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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  February 2, 2016 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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in iowa l night ey said that -- campaign workers dit really did catalyze campaign. they said thave signed up a few peopto help at the south carola campaign. from conjeff duncan helpe lot and people we talked towaiting in line, they say thedo think he will be able to carry that momentum into primary here in just a couple weeks. it's cruz's reliance on voters that supporters say makes his campaig >eryn, thank you for that. so you are hearing buzz from the peowho have been in line. e energized too by cruz's perrmceght? >> reporteri did. i talked to campaign workers, talked to people consttlng line.y it is so exciting about whathe did last night. they say it's his grass root efforts that makes his campaign st oeysay that's why they're
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exciteabout the primary here in a coup weeks. we'll juhato see, but they are hopin that he speaks to that victory, speaks to a little somng iwill tell you more at 6:00, coming up at his speech in 6:30. thanyo other candidates hit the grounrunning trying to use momentum fiowa totoappeal to voters the next contest state, new hampshire. >> repungreeted very enthuseascrowds, especially marco rubio using his third place finish to position himselfmainstrm republicand t democrats are still duking it out. hillary cloly ead bernie sanders in the closest iowa democratic caucus in historynds called iowa a political revolutnsays he plans to astound thworld again in the granite state. you will be seeing more
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bill clinton will campaign for his wife hillary in columbia orw gh irdaughter chelsea will make stops the midlands and up sta y riknuwill be at the beacoin spartan berg tomorrow morning d trump will hold a rally fat florence civic n. wknow how important the weather to you. we haveupdated our app to customiee location>>you will be able to set quiet tiwe don't wake you up wis alerts while you areep d tthe app store and get the updaeor download the app for free. we invite you to do that. >> folkswill want to be up to date with the weather with the app ovethe next 24 hours. we ha active weather that will ooatmof the threats we are trackingfor tomorrow. flooding a astorms. the beschance of flooding will be mainly in the southwemos of north carolina and northn up state,
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on roads. ta islow as you are driving around. otti for a few severe stormsato 1:00 p.m. use the weather app and the news app and think about staying in for lunch. isolated restorms are possibledurg tomorrow and here is the potential amount of rain we can pick up. one to three inches. tha will cause problems on roads tomorr >>t seemlike when it is this warm athe weather is this actiatdoesn't bode well. i spring time set up for sure. cl atr we have had will be warming up instead of cooling off >> thank you. a big day for the greene ba giraffe was born this morning. pe ve been checking online fopeek at the cute new calf. we aaupdate on how it's doing. rort baby giraffe and mom are doing well accordithe veterinarian hwe he to help with the birth.
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girl orwhat the name will be. zookeepare excited and their oc is that mom and calf are healthy. with shaegat first, it was no time before the greenvi'newest additiohtbaby giraffes t the first steps. >>e all have had a lot of sleep less nights, so excited and no knowing when she would give birt rorr: after 14 months of pregnanautumn gave birth to the new calf early tuesday mni. >>tthing was in a real positsintun iit's a good day we don't have to intervene. just watchand let mother nature taks course. >> i di pay attention to the timor theweather or that it was even foggy out. we were jut so excited, all the emotiand excitent building uwafothis giraffe. >reporter: nationwide and in other countries thousands wathaday online as the baby bondewimom and the
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'sn to have a cam and you can k in. i think that's what gives them an istfeeling in the birth thes.y feel like they're mothers andts as well. >> repo: they're part of the zoo breein program. the first calf was born in 2012 and is at the toronto zoo. >> a pret close family at the zoo. >>r once the gender is revealed zope will choose the cameeeasking the community to help. li, donate and give a suggestiofor boy and girl. they'l pick a favorite and announcit before they reveal baby giraeto the up state. >> you will see what a giraffe family looks like right here in greenville>> reporter: cute calf. the greenville zoo isn't open until yfor mainteaif wh athan to check on the giaf can go on the live cam or check for updates
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opened 13th, if it will be available then, but you should che ionline. >> when you are choosing a name as they have asked the communiydo, sometimes it is easrto know if it is male or female. whyarethey holding off on telling >>epte well, they have to do a physical -- in the next 24 to 48 hours -- to figure out if it's a boor girl. they wto be sure mom and the baby are having the bonding time, nug hrwaiting to do the physical. cld take a couple days to figure out tgender. they wanto give the public enough timto submit ideas. by thursday they're hoping to choose name and hoping to announce it by friday. back to you. >> thank you. we always love news like that. toit is dogs verses cat. eson is who loves their owners mo>> i have some of each and i have a defe n.
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based on our online web poll. overwhelngdogs. i would agree with you. my cat bites me if i don't rub him. am not surprised by the po the results but i think cats get a bad name. a new study says dogs are more loving, a fact research explained on a bbc documenenry says canines love their owners five times more than kitty cntpas.diare based on the level of thelove hormone oxytocin in animals upon seeing their owners. ditrealize that existed. dogs a nearly 58% increase in oxytn levels compared to a cat's 12%. >> stl i love cats and dogs. my cats have been pretty loving but i understand. it's compl see a dog smooch youyodot see that with a cat much. all i have to say is who feeds you? who chaesyour water? who changybox?
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>>up next, the snack that ended up being a trap. wait untiyou hear how police captured person responsible for a bizarre burglary. >> i am amy wood. there isa lot coming up on 7 news at 6:00. insurancamare costing
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south calileaders are benedi college in columbia a special service t... to honor the emanuel nine. those are benediccolge in
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to honor the emanuel 9, the victims in the church shooting in charleslast summer. they halymembers of some of the victims talk to students.ttaed abouhow they forgave dylann roof and how their faith has given them's been rough. i won't lie. it's been rough. my motheani, we were best friends. en get down, i read scripturego to church, try to maintain my same routine. i try to rely on my faith. >> the main message of today's service s unity and that we shouldn't dgone another based on skin color. a burglary suspect is probably rethinking his career choiceafte meeting a 92 year old homwnwho was locked and loade californiman says the suspetrito break into his home sunday morning and instead of panicking the world war ii vet scar the suspect off with one welplaced shot.
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with his ax shooting, i poked around anoff a shot and he took of >great laugh. bulawas so scared he left an ax and other stuff which pahoping to use to track down. police responding to a burglar alarm at a pittsburgh marketfirm found their suspect asleep. they say the company had just had a pizza party and the intruder f lrsate some, th laid down to rest where he remained until cops arrived. ce identified him as corey mcginnis,orprofessional baseball player. he is now charged with burglary. nton live at 5:00, everyonis talking about cam newton's c pants. >> now someone is doing something ouit. who ihelping cam correct his fashionum ae > have had a lot of clouds and chilly temperatures, even some fog holding on this afternoonthgsilbehain iloo le that is going to be moving out as warmer aretes
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the is a live look at downtown ta
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it's a raw "live a5" bwi super bowl covag.. panthersquarterback live at 5:00 is back with super bowcoverage. cam newton has been making headlinesnclanding in calirn>>is less about football and moreabout fashion. pete yanitijoining us again with t lon what some are callina fashi fumble. pete. rte that's what some call it but it depends how you define fhand what you think of . cnewton will make a lot of statemen a football all the way through sunday's game. he also wteto make a fashione wayo tuat the airport in san jose, really not far frothe stadium in santa clara. gs off the plane. you shoulbe seeing video of
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well, let's say the pants ceraidrew some attention to the panthers quarterback. some likedthem. maybe some did not. one whwas not real excited about thecam look was deion sanders, hall of famer who works fonfl network. last nighnnpresented cam with a pretty impressive looking of jazzy slacks estimated be pretty price kecam what were you thinki when you got off the plane? led teyou wore, did you look in the mirror before you walkeo said i am going to kill them with these? >> absolutely. it'super bowl 50. the colors are black and gold. the black and gold i had in my closet was limited. i looat my pants and said these are black and gold. the shoes are black and gold, to tie with the super bowl 50, black a gold. >> reoyou know, he is used to reading defenses, given
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trend maybe ahead of time. nonethelesesthe pants dionne gave him valued at about $900. wceaiy hope cam dynes with a napkin in his lap. all of this is fade into the backgro aswe close in on what wilha behind us, super b50 coming up sunday and we'avit for you of course channel 7. 7 news is live in the bay area. >> is there a reason why your shot is so tight? we are not seeing your nts. reporter: there are a lot of reasons f that, diane. i can go in 100 directions. give cam credit. his very thoughtful when he answers. sim iis fun to listen because ykof get what he is trying to say but it doesn't come out the way he intend it. i will give him credit even for the attenthhas gotten in the pascouple years as play has gottebetter, he trends to put in thought into just about every answer he gives. >> california is known for
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trends in a lot of thihis. if you want to liven up your wardrobelwhy not. >> repor:when we got here sunday -- >> thank you. >> oh we apologize. we will have more from pete and our reporterbrianna smith as well. e have a one hour super game preeahead of the match up. llair at 7:00 this friday nithis all leads to the big game th you will only see on 7 newsand cbs. super wl50 kicks off sunday evening 6:30. welltheis a live look at downtown greenville. you can't see much there. it's been a cloudy foggy drizzly ditrain drops all over the camera. a lot morerain drops will be coming dn as our main storm system we are tracking gets closer to ri the evening hours we'll look for a chance of showers to continue bour main threat
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overnighthtand then during the day tomorrow from west teast. that's e all the action is right now this cold front is pushing into the western part of tennessee and western sections of mississippahe redboxs you see represenratethat are effecfrom the gulf coast all the way through kentucktem will move through here durthe cooler part of the day, but our chances for thunderorwill still be with us ev into tomorrow morning. the meantime, things are quiet acrthe western caroliwehave had drizzly weather, foggy cons colder weather during the course of the afternoon and northeastwe a cold air wedge locked into the area now. r are on the increase in albert county and those will contuwork north into the up state by tomorrow morning, wednda8:am our front will be into the eastern part of tenn at that point we'll look for increasaand thunders that should already widespread across much of the mountain locations,
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geinto heavier rain. this wil the mainline we are trackfor potential of severe wer.110 am that will be situated sthe area. during the afternoon as it moves by,it will quiet down. north windwill pick up to dry things. uray we are looking for cooler weather with north winds bringing idrcolder conditio as the severe weather risk tomo, isolated severe storm will be possible. tonight, rising temperatur with showers over night, rlikely tomorrow with a few storms possible, drying andcooling off for the latter paothe week and also your weekend. here ihto expect for the next 72 hours. we will warm back up tomorrow with 67 for the high. we'll for a good chance of rain eslyduring the first halof the day, decreasingwethe evening, 57 will be our high thursday.wpe any cloud cover to try to go away and increasing sunshinebe on the way. notice theere cool off. a down to freezing thursday t aninto friday
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w ch is always in view is looking pretty good with hig mainly in mid 50s. there is your mountain forecast. 'b warm enough tomorrow to support ertsthe morngs will diminish in the afternooquieter weather but ch conditions for the end otweek, highs in the 40s in the mountains from i. >> i just got a message from our emergey preparedness you said. >> the severe threat is low but it's ther syou need to keep up with it. afterthat, things will be better. it feeling like spring. >> exactly. after the holidays, millionme return gifts they have received but it doesn't go back to the store shelves. 'ltell you how you can get your han on returned goods for a reduced prize. >> i am amy woods constantlying by with ws ahead on 7 news at 6:00, surprises in iowa
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we are breaking "live a5"s back with a news consumer watch. leav5:00 is back with a 7 news consumer watch. >you may assume holiday gifts you retgo back to the shelves but that's not always the case. nyf em end up in a warehouse liquidated because restocking can be expensivfor retailers. >> oftenthe retailers liquide pennies on the dollar or throwing them away in lan because it is more costeffectiv >once tested the company will auction emfor half the price. ms survive end up at discount erpawn shops, flea markets. a boston marathon runner is hoping tofinish the race this year afteshe was injured during the bombing attack three years ago.wwill show you her journey to the finiin rereturn. >> let'have a live look outsidet thank you for
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seven otiand all a bostmarathon bombing survivor itaking on a new mission. she lost a leg in the a boston marathon bombing survivors taking on a new mission. lost a leg in the bombing but shenow ready to reclaim t iin i idea to say if i were running people should be running reporter: this boston marathonv p is running with a purpose des the pain. >> it'sa muscle memory. in order to use to learn to use a blade. i never want to give the imprethayou put it on and go. >> reporter: she's training to run the marathon this year and took ad today's beautifulweather to get miles in. e runs this year, she'll bthe first of the survivor amputees tdo so. her motivation is very simple, to run twho can't. >> thiis a way for me to give back, not only to physically
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giant tha you to everybody and also trememrthose sitting the couch who don't have legs because of insurance who areon the waiting list for limbs for . >ete h run will be more thaan inspiring act. she'll be running the marathon to raise money and awareness for limfor life, an organizhprovide prosttfor a lti for amputees who cannot afford them. a professional dancer and the last timwe saw her at the finish lwa she returnedn thscene of so much pain to dance away the is ongoing process and running the 120th boston marathon wl be another step in a 26.2- victory lap. >> i am hoping i have enough oxygen to and run at the same time. >> the 2016 boston marathon
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7 nat 6:00 with tom and amy stanow. on 7 news, presidential hopefs heading south after a historic ghin iowa. wh eraces mean for south carolina rs i am tracking a cold front that promisto bring us heavy rain and some thunderstorms. i will ha your forecast. wit less than three weeks to go until south carolina's primaryslpolitics are heat just a day after the caucus in iowa. the candidesare making a bee line fothe up state. >> we have team coverage of campaignesof his victory last night, ted cruz is making a stop in greenville. >> we begin with eryn rogers live in the td convention centerwith more on this visit. >> reporter: senator ted cruz isn't suppedto hit the stage until 6:but they just started lngpeople in about ten minutago you see this room is packed. i talked to a few people who
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they y after the victory in
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