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tv   7 On Your Side at 7pm  CBS  January 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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powdersville. at mile marker -40-. the truck went up an parking lot... and hit a tree investigators say ... he was -not- wearing aseat belt. these accidents . illustrate a tough but important lesson ... troopers are trying to teach drivers... in the carolinas. "7 news" reporter addie hampton... takes a look. at the sobering numbers: ----- the troopers who investigate these crashes...musnow add them to a growing lisof statistics for 2016 ... since january 1st ...49 peohave died in fatal crashesin south carolina. even worse.... ***94 percent o**ste**cs **not** arst. since 201..higay patrol...haspushed it's target zero campaign....aiming for zero fatalities on south carolina roadways. while it may seem like a lofty goal....troopers say it will be impossible without all drivers buyininto the idea...that sbelts, safe speed, and sensible driving are they keys to keeping drivers alive. they say...49 deaths....just 29 days into tew year...
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drivers... escily when you learn that many could have prevented with ju a c o a eel in gvie county, aws. more tha950 drivers were killed o south carolina roads in 2015. anderson county has seen the highest crash fatalities so far this year.. with at he was stabbed in the throat... during an argument... tonight. pickens county fortatto be alive. investigators say ... he haseveral hours of surgery. tonight... this man... charles black ... faces an attempted murder charge. investigators say black... and luchi hallums... hbeen riding in a car... and arguing... just before they pulled over into a parking lot... and deputies say stabbed hallums. hallums... is expected to recover. tonight... this man is also being held at the pickens county detention center. yesterday...a judgeend bond for jermaine fields. deputies arrd e. 36 year old his job. fields is charged with criminal sexual conduct....accu sed of molesting a teen ... multiple times ...between 2013 and 2015 home in
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lov and fgi. we know you edhelp.hiis cryfor help.-- an upstate pastor ... some thies churches... in union county... have been hit by burglars. -2- churches on the same road... were hit the same night. a third... was bn into... earer this wee "fairview baptist church"... on neal shoals road... was one of e churches targeted. authoritie tell us..thieves cut the power to the building ... got inside. and went room to room...looking for money. pastor ross wilson... showed us the damage... where a door was pryed open. he says... it could've been. twe: --- 2:13:02-08wee thulhanoinwatan,otng ge t russtl d t this happened.--- pastor wilson says... now... his congregation look into adding more serat thhuh. union county deputies filed more charges against this man .anupstate fundraising scam. jeffrey henderson is accused of taking his young son .. door to door
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donations for the cub scouts. but .. they'rnot affiliated with the organization. originally - there were five cases reported .. but now ..deputies say they've uncovered 67 more victims of this scam. what a great day ... sunshine... and warmer. yes... and sunny skies are expected to stick around. let's get over to 24-7 chief meteorologist ...christy
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with on a few days before the iowa caucuses... the first contest in the 20-16 race for the white house... donald trump now says... he's glad ... he skipped out...on last night's g-o-p debate. was it a brilliant move... or a big mistake? scott mclean...has the story: ----- : " the aou questions ha been rand please attack ted, marco please attacted..." in a debate without donald trump, texas senatoted cruz, stood front and center -- taking the heat that comes with the spotlight.: " gosh, if you guanemme n, m havtoav sge toy,onal trump says he's happy with his decision to take a pas: " cruz is in second place, he got really pummeled last night, actuai'gl i wt er" in ft, ia voters woke up to this cover in thedes moines register friday. "rough night fot".: "it would have been a great debate eight months ago, but it
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the era of trump because, the fact is thegoing after each other, and donaldtrump is still leadin t po he was thenein absentia, of that debate last night." today cruz'scampaign playing defense. "he did take some incoming, b he handled it well. while cruz was fending off attacks, donald trump took his show -- and loyal supporters -- down the road in des moines, holding a fundraiser for veterans charities -- confident his absence wouldn't hurt him: " i don't think i ha t campaign anymore. why am i even wasting my time? i don't have to campaign. i could leave hereright now, they're going to vote fome." wcaides maki final puiona s-poi leadal talking, spendi day instead new hampshire. in washington, scott mclean reporting. "nats sound."-- now... thosare some proud panthers fans! close to 30- thousand people...were in charlotte thisafternn. team doesn't officially leave...for "super bowl 50"... crowd made sure... to send
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right way. although it wasn't olsen...kuechly... or cam...some players interacted with the crowd. the "top cats" also performed.. along with "purrcussion." but perhaps... it was those crazy costumes... that cghthe most attention: --- "this is mypredator claw forthopne. when we done witthem, i lickfingers and w the rest away." - the rally...finished... with fans cheering on... coach ron rivera. the panthers take on the denver broncos ... a week from sunday night. stay with us... as we get closer to "super bowl 50." we'll covering the "carola panthers"... allnext week... as t prepares to take on the "denver broncos." and coming up a week from tomorrow we invite you to join us ... for our "super game preview special." we'll have stories... about the team... you may not have heard. and stay with "7 news"... t ... on sunday, february -7th-. kick-off is at -6:30-... rig here on "7 news"... and c-b-s.
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researchers working to slow down ... worldwide spread of a the birth defect causing zika virus. tonight... what south carolina health officials are saying. and thieves set their sights... on cheese... stealing 160-thousand dollars' worth... of parmesan. the case... that has wisconsion police ... scratching their heads. power won't believe.. they're a problem again.. in a small upstate town.. all new at 11 -- we'll telyou just how much people are paying.. and.. we'regetting to the
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a "medicawatch" now... researchers are looking into the zika virus... and the central and south american mosquitos...that carry. they say it could reveal... whether the common mosquito... found in the u-s...canada... and other countries... could also carry the virus. the virus is linkobirth defect that causes babies to be born born with small heads
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our robert kittle was at the "south carolina department of health and environmental control" today... to check on - possible- cases *here*... and what you need to know... about
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altogether...there have been documented cases in 12 u-s states and the district of columbia ...along with 22 other countries. but all patients are travelers returning from affected countries...overseas. some 80-percent of those infected with the zika virus don't even feel sick. most who do
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adding to the frustration tonight for the flint .. michigan a revelation...that ... last year...state workers in the city...receivbottled water ...while officials were still telling people .. that the lead- tainted ...tawater was safe to drink. it's something michigan govenor rick snyder say that he was not aware of. so far he's signed off on 39-million dollars state aid ... to address the city's lead infested water pipes. tonight... the people of flint michigan continue to rely on filters and the delivery of bottled water... as city and state officials work to fix the ..water crisis.. it's connected to 10 deaths and has left hundreds of people with high levels of le. a florida sheriff's deputy is outbond and fired he's facincriminal charge...related to a shooting last month. timothy virden is charged with attempted manslaughter, stemming from a traffic stop in december. the pinellas county sheriff says virden lied about what happened during that stop. virden claimed the man -- while handcuffed -- grabbed for his gun. but the sheriff says there was no
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one of the three mas who escaped from a california he turned himself into deputies this morning. kcbs-tv has exclusive video of his arrest. tonight...a female english teacher is also in custody. she's being questioned for allegedly playing a vital role in last fridays prison break from the orange county central men's santa ana, california. "r-e-s-p-e-c fio att ms e- e-c-t take carf-c " --- "queen of soul" --aretha franklin -not- only wants you to respect her for her vocal ability .... but also for cooking skills. the multiple grammy winner says she's launching her own food line...stocked with desserts ... and her own brand of chili.. gumbo...and backed chicken. like fellow singer.. patti labelle ... franklin says she's also gifted in the kitch. and she wants e world to know it. you may recall ... last year there was a huge social media buzz about grammy
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poto pies... the pies quickly flew off walmart store shelves... after hillariously funny ...youtuber ... james wright ...created a viral video detailing howgood the pie tastes. but the story didn't end there...afterwards the singer invited the fan to her home for thanksgiving dinner ... and labelle even allowed wright to perform on stage with her last month. from diamonds and exquisite jewels ... to cash.. there have been numerous heists over the years. but police in wisconsin say for the second time in a week ... they've recovered a stolen load of cheese r tens of thousands of dollars. one theft involved ... 41-thousand cases of cheese taken from a distribution center. after a tip... police found the 90-thousand dollar in parmesan cheese ... today...stored at a facility. the other tft. involved 70-thousand dollars worth of cheese sealed inside a stolen semi truck. last week ...the abandoned truck was found abandoned. and suspects were caut yingto sell the stolen wisconsin
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"we lost all ts cheese for somebody who's a complete imbecile.": "i've not heard of mahe b peoplee coordeere.--- cheese experts say it's a loss for wisonsin's most popular industory. no word yet... if the two thefts are related. the pelebehind the thefts could face federal charges.
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next on "7 news" ... "nissan" hopes...the -3rd- time... will be a charm. it's put out yet another recall... of cars... with a big problem... involving the hood latch. find out if you're but first here's a look
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if you dri a "nissan altima"... a recall underway tonight... could affect you. and if it happens it's gauranteed tosceu death. there is a latch problem... that cd us the hood of your vehicle... to fly open ... while you' driving. it's the automaker's third recall...
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... 20-13 to 215 altima models... nissan says... latch repairs from two previous recalls...may have been ineffectiv owners are being notified... for free replacements. president barack obama says... more must be done... to get equal pay forwomen... in high-salary science, technology, math and engineering. obama is calling on businesses. to ensure... women aren't penalized... for starting a family. and he's expanded a data collection program... to weed out abuses... of equal pay laws. today marks the -7th- annivar..of the signing... of the "lilly ledbetter fair pay act." it was the rs legislation... obama signed... after becoming president. today a program that offers free tax assistance kicked off in the ste. volunteers who are i-r-s trained and certified will do the tax return for anyone who qualifies. if you earn under 54-thousand or are over 60 years can sign up for an appointment. just call 2-1-1 in the upstate or look for this story on wspa dot com. next on news"..
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playing video games... a lot of teenagers... do that ... on weekends. hear how -3- young men... have ramped up their hobby ... into a spectator sport.
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lots of to play video games... but what about p.. who love twatch others... play? that's where "stream house a-b-q" ... comes in. -3- people are living rent-free... at the home in northeast albuquerque, new mexico... for the simple price... of letting others watch them game. all they have to do... is stream live video of they py. ----- "are your friends lo oy" ye,".t t sraes, e. "iea ts re. thmeim..vnr nenyinle s,ni awaedt-------always wanted to." -this, and'v always wanted to." ----- the trio was chosen... from about -40- applicants... ranging from ages 18 to 51. the owners of the gaming house... are video game lovers...themselves... and they say...they got the idea... back in high school. they say... they hoo expand their gaming e to other u-s cities...outside of new mexico ... ... and one day ... pave theway...for amateur go pro. thanks for joining us. i'll see you at 10 on the carolinas c-w.. and we'll be
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