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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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an alert to let them know. >> usc freshman karra kl is scared >> it's terrifying. >> earlrdn usc student was sexual ae near he do >> police say the victim was walking here near the intersec o gibbs court and barnwelst caon e is right there. it was n 3:45 saturday morning. a man she didn't kno talking to her. he said he had a weapon, took her somepe near by and sexual assaulted her. >> usc sent out an e-mail bulletin the afternoon but did not send out an emergenc alert f the happened >> i feel like just an alert that even if they don't know exactls going on it just would have been nice, like a warning mean i wasn't out that night but i know a lot of my frie wa that scares me that t could have been any of them.
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an emergency notification because the time of the repor the was not enough nmo to react. the rac is unknown, he's 5 foot 5 and between n 30 years old. >> sarah wiggins lives near where e capstone. >> i think any information is better none. just li re was a crime here and it was a h risk crime. i think that would bo beneficialt nothing>> in general text alerts are reserved for situations that pose and risk to life and safet and require people to change thbv like seeking shelter from a storm. robert t >> right after the assault what happened the victim went to her apartme told her room to call 911. >> at which point the victim did go to the hospital and get treatme>wnw the student arrested during this scuffle will face a judge.
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police say she encouraged classmates to film thi oe altercation between office and a student i cont she could face a fine of up to $1,000 and as much 90 days in jail. two deadly attacks within hous from each other. all of the suspects are in their teens. christ brown is live outside bojang ball din. there's another common factor and it sees like drugs. >> reporter: yes. the filmndo and the one that happened here outside this bojangles in mauldinti drugs. neither them were relat. now we have two up state teens tha da we have three that are in jail including a 15-year t is facing charges murder. anders county de say that bailey lloyd shot and kil s
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shooti at a gas station. hours later savon allen was shot. tron wa and william allen were arrested with another teen girl. i spoke favor who helps a lot of teens dealin with g addiction and they beeu and violenc pm could be on the rise for >> they'll be coming in with trying to be part of that culture thee drawn to that as well. that' y get into some of the violence and know who is carrying guns an not carrying guns, who is a dealer andn be dealer and that ki of thing. it gets woven i o thing. >> reporter: nwav d they have seen a lot more teens coming ino their facility to eedtr abuse. i checked with the national institu of drugs and according to them the number of teens who
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are usi g and interestin in drugs stayed the same. what ha increased and has been more of a trend is teens who are softene to the idea of drugs and how harmful they are. for parents andth b who has things to do with teens it's impot to protect them by educating them and not ignorin warning signs. >> it sounds like what you're saying is students, teenagers are deset to the danger drugs, lie it's a culture f is that you're hearing? >> repoihislgmat favor today they were saying, you know, teens -- you know, they're seei news about certain drg over the internet, hi a lot more th. they'rei an age where marijuana is becomi legalie in certain states. ther' certir they bele that just aren't a harmful a we used to believe
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softened t idea that they can be harmful and become addicti c can be harmful to them r on. christi w 7 news. >> thank you. a mcf ssaulting a polic officer a police office wil have to send 7 years behind bars. darryl johnson pled guilty to au an to run over an officer in may of 2014 at shemw crossing apartn he also has to spend 2 and a half years on probatio and get his ged. details about an early morning usf that killed a family pe firefig a space heater so to blame for the fire a this ho off old spartag. two peopl made it out but their dog i the house as you can see was destroye neighboe hearing gunshtu fireft say that was likely power o trash exploding in the fire. meteorologi christy henrs is joining us now. it wa beis weekend, nice today.
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so nice tomow it's noief though. it's juhe it have a lot more in the way of up to 68 that's what we expect to see in late march got a front that's on our doorstep tonight bringing the tene border counties thror. se ov night the rain will move in and we will start to see shower i morning. right now we have mid 60s in the up state, 61 degrees in ashevil it was almost in warm in asil tha greer today. will be 10 degrees today 'b back with more onecero watch the forecast closl is where i a few hours will be tg out for the officia poina presidelna a win
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in iowa could give one the push they ne t go all the way or go home. donald trump's le has grown among republicans. bernie sanders has pushed ahead of hillary clinton, but just barely ms >> donald i in it deep after using adelle's music during ci stop in iowa tod in fact, he's been using h songs, rolling in the deep and sky fall at several events ae wants everyone to know she didn't give him permiss stv tyl previously asked trump to stop using th s stopi -- classic m a bakery now has a pick a cupcake and a candidate. donald trump has a distinguid comb
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over cupcake >> they might b burned out on all the debates and everything like tha talking about serious issues bombin s and this, and the other. this puts a tastier spin on the electio >> so here now the least official election results. clinton the cupcake leader at the mall of america cupcake stop, marco rubio on the republic n with jeb bus just be >> i wonder if people are voting for the candidate or type of cupcake. >> the type of cupcake. mosdlhi their fs to south carolina afttoyn >> ted cruz will be in greenville. that event was supe to be at rand high school i anderson co but now it will be at the t.d. convn bill clinton will be in columbia tomorrow campai for his wife, hilary, a university
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an event at 6:00. a greenville business that providet healtca to adultsa childre has been force to stop operations. the owner of visions of greatness said the state is investigatin the bus for medicaid fraud. >> dozens of employee have not been paid and that could lead to a bg la>> it's hard enou t hear you no lone a job. >> at least we were expecting to get paid the next day. i do know how money could be gone l that quick. >> these workers learned their employer, viso of greatness, was not a paycheck. >> i go a partial payment. t dei ing arrange t of our money> it's not just the lack of pay that's upsetting th women, it that they can't see their patin anymore. >> it's dishearteni a saddening. the kids'a us anymore. >> the workers don't know why the company is being
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the attorney general cannot confir deny the investigh sout carolina department of health and human services said visions of greatness has been put on payment suspens and the agency made a referral to the south carolina attorney general'dr control unit. >> form emplea 40 workers is not beeni in full. 14 of them have filed complai h the department of labor anis. if the state finds vision of greatness at fault those workers coude for tripl damages. >> the owner, sheldon wright told us that his lawyers told him no to talk aboutt fraud case. >> do you plan to pay these people and if so how? >> we're being and we will sell everythi that visions owns to make it right, to make the payrolasly > so obviously because the owner and also the attorney genera oen talk about t there's a lot more questionrs employees than n rw >> so two things going on here, one peopld theirpa checks
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hear w we'resthan a week away fromsuper bowl 50 exciteme we a t a week away from su bowl 50 but who is countin >> well, six days. many of n to go to san francis see the game. >> we're taking you there live to see how panrr preparin>> pete yanity is here on the big screen now in san jose. pete hi out there? gordan. this vas bay area all kinds of super bowl ti are happen all over te place. if you're coming out here and you've fee like you need to get a second mortgage g to your $3.69 al at a local gas station it's anexpensivc to go to the super bo game, which is taking place abou 10 miles over that way.
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san jose where the nhl san jose sharks pl but tonight that will be the mecca of the nfl but it's we n to hold the mediy they're cali today t s bowl 50 kick off. it the s media fanfare we will be there in a little when that gets underwah broncos panthers are tal about what'sad but all kinds of crazy questions are as l night the panthers got here and now they focus on trying to win the team'se lombar trp >> both teams arrive in the area sunday afternoon and the panther spent today getting ust t change. it's if first super bowl trip in 12 years. few have been in the big game. all are conducting it as busi as usual. >> confident, man. never tsyctplay like . d thti ny >> this is what we worked so hard for to be in this game and now it' here. we sti have
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some work to do, still have to get ready a long week of preparati ahead. >> in downtown san francisco some are vesting routing interes >> i grew up in charleston.tb ys deserve it. >> while others are ready to beorf th week. >> the carolina panthers, i think they were formally in the nfc west so we'll go with the nfc. >> repo: ntt 7:00 p.m. you may have heard we have a big specia telling all kinds of stories about this pantherm and from out here and th experience leading up to super b0 that of coe we will have for you on this very a s as wet >> we're gt continue to cover the panthers as soon as we unfreezete in san jose out there we counw per bowl 50. don't go anywhere. pe ne7
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news reporter brianna smithi in san francisco covering th action p bringing yo the sto about the panthers and the fans and the big game and media day today. you will only see here on 7 news, super bowl 50, february 7th. kick off6:. all r err wise we've had a beautiful day after a gorgeous weekend. we've sen temperaturs that would remind us more o late march rathe than the first day of february. a few breaks in the clouds, ot tie cast skies. it's been a situation where the sky cou make up its mind. we will keep temperaturen the mild si and bring ihelo cover ovig we are k some rain towards the tenness . we'll l for a few very light hro be aroundu during the day tomorro with cooleree heavy d a few thunderstorms will be back for us by wednay that's gg to be with a stronger front that ms its through.
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this isthe first front. it's we but it's bringing soe rain to tennessa north caroliny can see here folks in madison county, norther sections of heywood couny getting some rain. most of that light to moderate shower activity. heavier across the line into tennessee. the whole boundary will sink south ward. a few cool temperatures th a cold air wedge that will be reenforced with the rain showers in the area tempetus tomorrow will be about 10 degrees cooler than t. next system will be getting organized out to the west heading into wedned morning by 7:00 a.m. right now if the times staying the same we'll l f good chance of heavy rain and the possibilityfmtsvo wrn nor carolina ty work t w into the western part of the up state during the early morning hours and then by 11:00 a.m. situt r across the are tn to move on out by the afternoon.
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the trend will be for things to quiet down and cool by wednesday night. as far as the potential of severe weather goes, an isolated severe stis possible but because of th timing with the coolest ptf the day as the system pushes through over all our seve weather chance is low tuesday ng going into wednesday right now 61 in asheville, 66 spartanburg and 65 nice a warm in greenwood. here's what to expect for the next 72 hours, 57 will be our high tomor. so, again u 10 degre cooler than we were today. bak int the upper 60s with that next system that arrie chance of thunder in the day. drying out by wednesday night. cooling on clear out for the end the week and the weekend l see our highs much closer to average for this time of the year. ther' a look at your mountain forecast. loots of clouds, a few showers tomorro s tuesday nih into early wednesday a then colder weatere for the end of the week. >> thank you, christy. tim gtmbrella. still ahead tonight, th
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roles reversed for a driver who pulled police officer over. coming up, we'll show you why and how se stopped the officer >> and here's a look at your closing numbers from wall street
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live at 5:00 connuesghafr is "li s back .. with story of rolereversal. it teafter a miami this unusual story of a role reversal.h is a miami woman noticin a police car speeding. she said it frightened her so she did somethi most of us would not do, she chased the officer dow there h is recording the whole thing on her >> you were spein alredema -- i apologize and i will be sure to slow down ma'am. this.
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will investigate and take appreci action. aie woo joining s now. >> this is on our facebook page. there's couple of comments on there of people who wth d could do that. ones nt a right. they both need a ticket. darlene ti sha ror ed him instead of putting p passing in dangc a good point. i wondered about that. you neve i officer -- a pol i is going f -- >> ther a reason for that. t can speed by law if they have to go somewhere. >> they hashe to be . >> it was interesting seeing him apologizing cr ton millions of people in iowa will be picking who is the next commandr in chief and caucus t make or break a candidate. the last-minut push for supp from th candidat
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trying g out of harm's way.just how close some of them came to getting run over. >> first, let's take a live look outside. thanks joini us in lion's wood. all acr as week -- youcs anything.
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-- it's 52.dwe're just tand a half it is 5:29, we are just two and a half hours away from the first vote being cast. >> craig boswell and the candidates atsor tnott th vote before th caucuses in iowa. >> democrat hil n brough breakfast to thank her campaignrk des moines.
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