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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  January 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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there on the south end. >> cold as much as anything. >> let's get to the expert here. it looks like maybe today's weather has moved on, right? today's weather is in the process of moving out. a lot of people who were reporting snow would probably say we're not seeing anymore. we have a little left over. the trend will be to quiet down and a lot of it is falling as rain, especially down into lawrence, greenwood, anderson, but in anderson you had a little snow falling today and we're still looking at at least flurries coming down in the northern sections of anderson county. the trend is going to be for us to ski our skies drying up. we are tracking another bigger system for the end of the week, just now trying to get organized and moving out of the rocky mountains. it is going to bring in a lot of moisture and create a lot of moisture and problems. in the meantime, it is all about temperatures, so watch out for patchy, black ice around the upstate that will be
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significant snow that fell in the mountains. >> i heard projections like washington, d.c. might get two feet of snow? >> it could very well be an historic snow storm up towards the mid atlantic. for tonight, i know sometimes when you have a situation where you're right around that freezing point, the radar will kind of say one thing and you step outside and it is a little different and that's why we have crews all across the area checking the ground for you tonight. >> in fact, we're standing by in the upstate chasing the snow in north carolina. we're going to start there with dan. just how much snow are you seeing. you're in fletcher, right? well, we're at the point where the snow that came down is pretty much gone. we spent the day going from the north carolina-south carolina border clearing up and back. for a while it was snowing to beat, but once the snow quit, the sun actually popped up. and what we ended up with and a lot of places on the ground,
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way, is a little bit of snow in some shaded areas, and that's about it. even places that saw an inch or more of snow, that all melted away. the problem is it melted and that water ran off somewhere obviously so we've got to watch that. once the sun goes down, wherever that water is, it is going to freeze up and that is going to yield a potential for black ice as we go later on into tonight and tomorrow morning. as christie mentioned, we're watching the friday system. she'll have more on that forecast coming up. live from fletcher, north carolina, 7 news. >> it could be a tricky drive. thank you, dan. let's continue our team coverage now. we're in the upstate now. >> we have gotten a few reports of flurries already, but you say some of the people that you a lot more. >> reporter: yes, that is right, gordon and diane, but i really hope these people know exactly what it is they're asking for. take a look at this fountain in downtown spartanburg. that is an icicle and it is
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some we talked to say bring it on! all day we saw people walking around the streets of downtown spartanburg bundled up and ready to go, ready to feel like it is actually winter. at usc upstate, the fountains over there were doing a little better. the students say they'd enjoy the snow and a nice break from hitting the books. >> i have been texting some friends i have here on campus and hoping if it snows we're going to go out and play around in the snow. >> reporter: you're not only hoping it snows, you're hoping it sticks? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: so this wasn't exactly what he was hoping for. some flurries. that was about 30 minutes ago, but they were very wet. it was a combination of rain and snow. we'll keep you posted. for now live in downtown spartanburg, 7 news. and for people who weren't keeping tab this is morning on the weather, a lot of people were really caught by surprise by the flurries. >> including you! where is your hat? >> reporter: i know! i am so unprepared.
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can you see how red my fingers are? warning, don't do this! a lot of people caught by surprised, i'm a shamed to say, including myself. gordon, i do -- i'll do better next time. >> and holding a metal microphone. speaking of getting excited about the weather. we love there french bulldog's epic frolic in the snow! >> poor little buddy. we guarantee it is enough to make it go viral. if you do see snow, make sure to send us your pictures and videos and they just show up here on the air. >> tonight's weather as it sort of moves on is round one. round two is the ne we'll really watching carefully. >> round two is a bigger storm n system. it has a lot of moisture and it is looking more and more like the folks along the i-85 corridor have a chance of getting freezing rain with this next one coming in. any kind of ice is bad, but it
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so just lot with it. a very complex system. >> travel will be a problem. >> it is very possible, and we're going to be tracking that closely and you should, too. >> the timing thursday into friday? >> yes. all day friday. it gets going thursday evening and friday is going to be a mess and then we'll wrap up with snow showers on saturday. we could have every kind of with this. >> boy, that is exciting. thank you. remember, updates from the weather team anytime, anywhere. down load the 7 news app to get the latest forecast on the go. it gives you the latest on the school closings and delays for your area. things looking up for a greenville county deputy who was critically injured while responding to a robbery call last month. today dave dempsey was released from the hospital. a crowd of co-workers were there to show tear support. and we are standing by with how deputy dempsey is doing. >> reporter: that's right. it has been just other a month
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would hardly know anything happened at all. he was walking and talking just fine and today is the day that his family and the rest of the community have been waiting for. 41 days. that's how long greenville county deputy dave dempsey spent recovering from a gunshot that fractured his skull while in the line of duty last month. as he walked out of the hospital this morning, he found a crowd of supporters waiting to congratulate him on his speedy recovery. >> he was in our prayers. he's had outstanding support. >> reporter: dempsey still remembers the night he was injured, responding to a robbery when things took a turn for the worse. he says he is thankful he had his partners with him. >> patrick, he stayed in the game and eliminated any further injury that could have occurred, easily occurred.
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and didn't run around the corner and curl up in the fetal position. he stayed in the game and took care of things. >> reporter: the road to recovery may be a long one for dempsey. and there will be some things he'll need to get used to for now. >> like my cane, going much slower than i'm used to going. i'm used to jumping up and doing something. >> reporter: but this day is one that his wife amy and two sons john and hunter have been waiting for for 41 long days. >> i'm very joyful. my heart is happy and full and content. i'm ready to go home. i wish i could name every nurse that has helped us because they mean a lot to us. >> we have to work through all of these issues, but as long as i'm home now, it will be a little easier, i think. >> reporter: now, as far as
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doing outpatient traumatic injury therapy three days a week for 12 weeks. >> it is interesting, the last report we got on deputy dempsey were his injuries were worse than we thought, that he was sort of going in and out of consciousness. he had to have part of his skull removed. now it looks like he might actually go back to work. >> reporter: yes, i was actually speaking with his wife amy and she said it could be about a year and the sheriff says they are really looking forward to that day. >> an amazing recovery story. nice job. thank you. a $75,000 bond has been set for a man charged with attempted murder in anderson. clint moore went before a judge this morning. investigators say moore shot a man in the chest at the l.a. courthouse nightclub back in november. he turned himself in yesterday. south carolina is making a new effort to track down on fraud this year, and that means you may have to wait a little longer to get your tax refund.
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explains, good things come to those who wait. >> reporter: it is a general rule that the earlier you file your taxes the quicker you get your return, but this year you could be waiting a little longer for that check or direct deposit from the state. >> this is money that is being stolen from our government, from our taxpayers, and it just -- we have to address it. >> reporter: ashley thomas with the south carolina department of revenue tells us there has been a spike in fake tax filings and it is costing the federal government anywhere between $6 to $30 billion. now, state tax refunds are also at risk. >> they're now moving increasingly to stealing, in acigs, your state refund. -- in addition, your state refund. >> reporter: south carolina is the latest state to put measures the place, and that is why state tax returns could be delayed by two or three weeks. thomas won't go into detill on what is being done to prevent the fraud, but did say the
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using multiple levels of verification and analytic technology. while this may be a frustrating delay for taxpayers, the state says it is a necessary step to make sure the money goes in your pockets where it belongs. in spartanburg, dave jordan, 7 news. if you believe someone tried to steal your tax refund by filing in your name, fill out an irs identity theft form. we posted a lick at -- a link at this stage is set and in less than two hours, the governor nikki haley will deliver her state of the state address. around the world, 2015 was the holtest year -- hottest year on record. what does that tell scientists about the future? i'm in greenbelt, maryland with that story, coming up. first, a quick check of traffic. we have 85 and 385 in greenville county. the roads are wet. we already see one accident here on 385.
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is going to get dangerous out there tonight. stay put.
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weather situation welcome back to live at 5 .. governor nikki haley will be giving her annual state of the state address tonight ... in it .. she'll spell out welcome back. governor nikki haley will be giving her state of the state address. >> she will lay out where she thinks the state is and where the state will go. we have gone to columbia with a preview of that big speech. addie? >> reporter: gordon, word around the shouse is governor hail i haley is going -- governor haley is going to call for respectful disagreement after a year that didn't see much of that. 2015 was a tough year for the palmetto state. we saw the charleston church massacre prompting that confederate flag debate. we also saw the death of walter scott at the hand0s of a north charleston police officer. it is expected that this speech is going to draw national attention. i don't have haley took the
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delivering the gop response to the president's final constituent of the union address, so needless to say, all eyes on her tonight here in columbia. many people tapping her as a potential v.p. running mate. of course, our coverage continues. we have robert piddle here in columbia. you'll see him later in our news cage. of course, you can watch the constituent of the state addre here on 7 news beginning at 7:00 p.m. i'm reporting live in columbia, addie hampton, 7 news. >> so you mentioned the confederate flag and the shooting in charleston that sort of prompted that movement. the governor talked about the state's reaction to what happened in charleston in her national speech. i understand she's probably going to talk a little bit about senator pinkney, one of the victims from charleston tonight. do you think that will be a big element of her speech? >> reporter: from what i'm hearing, that is going to be a pretty big element. he was a man man of great respect and, of course, i know a lot of his colleagues truly respected him.
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it is expected that she is going to talk about him and say that we should all about as senator pinkney would. >> addie hampton live in thank you. before the governor begins tonight's speech, we want to make a -- take a look back at the goals of the state from last year. >> it is always easy when you curve? how did we do? stick around because we are going to break down the big promises the governor made and compare that to actual accomplishments in 2015. we'll do that here in the bottom of the hour. also at the state house today, the lawmakers are discussing plans to display the confederate flag. it was removed from the shouse grounds in july. legislators say the museum that will house it needs to relocate to attract more visitors. right now the confederate relic room is at the back of the state museum building. so it wants more than $3 million to expand so it can display the flag. more bumps in the road for the presidential candidates. for the gop hopefuls, a high
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mying a key role. donald trump and sarah palin rallied together for the first time since her endorsement of the front runner tuesday. trump and ted cruz are running neck and neck in iowa where cruz also took a hit when the state's republican governor came out against the texas senator enderette knoll subsidies. for the democrats, a new poll adds for the tension. hillary clinton leads nationally, but in new hampshire, the latest cnn-w. m. ryu r. poll, shows bernie sanders ahead of clinton by 27 points. well, there is a live look at downtown greenville where we had a little snow falling earlier today. that has gone away and we expect fairly quiet conditions for the overnight. we're mainly going to be tracking the temperature because any moisture that is left over will have a chance to refreeze. we expect the freezing weather areawide going into tomorrow morning so the roads don't dry
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so rain and snow will be ending. patchy black ice could be a possibility. we have a breather going through the day tomorrow before the next system starts to impact our weather by thursday evening and that one will include rain, freezing rain and also snow. it is going to be a messy end of the week. here is a look at the radar map. you can see that it has been very active all across the area today. we have some rain showers falling over the southern part of spartanburg county. a lot of the snow that has been falling has moved on by anybody a few flurries left in parts of greenville county, back into the northern part of anderson county. the trend will be forced to see fairly quiet weather overnight going through most of the day tomorrow. the next one that is just moving out of the rocky mountains, that will help the surface low to develop that will pull in a lot of moisture and move right across the area during the day on friday so in the morning, we'll watch out for patchy black ice. otherwise, a quiet start to the day. no rain or snow in the forecast
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daylight hours. but out to the west, the moisture will be on the increase. by 5:00 p.m., we'll start to see rain showers increasing from the west and really trying to take over by friday morning. the area in pink here indicate as good chance of freezing rain. northeastly winds are going to lock in very cold air. higher up it is going to be warmer. and it will fall as rain and freeze on contact. that is when we can have big problems along i-85. south of charlotte and raleigh, look for rain and north of it, a good chance of snow that will have a chance to pile up during the day on friday going into saturday and a winter storm watch will go into effect tomorrow night to our northern counties in the upstate annorth carolina. so friday's threat for the upstate, we'll be watching the temperature that is going to be key. right now it looks like freezing rain will be very possible near and north of i- 85. lots of cold rain to south, and then it will wrap up with light
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for the mountains, some ice but mainly high snow accumulations during the day that will also stretch into the weekend. so a lot to watch for this next system that pushes in thursday night. for the next 72 hours, look for a chance of some light rain on the increase by thursday afternoon. a better chance thursday night. a high of 46. the high temperature may actually occur early in the morning on friday with the readings falling during the day and then over the weekend, a few snow showers on saturday as the whole system pushes out and sunshine comes back by sunday and on into monday. the temperatures get milder as well, and there is your mountain forecast. for tomorrow, mostly dry for a large part of the day, but we'll expect the activity to increase. colder weather and much snowier going through the day on friday. >> thank you. day. >> thank you. next on live at 5:00, the benefits of getting a good laugh in. how it could help you with your new year's weight loss resolution. >> plus, the woman orders shoes. the order she receives is wrong.
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victims in our state. we'll explain that at 5:30.
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se t good day in new york. he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible
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"live at 5" is back .. with the cheesiest holiday yet! it's national live at 5:00 is back with the cheesiest holiday yet. it is national cheese lovers day. believe it or not, there are more than 2,000 different varieties of cheese, and apparently americans love all of them eating more than 31 pounds of cheese each year. >> per american? >> that's a lot. >> yeah. >> man yeah. >> many times restaurants and fast food companies put their own twist ton classics to tempt your taste buds like the doritos tacos at taco bell. >> those are good. >> i have not tried those. do you remember the burger king? they tried to convince mcdonald's to team up for the mcwhop summer we weren't to know, do these combos make you actually want to buy the food?
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your thoughts as well as some new food combos now on the market later this hour. >> i'm going to say yes. i think people will say yes. >> it has been said that laughing is good for the soul, but scientists say it also might be good for your waistline. they say uncontrollable laughing like that guy. >> i can't help but laugh when i watch that video. >> like if you fall object the floor with laughter, can burn 120 calories an hour. alttugh, frankly, that is a long time to laugh on the floor. you should be sedated. it is about the same as a brisk walk. a big belly laugh burns up to 100 calories an hour and giggling burns up to 20 calories an hour so if you had a piece of cake, all you had to do was giggle for 17 hours. the scientists discovered the internal obliques are activated more by laughing than by doing crunches. >> there you go. >> we're less than two hours away from the state of the state. >> and before you hear what governor haley wants to see what happened in 2016, we're
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success she has had getting things done last year. and even though the snow may have stopped, there is still a wintry weather threat in the mountains. let's take a live look outside now. how about the traffic on i-85 as we thank you for joining us. and all over the carolinas, be careful out there as those wet
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we're it's 5-29 .. and hopefully you're bundled up on the couch 5:29, and i hope you're bundled up out there. hopefully you're on the couch have a blanket watching us tonight. it is cold outside. so cold, i have waited for you to say how cold. some areas are seeing snow like you see in this video. this was shot earlier. >> i'm sorry. i'm a little slow.
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