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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  January 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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it's 5-29 .. we've all heard it 5:29. we've all heard it before. >> a couple says it was just recently installed by t fire department. >> "7 n"pea jordan is live from the st with more. dave >>reporter: hello.islv made of big difference for the millers on park street. this is they avoided becoming. have shall tease and why mrs. miller is telling everyone to have these installed in every room in their home. >> i am very thankful. god was watching over us that night. >>report sen k since i read m caught fire.
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to bed when she heard a smoke detector go off. >> so i ran through their in the back bedroom was full smoke and i saw red under the bathroom door. >> e ll forher husband who put the fire out she called 911. today the suitowalls a still visible as as the smoke detector that was recently instadbtfire department. >> theu one and that back bedroom adjacenothe bathroom and that is the ones that went off first. >> the fire chief t me his department replaced bte in 600 smoke detectors in homes across the city yesterday and installed 300 new ones. >> it really is wonderful for us. this is what wstrive for every day becauseewe do not like to go to a home where we
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out that is deceas that thmessage everyo should heed. >> pute in your house in every room and make sure you've got batteries in the will save your life. >>reporter: the millers ha smoke detector their home. t did n have one and that back bedroom and again the fire department install it for her. what a differe room makes. >> we are always telling people and reminding theto check the batteries but nowadays these new smoke detectors are really making it easier for people. >> absolutely. these areetraditional ones. your supposed to replace the batteries every year or sometimes twice a year. smoke detectors coming out tha ha lithium batteries that only require you to replace them every 10 years. impact when the te are up
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detector and get a new one zero that makes it easier. those are littlemore expens but obviously you can't put a price on your life. bkto you. one of the big stories we're following. >e cio reporters in the field. >> i am live here in greenville. 1 year ago cobi smith a 16-year- old from nickel t was shot and killed feet fr his home. tonight friends and fye gergfor rebc parade and a balloon relief. with the hopes that they can bring justice to this case. police say they are investigating nlu they still needyhelp. if you knowynplease clistopr that number is aaa to crime sc. >> live in the sdpolice
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comes to tasers. this ruling co a man in north carolina died after beingaby police. if officers usa taser they must prove it's an mt safety risk. -- freezing raidi effect. lil tsway in. sidewalks, bridgeanday lsthan onee oan inch of rice -- of ice for the northern mountains. shower cftonight c agan over to ice for the northern ua rain for the upstate 56 in spartanburg 85 in greenville. here is your fcwi5 nice win tonight with high clouds pouring in f west morrow we see showe activity
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only the northern mountains will see the ice tonight. >> thank you, jason. check this out. sksno fallout -- while snowplows hit thert some people had to reliance shovels and the family pets don't want to be left out. this french bulldog strag may be more counterproductive. she is doing more parking and attacking and clearing the snow. cute. >> go outside and grab a cup. take some right there. of got a coke rate here. oh, yes. >> i love theoh, yes. >> this is a virginia reporter. he made a snowy version of the 711 slurpie. as a child his mom would not by him the street -- the treat
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you how to make one. his concoction was good stuff but his wife would be mad if it made him sick. did you do anythinlike that? i did when we had that snow. i brought snow in and we put in vanilla extract and milk and we made a snow cream. >> that's nice. was a good? >> it was pretty good. >> i don't have the patient for. >> but ealittle kids. >> of course. hwinter storm is not all fun and games. more may die without your help -- help. dozens of blood drives were canceled. if you can donate head to and there's a list of locations for you. blue cross blue shield reinstated trhwere
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-- due to technical problems. this problem will bw -- reviewed. tyare seeking assurances that blue crosha procedures in pc to avoid future issues. nearly 5000o have close -- pay close to 25 million to scammers claiming you owe money to the irs. this year it got trickier. uuntil now the irs will never call someone to collect that. a new law that took effect this month now allows private debt collectors to go aft people who have not pa their taxes. it's up to you to know the difference. beforeutc you will have received a le notifying you of the outssnding debt. s legitimate that collectors will not accept payment directly over the phone and all payments are required tobe processed bhirs.
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teenager spontaneity and talent is going viral. it's what udon't kno about the kid thatmakes it so special. wait unluhear it.
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the interstate e this michigan teen's piano playing is going viral ..
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michigan teenager. someone recorded the youngsters performance in mall. the tmsaideis never been formally taught to play and doesn't read musiand does not have a piano. how did he figure it out? he watched video on youtube. amazing. we are told that he is getting plenty of offers for free piano lessons and even free pianos. > this yhas been contacted by record labe los angeles. >> after a video of a police officer playing baskb with kids in florida, basketball superstar shakeel o'neilod i the fun. the cops were called out to a noise complaint and sdof reprimandinthkids they joined in and promit would return. ndthey brought shack with him.
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>> wouldn't you like to call him out >> still ahead. a lawmakers proposal is a bill named -- a bit journalists. he's done it to make a point. we will tell you what issue he's trying to jot attention -- attention to more endorsements. dnmea difference on who you vote for?
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the south carolina lawmaker who got international attention ... for an unusual bill he introduced ... explained it today. the south caroa we who got unusual attention explained today. >> mike pitts week -- required journalists to register wi the state. our robert kittle tells us why.
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pitts says it wasn't one particular issue but something he's been noc news ro. > aa bias. >> his bill would require journalists to registeago through crinbackge nto call attention against the medias right to bear arms. >> i took a concealed weapons permit in the lawthestate of south carolina and i transpose that to journalists. >> representative tsaid t was not a joke but he knows it does nohave a chan of passing. >> it's n us lawmakers to introduce bills bthey to maka point. >>reporter: repnmia macleod wanted to put restrictions on ece dysfunction drugs and says h bill has no chance. house majority bilts fini k that.
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political point think the oeeserved better filing bills that actually deaw an issue at hand or one of the states problems and not filing bills that are maybe t designed to pass. >> representative pitt sde b not frivolous i do not consider education of the public waste of time. representative fit -- pitt said he filed a bill now because of president obama's president obama's executive d guns. >h said journalists didn't complain about ant t second amendment and he did this to see if they would complain about --an attack on the first amendment. >> we are in the final sprint. this is crunch time, right? >> six days, crunctime indeed.
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ted cruz is wit poll's margiof error. the democratic showha clinton 52% and 38 over bert sanders. while thist enear the reba fieldt' her smallest lead since the ewas narrowed. cttlaro yns cy t group that doesn't actually show up so it might not manner. >> tom we talk about how timing is everything and ms riout andrpoll today aims of finding the best way to capture the vote. >> imagine what's going on in iowa today. it's coming r stay in yo seats 'crucial decision and moving and fastanumberfpolitical adsramp up. there's also nof endorsements. if yo just in.
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h is sonodum osglobe endorsing governor john kasich. jordan protect the backing rubio and last night town hall also gave voters achance to hear from the democratic candidates. tonight ask what's -- what makes the most diercn making up your mindon who to vote for. 68%saying none of the above. already me mind>byou kno you see you have made up your mind it's really not made up until you go into the boa-hvoting booth. >> that's true. >> lnlespent on political ads. qt t onh presidential race newc t amou of money being spent. they are coming you've seen ancome ry. >the money wouldn't be spent
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a live look outside at the biltmore and here ii in asheville. more seonn dwi th distance. eventuayi inh wottth freezing rains u hit north of buckman county. th fthe upstate and the mountains except for the ntnmouniage tennessee line. they areao the week and then we will start to warm things up in a big way. 60s areawide even as fnorth as the mountain this weekend. we will make a rufor 60. your five zone fors shows th5pre-much everywhere except the mountns see o iybe light and lows and the 30s and 40s. the black i thtbe gone and we will get a break from that as we wilnot see
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5iparnthe 40s and 50s and donhoutside h i the nnn the upstate. you have ln to the tennessee line to get anything close tofrei ntas we are seeing scattered showeractivity here just northwest here and to the blue ridge, north oclemson, northern paof p and seeing sweacv. t sc front will slice in and move southeast slowly. enat he mdthey are. we will get into th cooler air. up towards ktyp up on the backside of the front and that will be the mountains. i will show you the five zone forecast. coming. about midnight, brothe1 clemson, anderson,n irt5in the light rain before daybreak.
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especially southof 85 and over towards 26. 10:00 a.m. the arauohbig interstaat 85 and pushing out by midday and the stock -- the sky clears from wes to east. far rnfless than quarter of an inch. the most would bea third of an inch of rain. here is your five zone forecast. a coue os for greenwood because eoi the further souhere is the next 72 hours. as we get into the weekend we can wash the car. 60s in the forecast and for the mountai 40s, 50s, and 60s by saturday. next at live on five and a dog comes back wit a metal. a real meta toouah o. straight ahead. standing by wha the
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rm s police officers sometimes need to be protected too.. and one unlikely volunteer has signed up for the job. this goose has been helping keep the skunks police office d elyvolt n up. this goes h helped keep skunks away the police station. police say he enjoys greeting the officers, patrolli the parkinlots an eating doughnuts. someefr ee lhim athletic even though he is accused not a duck. a dogs br break turn -- turned into her big break. the bloodhound show to the starting line and ran with the runners for more tn13 miles. the dog finished in seventh
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>> he guys, where are we going. >> her owner unaware and thought she was just running in the woods. one-man puts the blizzard to use building and they clue he put up for rent. weight to hear how much he charges. first elook outside.
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hill, rainbow springs and all some new york residents built an igloo during this weekend's blizzard and new york -- a new york resident built an igloo and then they advertised it as a boutique a gopher two air b&b. >> it wasn't listfor long. >> is their -- a specific way to get in? >> oh my gosh. >> inside the igloo lies etguneed to get throua cold brooklyn night. >> we have some nice animal
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a couple of candles. >> very romantic. >> it's thanks to intense handiwork of some residence. >> once we knew -- took they began researching youtube. >> it didn't hel becae was in four languages. >> six to eight hours later the igloo was complete. they listed it. >> people have done crazier things. $200 to stane icecave was not the most out of the world thing. >>repoeorai the but air bnp broke our hearts. joke they use the glue to attract the ladies -- the ladies. >> they get pt and they see how romantic it is. i think thcandles are n touch. >>rrwe are inside and
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you can fit four peein here. if you're interested there's still time. you have au a week. >> a few more days before this all melts. >> you heard it. that's the latest. >> they are using it to laura ladies [laughter] -laura ladies [laughter] it's been 1 year since and upstate teenager was gunned down. now those whk colby smith are working to catch the person who is responsible. >> woman is siyou how it's important and easy to have a smoke detector in your home. first it six anotheday of warm temperatureschanges could be movingin. >> this is a look for you
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