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tv   Eyewitness News at 500  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the director stressed to make sure you've had two doses of the vaccine. still he warned the defense does wear off over time. which could be a reason college aged people are susceptible to the virus. >> there maybe more of a mixing that goes on on a college campus than in a workplace environment. because you have people in dormitories. you have people in classes. you have people in social events. >> so the health directors recommendations, check your vaccination records. of course practice good hygiene. and if you note sudden symptoms, fever, chills, followed by cough, maybe a sneeze, call your doctor and stay home. reporting live in east charlotte, alexa ash well, channel 9 eyewitness news. the state sent a break down a few hours ago about the number of mumps cases in
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counties. there are nine probable cases between the two counties. this is one of the top stories at you'll find unedited clips of the health department news conference on the mumps. also information you need to know about the illness. it's inside alexa's story on the home page tonight. another breaking story we're following now, north carolina governor pat mccrory says he will not call a special legislative session to talk about charlotte's non- discrimination ordinance his office sent a statement saying from a cost stand point he would rather wait and have a bill introduced as soon as the legislature comes back for their short session in april. charlotte city council members approved the ordinance last week which defines how businesses must treat the lgbt community. it allows people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. all day channel 9 has been pushing for answers after police say these three men
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outside the sky condominiums in uptown. the suspected shooters were all in town for the ciaa. and new tonight, eyewitness news reporter mark becker talked with victims who were feet away when the shots rang out. >> reporter: they were right here. the sky condominiums on south caldwell street. take a look at the bullet where it hit here. there's another one down there. it looks like the intended target was a van. a big van parked right here. and behind it was an suv. and we spoke with the woman who was driving that suv. >> in the driver seat, my cousin was sitting right here. and as you can see right here. this is where the bullet ricochet. >> she's not sure why she didn't get hit. >> i guess two more bullets ricochet right here. there's a bullet right here. >> she never did see where the shots were coming from. but they were apparently
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parked in front of them that belonged to a visiting entertainer and had 30 bullet holes in it. >> there were two people in the car. they didn't know what happened. even more shots hit the front of the condo's lobby. and the concierge told us the young man who may have been the target was shaken. >> he was in shock. >> police charged three men at the shooting. two from memphis. one from south carolina. who came apparently to settle a running feud here armed with an ak 47 assault rifle and other guns. we pushed police for more specifics but we're told they're not saying more at this point. we went to city councilwoman julie who told us the shooting clearly raises concerns and makes a case for adding more police officers. >> we'll have people come in from the outside. and we'll have incidents. but we want to know we have a
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capable of responding. >> it's no coincidence per happens that the concierge here told us there were -- mark becker channel 9 eyewitness news. the issues are impacting charlotte's reputation. monitoring a developing situation out of raleigh now after the police chief there said that one of her officers shot and killed a man who was running away. authorities say the officer was chasing a man wanted on a felony drug charge and ended up shooting him this afternoon. the chief of police says there was a gun found near the man. our tv partner in raleigh says protesters have started to
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and they're all chanting black lives matter. the police chief just finished speaking to the media about this investigation. we're going to that interview right now. we'll bring you the latest developments at 5:30. we obtained a copy of a police report detailing a shooting in east charlotte over the weekend. we told you about the shooting yesterday. a police report shows that a 25- year-old man was shot around 11:30 saturday night. a 47-year-old woman witnessed that shooting the report also shows the shooter took the victim's mazda. the man's condition has not been released. police are investigating a robbery in a north lake mall parking lot while the mall was still open. a police report shows that two people pointed a gun at a man and a woman in the parking lot just before 7:00 on saturday night. the robbers managed to get away with cash. the victims weren't physically hurt. no arrests have been made. police took over a community in gastonia this
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armed man out of a home. officers were called to a home for a report of a man threatening suicide. police kept cameras back while stay tried to speak with him the stand off ended without anyone being hurt. scary moments inside a high school in ohio where deputies say a 14-year-old started shooting inside the school's cafeteria. authorities say the two boys were hit by bullets at madison high school near cleveland. two other students were injured by shrapnel while they were trying to escape. all four of the students are expected to be okay. the suspected shooter was taken into custody and investigators say they have an idea about a motive but they aren't releasing details. police arrested a suspect of a man forced an elementary school to shut down.
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and other charges. they also arrested, strong. a victim told officers a robbery happened around center stage at noda before 3:00 sunday morning. he said two people he didn't know told them he had a gun. the robbers took money and his car keys. now to vote 2016 where the clock is taking. presidential candidates are crisscrossing the country trying to rally support on the eve of super tuesday. eyewitness news anchor allison latos is here. >> it's the single biggest day of voting until november. tomorrow voters in a dozen states head to the poles. no candidate can wrap up the nomination on super tuesday. but the front runners are expected to put serious distance between themselves and closest competitors. there are 1610 delegates at
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after her south carolina win, hillary clinton is hoping to maintain her lead over bernie sanders and pick up many of the 1,015 delegates up for grabs on the gop side there are 595 delegates up for grabs with the last minute push came the jabs flying between the republican candidates. >> in florida, where he comes from, this guy couldn't be elected dogcatcher. >> we're not going to allow a con artist to take control of the party of lincoln and reagan. >> the only campaign that can beat donald trump is us. >> donald trump is behind in the bigger super state texas where senator ted cruz hopes his constituents will bring him a much needed win. has much more on super tuesday. including the five things you need to know. there's a break down of the delegates and why it's so important to the presidential race. most people in north
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obama should be the one to nominate a replacement for supreme court justice antonin skalia. a new high point university pole shows that 60% believe the nomination should happen now and not be left for the next president. 68% said the senate should consider that nominee. republicans promised to not hold hearings or meet with the nominee. the debate over road money continues in the south carolina legislature, new numbers show that counties are slow to spend the money they all ready received from lawmakers. out of the $216 million allocated last summer, only 4 million has been spent by counties. the agency also revealed that 22 counties haven't submitted their plans to the state. those counties said they're still determining which projects should receive the money. in the mean time, the south carolina senate still stuck over the critical bill that will fix the state's roads and
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now, senator tom davis has been filibustering or blocking the bill. the measure could raise the gas tax by 12 cents in order to pay to fix the state's infrastructure. a project kept a road in mooresville closed today. crews closed down statesville avenue from east center avenue to carpenter avenue. it's part of the water line replacement project on carpenter avenue. the road is set to be back ohm tomorrow for drivers. top experts from across the country will be at unc charlotte talking about how to help veterans transition back to civilian life. students and the public can join this conference and sessions. a big chunk of the conversation will focus on understanding the health care needs of vets and their families. 800,000 veterans live in the state. from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 tomorrow afternoon at unc charlotte. go to's new's page under latest links.
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a rowan county catholic became an islamic extremist, 9 investigates what the fbi is revealing about his plot to join isis. a crash closes down a major road in charlotte. what investigators say the driver of the truck was trying to do when he ran into an oncoming car and why neighbors say they fear it's not the last time it'll happen. february will have an extra day, let's make it one like this.
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i'll show you why that i' car parts were scattered across a busy road. authorities say a tractor
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it was taking over all five lanes on randolph road. this happened on the corner of randolph and sharon amity roads. jim bradley breaks down what the driver of the big rig was trying to do and what has neighbors so concerned. jim? yeah erica, this is the section of randolph right before sharon amity where this happened. witnesses tell me it happened like this. there was an 18 wheel flat bed in the parking lot that witnesses say tried to back out of here across all five lanes of traffic. before it could get to the construction site across the street, it plowed into a car coming down the road. a mangled white cadillac sat in the middle of a shut down randolph road this morning the windshield was gone but we could see parts of it in shards spread across the back end of the flat bed. the tractor trailer driver was backing up going to this
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>> across all five lanes. >> yes, sir. >> emergency crews helped to pull the driver out. dave looked on with plenty of concerns. police and troopers questioned the driver. they say there's no regulation requiring a spotter to stop traffic or alert drivers to a vehicle crossing their right of way. not even in areas routinely congested as cotswold. >> people, even when they're being careful, they can't see who's coming and going. >> with more construction equipment coming, marsha cheryl worries the danger will only grow. >> it's bad enough now. i can't imagine with all this extra construction and how we're going to manage. >> we've been checking with cmpd. so far no official information has been released about the driver of the white cadillac or
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as far as the truck driver is concerned, we'll told cmpd is investigating and charges are pending. we sent out a breaking news alert as soon as we learned about the crash. download our wsoc-tv app. that way you can receive those alerts right to your phone. starting tomorrow. north carolina hospitals are restricting visitors trying to stop the spread of the flu. cape fear valley health based in fayetteville will no longer allow visitors younger than age twelve. the hospital system also asking anyone with flu like symptoms like fever, cough, or a sore throat, not to visit. flu cases have been picking up in north carolina with one new death last week. that brings the total for the season to four deaths. in south carolina, 12 people have died so far this flu season. the state of south carolina learned that it will get $157 million in federal aid to pay
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the aid from the department of housing and urban development will be split. the money will go toward repairing roads, homes, and businesses that were damaged or destroyed in october's historic flooding. about 40 scientists plan to take part in a study trying to figure out how tornadoes develop in the south. the vortex southeast study will look at mobile radar, drones, and other equipment that can measure a tornado's intensity. scientists will also see if the landscape in the south gives tornadoes added power. this comes after the powerful storms blew through the area and produced tornadoes in north carolina. the national weather service says an ef 2 tornado touched down in grandville county. it had maximum wind speeds of up to 125 miles per hour and it was on the ground for about five miles. well, today certainly the opposite. just a gorgeous view from our
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let's check in with chief meteorologist steve udelson. >> it was the third warmest leap day we've ever seen. 73 degrees in charlotte. live early warning doppler 9, not showing a cloud to be found. never mind any rain. 76 degrees. i was up on lake norman today. it was a beautiful day up there. 74 matthews. you start moving north. it cools a little bit. the mountains got into the warming act. mid to upper 50s this afternoon. forecast this evening, you'll need a coat. it's late february. with dry air moving in, we'll cool quickly. at 7:00, lower 60s. over night lows in the low to mid 40s. a few degrees above average. not as warm as it was this morning for sure when we woke up to readings in the 50s. in the mountains, closer to freezing, weather changes this week will come quickly, clouds roll in during the afternoon.
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be aggressive on the showers late in the day. but we'll see an increase in clouds. i can't rule out a shower before the sun goes down. my eyes will be on that line of showers and storms moving into the mountains by this time tomorrow night. ahead of it, fairly mild, temperatures warm to 60 or so. clouds thicken up. mid 60s tomorrow afternoon. it'll be tomorrow night when we see the risk of showers rolling back in. up in blowing rock, your neighborhood forecast, starts us out in the 30s. temperatures climb in the 50s. the mountains a better chance for seeing showers by days end. the line that looked menacing in the mountains breaks up as it move into the charlotte area. maybe a shower or a gusty shower with it. but nothing heavy. and it's gone by wednesday morning. the only thing left, a few mountain clouds and snow showers. and back to sunshine as we head through the day on sunday. but the next five days, a good chance of rain tomorrow night, another good chance of rain thursday night before we dry
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mid 60s tomorrow. rain rolls in tomorrow night. and then another batch of rain rolls in thursday night. but notice a temperature trend. 70s nowhere to be found. >> today was great. tomorrow good. all right. thanks steve. a beloved couple after into flames. >> you see it in the movies happening. but you never expect to see it in your front yard. >> one neighbor's last words to the victims just seconds before the explosion. plus -- >> reporter: a man has been charged with drunk driving, killing a pedestrian, and fleeing the scene, the reason the suspect called 911 and brought police to his
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when the gas price plunge when the gas price pl (phone ringing)you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it.
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to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. answer the call al the drop in gas prices could be coming to an end. the national average climbed from 171 last week to 175 for a gallon of gas. but it's still about 65 cents less than this same time last year. analysts say that prices tend
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refineries switch to cleaner burning fuel blends before the summer driving season. channel 9 told you about the gas prices climbing up last week after we spotted gas selling for 1.28 a gallon at several stations in indian land. drivers haven't seen prices like that since september of 2002. but experts told channel 9 people should fill up now because prices that low won't last and it's not clear how much it will go back up. prices around the area are following if national trends the average price for a gallon in charlotte, it's up 2 cents compared to last week. now standing at 1.67. the north carolina average is 1.71. and drivers in south carolina paying 1.53 a gallon. we keep track of the lowest gas prices in the area at scroll over the traffic tab, click on gas prices, that way you can find the cheapest gas prices near you. breaking news just coming
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accused of killing a beloved charlotte greenhouse owner is in the york county jail. the mecklenburg county sheriff's site shows kevin dejesus was moved out of the jail before nine o'clock this morning. police arrested him two weeks after they say he killed jesse campbell. today hundreds were in grandsons asking for more money. schools can charge more for meals to make up for the extra cost but a federal audit last fall found rises prices discourage students from buying school lunches. we have all new stories in less than three minutes next at 5:30. first an investigation you'll see only on channel 9. i consider myself to be a part of the islamic state. >> in prison for supporting
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isis, i investigated how this former catholic from rowan county went from wanting to serve our country to what the fbi now calls a home grown terrorist. then starting tomorrow, it'll cost more to get an oil change, a tune up, even a car wash, where that money is going and the other services you'll
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it's a tragedy an entire community fought to keep from happening. i truly, truly hate this has happened. a beloved couple killed when a car crashed into their home and caused a chain of explosions. and those flames could be seen as far away as seven miles. >> this was the third time in less than a year a vehicle crash into the couple's property. today eyewitness news reporter ken lemon talked to a neighbor who tried to help save them. ken? report there's a lot of concern and a lot of the impact still here. take a look at the trees. particularly there. that's a piece of the roof from the house. the debris field stretches for 1200 feet. this began with a truck headed east on stagecoach road.
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straight into this house with a couple married for half a century. and this has happened before. that is what makes it so tragic. witnesses describe a loud blast and a wall of flames. >> it's tragic. you see it in the movies happening. but you never expect it in your front yard. >> the first bang came from the truck hitting the house. chris rushed over to help the driver. and described what he told me. >> i don't know what happened except i fell asleep at the wheel. >> there was concern for herself and her husband. but no sense of grave danger. weaver said she didn't know the gas line ruptured. he saw her through a window and told her to run. watching her turn to walk away from me and this wall of fire. i'll never forget that. he said the explosion came


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