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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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3-4 inches possibly there. and quite a bit of rain, area wide. here's what you can expect this evening, a drying process will take place, but we'll keep the cloud cover, patchy fog in the morning. 50 degrees, brighter skies are on the way and i'll talk about that in the forecast coming up. we'll see you later on. all of that rain came down hard and quickly, in many areas today. it caused serious flash flooding. >> laura thomas is in henderson county right now, and laura, we understand some areas there were completely under water. >>reporter: we have seen some flooding spots, all over the city of hendersonville, today, and this is one of the problem spots we've been mon r toing today. take a look at the water that's greenville highway. a couple inches deep at least, it's hard to tell, that's one of the warnings that emergency officials give is because you can't really tell just how deep it s as we see some of these cars going through the puddles
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flooding that's caused problems across parts of hendersonville today. we have some video earlier of what the area looked like earlier today, this morning, police had to put up barricades on the road to keep people from driving along this area. several streets around town, especially if the downtown area, also had the to be closed off in spots is. business owners nearby tell us this is the kind of flooding that happens here at couple times a year. >> as you can see, closing everything around us, you know, the section over here, greenville highway, and then mind us, so really can't even get here even though we're open, so. >>reporter: and you saw in that video, just how high the water was, compare that to what it looks like now. still water on the road, it's gotten a lot better throughout the day and folks here are hoping those water levels continue to recede tonight.
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crews are finishing up work to get a rock slide cleaned up. it happened earlier today on town mountain road near asheville. this process has been going on for most of the day. the road is expected to be back open at some point this evening. stay on top of dangerous conditions with the 7 news app, it's even better because there is a brand new update in the app store, it lets you customize your location, for weather alerts. it's free for apple and android. it's not pretty. the whole side of the world out there is not pretty. >> new at 6:00, a 13-year-old girl who battled sickness and bullying at school, found comfort talking to others on social media. >> over the week, she was found murdered in north carolina. >> two college freshmen are under a investigators believe she was lured in with an app called kick. 7 news reporter is here more about that. >>reporter: top, amy, kick is an app you can download right on your smartphone for free. it's very popular with
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anonymous mess ans without use or giving your actual phone number, police officers say apps like kick are a huge problem, and the fight against online predators and making it more difficult r parents seem to know very little about them. >> she had a passion for pandas, dreeped of being on american -- dreamed of being on american idol. she touch sod many people throughout her short life. -- touched so many people throughout her short life. >>reporter: like many parents, nicole's mother said it was an app she never even heard of. the investigators believe she found people she could talk to and one of them is accused of killing her. >> social media now is a part of almost every investigation that we do. >>reporter: for ben ford, the details of the case are gruesome. but he admits there's not much that surprises him anymore. >> i've seen a lot. a lot more than i want to see. >>reporter: he says so much of
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around apps and social media sites, there's a detective specifically assigned to crimes against children. kick and snapchat go unnoticed by parent s. >> the mere fact that they're hiding in their house and doing this, trying to lure someone, they believe in their minds that they're anonymous and they can't be found. >>reporter: i was able to make an account on kick in seconds, and asked for my first and last name, which i could make whatever i want, it also askss for a user name, that's what everyone else is going to see, giving them your phone number is optional and it works just like text messaging, but it's easy to hide, and you can even send picture asks video. another thing, making it difficult for officers like ford, kick is headquartered in canada. >> they don't have to comply with our search warrant requests, or our court order requests because there are none. >>reporter: the more parents who research the dangers before
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smartphones the better. >> please, educate yourself on these apps so you can avoid being in this situation, like the parents of this 13-year-old girl. >> nicole lovell went missing from her home three days before her body was found in north carolina. investigators believe she left to meet up with the virginia tech student. thank you for that. police have made an arrest in a sexual assault case, that happened near the usc campus in columbia, we've been telling you about this since monday. carlos hernandez was arrested and charged with criminal sexual assault first-degree. and kidnapping. columbia police say the assault happened early saturday morning near the capstone house residence hall. hernandez turned himself in this morning. an anderson dog that survived starvation and a gunshot wound to the head, is getting a second chance tonight. a 2-year-old boxer, is now recovering with a nonprofit group called boxer buts and
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carolina, she was left to die in townville, last week, according to the rescue group. it seeps she was found just in type, there were bullet fragments left in her face. fwut rescue group says -- but the rescue group says it will be a few months, she is expected to make a full recovery. >> it has to stop. this is uncalled for. no dog deserves this. >> the rescue group is asking for some tips to find the person responsible for this abuse. there's a $1,000 reward for that kind of information, that can lead to an arrest. find out how you can help with this boxer's recovery on today is the day high school seniors can officially sign national lerts of intent, and dozens of athletes from the upstate have put their name on the dotted line. spartanburg high running back signed one of 23 members of the tigers top class.
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one of 24 signees, in south carolina's top 20 class. another big time star from the upstate decided to go further from home. greer's troy pride has decided for noert dame. -- notre dame. another gop candidate is expected to make the announcement and going to announce who will get his support. the republican had several events set today for south carolina, those were cancelled and rand paul cancelled his run today. bill clinton is in columbia, campaigning for his wife hillary, a rally at allen university. this is a live look at the event underway now. you can watch this right now on and through our news app. stay with 7 news for all of the latest announcements on the campaign trail. and on we have a special section that will keep you touch date, also
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candidates, in case you want to check that out. look under the news tab for election and politics, that section and on the news app, the politics and government section. panthers linebacker thomas davis talks about how he feels and how he's about to do something remarkable in the super bowl. i'm pete yanity in san francisco, that story is coming up. making public colleges in
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supporters of the move say we're continuing the count-down... to "super bowl -50-"...with the we're continuing the big count down to super bowl 50 with the carolina panthers getting ready to take on the denver broncos. >> there's one player who may be doing more than most to get ready for this big game. with more on that, we bring in 7 sports director pete yanity, live tonight from san francisco. pete, good evening. >>reporter: yeah, tom, you'd never know that thomas davis has a broken right arm, if you just
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since he got injured in the nfc championship game. there he is talking about the big game on sunday, getting ready to play on sunday with a broken arm r a broken arm, i asked him what exactly he has in the arm now that he didn't have it before he broke it. he had to overcome major knee injuries in the past can help him get through this. >> i have a plate and 12 screws, that's what i have, that wasn't there. being that i have an injury history, and overcome those things r it made this easier. you get injured. but knowing that i've been through it, not necessarily a broken arm, but just of having to have a set back, and come back from it. i mean, this was definitely a easier.
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-- he's the only player in the league who has 5 sacks and 3 interceptions. as we tell you a story about luke you may not have known. 7 sports is live here in downtown san francisco. >> thomas davis is an amazing and inspiring story. pete and 7 news reporter brianna smith are in california bringing you storying about the panthers and the fans. as everyone gets ready for sunday's big game. tune in here sunday night, set for kickoff at 6:30 sunday night. straight ahead on 7 news at 6:00, a new plan to transition public universities to private institutions.
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would keep south carolina new at -6-... could clemson...u-s-c... and all the other -public- colleges in south carolina... become - new at 6:00, could clemson, usc and all the other public collegee in south carolina
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>> he says it would save money for student asks taxpayers, robert kittle tells you how and what the schools think about it. >>reporter: carolina day at the state house, when usc staff and alumni thank lawmakers for their support and talk about the impact of the school. >> we have a great many schools with redundants in what they are providing to students. >>reporter: he's introduced a bill to make all of the state's public colleges and universities private, not for profit, instead. all of the state money that now goes to the schools would instead go to students, as scholarships. >> if the students could get more scholarship, that would be great. >>reporter: some schools would bring in more instate students to get the money, while others would bring in from out of state. flagship universities across the country, including south carolina is, are taking in a lot
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money they've lost. out of state students pay 2 or 3 times the tuition. over 10 years, usc has the 6th biggest increase. >> we are prudent in limiting the number of out of state of students, they are from within south carolina. we want to keep it that way. >> he says if this ppsess, all schools would bring in more out of state students. going private. >> i wouldn't be guaranteed to get the scholarship, so it might not help me in the end. >>reporter: robert kittle, 7 news. all right. well, we've had a soggy day, muggy temperatures as well and it looks like some rain and going to try to hold on in some areas, at least for another couple of hours. before we start to see that rain going away. of course, we had heavy thunderstorms and even some flooding to take place earlier today, now, that was with the main line of rain that pushing
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this is the main line of storms that got going in the midlands, once the daytime heating had a chance to kick in. we missed out on the severe weather, too much rain in some areas, we had to deal with flooding. so holding on to cloud cover, still looking at a few left over showers, we've had rainfall, in spartanburg county, still looking at a few patchess of rain there, near pauline. farther to the south towards simpsonville, light rain there and in the northern part of green wood county, southern section of laurens county, we've got light rain moving eastward, farther to the weshgs showers may have a chance to develop. now, in the midlands, with that severe weather that developed, the national weather service has confirmed that an ef-10 tornado in lexington county, earlier this afternoon, winds 65-85 miles per hour damaged several cars, and destroyed them as well. in a car storage lot. so the whole system that's been helping to produce the severe weather in the midlands towards the eastern carolina is a front that's making its way through the western carolinas tonight.
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drier air, so the rain is going to go away, we'll hold on to the cloud cover, we may even see patchy fog in some areas, going into tomorrow morning. otherwise, pretty good breeze will pick up during the day, chilly temperatures, to start the morning, but all day sunshine, especially in the afternoon, will help us to warm up. in friday, starting out quite chilly, in fact, below freezing in a lot of the area, high pressure in control of the weather will ensure light winds and a fast warmup to a cold start to the day. patchy fog overnight, breezy and cooler tomorrow, and a quiet and cool weekend is on the way. right now, at 58 in asheville, still holding on to 60s in the upstate. 63 in laurens, and 60 degrees now in anderson. here's your five zone forecast, into tomorrow, we'll start out with cloud cover, but the trend will be for us to find increasing sunshine during the day. and so we'll expect highs to be above average again, just cooler than today.
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and on into the foothills, and t 50 degrees for tomorrow. here's what to expect for the next 72 hours, and some changes around the way, 59 will be the high tomorrow. freezing thursday night, skies will be clear, light winds, and a warmup to around 53 on friday. that's where we should be for this time of the year, going through the weekend, as you can seeshgs always in view, the highs to reach the mid 50s on saturday and sunday. more in the way of cloud cover on sunday, but we'll keep it dry. into next week, it looks like the possibility of a few rain showers monday and then much colder weather moves in tuesday and wednesday. and there's your mountain forecast. expect some clouds early in the day, not bad as far as the temperature goes. but we'll really get cold thursday night, 26 degrees for a low and mid 40s with bright sunshine on the way for friday. thanks you, christy. still ahead, going to talk to an upstate guy that's part of the first recruiting class at south carolina.
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hear how many 4 and 5 star pete ad libs about what's going on in san francisco.... bowl 50. ron rivera was asked today about handling distractions after news came of a broncos practice squad member who was sent home, questioned regarding a prostitution ring, and well, rivera said he and eugene robinson addressed his ball club about distractions, before they left sharment. 20 -- charlotte. 20 years ago when robinson was getting ready to play. one that he says he has put behind him. using his faith to help him do that. good evening, everybody in downtown san francisco, a lot of super bowl buzz, with the nfl experience behind us. rivera talked about how lukehas been the defense's version of cam newton, the building block
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spectacular since he came in the league. he was too humble to talk about himself, but he was willing to talk one of his inspirations. never one to hold back on helping out luke. . >> i had coach, the e irst coach in carolina, and then i had john beason, my second coach and he sat next to me every day, at practice can and there during games, he taught me to how to play middle linebacker. division opponents, two, and just had how to be productive. >>reporter: he is certainly built off of that, coming up friday night at 7:00 p.m., we have got the big special is, an hour long, join us for that. the coverage continues throughout the week. also, for football today, national signing day. the story from far and wide, including clemson hoping they
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>> the next three to four years, at the university of michigan. >>reporter: the nation's top overall recruit picked michigan. 3 of the state's top five players, including offensive neman simpson picking -- finalizing a tiger commitment, he made one year ago. to the day. >> another great class for us, i think this is maybe our sixth top 12 or 12 #13 class if a row. >> last year, it was a feeling, we put all of the pieces in, we made the shot. but they made it a reality last year. we had a shot at the national championship. >> will muschamp's solid -- among the 24 players the gamecocks signed, 14 on offense, 10 on defense. burns wide receiver.
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the key to a lot of what we do. we visited about 36 or 38 guys and only 6 guys we offered, we got them on campus, we did a greet job with them. forever. i've always wanted to go here, there. >>reporter: another big name from our area to sign with a football powerer was greer's troy pride. who committed to notre dame. >> this -- university, one of the most prestigious in the nation, i'm happy to be a part of the family. >> we have a full list of other athletes who signed national letters of intent on our website, wspa .com. todd summer, 7 sports. all right, well, thanks for watching, a lot more coming up at 7:00. >> be sure to join us at 11:00. we have the latest for you on, and a brand new news app. see you back here at 7:00.
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>> pelley: a health emergency has been declared in florida with nine cases of zika virus and all the right conditions for more. also tonight, devastating
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see this, that this could happen
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