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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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cruz of stealing the iowa caucuses. cruz fires back saying his gop rival is throwing a trumper tantrum. new concerns about the zika virus spreading to the u.s. florida declares a health emergency. and stephen colbert is here! the late show host. the one and only on the 2016 race he is talking about and his live special after the super bowl. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. i don't know anyone who be comfortable with someone who behaves this way, having his finger on the button. we are liable to wake up one morning and donald would have nuked denmark. >> ted cruz and donald trump battle it out. >> this guy, ted cruz. he goes out. talk about a liar. >> i was amused that bernie sanders set himself up to be the gatekeeper on progressive. >> i don't know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $5 million from wall street.
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florida declaring a health emergency after nine cases of zika virus were detected. >> bill cosby is headed to trial. >> a pennsylvania judge refuses to throw out a 2004 sexual assault case. >> president obama went to a mosque to talk about the contributions muslims have made in the united states. your thoughts about that? >> i don't know if he is -- maybe he feels comfortable there. >> a severe storm system that spawned tornadoes across the south taking aim at the southeast. >> i heard trees crashing. >> in the los angeles area, this lexus ended up on the roof after a collision. the driver survived. >> all that. >> in a tie game, durant for the three and he's got it! he's got it! durant has done it again! >> players just really jumping the national signing day of devonta anderson parachuting to his pick. >> and all that matters. >> jeb be bush with an awkward moment in new hampshire. >> get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. please clap.
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someone, give that man a hug! >> on "cbs this morning." >> when with the votes were counted in iowa, gilmore won 12. not 12% but 12 people! that is less than the number of people in iowa named jim gilmore! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! welcome to "cbs this morning." tempers are rising in the presidential race with ted cruz firing at donald trump in their escalating feud. the republican field is narrowing ahead of the new hampshire primary. rick santorum suspended his campaign last night, leaving nine in the race. rand paul and mike huckabee also dropped out on this week. >> donald trump had plane trouble yesterday making him late for a rally in arkansas. but that didn't stop him from
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with another barrage of attacks. cruz saying trump is, quote, losing it, after finishing second in iowa. major garrett is in keen, new hampshire, with all of the back and forth. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning! donald trump tried to diminish ted cruz's iowa caucus victory on twitter and elsewhere accusation him of using hardball sabotaging ben carson on caucus night. cruz dismissed these charges and the iowa republican party certified cruz the winner, said no rules were broken and declared the results final. >> ted cruz goes out. you talk about liars. >> i don't think people are interested in a temper tantrum or you could call it a trump tantrum. >> reporter: battleing in a state that like hard-edged out brass knuckles. >> he is losing it! i mean, we are liable to wake up
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denmark. >> reporter: trump in turn accused cruz of stealing or manipulating votes in iowa. >> actually, i think i came in first because, if you take a look, okay? you know? oh, that voter fraud! you know, these politicians are brutal. >> reporter: the long reasoning policy. >> ted cruz gave us obamacare. believe me. >> he wants to expand obamacare so that every person the ferguson takes over your health care, the federal government is in charge of your doctors. >> you know, it's a flat-out lie, a flat-out lie. >> reporter: beyond the trump and cruz show, the remaining republicans are fighting acknowledgment. >> to get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. please, clap. >> reporter: chris christie, who
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here, continued to ridicule marco rubio as a preprogram lightweight. >> this new hampshire program is down to a race between me and marco rubio and everybody knows it. marco was a run-by by the town hall. >> reporter: rubio was the primary target of the gop field and ignored christie. >> these are people think i'm a threat to win. that means we are doing something right. >> reporter: trump is buckling under pressure to see more new hampshire voters face-to-face. four trump events today. two added in the last 24 hours. for governor accuracy? he'll have his 63rd new hampshire town hall here at the elks club in keen. the bad news, he is currently running sixth in the polls. >> that would count at bad news. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will debate one-on-one tonight. the candidates got a chance to
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in new hampshire. they traded jabs on health care and foreign policy and who deserves to be called progressive. nancy cordes is in manchester, new hampshire. >> reporter: it came on a day where clinton acknowledged that sanders is like to win here in new hampshire but they still did battle for the hearts of democratic voters and, though, this was a town hall, the two candidates were back-to-back and not face-to-face and still challenged each other as if the there. >> we are taking on the most in the country. >> it's very hard to see how any of his proposals could ever be achievable. >> reporter: for one hour each, clinton and sanders tangled over who is more faithful to the base. >> you can't be a moderate and a they have different. >> bernie sanders has set himself ub to be the gatekeeper of the progressive.
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who has a special puper pac and takes 15 millions from wall street. >> did you have to be paid >> i don't know. that's what they offered. >> the two took questions from new hampshire voters with a lot on their minds. >> can you assure me as president you would not sxaned our military involvement abroad? >> on no, i can't, michael. >> reporter: sanders won one skeptical on his medicare for all health care plan. >> you pay more for taxes but not have to pay private health insurance premiums. >> if it saves me on health insurance premiums i will gladly pay more taxes. >> reporter: both got personal. >> on big schools you see little kids picking on little kids, you i resented that. i always did. much. service. i met my husband, who was such a natural, knew exactly what he wanted to do.
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i never thought i would do this. >> do you still believe is there a vast right wing conspiracy? >> don't you? >> i'm asking you. >> at this point, it's probably not correct to say it's a conspiracy, because it's out in the open. >> reporter: clinton has been challenged by sanders on the money that she has taken from wall street, but she challenged him last night to find one instance where she has done wall street bidding. still her campaign is clearly sensitive about this line of attack and overnight, norah, we learned that they have cancelled a fund-raiser with a boston financial firm. week. this morning, two gop questions are questioning president obama's first visit to an american mosque. donald trump said maybe he feels comfortable there. speaking at the mosque outside baltimore, the president said many muslims tell them their worried about their future in
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>> they talked about how their children were asking are we country? are e going to be rounded up? that? conversations that you shouldn't have to have with children. not in this country. we are one american family and when any part of our family starts to feel separate or tears at the very fabric of our nation. >> the president criticized what he called, quote, inexcusable muslim americans. concerning is growing this morning about the spread of zika virus in the united states. there are now at least 48 cases in 12 states, and washington, d.c. of the mosquito-born squeeze. florida is the first in the nation to declare a health emergency. at least nine people in four cocoties have the virus. they traveled to areas already affected by the outbreak. two more nations are part of the expanding travel alert. yuted airlines and delta are
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routes to those countries to be reassigned. dr. tara narula is with us. what is happening right now? >> the nine cases in florida, as you mentioned, were travel-related. what the governor has done is really tried to be pro active and one step ahead. the mosquito that transmits the virus lives in south florida year-round so likely to see more local cases of transmission. someone travels out of the country and gets infected and comes back and the blood is full of the virus for about a week. they can get bitten by uninfected mosquito in south florida and transmitted locally to an uninfected person who becomes infected ivenlth. >> what is a health emergency? >> it promotes resources and education and removal of standing water. >> how worried should we really be? we hear there is no cause, there is no cure, and you don't each know if you have the symptoms. >> i think, obviously, the people that are most concerned and should be are pregnant women
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the rest of us 80% of the people get this will remain asymptomatic and 20% who get it, the symptoms are mild. there are cases emerging of guellian barre syndrome. we are seeing some frequency in this. there are concerns but overall it's mostly for pregnant women and those trying to get pregnant. >> how should pregnant women protect themselves? >> avoid travel and long screened rooms with air-conditioning and stay away from standing water. >> you're pregnant. are you worried about it? >> i'm staying in new york city but if i was traveling i would be. this is a big deal for mothers. you try to do everything you can to protect your child. i think the scary thing for a lot of people is the new case that has been reported, sexual transmission. >> yes. >> right? so, you know, for the most part, this case with the case of
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country and coming back and in fact,ing a partner we have seen this before in case reports. most likely fewer cases of sexual transmission. the biggest vector for this is mosquitos. >> >> that is the next question when i come to dating. >> good to see you, doctor. a sexual assault casas against bill cosby back to court next month. the judge refused to dismiss the case. cosby lawyers claim there was a longstanding deal not to prosecute. bill cosby is accused of assaulting a temple university employee 12 years ago. jericka duncan is in pennsylvania where the ruling came down yesterday. >> reporter: good morning. the former district attorney did testify in court that he agreed not to prosecute the comedian in the andrea constand case but the
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mistake and says there is now enough evidence to convict cosby of sexual assault. disgraced comedian bill cosby kept his head down as he walked out of the courtroom on wednesday night. in december, cosby was charged with drugging, sexually assaulting andrea constand at his pennsylvania home in 2004. as part of their effort to have that criminal charge dismissed, cosby's defense team called on the former district attorney bruce castor to testify. castor said he made a verbal promise with cosby's former attorney in 2005 to not prosecute the comedian in the constand case and hoping to strip cosby of his fifth amendment right not to incriminate himself and said cosby would be forced to answer questions in a civil case. constand's lawyer said she
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criticized castor's decade-old decision saying he was not going to alien fans of the dr. huxtable. a secret agreement that permits a wealthy defendant to buy his way out of a criminal case isn't right, he said. cosby's attorney defended the deal saying, what we're talking about here is honoring a commitment. >> his argument was ludicrous. >> jeff lindy is a criminal defense attorney in philadelphia. >> he said he made a decision to not charge mr. cosby and that that decision was binding until the end of the earth. if that is the case put that in writing. >> reporter: cosby's team released a statement following the judge's ruling. the decision reached by the court was wrong, they wrote. we will appeal. now this ruling does not mean that cosby will go to trial. right now, he is scheduled to
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preliminary hearing on march 8th. >> thank you very much. the battle over michigan city's water crisis has head now to capitol hill. >> as far as they are concerned, get in the ground so we can kick the dirt over ya! because we are the walking dead, don't you know? >> reporter: flint resident williamson games michigan official for the toxic water and brought a tainted water from her tap to the hearing yesterday. she held a clump of her hair which she says fell out because of the contaminated water. one michigan congressman explained who with he thought was responsible. >> the state of michigan denied to the citizens of the state and to the citizens of flint that this was a problem. at one point, a state official, after the lead data had already been made known to them, told people in flint that they should just relax. we need the pipes fixed in flint. in fact, the governor should
7:16 am
>> the epa water chief called the crisis avoidable. he said federal officials encounter resistance from government officials. dangerous weather after tornadoes ripped across the south. the powerful system now stretches from florida to north carolina. people in several states are cleaning up after those twisters had reported a tornado in georgia, knocked down trees and damaged buildings at ft. stewart. more than 30 homes were destroyed in mississippi. flooding in north carolina and tennessee stranded some drivers in high water. no one was reported hurt. the denver broncos and the carolina panthers are making final preparations for super bowl 50. the big game is now just one, two, three days away. the teams spent all week practicing for sunday's matchup. jeff glor is in san francisco where the players are balancing work time and their free time. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. every player and coach has a
7:17 am
week. how much they share and how much they would rather not. at broncos team practice on wednesday, peyton manning looked pretty good for a guy who turns 40 next month. so it was a bit of a surprise to hear the five-time league mvp's admission that he'll likelyyeed major surgery down theheoad. >> doctors, sometimes, will mention to you, whether you ask them or not, hey, you're probably headed for a hip replacement at a certain time in your life and i said, doc, i didn't ask you if i'm going to have a hip replacement. i didn't need to know that here at age 37 but thanks for sharing. i look forward to that day when i'm 52 and have a hip replacement. >> it's heeding into nonstop talk about whether or not super bowl 50, manning's fourth, will be his final game. dominating team is the 13-year difference between manning and cam newton, the carolina quarterbacks.
7:18 am
>> newton is likely to be named the mvp this year after a dominating season. he is used to the daily media grind as well, but the super bowl is something else. >> it's not necessarily a media pressure. it's just media requirements. go to the team meeting and come back to you guys and talk. i don't get it. >> fair to assume both of these quarterbacks and all of these players would like to play right now. but as gayle mentioned, norah, the game is three days away. >> jeff, thank you. i like cam newton. you got to realized people are interested in you and want to hear from you. you're doing. >> players aren't getting all of
7:19 am
how the nfl is trying to avoid the murder of a teenager highlights the risks of meeting strangers online.
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have played a role in the 13-year-old's death. what parents should know about the online risks. the news is back this morning right here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. today's biggest stars... he designs it to look fabulous from every angle. and for his collection at kay jewelers... he does the exact. same. thing. yes! neil lane bridal. uniquely beautiful hand-crafted rings at kay, the number one jewelry store in america. my collection is vintage inspired... with flowing lines that evoke a sense of timelessness. because i want every woman to feel like a star.
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>> a 63 million dollar mystery. ahead why that lottery jackpot is just hours away from disappearing forever! we are at the store that sold the missing ticket. tomorrow, norah's interview with republican presidential candidate jeb bush and his mother. that would be former first lady barbara bush. looking forward to that. your local news is coming up next. we need to take it back in time where you thought you were mine good's 7:26. here's a look at our top story. we're working to get more information .... about a call for shots fired in spartanburg. this is new video .. this morning. our photographer was on the scene on nevada street.. just before 11 last night. police.. towed a
7:26 am
thanks for joining us. we'll be back in 25 minutes
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morn better thanny -- bernie sanders says his campaign is appealing to senior citizens. every time he says burn, his followers think he is talking
7:28 am
>> that is good, very good. the senior citizens are not laughing, however. >> i know. welcome back to "cbs this morning." in this half hour, playing close attention to the field this weekend at levi stadium. crews are making sure that every blade of grass is perfection for super bowl 50. the frustration on the field that caused crews to bring in more than 600 tons of new sod. plus a new focus on internet dangers after the murder of a 13-year-old virginia girl. the victim might have met her accused killer through social media. a detective reveals how to keep kids safe in a digital world and that information is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. the shbbc says the panel is to rule tomorrow in the case of julian assange who has been held up in london since 2012. he is wanted in sweden in a sex assault case.
7:29 am
an allegational rape is still outstanding against assange so the uk has legal obligation to extradite him. troops will be paid to freeze their sperm and eggs and help those severely hurt in battle to still have children. officials want to make military service more family friendly to help retain troops. the cost of the program is estimated at $150 million over might have years. leslie moonves is now the chairman of the cbs. yesterday, it sent stocks trading higher yesterday. moonves will continue to serve as ceo and president of the company and he has held those positions since 2006. 92-year-old redstone has been named chairman emeritus. >> congratulations.
7:30 am
congratulations! the "atlanta journal-constitution" reports that home depot is due to hire 80,000 workers for spring season. "the washington post" reports a murder victim's friend said she told a school official about the girl's relationship with an adult. the friend says she was afraid for 13-year-old nicole lovell who was later killed, but police dispute that and say the school got no warning about the relationship. it's not clear if the adult is murder suspect david eisenhauer. don dahler is outside the montgomery county court where the second suspect in the case is expected to appear. >> reporter: good morning. natalie keepers is due back in court later today on a bail hearing that had been postponed. she is accused of being an accomplice in the murder of a 13-year-old girl. a case that has raised concerns among parents everywhere over
7:31 am
>> just too many outlets out there for young kids, young girls to get involved way over their head before they even realized it. >> reporter: in this invisible world online that these kids are in. >> we have no idea who they are talking to. >> reporter: like most teenagers, nicole lovell was active online and had multiple social media accounts. it's in the shadows of cyberspace, police believe, the 13-year-old communicated with her accused killer, virginia tech student david eisenhauer. the two possibly exchanged messages on kik, a mobile app with 240 million registered users and allows people to remain anonymous and send photos that aren't saved. >> some of the websites we were reported that she was on, they are animals just on the prowl for their next -- for their next -- >> reporter: the mystery surrounding lovell's death is haunting parents across the country and forcing them to ask
7:32 am
talking to online. >> you have 13-year-olds who have 1,400 followers on instagram and they are sharing a lot of that personal information with total strangers. >> reporter: detective edward de la fuente investigates cybercrime. as part of his job he has nearly a thousand followers. >> they can find out everything about everyone who is sharing all of that information. they will know exactly where they live and they will know the hours that they keep. >> reporter: the detective encourages parents to trust their kids, but verify they are using the internet properly. he says it's vital to monitor what apps they are using daily and know who is following them online and secure the household wi-fi. his best piece of advice? know where your kids are in both the real world and the digital one. >> you wouldn't leave your child locked in a house with the alarm set and go out for 12 hours. if they are on social media, you need to be there. you need to be familiar with it
7:33 am
>> reporter: nicole lovell's family hopes that other families learn from their tragedy. they are saying one final good-bye to her later today as they lay her to rest. charlie? >> sad case, but good advice in terms of knowing where they are on social media. >> thank you, don. >> the site of this year's super bowl is the newest stadium in the league, but crews are busy tackling one of football's oldest challenges, the turf. jeff glor is at super bowl city in san francisco with the struggle for gameday perfection. jeff, good morning again. >> reporter: charlie, good morning to you once again. super bowl city is sort of the center of activity here in san francisco, the old candlestick park hard torn down and the new 49ers stadium has opened up two years ago and not everything is working out at planned. 1.3 billion, you expect levi stadium to be a comfortable fit for everyone, but on the field,
7:34 am
lackluster 49er season. in october, the natural turf partially collapsed under the foot of ravens kicker justin tucker. >> he fell on the turf and they have had trouble with the turf here. watch him. jo for weeks, before the super bowl, more than 600 tons of new sod were brought in. ed works for the nfl and not the 49ers. he does this every year. every site of the super bowl gets a brand new feel. the grass is to withstand not just the players. >> caught. lafell, touchdown! >> reporter: but the wear and tear what has become a massive mid game operation -- the halftime show. >> this is babied and spoon-fed every single day. it's a living, breathing, growing entity and you can't turn your back on it. >> reporter: this stadium has had its issues. are those over? >> oh, yeah. no.
7:35 am
job of handling that. new stadium. everything is new in here. you work out the bugs. >> reporter: the other part of the structure that has gotten so much attention? the technology. >> this stadium, in and of itself, came ready to go. most stadiums have to work to be ready for a super bowl. >> reporter: because it's new? >> yes. >> reporter: in silicon valley? >> yes, both. >> reporter: more than 400 miles of fiber and copper cable supporting 40 times the bandwidth of typical stadiums and allowing fans to call, text, tweet, and watch instant replays from their phones at will. now on sunday, if the green can match the gadgets, the league is hoping for a pitch-perfect experience. we will see how the field holds up. one positive, there was some concern about el nino and a potential soggy sunday. the forecast looks clear and sunny. >> that is good news. >> very good news! >> all of the work that goes in to making sure that it's perfection. >> i know. >> we want a good turf.
7:36 am
>> thank you, jeff. cbs sports will bring you all of the excitement of super bowl 50 from levi stadium. coverage begins with "super bowl today" at 2:00 p.m. eastern and 1:00 central. before kickoff, gayle becomes president obama and first lady michelle obama live from the white house. that is all sunday only on cbs. only 100 million people will be watching you, my dear. >> thanks, charlie! >> no pressure! it's only a live interview for seven minutes! >> you knee feeling, guys, when you're looking forward to something and now you just want it to be here? i wish today was sunday, to be honest with you! >> exactly what cam newton said. >> me and cam, we are like that. somebody could be throwing ae $63 million and they don't know about it tonight! >> who bought a winning lottery ticket at this convenience store and never cashed? in time is running out. we will take a look at a man taking a last-minute claim. >> if you are heading out the
7:37 am
you can watch us live through the cbs all-access app on your digital device. >> sounds a little sexy. >> we are going there any way. >> you don't want to miss
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an unusual kind of lottery countdown is on in california right now. we showed you yesterday, there could be one big loser tonight. a $63 million jackpot will vanish forever if the winner doesn't show up to claim the surprise. ben tracy is in chatsworth where the lottery ticket was sold at 7-eleven. >> reporter: this is one of the best days of someone's life or a day they regret for a very long time. you can see they are still looking for the winner of this 63 million dollar jackpot. if someone does not come forward with the winning ticket today,
7:42 am
from worth 63 million to zero. the ticket was bought at this 7-eleven in august. >> it wasn't me. i wish it was me. >> reporter: it matched all of the winning numbers and hit a 63 million dollar jackpot. the odds of winning? 1 in 42 million. lottery winners have 180 days to claim their prize and lottery official say, so far, nobody has turned in the winning ticket. >> in this case, i don't think there is any reason why somebody would wait other than the fact they are trying to locate this ticket or none the wiser that they have won this prize. >> reporter: but on wednesday, a california man sued the lottery and the state of california, saying he was the winner. milliner said he turned in the ticket but the lottery sent him a letter saying the ticket was too damaged to be reconstructed and the lottery is unable to process your claim. the lottery official we spoke to had this response. >> we checked it out. there is no record of them trying to file a claim.
7:43 am
be a record of a letter sent by our professional law enforcement investigators to investigate every claim. there is no record of that either. >> reporter: last month's frenzy surrounding 1.6 billion powerball jackpot overshadowed the claiming of this prize. >> when you get to the halfway point of the six-month period, you start to worried that potentially this ticket is lost. >> reporter: the man behind the loto/lotto app says $2 billion unclaimed every year and 114 prizes worth $1 million or more were never collected in 2015. >> everybody says i wish it was me. i say go home and check your ticket. >> reporter: if nobody claims the prize, where does the money go? the big winner will be california public schools. they get all of the money from
7:44 am
and if you are wondering, the convenience store owner that sold the winning ticket, he did get paid $315,000! >> wow! >> i was wonder baggage that. >> he is okay. right. this person is none the wiser because if you have that ticket, you would have been there. last day. >> where is the ticket? >> somebody threw it away or don't know they have it. it's gone! >> the kids will benefit. the founders of spanx will be here in our studio. she will show us how the
7:45 am
into something more comfortable. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by panera bread. food as it should be. soup and sandwich and somewhere to go, and clean and real and nowhere to be, and warmth and looking good, and sandwich and soup and inside jokes, and dan is back! good, clean food pairs well with anything. the clean pairings menu. 500 calories or less. at panera. food as it should be.
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(church bell) (bear growls) (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum good morning. it is thursday, february 4th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including stephen colbert in studio 57.
7:54 am
race and doing the late show live after the super bowl. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. donald trump tried to diminish ted cruz's iowa caucus victory. trump even called for a voiding of the iowa caucus votes. >> they still did battle for the hearts of voters. >> the mosquito that transmits the virus lives in south florida all year-round so likely see more cases of transmission. >> this ruling does not mean that cosby will go to trial. right now, he is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing. >> murder after 13-year-old girl, a case that has raised concerns over parents among the doirngs dangers lurking online. >> the new 49ers home was opened two years ago and not everything has worked out as planned. this stadium has had its issues. are those over? >> oh, yeah. no. the 49ers, i think, did a great job of handling that. >> if somebody does not come
7:55 am
today and, no, this is not it, it would go from worth $63 million to zero dollars. >> at charlie's desk, stephen colbert. welcome. you're sitting in charlie's seat. please show some respect. >> i'm check is his browser history. >> finding anything interesting? >> charlie, for the right price, i haven't. >> okay. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. the new hampshire primary is five days away. the republican field is smaller, but the two leaders are turning up the heat on each other. donald trump has said he was happy finishing second in iowa, but just a few hours later, he launched a twitter rant against ted cruz. >> he now claims that cruz stole the caucus vote and committed fraud. trump says that cruz manipulated voters telling them ben carson had dropped out of the race. cruz said that trump is, quote, losing it and said voters are not interested in what he called
7:56 am
bernie sanders leading new hampshire polls, hillary clinton is downplaying her chances. clinton who narrowly won in iowa says sanders has an advantage because he is from neighboring vermont. sanders said she won the primary eight years ago. after taking wall street money last night, hillary clinton was asked about high price speeches to the investment firm goldman sachs. >> i made speeches to lots of groups. anybody who knows me, who thinks that they can influence me, name anything they have influenced me on. >> do you have to be paid $675,000? >> well, with i don't know. that's what they offered. every secretary of state that i know has done that. >> once they are not in office and running for office? you must have known -- >> to be honest, i wasn't committed to running. i didn't know whether i would or not. >> you didn't think you would run for president again? >> i did not. several times at secretary of state, i said i think i'm done. the circumstances, the concerns
7:57 am
taking back the white house because i think they wrecked what we achieved in the '90s. i did not want to see that happen again. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders will debate tonight. stephen colbert knows all about politics. he is the host, writer, and executive producer of "the late show." last night, colbert said good-bye to another white house hopeful who dropped out of the race. >> also talks on the funeral of politics this week was democratic candidate martin o'malley o'malley, or is you may know him -- do i know him? it seems the highest of voters of iowa could not relate to a man in his 50s with abs like that. he'll now return to his natural habitat playing sleeveless guitar in a viagra commercial! >> colbert hosted his emmy winning show for nearly a decade.
7:58 am
correspondent on "the daily show." now he is days away from hosting a special live edition of "the late show" after the super bowl. stephen, good morning. >> thank you, charlie. an honor to be here. >> politics keeps on giving and giving and giving for late night comedians. >> well, especially presidential politics, because the nice thing is that people, you can feel the wave of public interests and what is going on in the election right now. sort of like the story is catching fire. the nice thing about presidential years is everybody in the country cares about the story, everybody pays attention. you don't have to explain your joke to anybody. you can just go to the punch line and it's a great story, because it affects everybody and there is no tragedy. >> no surprise and you got people like donald trump and bernie sanders. >> no, you don't have people like donald trump. there are no people like donald trump. there is only donald trump. the only lie donald trump ever told was he is happy being second in iowa.
7:59 am
everything in retrospect seems true compared to enormity of that lie. >> yesterday afternoon he said he would be more statesman-like. 90 minutes later, he was on what ted cruz is calling his twitter tantrum. >> statesman-like for trump he will only bomb the -- out of him. >> does he remind you anything of the man from the colbert report? >> yeah. donald trump feels like my old character who the old idea behind the colbert report was truthiness. if you just say it with enough conviction and emotion, it's truer than if it's factually correct and that is great politics because an audience wants to be emotionally moved and trump is great at moving an audience. plus he has $10 billion to back it up. the whole thing with citizens united is that money equals speech. he has a $10 billion dollar mouth. >> or so he says. >> well, i believe him.
8:00 am
>> but i think charlie is right, it's a gift that keeps on giving for you. i'm curious what you're going to do live after the super bowl. >> me, too! this is live right now, right? we are live right now? >> this is live! >> preview of football. >> there is no eight-second delay. >> no eight-second delay this morning? does that ever get new trouble? >> maybe gayle a couple times. >> we love trouble. we love trouble. >> stephen, you're right. >> we have got will ferrell and we will have surprise guests and have many more and jokes that are written during the super bowl. >> you got megyn kelly too! >> i'm very excited. >> the only person on the planet who scares donald trump. which is fantastic. trump repellant. >> you guys -- that is good. you guys will be writing jokes during the show? during the super bowl? we will be writing jokes about the game. >> how is that going to work? >> very fast, i hope. very fast.
8:01 am
>> 20 minutes later, we do the show so we have 20 minutes to write an hour show. can it be done? they said it couldn't be done. >> i believe in you and your team. >> thank you, gayle. >> didn't you already try doing it? >> we tried doing it during one game. >> how did it work? >> i would say great. i'm going to say it worked great. >> i believe. >> how much of it will be related to the game? >> a lot of it. depending on what people want to talk about. >> yes. >> you said what you learned from show business is to love the bomb. >> yeah. i had a teacher in chicago who said you got to learn to love the bomb, meaning not sort of -- if the show doesn't go well, really, improvisation. if it doesn't go well, you got to not just get the fact it didn't go well, you got to enjoy it and once you can enjoy that it sucked, then nothing can till you. i hope not to learn that again on sunday. >> i know! >> our problem is we have had
8:02 am
like our jokes about the super bowl were six minutes long at this point. we essentially do a morning show because after midnight, it's technical the next morning. can we have some of your monday morning show in case we go a little long? >> absolutely! >> are you a big super bowl guy? >> are you kidding? look at me! stop! don't you think i played ball? >> are you a closet athlete and nobody knows about it? is super bowl a good day for you? >> i enjoy food and fried things and i enjoy dips! >> me too. >> did you play football in south carolina? >> i played one day of football in south carolina. my friends were on the football team and my senior year of high school, they said, hey, man, you're funny. why don't you come out for the team and you'll be fun for the road trips. i didn't realize how hard they hit. one of my friends had the weight-lifting record in school and he had it in eighth grade. our senior year, the coach said to him, first day, first
8:03 am
to my friend and me. you see that cornerback over there? i want you to kill him. there are no friends on the football field! so we lined up against each other. my friend, graham, goes, i'm sorry, my friend, i have to kill you. he picked me up and crunched me on the ground and at the end of the day, i said, coach, i don't think it's my game. >> i'm going for comedy. >> exactly. i focused on theater from there on. >> we have pictures from you in your theater days. >> do i have a beard? hey! who is that guy? there i am. >> describe that stephen colbert. >> he was very serious and not started doing comedy yet. he had a beard. that is dave schwimmer up at the top there. had he a beard and wore a lot of black. i described him as a poet/jerk. he was willing to, like, share -- >> when did you lose the beard? >> right after that. right when i graduated. right when i needed to get a job, i lost the beard. this is the '80s and beards are
8:04 am
them. there? you and david schwimmer, i think it's great a picture of you two. what was your goal? >> i thought i would form a theater company and do shakespeare on the street and now i love it. i'm a suburban dad. >> you love your wife? >> i love my wife and i have three kids. today? no, i thought i would be like an artist essentially like half-street artist and half-theater person. >> did you like so many comedians look at johnny carson and say that is where i want to be someday? >> it's a surprise i'm doing one of his jig. jimmy, eddie, mary allow and paul, mary and steven and my
8:05 am
made me wake up to watch johnny carson because they didn't want to watch it alone. i was only 3 and they loved me up to watch johnny carson. i loved dave also. how can you aspire to do that? there is no way. johnny was great because dave was different than johnny because dave was dumb. dave was like the human side. we all wanted to throw things off the building. super bowl. do you have a favorite? you're from south carolina, neighboring neighboring north carolina panthers. >> i like cam newton, you know? >> what do you think of cam >> not as good as charlie's >> all right! charlie fills them out nicely! >> he does. wedge jeans? irks >> oh, no no. >> levis is putting out a new wedge jean. if you don't have a butt, it gives you one. >> you made baller alert, charlie. >> who made that?
8:06 am
website for all of the cool black people and charlie rose made baller alert. it says when you're fine, you can wear anything. charlie rose looked the best. sorry, cam, but you tried. >> wow! >> that is big! you got street credit. how do you feel about leslie moonves? what will you be doing about les now the chairman? >> i heard the exciting news this morning. i don't know where -- how did you get the exclusive that your boss, my boss. >> our boss! >> has got a raise and a new job? i think the real headline is how young and handsome he is. looking good, boss! >> here is to les. >> sunday! you're not going to see this on any other morning show. no one else has this story! >> you spend your power and wear it well. >> what a lucky girl that julie
8:07 am
>> and their son steven. >> have a great night. on sunday, cbs will bring you super bowl 50 as the carolina panthers take on the denver broncos and then stay tued forned for stephen's live edition immediately after the big game. all sunday only on cbs. >> only cbs! >> only here. we know san francisco is hosting this year's super bowl, but colorado and carolina also get a chance to shine, so which one is better?
8:08 am
find spanx is finding new ways to flatter the consumers, stephen. the shapewear company started by a woman frustrated over her choice is offering a new fit. founder sara blakley is here in our toyota green room. we like when she comes by and find out how spanx is relaxing
8:09 am
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8:13 am
stars of super bowl 50 whether his team wins or loses. he is bold and brash on the field but revealed a humble side to host james brown, j.b. newton talks about working to live up to his general manager's expectations. >> when dave gettleman signed to you that contract they felled you could get them to the promise land. you're like moses yet. you're at the doorstep. will you take them into the promise land is the question. >> i'm hoping. i'm hoping. i can't promise anything, but i could tell you this -- the only person that is out there on super bowl sunday, i will be prepared and living a dream. you know, we have all -- we have all dreamed of this moment as carolina parntsnthers, as an organization, even as football players, want to say, one time, i just want to play in the super bowl. everyone will pull up a seat, have a sunday dinner, you know,
8:14 am
know, is doing it, and looking at one game. there is no bigger game in sports. >> wow. you could see -- yes. you can see j.b.'s full interview with cam newton on "60 minutes" sports. tuesday on showtime. one drive's detour took him way off the road. how this car landed on a move near l.a. that is ahead on "cbs this morning." cheers. oh! there's no reason to cry over spilled cabernet. all you need is some persil proclean. oh! thank you! don't thank me. thank the detergent. [laughs] i'm serious. thank it. persil proclean. for healthy plants. just like gums are the
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8:16 am
i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
8:17 am
a bizarre crash ended with a car on top of a garage near los angeles. police say the driver suffered a medical problem and lost control. they say he hit two parked cars and floued through a yard and hit another car in a drin lanched in the roof. >> they said they had never seen student will attend this morning's annual national prayer breakfast. micah rea is a junior.. and he's in washington d-c. this is video from last year's breakfast.. that brings together world leaders to reflect on faith. president obama will speak this morning. he's expected to talk about anti-muslim rhetoric...and other intolerance aimed at
8:18 am
you can sit down and talk with an oconee county sheriff's office deputy this part of their "coffee with a cop" program. just go to "palmetto sweets and company".. on east main street in walhalla. "coffee with a cop". it started at eight o'clock this morning. if you need a job ... you might be able to get one today in spartanburg. a personnel company is hosting a recruitment event. it's for equipment and fork lift operators... and quality inspectors. the event starts at nine this morning ... and runs until noon. it's happening at the s-c works office in spartanburg...
8:19 am
thanks for joining us. we'll be back in 25 minutes with more... have a good
8:20 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, shapewear company spanx is finding a new more relaxed fit. the one and only founder and is
8:21 am
room. ahead how the brand is reaching out and blakley's inspiring take on failure. plus we will tour the hometowns of the two super bowl teams to find out which city is best. john blackstone and michelle miller take up the challenge in charlotte republican time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. arizona republic reports on only known wild jaguar. sensor cameras operated by a conservation group captured the elusive jaguar in the mountains outside of tucson, arizona. the male cat is in prime condition. the group released a clip because she say a proposed copper mine would destroy the cat's habitat. why is he all alone? >> and for so long. >> i know people just spent time looking for panthers. >> we will have an answer by tomorrow.
8:22 am
>> sometimes it's easier to find a cougar than a panther. >> we willing there another time. >> sorry. abby wambach was on hand yesterday when the maker of barbie unveiled the doll at a conference in a conference for california leaders. she was honored by the toymaker's decision. >> "variety" is reporting on hamilton sharing the grammy spotlight. we took you inside the hit broadway musical in november. "hamilton" will perform the opening number for the awards show and they will be live at beamed to l.a. you can catch the grammys on february 15th right here on cbs. the shapewear company -- that is going to be great. spanx was formed in the year 2000 by then 29-year-old sara blakley. while selling fax machines as her day job, she used scissors to cut off a pair of panty hose
8:23 am
make cher outfit look more flatter. now spanx is sold in 52 countries and gained fame on the red carpet. >> spanx! they are a girl's best friend. >> spanx. >> my thanks to spanx. >> head-to-toe. >> most important thing i'm wearing today is my spanx. >> dreadful! i never wear them. >> a brand spanking or spanking new mom. >> a combination of spanx and commando. >> i'm not the best in high heels. i'm wearing spanx. >> have i got any spanx on? not that i'm aware of. >> i put on my spanx and i'm ready to go. >> that is great. that is really great, sara. companies expanding its brand with an eye toward comfort. the owner and found sara blakley is here with us. my wife is the michael jordan of underwear. when you look at that on the red carpet, what do you think when you hear your name over and over?
8:24 am
the time. >> yeah. >> this is a product that i created with a little bit of savings. i had been selling fax machines. i was so inspired to make a better, more comfortable undergarment and that worked under my clothes. all of the undergarments i were buying weren't working under my clothes. for me, it was really from day one how do i create the perfect canvas? i think of my clothes as art and if you're an artist, if you don't have the right kwan vascanvas, it anks affects the painting. >> now you're creating something we can wear outside? >> yes. all of these years later, what happened is all of the technology that i was putting underneath the clothes, fabrics have advanced so much and yarns are so much better and more interesting. we can kind of infuse the shapewear right into the clothes. so that is what i'm wearing now. can i jump up and show you? >> yes! >> these are the new spanx pants and what i love about them is the material is incredible. but these are called the
8:25 am
and the reason we created these is they are just nicer than gym clothes and i'm a mom of four. i also work and so i'm running around and i didn't want to not be in my gym clothes because they were so comfortable. the idea is how do you merge the gym clothes and yoga pant i want to wear with something that can transition? this was me yesterday in the city in the same pants wearing a t-shirt and boots. >> you got pockets is what i like. >> you can wear them at night maybe? >> yeah. the only thing i changed was my shirt and my shoes. >> here is the point. i've become a fashionista as you know. >> can i say i saw you in the ver versace pants! i want to know what it's like in the eye opener. >> chris licht, can you hear that? can charlie do the eye-opener in spanx? >> i don't think that would be a good thing to do. >> then he would really show up on the report.
8:26 am
are there pants for men? >> yes, there is manx. don't you worried. i've got your butt covered, too, charlie. i will be sending you products. >> it's not only a brilliant idea and conforming to the changing consumer. active wear sales jumped 18% in 2014 and shapewear sales inclined 3%. the consumer is changing. >> the consumer is changing. i think it's down a little bit for two reasons. one is the activewear and people wanting to be in the yoga pants and the technology in the shaping and the fit to be able to be merged into the clothes. also, we made spanx so good, they last forever! >> they do! >> every woman's bottom! that is part of what i'm proud of, but really do last forever and i'm wearing some of the span spanx i created 15 years ago! i didn't want to share that but! >> i have some ten years old so i know. >> you showed me!
8:27 am
>> you showed me and gayle, i got to get you a new pair! >> like your mother said if you're ever in an accident, make sure you have good looking underwear and my mother would be embarrassed with some of the things i wear. you have millennials? are you trying to get that audience? are you going after them as well? >> i'm not intentionally trying to get anybody. i want to make the best product and spanx today is about options and celebrating all of these different options so we have things in the smooth bucket shape sculpture. different consumers want different things. lounge hooray. >> i like that. >> span xnchts wants to play in color now. i was wanting nude and black at one time and the team and i are really excited to play with color. spanx has sort of been there at your important life moments, your wedding,, you know, while you're pregnant, the reunion, the parties.
8:28 am
people saying i don't want to be squeezed in any more? i want my body to be me? >> yes. you know what i say? then don't buy them! fine! it's fine. i'm just -- as a woman, i'm so happy that i have the option for spanx because it opened up my wardrobe. a lot of my clothes are see-through. a lot of the materials are flimsy. i didn't necessarily to wear a thong. i was trying to put underwear where we are trying to get it out of. >> not attractive on anybody. thank you. do you like thongs? >> i do! >> i do. >> yes, i do too. >> you do, norah? >> i do. >> thongs on women! >> just to be clear! >> just to be clear here! >> #! >> sara blakley, thank you. so fun. >> now that we have all revealed a little something about ourselves. no matter who wins sunday, which
8:29 am
according to john blackstone, your dog would probably prefer denver. >> not my dog. >> dogs in denver may well be among the happiest in the country, ba that is because the air way up high here in the mile high city makes for fewer fleas, right, zucker? i'm jon blackstone and i'll have more on why denver b bts chart
8:30 am
city first, i (church bell) (bear growls) (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
8:31 am
while sports reporters are busy handicapping sunday's game between the denver broncos and carolina panthers, two of our correspondents went to each team's hometown. their mission was to find out whether denver or charlotte is the super city. michelle miller and john blackstone are about to face off from perry's, a san francisco sports bar that is sure to become packed on sunday. hey, good morning to both of you! >> good morning! >> good morning! the last time denver was in the super bowl, last time denver was until the super bowl i headed up to seattle to tour that city and guess what. the seahawks won. so this time, i'm here to offer a little leverage and to let you know, to let you know, michellele >> yeah, let me know, john! >> that denver is a city that will always be on top. >> all that is well and good,
8:32 am
runs deep in the south and to this team that is headed for the super bowl, charlotte, which is where the city is based, has been working on a victory all its own. >> okay. >> reporter: he is pounding. that is the catch phrase of carolina fans is keep pounding but also the mantra of charlotte among the fastest growing cities in the south. >> sorry if i'm looking down on you, michelle, but denver is the mile high city. talk about growth. about a thousand people a week on moving here and it's the number one choice for millennials on the move. >> if you're planning to move in a new sofa for your big super bowl watch party? consider this -- 60% of all american furniture in homes originate in north carolina. >> reporter: yeah. that's nice, michelle, but not a whole lot of sitting here in
8:33 am
when it's sunny, about 400th300 days a year, that is why denver is among the fittest cities. >> john, have you tried the barbecue here in charlotte, north carolina? >> we are here at spoon's barbecue. one of charlotte's finest. >> carolina's barbecue can be divine but if you want a cheeseburger, it was originally created here in kerch. i understand you have a wager going on with the mayor of charlotte? >> absolutely. after the denver broncos beat the carolina panthers in super bowl 50, mayor roberts has to wear this peyton manning jersey in public. in fact, mayor roberts, you might as well take it now. >> reporter: let's hope peyton manning doesn't throw like that! >> no, let's hope he does! i know the mayor of denver has a bet with me. i'm not wearing a broncos jersey. you're wearing a cam newton jersey. not only that, some lovely cam newton socks.
8:34 am
on you when the broncos lose. >> reporter: nice shins, really. cheeseburgers? want to burn off some of those calories on a golf course? no better place to be than in the carolinas where both north and south carolina are among the top ten places to play. and here at quail hollow club, it'sosting the 2017 pga championship. whh! >> reporter: that is good to know, michelle, but colorado is in that top ten too. because of the altitude, the air is thinner here, your ball will go 10% further. >> reporter: you want to talk altitude? then lauts baughet's talk about the wright brothers who launched the age of aviation from the carolina coast. >> reporter: well, plenty of historical places here in downtown denver like union station which was recently -- what is that noise? >> reporter: i'm sorry, john. is this bothering you?
8:35 am
seal bear, the company that makes this? right here in north carolina. well, here in denver, you could "pop" into a marijuana dispensary since pot was legalized for recreational use dollar business. >> marijuana is not legal here in the carolinas. not even medicinal use, but moonshine is. what is this, bob? >> mvp punch. >> reporter: yum. well, befofo prohibition, the bootleggers who used to tote this stuff around, they came up with another carolina tradition. nascar! here we go! woo-hoo! so richard petty. >> how are you doing? how did it go? >> reporter: you've been around this track a few times. how do you think it went?
8:36 am
got to get let's better. more practice you will be in there. >> reporter: i need to spend some more time in carolina. >> reporter: no nascar here but there is beer! thanks, jason. denver brews more beer than any other city in the country including a hundred craft beers like this one. "bear" with me, michelle. colorado is an artsy place and ranked number one for the national museum of arts for venues and concert venues. who wouldn't want to come see a show here? i will wait i will wait for you it's a perfect sunday morning in my quiet little mountain town >> reporter: we can also thank denver for the animated community of south park. >> reporter: but here in north carolina, it's a real place and let's not forget the state also is home to one of the very first public universities -- unc.
8:37 am
which is the alma mater of our own charlie rose. in my mind i'm going to carolina >> reporter: he still has a home here in henderson, where he grew up! and, really, isn't that all that matters? yes i'm going to carolina in my mind >> all right. >> reporter: well, whether it's the broncos or the panthers who come out on top on sunday, the real winning city will be right here in san francisco. it's proved a remarkable host and this place i'm proud to call home. >> reporter: that is so sweet and sounds like a great way to concede to carolina, john! >> reporter: oh, no, no, no! >> michelle, you did us proud! >> john, you did too! >> all for you! all for you. >> that was a great job. love that. >> if the game is as good as that piece, we are in good shape on sunday. >> there is our carolina man. >> all right.
8:38 am
in north carolina? >> very fine place. and you're invited. >> will you be there? let me know so i won't be there alone! you're watching "cbs this
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good's 8:55. here's a look at our top stories. we're working to get more information .... about a call for shots fired in spartanburg. this is new video .. this morning. our photographer was on the scene on nevada street.. just before 11 last night. police.. towed a car from the scene. the way you recycle.. is changing in both the city of spartanburg... and the county.
8:43 am
municipality.. to stop accepting glass. starting march first.. you can no longer put those items in the blue rollcarts. county collection centers.. won't accept glass either. however.. they will now take cardboard those used for milk and juice. greenville announced recycling changes last month. today.. crews will start repairs on a closed section of the swamp rabbit trail. a section at the cleveland street bridge.. got washed out because of erosion around a storm drain pipe. this has been an ongoing problem but yesterday's rain didn't help. city crews hope to reopen the trail by friday night. today there are two chances to show your panthers pride in the upstate! wofford college wants alumni to gather on the steps of the main building at noon ... for a group photo. and the city of spartanburg wants to you come to morgan square at 10 this morning... for a photo as well. the plan is to send the the panthers! thanks for joining us.
8:44 am
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