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don't can to download our new and imporved
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up to date where ever you go. you can download it for free for apple or android devices. just search "7 news" in your app store. you can get the latest forecast.. plus any school closings and delays. also...join christy for a live facebook chat tonight at 7-30 right after our newscast... we have a long list of schools that will be closed tomorrow... that includes..."spartanburg county school districts 1 through 7"..."anderson county school district 1"... "cherokee"..."greenville"... "pickens"... "oconee county" .... "polk"... "mitchell"..."madison" and "buncombe counties" schools.... in north carolina.... we've also learned "wofford college" has cancelled classes tomorrow... we have the full list scrolling now on the bottom of your screen... and also on our website....just look under the "weather tab" and "closings" at wspa-dot-com... we may see several power outages in our area...due to this winter weather... how you prepare can make a difference ... besides knowing where working flashlights are....and making
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refrigerator on its coolest setting make your food last longer if the power does go out tomorrow... if that happens ... make sure you open your cabinets so your pipes get warmer air..and turn your faucets near the outside walls on to a trickle. also keep the number of your power company on standby, so you can let them know. for duke energy customers that is 1-800-poweron for laurens electric it's: 1-866-9 restore and for broad river electric its...1- 866 coop-out. if you missed any of these can find them on our website....wspa dot com...under "links mentioned"... we mentioned earlier... "duke energy" is staging -600- utility crews from several states...including georgia... florida... and other parts of the country. they're on stand-by... and ready to make repairs. they say... if our area turns out...not to be hit hard...these crews will go...wherever help is needed. and this is the best way... to do it: -----
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this is the best wayoo it. stage the crews, bring them in early and then if e hit we 'ewaigo te days wanncrews. we wl atrm when it gets here." ----- "duke energy" says... it already has 32-hundred line workers... in the carolinas. police are advising stay off the roads ... if possible. but if your job requires you... to drive tomorrow...driving instructors at b-m-w... have important advice. ice can ruin your tires' traction... and cause a spin-out... if you don't know how to control your car. b-m-w pro-driver mike renner says...the biggest people panic. when they do...they either don't do anything to control their car... or... try to do too much. renner says... if you find yourself skidding... don't look towards where the car is going... keep your eyes... on where you want to go. always steer into the direction... the rear of your car... is sliding. then... you have to turn your wheels back... to avoid loss of control... on your front end. renner says awareness... and even practice are needed... to avoid scary situations: -----
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really to stay away from . it'ydangesh' notnoaooe g" "nothing cometo icedee gt udtvi ice." ----- renner also says ... avoid slamming on your brakes... and drive slowly ... on icy roads. the impending winter weather has cancelled an event involving the "carolina panthers"... a "panthers pride rally" scheduled for friday afternoon at "romare bearden park" in charlotte...has been cancelled.... the panthers play the "arizona cardinals" sunday night in charlotte for the n-f-c championship and a trip to the super bowl... and this reminder ....7 news is your home for "super bowl 50".... you can see that game right here on "channel 7" and "c-b-s" on sunday, february 7th... a major winter storm could cripple much of the east coast as well this weekend. some areas could get as much as 2 feet of snow. "craig boswell" has the story. hundreds of salt trucks
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ready for a blizzard in washington, dc. & plows pipe 3 11:19:15) up to 20 inches of snow is forecasted to blanket the dcta. maymibeas rl large storm that wl last for 36 hours. unless you absolutely have to be out residents and commuters should get home as early as possible tomorrow afternoon. residents are stocking up ahead of the storm. sot anna chisom/dc resident they are running out of lots and lots of things. standup: road crews are pre-treating side streets and main roads well ahead of the storm. they want plows in place when the storm hits. an inch of snow paralyzed the nation's capital wednesday night. roads iced over leading to hundreds of accidents. president obama's motorcade even got stuck in the traffic nightmare. but dc's mayor is getting ahead of this next storm.she's already closed schools friday. and she declared a state of emergency, as did maryland, virginia and pennsylvania. more than 50 million will be affected by the snow event alone. parts of new york and new jersey are under a blizzard watch. bulldozers
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the coast to protect against storm surge. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. the airlines are preparing for the storm too... "american airlines" says they have precancelled all flights to charlotte for friday... as of thursday afternoon...."delta" cancelled roughly 120 flights and other connecting flights that include the charlotte...and raleigh-durham area... be sure to check with your airline about any flights... we'll keep you posted on this storm ... all night.. we'll be here for you... bright and early. meteorologist malachi rodgers will have an update... at 4 a- m... and our full coverage begins... on "daybreak"... starting at 4-30 a-m. we'll have the latest... on all the closings... and delays. in one part of the upstate....stocking up on winter supplies is more difficult.... "7 news reporter brianna smith" is in pacolet...where a big shopping center just closed. this walmart hasn't even been closed a week... and the impact here is obvious. we have seen drivers constantly coming in and out...
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for the storm...and finding out this walmart is closed. *nats of cars driving by the walmart* 23:28:27,23 "aw man, that's a waste of money." a first gle ....the much to downtown pacolet...and now there's one store less. 23:33:15,03 "when did they close?" signs plastere along the frontfe building..h the store that showed promise for the town ....isn't open any more. the brand new grocery shop barely hit it's year anniversary...before they cut off their gas pumps...and closed their doors...leaving shoppers frustrated and confused. 23:28:30,18 "why would you build something like that and then you shut it down and it hasn't been open that long." this pacolet store was just one of hundreds that closed across the nation... and when stores like this close in grocery leaves customers with little options. 23:33:26,11 "because you ain't got no other place to go." and the timing couldn't be worse...with flakes falling earlier this
7:08 pm leaves customers who came here looking for last minute supplies...out of luck. 23:33:45,23 "had to get eggs and milk and ugh...all kinds of stuff." this store was also a popular pharmacy for the area ... they have automatically transferred those prescripoaton t eastside in sparr. in cbsh n. this isn't the only walmart that's closed in the upstate ... the "walmart express" on highway 14 in "gray court" is also closed... a major recall involving these child seats...made here in south carolina... what you need to know and why thousands are being recalled.... in a 7 news "consumer alert".... and why the state "department of revenue" called upon a former con help protect your tax refunds... how he says the money that could be taken from
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06:12:52;18 - 06:13:15;19 "i'm emily henning ai want totuknow abou mrailroad repasa are going to blocking some intersections in greer. so depot street, trade street, school street, duke street and parker street all going to be closed foh repairs tt wlreopen saturday. the good news is main street and line street are still open, so you can take those a detours. wt you know about that.but i'll be back with somoupdates tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 9 on 7
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in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some publix. where shopping is a pleasure. a 7 news "consumer alert".... a company based in fort mill, south carolina....says they're recalling more than 71- thousand infant car seats.... "britax" says the recall covers the "b-safe 35", the "b- safe 35 elite"....and the "b-safe 35 travel system" made from "october system" made from "october 1st, 2014" "july 1st, 2015"... the "national highway traffic safety administration" says the carrying handles on the seats can develop cracks that can break... "britax" says one baby suffered a bruise and
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handle broke ...and the seat fell to the ground... the company says they will send registered owners a free kit that includes a reinforcing bracket to solve the problem .... south carolina lawmakers... are still talking today... about governor nikki haley's "state of the state" address... last night. as "7 news robert kittle" found out...there's a lot of optimism... about her plan to
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the governor says she would -not- support a bill ... to borrow money for -college- our k-through-12 schools do need it. a former con artist depicted in the movie "catch me if you can" spoke with "department of revenue" director "rick reames" in columbia about keeping your
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criminals. frank abagnale who has now worked for the f-b-i for 40 years volunteered to work with the d-o-r to protect the public from tax fraud especially before the 20-16 tax filing season. he says billions of dollars are payed out in tax payer dollars in fraudulent claims every year but people stealing that money aren't from the u-s. he says the money eventually comes back into our country in the form of drug trafficking human trafficking and child pornography. reames approached abagnale because he wants to be proactive about the fraud problem
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next on 7 news at 7...why this commercial has one coffee company steamed ... in a 7 news "consumer watch".... but first here's a look at your primetime lineup
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happening now a breaking news alert. the military has declared 12 missing marines dead. you may remember their helicopters collided during a training exercise off the coast of hawaii. one of the marines who participating in that exercise was sargeant jeffrey sempler of woodruff. the community recently held a prayer vigil for sempler and his fellow marines. a 7 news "consumer watch"... a "george clooney" brewing trouble...between -2- coffee companies. "nespresso"... is suing
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"espresso club"... for using an actor with a striking resemblance... to the hollywood actor. they say... the ad... misleads customers. clooney... is the face of "nespresso"... which is owned by swiss company..."nestle". the ad shows the "clooney" look-alike ... being told about the benefits... of "espresso club". the c-e-o of "espresso club" says ... they aren't worried... about the lawsuit. up next...christy will update your forecast.
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"chief meteorologist" christy henderson is
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thanks for joining us. i'll see you at 10 on the carolinas c-w.. and we'll be back here at 11. until then you can get the latest updates by logging on to wspa dot com. "scene on 7" coming up next. enjoy your evening... and stay with
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