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tv   7 On Your Side at 7pm  CBS  January 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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the freezing cold temperatures... could be potentially dangerous... for someone who stays out in the elements too long. but there's also concern for people...who have difficulty... heating ther homes. and that has local leaders... concerned. "7 news" reporter dave jordan... went to the salvation army in greenville tonight...and found out what's being done... to help those in need: - ---- you didn't have to go far
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bone-chilling temperatures in greenville. every where we went we saw frozen fountains, people bundled up and thermometers flashing the freezing forecast. sot 80:20:06-26 how cold is it for you guys today? it's really cold. jennifer kennedy, complaining about the cold 10:3439 i'm fr ho but i've been i south a long time so i'm not used to it anymore. it seems like the cold took a lot of people by surprise this winter. sot lauren stephens, social ministries director, salvation army 13:22-27 we got a little spoiled in december for a little while which was differenmlast y bea was very c mercury drops, the calls for help come in from people who aren't living on the street. sot 12:16:20-27 themay right now. tha housing that's diffict t headuring the wemonths. the salvation army is now giving out heaters, blankets, gloves and socks to the less fortunate.all in an effort to prove a little comfort to those in need. sot 14:46-51 we can help you meet those needs without putting you or your family in any sort of danger. reporting. the requirements to get a heater
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to be 55 or older ... or... have a child in the home under the age of 5... or... have a disability. as for the homeless... the greenville salvation army has -130- beds at its facility... and feeds clients... -3- hot meals a day. with more of cold nights ahead... and the potential for winter weather... in the forecast... we wanted to know what's being make sure... the roads are ready. this new salt barn in greer... saves road maintenance the hassle... of driving hours to get more road salt. it holds about 10-thousand tons of salt... and the d-o-t says... it prepares the upstate... for the worst: ----- "which is more than we typically go through in the upteacr sulbui for the winter." ----- s-c could start treating the roads... as early as tomorrow morning. tommorow... all greenwood county schools.. in district 52... will be closed.. that's coming from the district's assistant superintendent wally hall. he says.. d-hec is currently testing the water... but will not have the results until tomorrow. so for safety reasons.. they will close the
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water is safe again. now to some big news in on campaign 2016 .. there are less than 2-weeks... before the first votes... are cast. and donald trump is getting his biggest endorsement to date. his campaign ..says sarah palin .. is backing the candidate. an official announcement is expected later tonight. we'll bring you more information on it ... tonight at 10 and 11. an abbeville man .. charged with molesting a 3- year-old child... went before a judge today .. deputies say the crime happened at a home daycare - run by the man's wife. today kenneth cooper faced a judge in abbeville county asking for a modification to his home detention. cooper is accused of sexually assaulting a 3-year old attending the daycare. dss says that denise cooper relinquished her registration in august ... just a month after her husband was was charged. the solicitors office says parents
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the judge will announce tomorrow whether he will allow cooper more freedom from his home detention sentence. a second former upstate officer...faces charges... for misconduct on the job. the one-time...honea path policemen ... are accused of excessive force...while making an arrest ... in november 20- 14. "7 news" reporter krystyne brown... has reaction attorney: ----- "the police chief and the city of honea path did the right thing." months after the honea path police department fired robert shaw... and john bell.. for an excessive force complaint. both are arrested within a week of each other.. and now face charges.. "there is nothing that can be done to these iddshca ingsfeath hl .bell and shaare accused of beating brian hatcher.. while arresting him.. in november 2014. the former officers said he pulled a knife on them .. and they had to use force to disarm the man. but now.. state agents say.. there's a different story.
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the two made false statements ..athatch'se" there is dash cam footage.. being used in the state's investigation. we've and are waiting for it to be released. but hatcher's attorney.. tom dunaway .. says he *has* seen it.. "the tape shows the beatings.. hittings by the police officers." after the encounter.. hatcher ended up in the hospital.. and his attorney says.. he is still recovering from his wounds. "he has some brain injury. he is deaf in one ear. he has a nasal fracture that will need to be corrected. he has vision loss and is an emotional wreck following the beating." the honea path police chief released a statement tuesday.. reiterating there had been no red flags prior to hiring the two officers. he says the department has fully cooperated with sled..and has nothing else to say on the case. dunaway agrees..the chief and state..have done what they can at this point.. to bring justice for his client. "we should admire and appreciate the other jobs that our police officers do for us." in honea path.. krystyne brown.. 7 news. we reached shaw and bell's attorneys... for comment today... but haven't
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convicted...the former officers could get 10-years in prison. a life-saving technology... created by a former upstate law enforcement officer.... could soon be hitting the market. it's aimed at warning people when a high speed police pursuit is happening close by... in his 37 years in law enforcement...tim morgan knew there was a better way to prevent deaths during chases. so he and wife trish got to work...developing a device plan and teaming up with the pickens innovation center last year... many aspects of this project are still under wraps. but they are planning for a march unveiling.. 39:50 "if you can imagine if you're driving down throsomeplace and you receive an alert that there's a high speed pursuit in your area, then you can be a more cautious'll clear the intersections, you'll check the rear view mirror or you can decide to pull off the side of the road." statistics show theres a death the us ....stemming from the 35 year. tonight we're trying to learn more about a deadly fire in pickens county. it happened at this home .. on
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pickens. one person was found dead inside the home .. but the victim's name has not been released. and fire officials haven't said how the fire started. but they are warning people.. to stay away from ann street tonight. firefighters will close it.. because they expect the water used.. to freeze overnight. right now..trayvon martin's mother is speaking to students at clemson tonight. trayvon was the florida teen .. shot and killed by george zimmerman in 20-12. sybrina fulton's speech is part of the university's annual martin luther king, junior commemorative service. fulton has traveled the country..talking about preventing violence..since her son's death. south carolina senators spent the day discussing how to keep refugees out of our state. two bills have been proposed .. one would require state agencies to stop any involvment relating to refugees. the other would do several things .. including require refugees to register with the state within 30 days of entering the state. prevent state or local
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benefit refugees... and allow south carolina residents to sue resettlement organizations for any deaths, personal injuries or property damage caused by refugees. georgia governor nathan deal.. plans to reveal a 47 billion dollar spending plan that would include... increasing the number of prison inmates released... with job skills. last year deal asked lawmakers to creat charter school to help inmates earn high school degrees. this year.. deal wants lawmakers to approve and extra 4 million dollars for state prison education. his plan would also boost salaries for state workers..and give local school boards more money to increase teacher pay. the detroit dad who made national news .. in 2014.. when his 12 year old was reported missing for 11 days... has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor child abuse charges. a judge sentenced "charlie bothuell the 4th" to 18-months of probation. you may remember ... bothuell was doing a live interview with h-l-n's nancy grace when he learned that state police found his son barricaded in his basement.
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lawsuits have been filed today against michigan governor rick snyder and officials over flint's water crisis. people there have been drinking tap water contaminated with lead.. for nearly two years... after the city switched it's water supply to the flint river to save money. the lawsuit is asking for an injunction to prevent the city from issuing shut off notices to resident's who can't pay their bills. the lawsuit also wants the court to declare all of the water bills.. invalid .. because the water is unusable. three other lawusits have been filed on behalf of flint residents.. and seeks damages for violating the constitution and gross negligence by public officials. next on 7 news .... it's tax season..and that means.. the scam artists.. may try to get your wallets. but the i-r-s is tell you don't fall for it. we'll tell you how and later...people here in the upstate are hoping the carolina panthers go all the way to the super bowl. and even the panthers coach is making rules.. to ensure players.. make it to the big
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sarah palin..officially announces she's endorsing presidential candiate donald trump... just a few weeks before the iowa caucus.
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speech. we'll bring you more from this tonight at 10 and 11. today marks the first day of the tax filing season, and scammers are trying to take advantage of taxpayers. the treasury department issued this public service announcement...warning taxpayers about phone scammers who claim to be irs agents. last year a north carolina
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thousand victims.. who sent their money to scam artists. and last year the total amount of money stolen grew from 15 million to more than 26 million dollars. "what should tip people off that this is a scam? "the tipoff is, if you don't pay immediately, you're going t go lthat ep offthe irs wunever mak atelephone cal that." if you do get a call like that, the irs says you should just hang up. authorities say the scam started in india but it's so profitable it has spread to copycats all over the world. have you ever wondered "exactly" much money you make goes toward food transportatio n and daily needs each year? for the first time in south carolina a report takes a look at how much money is actually needed to support a family in the state without any assistance. creators of the "self sufficiency standard for south carolina" report hope to improve eligibility guidelines for government assistance by breaking down family needs. this differs from the federal poverty level by including the
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health care and tax credits. real economic independence
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still ahead on 7 news... one panthers player.. won't be playing in the upcoming n-f-c championship game. but instead..he's making a community. but first here's a look
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tonight the music world has lost an iconic guitarist. the eagles' co- founder glenn frey died in new york yesterday after a long illness. he was 67. the eagles became one of the biggest groups of the 19-70s with albums like "hotel california" and were credited with driving the country rock sound. the eagles scored 4 consecutive number one albums and sold 150 million records. "we were serious about our songs and serious about where we wanted to take the band. but along the way we rocked. and had a good time." the band split in 1980, and frey launched a successful solo career, with hits like "the heat is on." then in 1994, the eagles reunited with the album "hell freezes over" and had been touring off and on ever touring off had been touring off and on ever since. the carolina panthers are just one game away from the super bowl and coach ron rivera... doesn't want anything... to jeopardize the team's chances. so... he's
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... at team facilities. he made the decision... after he caught several players ... *drag racing* them ... in the hallways. rivera said... he's concerned about someone falling...ahead of sunday's game. "the biggest message i try to tell my kids more than anything is family were all we got at the end of the - take care of yr family." ----- carolina panthers cornerback..charles "peanut" tillman's... is taking a break from the field ... to spread an inspirational message to children in the community. tillman hosted a breakfast... for some elementary students and their parents. he was there... talking to kids..about thinking before they act. that's just one of his dozens of middle school dozens of one of his that's just one of his dozens of middle school rules...he published in a book. tillman stressed the importance of decisions... and follow. if you want see something spectacular ... all you have to do is watch the sky tommorrow morning. we'll
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starting tomorrow ... skywatchers...will get a special treat. you can see -5- planets together... in the sky... just before dawn. mercury, venus, saturn, mars and jupiter will all be visible for about 45 minutes before sunrise. experts say it's the first time in more than ten years that all five of them have appeared together in the pre-dawn sky. the show will last through february 20-th. in case you need help... knowing where
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naval observatory's webpage. it has an app...that can help. i'll see you at 10 on the carolinas c-w.. and we'll be back here at 11. until then you can get the latest updates by logging on to get the latest updates by logging on to wspa dot com. stay with us for "scene on 7"... coming up next. enjoy your evening... and thanks for watchg "7 news." "7 news is always on...on
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