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tv   Eyewitness News Midday Weekend  ABC  February 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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police shut down parts of south caldwell street to investigate. no one was hurt. alexa ashwell is joining us live. you have counted 30 bullet holes in a popular uptown building. >> reporter: yes. and you can see where some of the bullets exited the van. some of those bullets also hit this building. you can see this is where people have been repairing the window. this building here on north caldwell street is where many people call home. it's a hotel and home to a restaurant with some of the best views of our city. people are troubled by this shooting. it appears the black van was the target. or the people inside of it. i counted and it's peppered with 30 bullet holes. this video will give you a closer look. it's amazing to think no one was seriously hurt. this happened around 4:30 this morning. north caldwell street between third and fourth streets. police have the area blocked off with crime tape early this morning.
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of rounds at this van full with people while it was outside the building. why remains unclear. i was told a woman was sitting in the red vehicle you see parked behind it. both vehicles were hit as well as the building itself. i'm told the concierge was shaken up. he called 911 as people ran inside the building looking for cover. i spoke with the president of the homeowners association for the condos here. >> we'll have the latest coming up at 6:00. reporting live in uptown alexa
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police are not saying if this was related to any ciaa tournament events in uptown. we are expecting to get a final tournament report today which will tell us if there were any problems surrounding the event and how many cmpd declared the tournament the an extraordinary event meaning extra security measures will put into place. that includes increased police patrols and a clear presence on every corner. as soon as we get that event we'll let you know both on air and online at we are also following breaking news out of concord. a road rage incident led to a shooting there this morning. take a look. you can see the front end of that silver car smashed in. this happened on orphanage road. one witness told us he heard the crash and heard people yelling and then told us what happened next shocked him. he didn't want to show his face. >> he was checking the damage
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then he approached the driver. the driver opened his door and the guy shot him. >> we are asking police if anyone has been arrested. we have new information this midday in the shooting death of a northern virginia police officer killed one day after being sworn in. authorities say the suspect is a member of the military. more than 100 patrol cars lined the road outside of the hospital this morning in honor of officer ashley guindon. she was killed while responding to a domestic dispute. the shooter injured two other officers and police found a woman dead. the other officers are expected to survive. the suspect is due in court tomorrow. prosecutors plan to seek a capitol murder charge. presidential candidate hillary clinton had an astounding victory in south carolina's democratic primary. you can see clinton received
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while bernie sanders has 26%. channel 9 was there as clinton gave her speech last night which was a very positive one. she talked about working together for a better future and also hit on two major groups she needs to vote for her. the youth and women. at one point she discussed equal pay for equal work and talked about making higher education more affordable. she also made time to throw a jab at donald trump. >> despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again, america has never stopped being great. >> clinton has been accused of being robotic during her speeches but last night she got very personal. quoting the bible and saying we need more love and kindness in the world. despite a landslide primary win for clinton, her democratic rival bernie sanders isn't giving up and already looking to super tuesday. >> i'm going to be asking for
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more than that from you. i need your help the day after the general election. because i can't do it alone. >> sanders will be in oklahoma and colorado today heading into super tuesday. new jersey governor chris christie is already on the campaign trail with donald trump. this is video of him accompanying trump in a stop in tennessee. and defended the facta he criticized trump. he believes trump is the strongest in the pack. >> and of the candidates remaining on that stage, he is the best person to beat hillary clinton which is job one for republicans. we do not want hillary clinton in the white house. >> christie argued the media questions trump more than the other candidates. he believes in time trump will provide more details on his plan for national security and the economy.
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polls open in mecklenburg county at 8:00 a.m. thursday. there are several polling locations including beaty's ford road. to find out where you can vote early, just click on for a full list. we brought you live pictures last monday as this fire tore through that building. the game at the school was supposed -- the gym at the school was supposed to be use as a precinct site. that will be moved to the hildebrand methodist church next door. fire investigators still have
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fire but they are not ruling arson. they told the hearld it's undetermined because the fbi and atf still cannot go inside safety concerns. for the last year residents have fought to save that building from demolition after down. looking outside you've got a beautiful day this afternoon. meteorologist vicki graf has been tracking this warmup and we are getting there. >> that is right. quite a rebound from this morning. we started the day off in the upper 20s. how about low 60s in the charlotte area. temperatures in the past few minutes. 60ty frees in the queen city. 61 in concord. 54-degrees in jefferson. so great day to get outside and enjoy that sunshine, go for a walk or run. if you are heading to freedom park, we will see highs in the mid 60s. it will start to get a little windy as we go throughout the rest of the afternoon. we could see wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour.
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i'll have the timeline of when rain will arrive coming up in the next 15 minutes. golden state warriors star and charlotte native steph curry may be on his well on his way to another mvp year. the record he broke that had other nba players tweeting. >> two north carolina teens are charged with threatening mass destruction. the threats the teens made and the action some parents are
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alre tomorrow officials will start demolishing the rental car facility. the first phase of the project calls for nine new gates.
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more than three years and $310 million to finish. if it's up to one senator you will have more leg room when you fly. new york senator charles schumer wants the faa to institute minimum seat size rules for airlines. he is expected to formerly atown the proposal today. schumer says the average distance has dropped from 35 inches in 1970 to 16.5 inches. two north carolina teenagers charged with threatening mass destruction. the threats to fellow students and teachers and why parents are upset about the police response. >> another day full of sunshine
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degrees above average. degrees above community in kansas are coming together to show support after a man went on a shooting rampage on thursday killing three of his coworkers and injuring more than a dozen
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hundreds gathered at a candle heston. cedric ford was an employee where ever -- ford approached inside the facility. >> i saw that he had a big machine gun. i went blank. what do i do? >> that woman says she slid down inside her car and managed to drive off. officials say ford first fired shots at an intersection in heston hitting a man in his car. they say then two miles away he forced another driver off the road and got him out of the vehicle and shot him in the leg and then took off with his car. ford ended up at his workplace where he shot 15 people, killing three of them. police shot and killed ford. police say one woman is charged with providing ford with the guns he used in those attacks. two of mcdowell county teens have been charged with a
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threatening mass destruction on social media. the 13-year-old boys named students and teachers at west mcdowell middle school and threatened to rape and kill them. the messages started two weeks ago and they are not happy with investigators response. >> it's always been tough for us to sit there and tell them to be patient and let us find out the details. >> some parents said they kept their children home from school friday worried about the threats. this week teachers have the chance to voice their opinions about what it's really like to teach in north carolina. the state board of education is opening up a survey on teachers work conditions. this comes just months after the state legislature granted teacher raises but not as much as teachers unions wanted. the average teacher salary in north carolina is among the lowest in the nation. we put the results on our website at click on news and look under
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also this week the unc system's newest president will take over after the firing of the school's former president tom ross. opposition. the naacp is demanding the school board of governors open any records relationing to the hiring of margaret spellings. the group claims several members of the board secretly recruited spellings last year. on tuesday neighbors near river bend steam station will have a chance to talk to state cleanup. river bend has been classified as a high priority site. that means the coal ash will have to be removed by 2019. the state will have similar meetings in each county where duke has a coil ash pond. tuesday's meet willing be held at 6:00 p.m. at gaston college in dallas. we told you it was going to shape up to be a pretty nice day and it has. lots of sun out. >> really a great weekend. yesterday lots of sunshine.
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we made it to the mid to upper 50s. today another sunny start to the day. and that will be the trend through the rest of the afternoon. a beautiful view from grandfather mountain. courtesy of canyons camera and we will continue to warm up in the mountains in the upper 50s. 55 in jefferson and 53 in boone. 63 in taylorsville. 61 in mooresville. you needed the layers early on, you don't need them later today. 58 in rock hill and 61 in lancaster. we are seeing the breeze pick up a little bit but highs for today well above average. close to 66 degrees and that warming trend will continue over the next several days. now taking you to future cast again. the winds will start to pick up later this afternoon. we could see wind gusts up to 25 and 30 miles per hour by 6:00, 7:00 this evening. hold on to your hats if you will be out and about. we do have plans tonight. by 7:00 mid 50s.
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not quite as cold over night tonight. for the bus stop forecast tomorrow as the kids head out, you don't necessarily need the thick winter coats but a light jacket might be necessary at 6:00. by 8:00 low 50s. we will see some more clouds building in testimony. to time everything out for you on future cast, we will have a few showers through the mountains early in the day and a batch of clouds will roll through charlotte by mid- morning. clearing out by the afternoon. we still stay dry east of the mountains and it's still going to be on the warmer side. tomorrow's forecast highs in the upper 60s. still about ten degrees warmer than average. we do have rain on the way. that will not get here until midweek. with the warmer temperatures that also means we're starting to sufficient aerolittle bit more from allergies. right now the culprits are cedar, elm, and oak and trees. now relief will come by midweek with a threat for rain. that will come in wednesday, possibly more toward the afternoon. could see a rumble of thunder but as of right now the over
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stay low. with any updates to the forecast, you can track them with our -- wsoc tv weather app. ahead. wednesday. through. cools off to the mid 60s by thursday. looking ahead to next weekend it looks good. dry. little cooler saturday. looking better by sunday. >> it's almost like a repeat. exactly. last night he set one record and tied another and won the game. >> what a shot from curry.
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steph curry had a game for the record books with his three pointer from 35 feet out. with a game tied in overtime. >> curry another three. it's good. >> reporter: the golden state warrior breaking the nba single season mark for three pointers and tying for the most three pointers in one game. >> curry another three. >> reporter: watch again as curry steps and shoots with less than one second left on the clock. sealing the victory for the warriors over the oklahoma city thunder. >> curry fires away. >> reporter: curry got started early hitting four from behind the three-point arch in the first half. in the third quarter it looked like he would be sidelined. his ankle was taped and he went back in the game. it's the game winning shot that is blowing up the internet. curry tying kobe bryant for the most three pointers in a game. nba legends past and present
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this husband is keeping his wife's memory alive.
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children are having on charlotte man is making sure no one ever forgets his wife. stephanie maxwell is showing how he is using his wife's chemo to make it easier for patients. >> reporter: he has garnered with words. especially his love notes about his late wife. >> i was inspired to write love notes as a way to celebrate her life. celebrate the love that we had. and the life together. >> katherine died from ovarian cancer. a year later they handed out
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uptown charlotte. he is spreading more love to others fighting ovarian cancer by eliminating the one thing he says really made her mad about her chemo treatments. >> in order to access the port to take off her shirt. >> reporter: hong said going topless for treatment robbed his wife of her dignity. but through donations, local ovarian cancer patients are getting these shirts to wear during chemo. this shirt has easy access to intact. >> i just unzip. they access me and we're tone. and i feel a little bit more private. >> reporter: look closely. on the shirt the words katherine ann zenga live piercely, live competely, the had.
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keeps katherine's memory alive. >> great idea. his 100 love notes got attention from abc news and people magazine. we have posted a link to our facebook page about the love notes and at where you can donate so more cancer patients can get a chemo shirt. taking a live look outside from our charlotte cam. you have a beautiful sunday afternoon ahead. meteorologist vicki graf has a look at these spring like temperatures and when we'll need to have that umbrella ready this week. hey, guys! if weekly groceryshopping at other stores is taking a big bite out ofyour budget, just look at these savings atyour local walmart. charlotte the total amountsaved at walmart vs bi-lo was $27.02 on this week'sgroceries - that's 20%. why shop anywhereelse? try shopping at walmart. walmart's every day low pricesmake shopping quick and easy because you'll find low priceson great products every day. start shopping with walmart'severy day low prices today.
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we have been talking about how march 1st is the meet logical start to spring. we have a day tomorrow. >> leap year tomorrow and already feeling like spring. we're in the mid 60s in charlotte. this time of year we should be around 58 degrees and we're already warmer than that. going through the afternoon we will climb to the mid 60s. it will be a little windy. if you are heading out, you might not want that hat because that could blow away. we could see wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour today and we will continue with a warming trend over the next several days. but keep the rain gear handy for wednesday and our wsoc tv weather app that is when we are tracking our next best chance for rain. and john will have more updates. that is coming up at 6:00. >> we have 20 or so days before spring but it already feels like it. thank you all for making us your choice for news this midday.
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hope you have a great sunday. you ha flames seen shooting out of a man's pants! what happened and how that man is doing tonight. a
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>> it's really happened to me. >> a photo capturing a sweet moment stolen and used for a fake story that went viral. and a fedex d driver caught driving erratically. a horror story has a lot of parents paying attention. a mom is speaking out annoyancing her baby's birth -- announcing her baby's birth was stolen. a photo capturing the joy the day your first child is born. now tainted by what has happened. >> it's something that i kind of don't believe at times. the photo originally posted with an article on the millford mirror in january, 2015 about bennett's


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