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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  December 29, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> axelrod: hell at the airports, highway water on the mississippi. flooding, snow, and ice from a storm that won't quit. also tonight, caught in mexico. the teen who once beat a prison term by claiming to be too spoiled to know right from wrong. walking into danger-- the consequences of paying too much attention to the cell phone. and-- >> music should be color blind, and to make it that way, you have to infuse in it all of the colors. >> axelrod: a mieft mieft roon a mission. captioning sponsored by cbs
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with scott pelley. i'm jim axelrod. the deadly storm system that claimed 56 lives as it swept through the south and midwest is now dumping snow on northern new england. half a foot has fallen in maine. it's also producing historic flooding in missouri, where they're filling and stacking sandbags to hold back the surging mississippi river. bad weather is blamed for more than tin,000 flight delays in the past few days, and more than 4,000 cancellations. we have a team of correspondents deployed, beginning with adriana diaz at chicago's o'hare airport. adriana. appropriate jim, all day long, we've seen lines stretch across the length of the terminal as passengers try to get through security and to their gates, but many flights were canceled or delayed. crowded chaos took over the terminals here. check-in lines, six rows deep. security checkpoints, packed with passengers, running out of patience. >> i don't even know what to i'm really nervous. >> reporter: 800 flights were canceled or delayed by late this
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1400 canceled yesterday with an estimatey 80,000 trying to get to their desesnation through high. >> now they won't even let me speak to someone! this is such ( bleep ). it's such ( bleep )! >> reporter: hundreds were stranded last night with no place placeto go. 850 were able to get cotts, but scott millman and his girlfriend hope fiser, slept on the cold, hard floor after their flight to portland, oregon, was canceled. >> i've been using my coat as a blanket or a mattress. >> yeah, this is my pillow right hire. >> flight aware's dan baker says o'hare's location is critical to air travel nationwide. >> it's a hub for american airlines and united airlines as wellllo chicago is really a vital artery for the united states air traffic system. >> reporter:r:s the wintry mix moved east, dumping as much as a foot of snow from new york to maine, delays moved with it.
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york's three area airports were canceled or delayed, and another 400 or so at boston's logan airport. back here at o'hare, american airlin rebooked scott and hope on another flight, but itt leaves next year, on new year's day. is the airline paying for your hotel? >> no, they won't pay for anything. >> reporter: it will take at least one more day for flights to return to normal here at o'hare. jim, part of the problem is that flights are mostly full because of the holidays, leaving few seats for rebooking. >> axelrod: adriana diaz with the stranded travelers at o'hare. thank you. torrential rains have swollen rivers in illinois and missouri. the mississippi river is expected to crest on thursday south of st. louis at levels that could exceed the historic 1993 flood. union, missouri, has already flooded. russell kinsaul of our st. louis affiliate kmov is there. russell. >> reporter: yeah, jim, at least two dozen homes are
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this mcdonald's, there's a gas station air, hotel, and a jimmy john sandwich shop opened up a week ago is now flooded. there have been 13 deaths, most from people driving through water rushing across roadways. missouri governor jay nixon has declared a state of emergency. he was in the st. louis area today touringa some hard-hit areas in st. charms county. all of this heavy rain over the last three days has created what is basically 10 extra vertical feet of water. there have been mandatory evacuations and requests for volunteers to fill sandbags. in st. louis today, they needed volunteers to fill 20,000 sandbags and some of the volunteers that showed up today were children on their holiday break. in some places, water is up to the rooftops of homes, and as i showed you, some businesses are under water. here in union, missouri, it's the burbis river that is causing all of the flooding and they say it will reach an all-time high when it crests later today. jim. >> axelrod: russell kinsaul with the devastating floodwaters
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let's bring in eric fisher. eric, the flooding is already pat bad. get? >> what we're watching it a widespread area of eight- to 14-inch rainfall just over the last seven days alone and that is creating the huge situations we are seeing. all the rivers that feed into the misreaching at least major flooding if not record flooding and a lot of these crests, the highest at least seveval decades. what we're watching as the water feeds into the mississippi river in st. louis, cresting on thursday, at 44 feet. so 14 feet more to rise. the arkansas river at little rock will be cresting on friday at 26 feet, very high water levels. now, the good news here is that as we look over the next seven days, a much drier pattern is going to set up all across this region. it won't stop the flooding that's expected here, jim, but least tonight exacerbate the problem any more. >> axelrod: eric fisher, thank you. garland, texas, has begun to
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or destroyed nearly 800 hoamedz there. tonight, david begnaud has a heartbreaking reminder that property can be replaced but lives cannot. >> in bad shape. i lost my wife. she was my best friend. >> reporter: ruben porras and petra ruiz were married for 10 years with four young children. they both worked as paralegals. for christmas, ruben surprised his wife a special hair employment. she was on her way home saturday night when she connected with her husband on facetime. >> we were just talking about dinner, and all of a sudden, she just started screaming. >> reporter: she starts screaming and-- >> and she starts saying-- all i said was, "babe,", you know, "what's wrong?" the image just became black. >> reporter: using a mobile app, and gpshe tracked his wife's phone to the crash site. he asked his brother-in-law to drive him there.
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debris he ran the last mile and a half to find his wife. >> and i looked to my right, and i see-- it was crushed. i was hoping she wouou still be alive in there,un. >> reporter: you crawled into the car. >> i crawled into the car, to try to help her. >> reporter: about five hours later, porrasas came home and called his children together. >> i said, "mommy was in a terrible accident, and she has left us. she will be watching over us." >> reporter: petraraorras was one of eight people who dieed in the city of garland. jim, all of those victims died in their vehicles. >> axelrod: david begnaud with the heartbreaking story. thank you, david. now to ethan coach, the so-called affluenza kid. couch was wanted for possibly
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after beating prison time in a fatal drunk driving crash with a defense that left many people shaking their heads. after a three-week manhunt, omar villafranca reports couch has been arrested in mexico. >> reporter: ethan coach's newly dyed black hair didn't fool mexican authorities who caught the texas teenager on monday despite looking very different than he did two years ago when he was first charged in the deadly drunk driving accident. tarrant county sheriff dee anderson: >> we worked a tremendous amount of leads and learned through some interviews that they had planned to disappear, that they even had something that was almost akin to a going away party. >> reporter: investigators say couch and his mother, tonya, drove a pickup truck into mexico and ended up more than 1200 miles from north texas in the coastal resort town of puerto vallarta. they fled shortly after this video surfaced that appears to show couch at a party with
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violated his juvenile probation. even though he's 18, tarrant county district attorney sharen wilson says couch is only facing juvenile justice. >> i'm not satisfied with four months in a juvenile facility. we're asking for him to be moved to adult court. >> reporter: couch was only 16 when he avoided jail time and was sentenced to 10 years' probation for killing four people in a drunk driving accident. his defense team argued that the teen suffered from something they termed affluenza, arguing that his rich parents never taught him right from wrong. sheriff, now that he is in custody, what do you want to happen to ethan coach this time around? >> well, i'd like for him to be held accountable. i don't think 10 years' probation was appropriate for-- for killing four innocent people. >> reporter: even if couch's case is transferred to adult court, he only faces four months in prison because he was convicted as a minor. jim, officials tell cbs news
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be flown back to texas tomorrow. >> axelrod: omar, thank you. chicago police officer jason van dyke pled not guilty today in the shooting death of laquan mcdonald. van dyke faces first degree murder charges after shooting the teenager 16 times. dash cam video of the confrontation sparked days of protests when it was released last month. van dyke's lawyer says he may ask for a change of venue. the last day of the year is always among the most challenging days of the year for department. and two days away, paris and san bernardino have only raised the stakes. here's don dahler. >> reporter: with over a million people expected in midtown manhattan and a billion more watching on tv, new york officials are determined to make times square the safest place on earth. mayor bill de blasio. >> we're the best prepared city in the country. we know how to do big events.
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>> reporter: 5,000 uniformd and undercover-up officers will be in times square. garbage cans will be removed, manhole covers sealed shut, radiation detectors deployed. this year, the n.y.p.d. establish aid 500-person special drills. at a new operations center in downtown manhattan, officers monitor thousands of camera feeds. on new year's eve, the room will be staffed with members of governmental and private agencies. last month, chief james o'neill gave us a tour. safe? >> you know what, i'm not going to tell people not to be concerned but i'm going to tell them to feel safe. i don't think anyone does this work better than the n.y.p.d., along with our federal partners. >> reporter: but memories of the paris and california terror attacks are fresh. commissioner bill bratton. the pattern this year has been terror attacks on relatively small, soft targets with all the focus on times square, what about the thousands of
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>> both through our capabilities on the threat analysis beforehand, the prevention side of it, as well as the capability to respond very quickly, we believe we are as prepared as anybody can be. >> reporter: spectators coming into this area will all be searchd and required to get to their places early and stay there. jim, they will also not be allowed to bring in large bags, backpacks, or alcohol. >> axelrod: don dahler in times square where it will be even busier in two nights. thank you. now to new information about the federal government's handling of the texas ice cream maker blue bell, the subjectave cbs news investigation this fall. cbs news has learned the department of justice has started an investigation into blue bell after their ice cream was linked to a deadly listeria outbreak earlier this year. three people died. an f.d.a. investigation found listeria in three of blue bell's production plant in alabama, oklahoma, and texas, as well as
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knew one plant was contaminated as least as early as 2013. the f.d.a. investigation uncovered other troubling problems, including condensation dripping directly into ice cream, and unsanitary equipment. in april, blue bell shet down all three production facilities and recalled all its ice cream. source tell cbs news the justice deparment is trying to determine what blue bell management knew about potentially deadly hazardin their plant and when they knew it. in october, gerald bland who worked in the blue bell factory in texas, described to cbs news unsanitary conditions on the factory floor. >> on the wall by the three-gallon machine, if it had rained real hard and water set on the roof, it would just trickle down that wall. >> axelrod: rainwater. >> yeah. >> axelrod: from the roof. >> from the roof. >> axelrod: would get into the factory? >> yeah. >> axelrod: another worker, terry schultz, told us his
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unclean conditions went nowhere. >> the response i got at one point was, "is that all you're going to do is come in here and complain every afternoon." >> what do you think the message is. >> production is more important than cleanliness. >> axelrod: all three of blue bell's plant are back up and running and by the end of next month its ice creams will be states? blue bell did not respond to our requests for comment today. this investigation into blue bell is being led by the same justice deparment lawyer who prosecuted the peanut corporation of america. the owner, stuart parnell, got 28 years for shipping contaminated peanut products. that longest sentence ever for a food safety-related crime. coming up next, walking while distracted is sending hundreds to hospitals. a former star of "glee" is
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hailstork . >> axelrod: distraction turned deadly for a man who fell off a cliff on christmas day. he had been starring at his phone or camera unaware of the looming danger. this type of thing happens all the time. >> reporter: investigators believe joshua burwell may have been trying to take a picture of the sunset when he made the deadly 40-foot fall. san diego las vegas sergeant bill bender. >> he wasn't watching where he was walking, looking more down on the device. >> reporter: research shows so-called distracted walking, especially from handdevices like cell phones, is a growing problem. the number of e.r. visits doubled between 2005 and 2010 to more than 1500 with millennials ages 21-25 the most likely to get hurt. >> it's important to recognize
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>> orthopedic surgeon believes the true number of injuries is higher. >> when they come into my office, for instance, they'll have an injury and say they tripped over the curb but they'll never admit they were looking down at their phone instead of lookiki in front of them. >> reporter: mall security cameras captured this woman who was sole focused on her cell phone she walked into a fountain. this man walked right off the train platform. he spotted a woman video chatting while walking across a busy new york street. >> knew i shouldn't but i do it. >> reporter: kelly, you have ever had a moment where you walked into something or fallen or-- >> oh, absolutely. i've walked into one of the very short, like, light posts. >> reporter: she may not be surprised by the findingave 2014 study that estimated nearly 10% of all pedestrian injuries are due to distraction. jim, i know it sounds obvious, but if you're looking down at your phone, you may not see an obstacle that's right in front of you in time. >> axelrod: crition, thank
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an unlikely pedestrian was
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>> axelrod: one of the stars of the fox tv show "glee" was arrested today for potection of child pornograph. mark salling played puck on the program. police say they serve aid warrant at salling's home and took the 33-year-old actor into custody. "glee" aired its final episode earlier this year. mike tyson was once one of the most feared men on the planet but the heavyweight became a heavy weight on a hover board. that could be the hardest he's ever hit the floor. tyson's daughter got him the hoverboard for christmas and clearly it won this round. in northern california, this question-- why did the elephant seal want to cross the road? she tried several times to cross highway 37. wildlife teams shoot her back in the san pablo bay each time, but
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alka seltzer plus liquid gels rush liquid fast relief to your tough cold symptoms. and they outsell mucinex liquid gels 2 to 1. alka seltzer plus liquid gels. >> axelrod: we close tonight with a mission to change the composition of classical music. not the sound, but the color. fewer than 4% of symphony musicians in this country are black. lee cowan found it's not for lack of talent. >> reporter: rachmaninoff was seam ols this night in charleston, south carolina. remarkable because this was the very first time many of thesese
6:56 pm
together. maestro marlon daniel conduct not only the orchestra but festival, called the color of music, now in its third year. >> a lot of musicians of color hip-hop. stereotype. >> it's a big stereotype. a lot of people claim there are not any musicians of color out there doing classical music, when there actually are in reality tons of us. >> reporter: clarinetist robert davis says in most symphonies he sticks out as a here. >> you usually see the same ones, but then i came down here and there's a whole other group. where are they coming from? i was very shocked about that. >> reporter: the festival also highlights black classical composersop on this night it was aldolphus hailstork and his church street serenade, performed just one block from
6:57 pm
in june a white gunman opened fire killing nine. >> we're very lucky. >> reporter: businessman lee pringle, who founded the event, hopes sights like this will help diversify other orchestras. want to change. they just don't know how to change. change? >> by having people at the table who look like me. >> music should be color blind, and to make it that way, you have to infuse in it all of the colors. >> reporter: a unique unity that f f a few days at least, makes for an especially powerful sound. ( applause ) lee cowan, cbs news, charleston, south carolina. >> axelrod: and that's the cbs evening news. for scott pelley, i'm jim axelrod. thanks for watching. and good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
6:58 pm the recent rain eroding our roads. we'll tell you why d-o-t officials that's hard to fix. and .... a gas station robbery.. ends with a suspect on the run..and the identify him. plus... the clemson tigers e hoping for a championship.. but first they have to get through the orange bowl. we'll show you what their big game. in buncombe county .. the flood waters...tore through a mobile home park... this morning. the water damaged homes... vehicles...and even washed out part of a road. mike manzoni was there... as people started... to cleanup. this small creek ... caused big damage. in a few wds.02:34:17-02:34:18 "it was devastating t wer.rhedou th igorod. . stftm it shfoon..ipp t sune pemt. a epd thiood. th iaitho 02:54:08-02:54:20 "neighbors s t wern is g shh att ovow all out oo ispereou ceellobm. a bauis a lyi aa,haer
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