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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  February 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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spartanburg and cherokee and union county, spotty showers continuing, light showewes, coming in from northeast georgia, increasing in anderson county and also into abbeville county. here's what to expect this evening. by 9:00 o'clock, most of us will have dried out. we'll keep the cloud cover, temperatures overall, very mild tonight. in fact, could see patchy fog. the drier air moves in. we will have brighter skies. >> the mountains of north carolina. >> the southwest mountain, they had over 3 inches of rain in some spots there, closer to 4, we haven't seen the official reports there. that could cause a lot of the issues with the rivers that are high. >> let's go to henderson county, that's where we'll continue the coverage, a lot of the problems with those storms. >> 7 news reporter laura thomas joins us live from hendersonville, laura.
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those areas that is still causing about pros for drivers here -- problems for drivers here tonight. you can see the water on the road here, greenville highway, this is a busy road, we've been out here this afternoon and there is still some water on the road. at least a couple of inches or so. one of theen ares the emergency officials tell you, if you don't know, turn around. they don't want you getting into something too high. we have seen the levels go down significantly throughout the day. they hope that continues through the night. live in hendersonville, laura thomas, 7 news. >> stay dry out there. the problems we're seeing not nearly as bad. take a look at this, weather in other parts of country, at least a dozen tornadoes were across the south. mississippi and alabama. luckily, nobody was killed by this. the stam storm system also -- same storm system created blizzard conditions across the
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in southwestern minnesota, prompting a travel ban. they got a foot of snow in nebraska. and look at this, this is the wind in scotland, blowing so hard, it reversed these water falls. look at that. these are the cliffs of the i'll. forecasters say the winds here could drive that water back up the hill, are going 84 miles per hour. incredible to look at, isn't it in we know how important the weather is to everybody, especially folks seeing that. so we've updated the new 7 news app to allow you to customize your weather location, a lot of people ask about that. you tap the more button on the bottom of the home page to do it. if you don't have the app yet, it's free, it's free, so just search 7 news. in your app store. >> south carolina recruited more than 4 billion dollars in business investments this year.
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150 projects were announced a loos year, including rite aid, and mitsubishi film in the upstate. hiring though slow to bid in january, payroll processer adp says employers added $105,000 jobs, 50,000 fewer than december, the numbers show that the numbers focused on the american economy, they are adding jobs, talk about nationally here. home depot is hiring spring, is their christmas, so the company plans to add 80,000 the upstate. it's a sign that the housing market remains strong. company leaders say about half into permanent empllees. social media can play a big part in blornt you're able to get a gig, the society for human resource management says one-third of companies have disqualified someone in the past year because of information found online. hiring managers say the most common mistakes are posting
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comments as well as posting or photos. >> too opinionated, too negative, it can come off to some individuals that you can be a problem in the work place. >> if you think staying off line is the stance, think fwen. 70% of hiring managers question job applicants who didn't post regularly or didn't have a social media profile at all. >> i'm going to take that story girls. that. it scares us to death. you don't have to wait until the super bowl to see this year's ads. >> many companies are giving you a sneak peek of their game day commercials now. and we spoke with the regional leaders at suntrust who are paying top dollar to get a spot in sunday's game. it focuseses on the financial pressures americans face. >> suntrust is about to help america catch its breath. by lighting the way to financial confidence. >> it's a very optimistic message. we felt it would work well with
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>> more ads now, toca ko bell using -- taco bell, vague, so top secret, the celebritys in the commercial do not know what it is they're selling. several are featured in the new ad, with this mysterious green box. taco bell set up a website so they can order whatever this is for $2.99. people who preorder can pick up something they can want identify on saturday. >> i wonder if you can return it if you don't like. hyundai, you might miss the fact that it's a car commercial, the ad features ryan rends who lives in the town of ryanville, where every man is ryan rends. hyundai won't get distracted if >> [ music ] . >> cut, cut. perfect, here are the changes. >> i love changes. >> when you say call me on my cell phone, just add device
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>> so drake here, is his hit song hotline bring gets an upgrade. the wrong cell phone carrier can ruin a good thing like this awawsome dancing, it leaves you restrictive, for the record, dianne did dance while we played the music. >> hey, you weren't supposed to tell people. >> $150,000 a second. >> yeah. now think about this, the first super bowl ad cost $42,000. you can check out more super bowl ads right now at and that brings tous the question of the day. -- us to the question of the day. why do you watch the super bowl? answers here. tom crabtree here, so shed some light on it, tom. >> well, first with teams like the panthers and the broncos playing, can't miss is going to be great football, yes we've know that. there are other reasons, the ads, 40% of you saying i want to
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show, that's usually what draws me in as well. the a third of you say you want to see the half time show, the game 20%. but i've got to tell you, this year, this year, i want to make sure i don't miss the ann national anthem, because it's lady gaga. i think she's terrific. >> she's a good singer. >> what do you think she's going to be wearing. >> the fashion choice will be the question with lady gaga. >> the super bowl shows. she'll be okay. it is the national anthem. >> people bet on how long the national anthem will be, they do an over-under line. so we shall see. >> she certainly raised her interest when she did the tony bennett. >> yes. >> she's good. >> thank you, tom. 7 news your source for all things super bowl 50. we have crews in california giving you a row seat to everything that's happening leading up to sunday's big game. we'll check in with pete yanity in a few minutes.
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recalling thousands of the suvs and trucks, why and how you can stay save. >> good evening, i'm amy wood, tonight on 7 news at 6:00, a move that could change public universities into private institutions, coming up, how
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get more live at 5 is back with a 7 news consumer alert. live at 5:00, back now with this 7 news consumer alert, toyota recalling suv's and and
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can inflate, even if you're not in a crash. toyota says the problem is anish hue with the compute -- an issue with the computer that controls the bags. the dealers will replace the computer at no charge. >> this car is the uglyiest car ever made, the concept, 2.5 years to build, and lots of money. it has a v-8 and 525 horsepower engine. >> it looks like the bat mobile. >> when the wings are open. >> some people are hating the jet-like design, even calling it hideous on social media. the creator taking it in stride, he hopes the car will sell big later this year sfl if you haven't had enough of the fast and furious, don't worry, fast 8 is hitting theaters next year and universe is l pictures announced they are planning two more movies after that. the 9th film hits theaters april
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comes out two years after that. vin diesel is cashing the details. they did not release details about the plot of the movies o r the title. >> there's racing in there. >> cars drive around very, very fast. >> yes. >> and they're furious at the same time. now for a fun fact involving cars. >> 25% of people immediately do this after buying a car. we're wondering if you know what it is. >> yeah, we had to look it up. stay put, we'll reveal the answer coming up after the weather. still ahead, just a few days away from super bowl 50, so are the panthers feeling the pressure? a live update on how they're handle all of this attention from california, coming your way. >> and i'm talking about high pressure for us, but actually, that's going to be a good thing, i'll have much more on the brighter skies in the forecast as you take a live look from spruce pines, left over low
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when we're going to clear 7 news is back "live at
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coverage don't be 7 news is back with more super bowl 50 coverage. >> so don't be disappointed you goont to the game, we'll bring you all of the sights and sounds from the game. pete yanity standing by now. how do these players handle the pressure of all of this attention? >>reporter: well, that is an excellent question, gordon, and let's face it, it's one in which they are under a microscope, they've never been before, and there's a tension all around this bay area, obviously on the game iet. we're in front of the nfl experience here in downtown san francisco. they've got the fanfare music playing, the music you hear when you approach disney, one of the parks there. celebration, the players, certainly grasp it, a lot of the guys love all of the bells and whistles we saw the other night at the opening night. a little known fact about one of the panthers playing, ryan, he grew up in hollywood, his parents
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a child actor. when i asked him today if he equated it to this, he didn't say that, but here's how he would compare all of this week too and other players are getting into the spirit as well. >> iend kind of like a -- it's kind of like a grown up version of a bowl week, i guess, reminiscent of a college bowl week, and i was fortunate enough play in the national championship. >> i tonight think you would need to add anything to make this game special, you look at, you know, how long it's been here we've been here as a football team, an organization, that in itself makes this special. for players to be able to partake in the super bowl, i think that in itself makes this special. >>reporter: and so, that's a great point right there. that there's so much going on, but the very fact is, let's face it, they're all here for one thing, playing on super bowl sunday, the panthers remain the
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as much attention on them as this week and any time during their careers to this point. much more. 7 sports is live here in downtown san francisco, we're not far from the golden gate bridge n the center of one of the big hubs of super bowl week. >> more from him and bryan smith all week long as we give you a front-row seat to all of the action in california. >> a one hour super game preview ahead of the match-up, at 7:00 o'clock, this friday night. >> all leading up to the big game that you'll see only here on 7 news and cbs, super bowl 50 kicks off sunday evening at 630 6:30. the city denver has challenged charlotte to a food drive. help people who need help.
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in, runs all the way through super bowl sunday. we've had a soggy day around here, a lot of rain, 1-3 inches in some cases, more than that in the mountains. falling across the area today. there's a live picture of downtown spartanburg, where we still have a few spots of light rain left over. and that is going to be what we'll be looking at for the next couple of hours, but the trend is, you don't like rainy weather, we'll be drying out. some areas may see patchy fog because we don't have the low level drier air. otherwise, we'll see a drying process during the day tomorrow. which will enable us to see some sunshine, it's going to be a breezy day tomorrow, with winds out of the north, bringing in that drier air, and it will be a little cooler than today, but we'll top out at readings above average for this time of the year and the system will set us up for a nice end of the week and weekend. the weekend is looking quiet and cool. the satellite and doppler radar
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see how busy it is to the east, this is the line of showers and thunderstorms that gave us so much torrential rainfall between 9:00 and 1:00 o'clock, all of that has pushed far away tonight. and the midlands that saw severe weather. we had issues with flooding, we didn't have any severe thunderstorms. we have quite a bit of rain and some left over in spartanburg and cherokee and union. on the light side. there's a shower over simpsonville, moving towards the northeast and laurens county, abbeville county, and southern sections of greenwood countiess, still looking at rain falling there. anderson has rain in the area as well. that will happen later tonight, the main line of rain and thunderstorms has pushed far away from that system, outrun the froot. the storms were moving quickly today. as we get into tomorrow, we'll start out with cloud cover.
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day, a chilly day. quiet, we'll look for light winds and high pressure in control. that will ensure a beautiful day, cool temperaturess in the afternoon, starting out quite cold, freezing across most areas. 64 in greenwood. a warm muggy day out there. here's a look at what we expect into tomorrow. we'll start out with cloud cover, end up sunshine. temperatures above afrjs but mainly 50s -- average but mainly 50s and 60s in the afternoon. the next 72 hours, we do have some changes on the way, for the better. look for upper 50s for tomorrow. 53 on friday, starting out at freeze, down below freezing friday night. pretty nice weekend on the way. a little bit more in the way of cloud cover on sunday. heavy on the sunshine and look for much colder weather to move in during the course of next week. topping out only in the lower 40s on tuesday. and stopping in the 30s for the high on wednesday. and there's your mountain
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sunshine on the way. pretty nice weekend. kind of chillyier in the mountains with highs in the 40s on from i and saturday. >> be nice to have the sun back. >> brighter sky. >> i don't know if you heard the question, so 25% of people immediately do this after buying a car? got a guess? >> well, i take a picture. i want a picture with the car. >> oh, yeah. >> that's smart for insurance reasons. >> yeah. i actually -- a viewer named steve e-mailed in the right answer. the answer is name your car. i don't know, are you ever named your car? >> yes. >> not mine. >> go ahead. >> my husband named his, a sab from sweden, he named it franka. >> the l yellow bird. >> kind of a nickname. >> i've never thought to do it. next, a new discovery made about the zika virus, how it is spread, we'll have details next
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>> i'm amy wood, 7 news at 6:00 is minutes away, and tonight there's an app that is a quick download for your child's
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media app ks lawmakers on capitol hill are trying to get to the bottom of the flint water crisis .. sz lawmakers on capitol hill are trying to get to the bottom of the flint water crisis. >> they did have a hearing about it today. some upset that a lot of the key players weren't there to give answers. flint residents were there testifying that the city, the state and environment l protection agency, all failed to act, even after children got lead poisoning. many democrats calls for michigan governor rick snyder to testify. concerns are growing about the zika virus, now, that u.s.
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it has been spread through sexual contact. a person in dallas was reportedly infected from someone who picked up the virus in venezuela. they are not surprised. but emphasize that the disease is generally spread through mosquito bites.
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way to capture the (baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise.
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(water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping. a texas mom has come up with a very personal keepsake to represent the bond between mother and c a texas mom has come up with a personal keepsake for the bond between mother and child. >> she's developed a method for culturing pearls out of breast milk. >> a special way to kem rate that bond between mother and child. and i created breast pump jewelry. >> real breast milk, and then lets it sit in a refrigerator.
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colors, even sparkles. a top rezen hardens and protects the precious milk. >> it's breast milk pearl is a different cream to white, you're getting what came from you. you know, each pearl is unique to you and your child. no two are alike. >>reporter: and why stop with breast milk. >> the placenta and then the breast milk. >>reporter: settling, even, it's therapeutic. >> a lot of the stories are empowering, the gift of life. >> they do call it liquid gold. stay with us. >> 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. live from the news station, this is 7 news at 6:00. wet weather, making a mess of things in our area, and creating dangerous situations for drivers. we have the latest, next. >> also, tonight, a warning for parents about dangerous apps you may never have heard of, some advice you will want to hear
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well, lots of rain around the upstate and western north carolina, and some places, it created flash flooding, left areas under water. we have live team coverage for you tonight, 7 news reporter laura thomas is in henderson county. >> how much rain we experienced today, and what's coming next, christy. >> amy, we had over 2 inches of rain in asheville today, record rainfall for the day. and well over an inch and a half around gsp. you get the idea. most of it fell in the mountains and that's where we've had the double trouble with flash flood warning, river levels remain high as well. we have left over showers. the main rain has pushed out. spartanburg, showers on the east side of the town. also, a little rain over towards piedmont, and then we moved farther to the south, where we still have raa coming down in abbeville county and also around a. anderson, it's very light, as far as the rain estimates, go, most of that fell -- the highest amounts fell in the southwestern
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3-4 inches possibly there.
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