is
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coming up in 30 minutes, we're getting in new video that shows how powerful it is and a big concern it means for us today. stephanie? fire crews across the state are prepared to prepare for any emergencies as the massive storm system heads our way. firefighters are getting their equipment ready to handle flash flooding. up to 2 inches of rain has already fallen during the past few days. drivers should be on the lookout as the d.o.t. has closure signs already in place on roads that are likely to flood. if you are away from our television this morning, you can track the storms along with our meteorologist as it heads our way straight from our web site. click on the weather tab at the top at a tractor-trailer driver got a ticket after a crash that blocked i-85 north in west mecklenburg county. troopers say a car pulled over into the white emergency lane before 12:30.
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driver had been distracted by his gps and hit the car. one person from the car went to the hospital for minor injuries. the truck driver was ticketed for failure to maintain control. another breaking story we've been following for you overnight while with you are sleeping. donald trump claimed his third straight victory. with 97% now reporting, trump has been delayed the winner in the nevada caucuses at 45% of the vote. it is a tight race for second, marco rubio at 23%. trump won among latino voters even though he has campaigned the hard-driven immigrant platform. >> you know what i really am happy about because i've been saying it for a long time? 46% was hispanic. number one with hispanics! >> meanwhile, democratic candidates bernie sanders and
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south carolina with the primary just days away. clinton right now has a double- digit lead in the palmetto state and plans to hold events from today through friday. sanders' campaign is already bracing for a loss. a member of his campaign told the newspaper that he would not be focusing on the margin because it's not going to be very close. sanders is campaigning in oklahoma and missouri today. south carolina's democratic primary is saturday. count on channel 9 for complete coverage both on air and online at the story channel 9 uncovered that could impact hundreds of charlotte homeowners and renters. this week, city leaders are expected to discuss a plan that could eliminate city trash removal from complexes and town homes. jill bruno is live in east charlotte with the impact it could have on taxpayers. joe?
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solid waste services would eliminate trash removal for thousands in charlotte. the city's in talks to eliminate the service due to budget reasons. the proposed change would affect all complexes with more than four units including those with curbside rollout service from city crews. it would also impact the city contractor dumpster collection services. nothing has been final eydeizeed, but this proposal to cost thousands of people more money. >> then they are having to pay out of pocket to contract with a third party for trash and recycle service. >> reporter: officials will meet to discuss it on friday, but a vote will not be taken until may. >> joe, thank you. we checked overnight, a suspected burglar in hickory shot during the crime is still in the jail. we have new details this morning. it says brian eckerd asked the
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$20,000. she also said he could be sentenced to 17 years in prison if a jury finds him guilty of burglary. police say he broke through a dallas door at a home on february 15, and the home owner shot him twice. new information. a woman could spend the rest of her life in prison after cutting a former appalachian state student's baby from her womb. dynel lane was convicted of attempted first-degree murder, assault and unlawful termination of a pregnancy. wilkins survived but the baby died. a judge will sentence lane on april 29. she faces anywhere from 16 to 120 years in prison. right now, extra cmpd officers are spread across uptown aimed to keep thousands of feigns safe this week during
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>> angela, officers really are watching one uptown intersection known for crime. >> reporter: that's right, john. police told us that location is east trade street and brevard across from the time warner arena. police say illegal activity happens here every day everything ranging from robbery to drug sales to prostitution. officers gathered there tuesday to send a strong message to those involved in the crimesp in is part of the new cops on the corner initiative. with the ciaa tournament in full swing, officers hope their presence will be a comforting site to visitors. charlotte's city manager declared that the ciaa was an extraordinary event, and that means officers can ban certain items from the arena and conduct more searches. >> yeah, it's good, because people may take weapons in.
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>> reporter: day one of the tournament went smoothly. police officers told us they believe their presence outside of the arena really helped them break up susuected drug deals. reporting live in uptown, angela hahn, channel 9 "eyewitness news." time now is 5:09. later this morning, we expect to get the fourth quarter earnings reports from lowe's home improvement. wall street analysts are expecting lowe's to announce the profit of $.59 a share and more than $13 billion in revenue. for the same time last year, it had $.46 a share and revenue of more than 12.5 billion. we'll bring you the numbers as soon as they are released this morning on tv 64. timeler trucks is planning more layoffs. 25 more workers are being temporarily laid off in the cleveland plant. we learned 550 other layoffs earlier this month. in mount holly, 15 people will
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that facility is also making 17 other cuts. the layoffs take effect in april for many, but monday was the last day of actual work on the job. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. meteorologist keith monday is giving us a time line of when we could see severe weather in our area. >> this morning, most of us are dealing with mist, drizzle, and low clouds out there. you can barely see anything in the charlotte camera. most are looking up north to virginia and moving straight to the east-northeast. that will by pass us this morning. there are pockets and moderate showers rolling through for the rest of our drive. so it's going to be wet and slowing down. we have a flash flood watch from charlotte and points west. after all of the rain the past one of days, it won't take much of a downpour to cause the flooding issues. the wind is even outside of the thunderstorms today. they are very strong.
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chance building up around lunchtime and how long the severe weather threat will be in in our neck of the woods. let's see if anything is popping in. watching a stalled vehicle with plenty of room to make your way around it. the drive time technology showing 21 miles per hour and seven minutes heading into the connector. if you are jumping on the interstate, keith mentioned we are dealing with the damp roadways this morning. it has been accident free southbound. driving volume is heading into charlotte. again, earlier problems on 85 north over sam wilson and west mecklenburg county. john? these white squares represent memories lost after fire destroyed a mooresville's family home. >> we can't get those back.
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family planned to pay it forward after an outpouring of support from people in the area. >> and leading the fight against the zika virus. all new at 5:30, the bay they hoped to use the mosquitoes who carry the virus as the primary weapon against it. >> police went to you take a good look at this picture here of a man suspected in the kidnapping and rob riff a pizza delivery driver. next, the reason the location
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police have surveillance photos and tracked down the suspects accused of kidnapping a pizza deliveryman. they drove him up i-85. investigators say they made him withdraw cash from three different atms. he finally ended up about 80 miles away in archdale, north carolina. he walked into the police department there about 4:30 yesterday morning and told them he had been kidnapped. police are trying to figure out if the suspects are from the charlotte area. police made two arrests from a 7-eleven gas station assault. two were charged with assault
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we've got surveillance video from police who say the man was pulled from a car and was assaulted. new this morning, the uber driver accused of a shooting rampage in kalamazoo, michigan once aspired to be a police officer. he once got an associate's degree in criminal justice. he is charged with kipping six and injured two others. he bought a bulletproof jacket hours before last weekend's shooting. this is new video showing dalton in a gun shop the day of the shooting. >> it seemed like he was having a good time as opposed to someone who went on a shooting rampage. totally different people. >> dalton is cooperating, but they are still trying to figure out a motive. he's due back in court next thursday. new this morning, the confederate flag removed from
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charleston. a plan was looked into for space. they are looking into moving the relic room there. a charleston representative says his proposal is about saving taxpayers money. the vote remove the flag followed the shooting deaths of nine people at a church last june. dylann roof is charged with the killings. investigators say he wanted to start a race war. he faces federal hate crime charges in addition to murder charges. new this morning, we're asking school officials if two players on a basketball team that got into a physical fight will face disciplinary action. our partners necessity independent tribune say they got into a fight last night in the locker room after losing a first round state play offgame. one of the fathers tried to break it up but ended up with a
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the two have had problems with black. happening tonight, the 20 nominees for the nascar hall of fame classic will be unveiled. officials will also unveil the five nominees for outstanding contributions to nascar. tonight's presentation begins at 5:00 on may 25th. five class of 2017 nominees and one landmark award recipient will be voted in. weather and traffic every ten minutes. we've already seen heavy rain this morning. are we still seeing that right now? >> light to moderate at the moment, stephanie. nothing heavy at this time. that may change and evolve throughout the morning here. you can see in charlotte, the rain is spread back in again coming out of york county. this line of rain is moving quickly through uptown. it's west on 85 and around the airport, you head up to belmont, not heavy rainfall,
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they were soaked last night with more heavy downpour. this adds insult to injury. this line is racing off to the northeast at over 50 miles per hour. harrisburg 5:29. as we work our way through the next couple of hours, we'll deal with the pockets of rain that lightens up the farther north you go. more of a mist than a drizzle in the mountains and foothills. no immediate flash flood warnings. we are warming up. we're at 50 now in charlotte. cool air is getting squeezed up to the north. as we work through the day today that's one of the key factors that will allow stronger storms. a few brief downpours for the rest of the area. we're already in the mid-60s by noon. that's the time line for strong to severe storms to work through the region. late in the day for the drive home, we had spotty showers
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we had 70 degrees and a stout south west wind. our futurecast still shows more big downpours than what's out there this morning. we'll have pockets where we see rain at times through 8:00 and 9:00. around lunchtime, we'll see how things start to pop on the east side of charlotte. that's going to be the time line for severe storms to move in. by 2:00, that's already racing off to the east. so it will not be around for long. it is a relatively short-term event. as we may see a few spotty downpours late in the afternoon, a bigger severe throat is long gone as we -- threat is long gone. overall, since last night, this outlook has been shifted farther east where the ground shading is here from rockingham eastward. look at the red shading here, a moderate risk for severe weather. even here at home, there may be a window with not just the
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today. coming up in the next half hour, i'll show you the futurecast how even without the thunderstorms it will be a windy day today. we clear out quickly tonight at 40. 56 for the high. low 50s into saturday. and we bounce back for a perfect weekend low 60s our time is 5:21. let's get you back out there on the wet roads. >> reporter: this is 485 as we see the downpours out in the area of west boulevard. if you are heading out in the next couple of minutes this is the kind of issue you will be dealing with. this is 45 in west charlotte. we're monitoring an accident up in burk county over towards morganton. it was on the ramp i-40 west. this is 96 west of the town of morganton. there's no big delays, something to look out for.
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you are able to get updates any time at click on that. a mooresville family overwhelmed by the way strangers are coming to help home. >> bed frames. >> ahead at 5:45, the items the family was able to salvage that others. only channel 9 road along with alcohol enforcement agents as they worked to shut down illegal liquor houses in charlotte. the why you nique tactic officers -- the unique tactic officers are use toying make it harder to stay in business. >> bank of america will let low-income mortgage borrowers have 3% down instead of the usual 20. next, the nontraditional forms of credit the bank will consider to determine which
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>> the dow fabl charlotte says bank of america is getting back into the business of offering mortgages for as low as 3% down. b of a says it's designed to
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mortgages up to $417,000. borrowers need a credit score of at least a 660 and debt to 43%. first-time buyers have to attend a home buyer education program. the bank will also consider nontraditional forms of credit like day care spences, health club memberships and rental history to determine credit history. the city of salisbury is working to repair sinkholes that opened up on the american legion post grounds but say one of them has now been fixed. the post said the holes smelled like sewage when they opened up on a property. city leaders found a sanitary suer line did break creating at least one of those holes. researchers working against the clock to stop the spread of the zika virus before it becomes a bigger problem. next and new at 5:30, the genetic modification scientists in north carolina hope can stop the virus in its tracks.
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updates of our futurecast through midday today. storms pop up and the bigger changes with the wind developing throughout the day today. >> the cms school board has approved a set of goals when it comes to student assignment
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specificpl while you were sleeping, another round of fast-moving storms pushed into the area bringing heavy rain. we're using charlotte's most powerful radar to track the rain and the areas that could see the biggest threat today. >> this is a powerful storm system spawning tornadoes in several states as you can see right here. this new video from florida, we are using our breaking news center to bring you the latest pictures and video as it comes in our newsroom -- comes into our newsroom. >> meteorologist keith monday is in sever weather center. >> watching the storm closely here to the south. we've seen the worst weather
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that big batch of heavy rainfall is robbing us of bigger thunderstorms and heavy rain coming in here so far. we're still looking at a time line around midday today for a better thunderstorm chance to arrive. there are pockets of rain this morning. most of it is a more moderate rain, though. it's really coming down for a good chunk of the state from huntersville and into uptown charlotte. now up towards harrisburg and concourse that batch of rain pushes through. the heaviest of which is down into monroe moving up to the northeast up highway 601. around unionville, you see that coming in shortly. stormy day ahead. rough weather will start to build up around midday today. we'll have the new time line to show you how it may not be around for long. what does develop could still be extremely strong. we'll show you the latest time line and how it will be very windy all day today even without any thunderstorms moving on through. wet roads out there this
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>> the newest rack is up in huntersville, the 11,000 block of sam occur road putting you east of old statesville road. folks head towards old statesville but no alternate routes are needed at this time. it's something we'll continue ways. 77 is moving at 68 miles per roadways. take ititeasy in morning. on the other end, in south charlotte, 77, southbound, no issues to or from 0 york county. lightly traveled and not seeing any big issues. following breaking news down the east coast as the massive storm system keith was just mentioning barrels toward the carolinas. >> meteorologist vicki graf is here to show us some of the video that we just got in. vicki? >> reporter: we told you 30 minutes ago the national weather service confirmed at least one tornado hit
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take a lookton you can see trees and -- take a look and you can see the trees are uprooted. thousands in the region are without power. take a look at this video. you can see just how hard the wind was blowing there. utility poles with are blown down and cars flipped as well. at least 20 million people across the southeast, including us here in charlotte could face the risk of severe storms and tornadoes today. coming up in the next half hour, the severe damage to an rv park in louisiana after a tornado hit and the rescues still happening right now. as that storm intensifies here, we could see more like this. downed trees. this tree came down yesterday in south charlotte. besides the rain today, our team of meteorologists expects the strong wind from the storm. danielle hernandez and his family were inside of their home when this slammed into their roof. this went right through their
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earthquake. >> i heard this rumbling sound. all of a sudden, the roof started collapsing. i didn't know what was going on. i freaked out and started yelling. >> a normal reaction. >> no one was hurt. the house had minor damage to it. experts warn with the ground as wet as it is right now it's not going to take much wind to knock trees down today. we'll continue to track this storm minute by minute and do that for you today on air and online at the city's now taking a new approach to fight illegal liquor houses in charlotte. >> yeah. channel 9 was there as cdot officials posted no parking signs in a local neighborhood. "eyewitness news" reporter jill bruno is live to explain the violent crimes. joe? >> reporter: these illegal liquor houses are a major problem in charlotte. cmpd has tied four homicides and 13 shootings to these illegal operations.
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invited to tag along with cmpd to see how police are fighting the problem. we saw transportation officials post no parking signs in west charlotte. police are also writing tickets to help aaa at the problem. many times cars line the streets and block emergency access. police took to us winchester street in north charlotte where they received an anonymous tip. we could see people going in and out of a repair shop, but police say it isn't what it seems. >> people were shot at this location. it is actually a motorcycle club is what they call it. the business permit is a repair shop. >> reporter: these investigations are normally very lengthy. it takes a while for police to get warrants to shut down these operations. so far, cmpd has shut down 17 illegal liquor houses. "eyewitness news." happening this evening, cms superintendent ann clark is
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conversation event that begins at 5:30 on old concord road. you can share your ideas to support academic success and discuss the latest issues impacting the district. just last night, school board members voted to establish a time line in the search for a new superintendent. the board will start working on 8th. members previously said they think they could meet a fuel year to find a replacement. the board met to extend ann clark's contract through at least june 30th of next year. channel 9 was inside the board meeting where cms leaders also approved new goals for the student assignment plan. >> not all board member as agreed to that list. angela hong is live to explain the goals that were laid out. angela?
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they were driving some of the fears. the goal $pass in a 7-1 vote. with student assignment, the board intends to provide choices and equal access for all children in the district. they wanted to maximize resources to reduce overcrowding and reduce schools with high concentration of poverty and preserve and expand successful schools and programs. the board also addressed the parents' concerns over busing and neighborhood schools and the desire to put something in the goals that address these issues. board members say it's important to have the goals outlined. >> we're talking aspirational goals, big, wide open, positive, this is what we're reaching for goals. >> reporter: the next step is to now create a set of guiding principles that will help the board achieve these goals. the guiding principles would go into more details about neighborhood schools and
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reporting live in uptown, angela hong, channel 9 "eyewitness news." new this morning, the clover school district board of trustees approved redistricting for two schools that are opening this fall. oak ridge and clover middle are part of the construction package voters approved in 2014. it addresses the fastest growing area of that district that showed a 7% growth rate in 2015. the zika virus is spreading across the u.s. with 14 new cases. the cdc says they may have been spread through sexual contact. several involve pregnant women. the zika virus, which possibly causes birth defects has been declared in north carolina and the district of columbia. today a group of scientists will meet to discuss research
5:38 am
they believe genetically modifying the mosquitoes, they can replace the population that transmits the disease. max is a part of the team of those studying gmos at nc state and says he hopes this will outnumber the vier carrying mosquitoes. >> if you are dealing with an insect that's present in high levels it's hard to outnumber them. so the alternative strategy is to change them so they can no longer transmit the disease. >> the department of health said a person who recently traveled outside of the country is the first in the stais to have zika -- the state to have zika. hundredless of fort bragg troops will return home. they have moved ammunition and trained about 16,000 iraqi security forces for the last nine months. leaders say they may have to return because the terrorist group remains dangerous. weather and traffic every
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keith monday is keeping a close high on this weather threat. >> thankfully this morning no immediate flood risks but we are under flood watch for mountains. a burst of rain could cause the streaks and creeks to rise. everybody is under a wind advisory. up. we'll see the winds get going toward this afternoon. that will be one of the things we're tracking through the day. very strong winds, even without any thunderstorms along with the heavy rainfall. there's still the small window of isolated tornado chances that work our way through the midday hours. getting you back out on the wet roads. >> we're expected to have a big impact on the ride in. we'll watch things closely and we're looking at independence boulevard. the volume is light for folks heading inbound but definitely seeing the rain falling down off 74.
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next couple of minutes, lots of rain is moving around. just use caution and leave a couple of minutes early. coming out of mathews, you are still at 52 miles per hour with the average speed. 13-minute ride heading towards uptown. using independence boulevard, it is 47 miles per hour. on providence road around highway 51 into uptown charlotte that will take about 13 minutes. stephanie? take a look at this x-ray here. it is a 6 week old puppy and the dots you see there are bbs. ahead, who did this and the reason veterinarians will not remove the bbs. >> a family's home of 32 years destroyed in minutes by a fast- moving fire. >> we don't even know what we lost. me and my wife have been in a fog. >> next this morning, the way
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5:44 now money mooresville community is rallying behind a family that lost everything in
5:44 am
>> mark bieber showed us these white blocks are where he and his wife kept family photos for 32 years. they were all burned up when a home. a relative took this photo. it killed five cats and three dogs. >> we don't even know what all we've lost now me and wye wife have been in hey fog. >> the neighbors have helped them recover what they lost and sending clothes to needy children. these three troopers have been added this month. the division has been understaffed forcing other trooper toes work longer hours. the new troopers have to go through 12 weeks of training before they can patrol on their own. a 9 investigation found
5:45 am
responding to crash after crash and can't proactively look for drunk and other dangerous drivers. during winter storms, drivers have to wait at crash scenes as troopers juggle an influx of calls. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. you are tracking a system that has not made it to our area yet. >> we're getting kind of a northern edge of it right now. these moderate waves of rain. one moved up from harrisburg around the concord hills area near the city and all moving its way up i-85 into china grove and rock well. this is the very northern stretch of a much bigger batch of heavy rain that's by passing us to the south through columbia. monroe around 6:05, matthews at 6:11, and then it's racing off
5:46 am
miles per hour. there are spots with heavier downpours mixed in with that. other than that lighter rains moving in. mostly a mist and drizzle so no immediate threat for flash flooding. the more we see rain like this coming up from the south, the bigger the storm threats it will be. we've been overdoing the current situation. we're watching for storms mainly east to pop up. look how quickly between noon and 2:00 that races eastbound and really blows up. we'll see a nasty line of storms between fayetteville and raleigh in the early afternoon. there are big showers coming through our area. the bigger, severe threat is still around for a while that could bring severe weather here.
5:47 am
40s and even the mountains in the 30s. putting us around 70. that may be aggressive. that's the theme that will warm us up fast. sustained winds around 20 to 25. these are just the general winds today. this is why we're under a wind advisory. the winds stay very strong. gusts well over 30 miles per hour into this afternoon. even without a thunderstorm. saturated grounds and trees. you may found app find trees coming thousand during the day. around 1:00, you can see the humidity map with all of that green starting to shift. we'll dre out very fast. we'll tall talk about that later. the rest of the weekend is always in view. still a breezy day on thursday.
5:48 am
sunday afternoon. so a great stretch of weather is still on the way. we have to keep our guard up through at least the lunchtime. the severe weather threat may not be here for long but the storms pack a good punch. >> we turned this around quickly. weather and traffic every ten minutes. let's get to traffic team 9's mark taylor keeping an eye on the roads for us. >> i wanted to check in on sam fir road about the 11,300 block just east of old statesville where we had a minor wreck reported in the area as we drill down in. looks like drive time technology is reporting 40 miles per hour of folks heading west towards 115. something to look out for. checking conditions for 85 between nc73 heading down towards 485. we are dealing with the damp roadways. this is closer towards bruton smith heading south. if you are heading out in the
5:49 am
your speed and add caution to your ride in. stephanie? less than 24 hours after an anti-discrimination ordinance was passed, we sat down with the governor. >> north carolina's prescription drug problem is hitting some of the state's most vulnerable adults. ahead at 6:15, the steps health officials say family members can take to help seniors manage their medicationsp. >> south carolina residents are
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plan to close guantanamo bay plan to steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that'amazing! that' amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt alittle forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion.
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so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day, every day, for life. we have new developments about an incident that touched off racial tensions last fall. the fbi is trying to decide if fell charges should be filed in the case. police arrested three men, including two brevard high
5:53 am
a largely black neighborhood wearing ski masks and carrying weapons. officers say the suspects said things that led to racial intimidation charges. this morning, the south carolina chamber of commerce is telling them to end a filibuster to pass a roads bill. they looked over a roads package last week. no action was taken because tom davis filibustered. the business community is upset with the sentence continued in action. >> could get dicey over the next few hours. >> the big activity is bouncing back west toward atlanta.
5:54 am
happen until mid taye today. it will be a windy, nasty day out there for sure. as we get toward the tail end tonight, the mountains get a little snow to roll in. we'll show you how much out there. time is coming up to 5:55. let's get an update. >> reporter: watching things closely this morning. we're checking out conditions for the interstates. nothing continuing to monitor. we'll look at caldwell to see if it's causing any delays. if you are looking at the tsa pre-checked program, you may have to provide personal information. the changes lawmakers want to streamline that process and keep travelers safe. city officials are discussing a major overhall to charlotte's -- overhaul to
5:55 am
the proposal that we uncovered e proposal that we (phone ringing)you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security.
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so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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answer the right now, live doppler 9 is showing a massive storm that spawned tornadoes, flattened homes, and knocked out power to thousands in the gulf. we'll show you the devastation people are dealing within the storm's path and monitor problems on wet roads as the heavy rain pops up this morning. thanks for joining us. i'm john paul. >> i'm stephanie maxwell. some neighborhoods already are receiving rain. keith?
5:59 am
heavy downpours like we had in spots last night, but the roadses are already wet. the next batch is coming out of lancaster county. it's about 75 this morning. very wet so that wet weather is moving towards monroe. that will by it is pass a good chunk of south charlotte. to the north it's already pushed out of concord. these individual pockets of rain are hoving over 50 miles per hour. so to the west of the foothills is a very light mist and drizzle. so no immediate flooding concerns out there, but as more heavy rain areas build into the later part of the morning, we'll see the chance of flash flooding comingen app up on through. 60 degrees by 9:00 and 70 this afternoon. it's that warm with the approaching storm system. i'll have the latest time line in our futurecast and how quickly it'll be moving out. let's get back out of the roads
6:00 am
>> we have a couple of problems here in the traffic center as well. something f. to get you caught up on, including charlotte. then we are expecting minor delays due to an accident being investigated with possible injuries on north caldwell near 277 277. checking conditions around 277 where it is wet and we're seeing the rainfall around the freeway with fog to deal with. this will be an issue this morning. if you are heading out, use minutes early. we are getting a better look at tornado damage from the same system heading toward >> meteorologist vicki graf has been in the preaking news center throughout the morning showing us the flattened homes that are left behind. vicki?


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