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tv   7 On Your Side at 7pm  CBS  February 3, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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"it's not pretty. there's a whole side of the world out there that's not pretty." ----- a 13-year-old girl who battled sickness... and bullying at school...found comfort...talking to others on social media... over the weekend ... she
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carolina. two college freshmen... are charged in her death. investigators say... they believe she was lured-in...with an app... called "kik". the free app.. is popular amongst teens .. allowing them to send messages...without giving or using their actual phone number. as "7 news" reporter rachelle spence...found..police say it's become a huge problem.. in the fight against online predators.----- "nicole had passion for pandas, dreamed of being on american idol. nicole touched many people throughout her short life. i can't do that part." like many parents .. nicole lovell's mother.. said it was an app she never even heard of. on "kik"..investigators believe nicole found people she could talk to.. and now.. one of those them.. is accused of killing her. "social media plays a role in almost every case." for mauldin police sergeant.. ben ford.. the details of the case are gruesome .. be he admits..
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surprises him anymore. "i've seen a lot. a lot more than i want to see." he says so much of the departments cases revolve apps and social media sites.. there's a detective specifically assigned to "internet crimes against children".. adding.. apps like kik.. and snapchat.. often go unnoticed by parents.. but are perfect for predators.. "the mere fact that they're hiding in their house and doing this -- trying to lure someone, they believe in their minds that they're anonymous and can't be found." "take a look. i was able to make an account on kik in seconds. it asks for my first and last name .. which i could make whatever i want.. and a username. the phone number is optional..and it works just like text messaging.. but hidden. you can even shares another thing making it difficult for officers like ford .. "kik" is headquartered in canada.. "they don't have to comply with our search warrant requests or court ordered requests because they are another country." but he says.. the more parents.. who research the dangers..before giving their children smart phones .. the better.. these apps so you can avoid being in this situation like the parents of this 13-
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nicole lovell..vanished from her home .. three days before her body was found in north carolina. investigators say they believe she left home.. to meet up with the virginia tech freshman.. before being stabbed to death. one of his female classmate's .. is also charged in the case... new at -7-... a huge settlement tonight... in a police brutality case... in florida. a federal jury awarded more than 23-million dollars... to a black man... who was unarmed... when he was shot and paralyzed ... by a deputy. a jury ruled today... that palm beach county sheriff's sergeant adams lin...violated dontrell stephens' civil rights ... in the 20-13 incident. the deputy had stopped stephens...for riding his bicycle ... into traffic. he testified...he thought stephens was reaching... for a
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a friend of the accused charleston church shooter - is asking that his trial be delayed. attorneys for joey meek filed a motion .. to have it pushed back until at least may.. so they have more time to review evidence. the trial was originally scheduled for next month. investigators claim meek failed to tell them what he knew about dylann roof's plans. a hearing will be held next week to discuss the status of both cases. a case of brutal animal abuse out of anderson county. investigators say a dog survived starvation... and a gunshot wound to the head.. and tonight it's getting a second chance. amara.. a two-year-old now recovering with a nonprofit group. ...called boxer butts and other mutts.. in western north carolina. according to the rescue group...she was left to die in townville last week.. the rescue group says.. while it will be several months..they expect amara to make a full recovery. "when will it stop? it
7:05 pm dog deserves this." ---- the rescue group is asking for find the person responsible for amara's abuse. there is a one thousand dollar reward .. for information that could lead to an arrest. find out how you can help with the boxer's recovery.. on we're continuing the count-down... to "super bowl -50-"...with the "carolina panthers" getting prepared to take on...the "denver broncos." tonight... "7 sports" director pete yanity is in san francisco... where preparations are underway for the biggest football game of the year. pete: ----- yanity super :02 san jose/this morning :13 ryan kalil panthers center :29 thomas
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sports director pete yanity... and "7 news" reporter brianna smith... are in california all week... covering the action. they'll bring you stories... about the "panthers"... and their fans... as everyone gets ready...for sunday's big game. and tune in... to watch the big on "7 news" and c-b-s. "super bowl 50" ... is sunday night... february -7th.- kick-off... is set for -6:30-.
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high school seniors... can officially sign national letters of intent..... and dozens of athletes from the upstate.... have put their name on the dotted line. a couple of key names are spartanburg high running back....tavien feaster.... signing as one of 23 members of the tigers top 10 class.... and chavis dawkins.... a byrnes high running one of 24 signees in south carolina's top 30 class. another big time star from the upstate .... decided to go much further from home .. as greer's.....troy pride.... signed to play at notre dame. we have a more detailed list online at.. w-s-p-a dot com. the latest of "campaign 20-16" now ... the field of republican candidates ... thinned out more ... today. rand paul...decided to end cut the cord on his candidacy ... to instead focus on winning another term... as u-s senator from kentucky. he had a disappointing 5th-place finish... in monday's iowa caucuses. republican rick santorum... is also...dropping out of the presidential race. the announcement came... after he cancelled several
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tonight... former president bill clinton ...was in the palmetto state speaking at a campaign event... for his wife hillary clinton...urging voters to cast their ballots in her favor..during the november election. it just wrapped up at allen university in columbia. afterwards... the former president took pictures with the crowd. we'll have the highlights from his speech... coming up on 7 news at -10- and -11-. you can see who else will be making campaign stops in our area .. get the latest updates on each of the candidates... and important election dates right now on wspa dot com. just look under the "news tab"... for our special "elections and politics" section. next on 7 news .... a disturbing case of child neglect ...the gross act that a mother and her co-worker are accused of that has them both facing charges.. and her legally removed from her home. and a legal setback for comedian bill cosby... how one judge's decision today.... could affect a case involving
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we often report on child abuse... and child pornography arrests... but a story out of michigan is raising eyebrows... a mother is charged with child neglect... accused of showing a sexually suggestive picture of her young toddler to a male co- worker. michigan police say they later uncovered text messages from that male co- worker--- pictured here. in one of the messages... investigators say that he implied that he'd like to see more pictures of the child. he's charged with attempting to procure an indecent activity with the little girl. both... county employees..were suspended without pay ... when their boss found out about the charges. "everybody was shocked ...we really didn't see this coming. it surprised everybody and very sad obviously.. and they definitely need help." ----- investigators say the young child involved in the case is just three years old. in addition to the
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charge.. the mother was also removed from her home .. both of her small children. police have made an arrest... in a sexual assault case...that happened near the u-s-c campus in columbia. we've been following this story for you... since monday. carlos hernandez ... was arrested. he's charged with "criminal sexual assault first degree" ... and "kidnapping." columbia police say... the assault happened early saturday morning...near the "capstone house residence hall." they say...hernandez turned himself in... this morning. a legal setback for comedian "bill cosby"....a judge has refused to throw out the sex assault case against him... the decision in a suburban philadelphia courtroom...sweeps aside a former district attorney's claim he granted the comedian immunity from prosecution a decade ago. the case now moves to a prelilinary hearing to see if prosecutors have enough evidence to prove cosby assaulted an accuser at his philadelphia home in 2004. the case was reopened last year...after cosby's newly released deposition in the accuser's lawsuit and of other women.
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young men register for the military draft could soon change... to also include women. right now .. only men .. ages 18 to 26 .. register. but the defense department lifted restrictions on women in combat roles last year. and military leaders say the rules should be changed to reflect that .. so every american who's physically qualified would be available if a draft is needed. the last time a draft was used was during the vietnam war. under a bill filed at the south carolina statehouse...clemson, u-s-c and every other -public- college and university in the state... could go -private-. laurens representative mike pitts... is sponsoring the bill. he says... all the state money that now goes to the schools... would instead... go to -students-... as scholarships. the schools...would compete for money: ----- "this was the only way that i could see to trim our higher education system in south carolina and make it more efficient." --- -- the president of u-s-c says... the proposal... is a bad idea. he says... it would force all colleges... to take more out-of-state
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higher tuition. a spokesperson for clemson told us...she had no information ... regarding clemson's position...on the bill. lawmakers on capitol hill held a hearing today on the flint lead contamination crisis ... but some were upset that many key players were -not- there to give answers. while michigan governor rick snyder wasn't invited to appear... committee officals say .. a former state appointed city emergency manager failed to testify... despite a subpoena. thh city manager oversaw flint's drinking water switch ... back in 2014. : "he's vital to understanding what happened and how these decisions were made. ": "in retrospect government at all levels should have done more." ------- it's a key point that activists say remains... after the death of -10- because of the flint water crisis. in the meantime..governor rich snyder announced he will propose 30 - million dollars to for flint residents. an he says they shouldn't have to pay for water they can't drink. the already complicated "zika" virus... is even more difficult...for scientists and health officials to understand tonight. health officials
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close attention... to a zika virus case... in dallas... transmitted through sexual contact. the patient was infected by a person ... who picked up the virusus.. in venezuela. health officials in the u-s say... they're -not- surprised... to hear of transmission through sex. but they emphasize... the disease is spread generally... through mosquitoes: ----- "the bottom line continental u-s remains the same. if you are pregnant and thinking of travelling to a place with zika spreading... don't." - ---- the zika virus has been linked... to several thousands of cases... of a serious birth defect... that causes babies to be born... with small heads. the "world health organization"... has declared... a global health emergency.
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next... on "7 news"... saving money...can be a challenge...especially if you're an impulsive spender. we have advice from financial experts ... to help get your spending in order... and help pad out your bank account.. but first here's a look
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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maintaining financial a goal... that we all share. more and more americans... are living check to check ... and have little or no savings... for emergencies. according to a new "forbes survey"...almost a quarter of americans... have less than 100-dollars... to their name. and it's no secret... that americans... are terrible savers. in november..."pew charitable trusts" in -3- american families... has no savings at all. financial experts say... regardless of your income... having a budget is key: ----- "a lot of us find that we're just struggling to make ends meet on a month to month people are doing that.. and when they do it, they're not really taking the time to see what they can cut back and save for tomorrow." ----- so a good "rule of thumb"... financial experts say... is to avoid unnecessary spending... and save what you can...because every dollar counts. the united states postal service is recognizing black history month with a new forever stamp. it marks the
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service's black heritage stamp series ... that includes prominent african americans like congress woman ..shirley chisolm ...martin luther king jr.and publisher john johnson. the latest...features civic leader and activist -- richard allen. as an african american leader... allen helped co-found the mother bethel a.m.e. church. and if you're looking for a job...looking for a job... home depot may have a spot for you. ahead of the spring rush...the home improvement store is hiring for more than -270- positions six locations in the upstate. it's part of campaign to add 80- thousand employees nationwide. we've put a link to apply .. at wspa dot com. next on 7 news... find out the interesting way that a texas mom has come up with a very personal keepsake to represent the bond between mother and child.
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right thenenright there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. "i really wanted a special way to commemorate that bond between mother and child. i just wanted a
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created breast milk jewelry." ----- you heard right ... a woman has come up with a way... to make jewelry... from breast milk. she takes real breast milk... adds preservatives... then lets it harden in a refrigerator... for about a week. afterwards... she says you can add color ... even sparkles...and mold it however you want. it's -not- just a hobby. she's sold the breast milk jewelry to hundreds of women. thanks for joining us.
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