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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 5, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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with scott pelley. >> pelley: hillary clinton's once-commanding lead over bernie sanders in national polls is gone. a new poll out today shows they are now in a statistical tie, and in new hampshire, four days before the primary, sanders leads by 20 points. after their feisty debate last night, clinton talked to our nancy cordes. >> reporter: madam secretary, when i talk to voters here who don't support you, one of the reasons they often give is because of your speaking fees, because of donations from wall street. how do you change that perception? the sanders campaign has been running this campaign of insinuation and inuendo. say it to my face. show me one view, show me one vote that has ever been influenced. i take my responsibility to people i serve really seriously and i have always had that as my north star. but i'm tired of this, you know, smear campaign that they've been trying on get people to buy into and enough is enough. >> reporter: why do you think
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>> oh, look i think there is a susceptibility for people to, you know, be worried, and i get that, and that's why i'm answering questions, and that's why i'm putting out, you know, my policies. and that's why wall street billionaires are running ads against me. they're not running them against senator sanders. >> reporter: sanders. >> reporter: if you knew you were probably going to run for president why leave yourself open to that attack by take these large speaking fees wall street. >> i didn't know -- >> reporter: everybody knew. >> i'm glad you did. i spoke to heart doctors, i spoke to auto dealers, i spoke to a wide range of people who actually want to hear from former secretaries of state. but that's not what this is about. what this is about is the implication that somehow i'm going to be in the tank for the campers of america, or i'm going to really go overboard for heart doctors.
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>> reporter: at the debate, clinton was asked if she would release transcripts of her wall street speeches, and she said she'd look into it. i asked her today, scott, what there is to look into. she said she didn't know but that it's going to have to wait until after next tuesday's primary. >> pelley: nancy cordes with the key interview tonight. nancy, thank you. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be john dickerson's guests on "face the nation" this sunday. donald trump is leading republicans in new hampshire, but marco rubio is gaining with ted cruz close behind. john kasich is also in double digits. major garrett tells us that jeb bush brought out heavy artillery tied. >> reporter: hefy snow today did not stop 90-year-old barbara bush for campaigning for jeb bush. >> galore aria, we need your vote. >> reporter: bush send all the help he could get, even from children.
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>> i'd like to donate this to your campaign. >> you're kidding. >> we love trump! >> reporter: the snow forced donald trump to cancel his only event here but supporters from new york and connecticut slogged through the winter weather to knock on doors on behalf of a campaign suddenly trice to mount a voter mobilization effort. >> marco is running for president to expand the american dream. >> reporter: vol advertiser for marco rubio worked the phones as the florida senator also tried to stand up a ground game in the home stretch. chris christie, attending his 65th town hall, warned voters about candidates like trump and rubio, who have not invested as much time in the granite state. >> if you reward those folks who don't show up here, there's no reason-- there's no reason for new hampshire to be first. >> reporter: john kasich is in the middle of his 100th town hall. he doesn't have the poll numbers here that rubio does, but he doesn't necessarily need to. scott, the way rubio and kasich finish in this state, because kasich has the best organization, will tell a lot in
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the presidency here in new hampshire. >> pelley: major garrett, thank you. the zika virus, suspected of causing birth defects, is now in 26 countries and territories in the americas. two new cases in florida now bring the total in the u.s. to at least 53. zika is most often spled by mosquitoes, but today, the c.d.c. put out new guidelines aimed at transmission through sex. our dr. jon lapook is in brazil, the country hardest hit by the outbreak. >> reporter: today's c.d.c. guidelines say men who live in or have traveled to a country with a zika outbreak should abstain from sex or use condoms during sex with pregnant women. zika virus testing should be offered to all pregnant women who have been to affected countries. if they have symptoms, testing should be done within the first week of illness. c.d.c. director tom frieden. >> we're looking to increase the number of women who are intensively monitored by their health care provider if they're pregnant to see if they have any
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this infection. >> reporter: the main cause for concern in pregnant women is the suspected link between zika infection and microcephaly, babies born with a small head and possible bane damage. health officials in brazil say more than 4,000 intraebz this serious birth defect. the c.d.c. is telling doctors in the u.s. to be vigilant. dr. nancy cossler is an ob/gyn at university hospital's case medical center in cleveland. >> once microcephaly starts to develop, we can't fix it. it's not like having hypertension in pregnancy or diabetes in pregnancy where we know what to do to get best outcomes for babies whose moms are affected by those diseases. >> reporter: today, brazilian researchersresearchers reported finding the virus in urine and saliva that does not mean zika infection can be transmitted by those fluids.
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by mosquitoes. >> pelley: jon, thank you. today we got some overdue good news on the economy after weeks of worry over the stock market, china and oil prices. the government says 151,000 jobs were created in january, not spectacular, but solid. the unemployment rate fell to 4.9%. and just look at the journey america has taken to get there. after the great recession struck in 2008, unemployment shot up to 10%, and it has taken more than six years to get here. and because the job market is tightening now, wages have finally started to rise, up 2.5% in the past year. maybe it's a miracle that more people weren't killed in manhattan this morning as cars and people scurried through rush hour, a 560-foot construction crane tipped over and crushed
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one person was killed, two were hurt, and here's demarco morgan. >> there it goes. it's moving fast now. he's dropping it really quick now. >> whoa! >> reporter: cell phone video taken from 30 stories high captured the frightening moment. >> whoa! >> it's falling! it's falling! oh, it broke! >> reporter: the emergency calls immediately started pouring in. >> it was terrifying. i screamed. >> reporter: vivian collins watched are about 100 feet away. >> if it had fallen sideways i would have been crushed. >> it almost split in half from the roof, driver's side, straight down. >> reporter: the massive crane split an entire block of cars nearly in half. the collapse killed 40-year-old david wiches. the crane, which had been in place since last saturday, was due to high winds from the
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cbs news learned, big crane services, the company that owns the crane, has been cited for times for safety violations since 2011. inspectors visited the site yesterday and declared it safe. collins said residents were concerned the crane wasn't secured. you have been complaining about this. >> we have been complaining about this. we filed a complaint with the city on sunday. >> reporter: scott, from 2006-2014 there have been 228 fatalities due to crane accidents. >> pelley: demarco morgan in lower manhattan tonight. demarc oh, thank you. taiwan has been hit by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake, and one high-rise apartment building in the city has partially collapsed. rescuers scrambled to pull people out. there's no word yet on whether anyone was killed. there are reports that water and gas mains have broken. in syria, the tide may be turning for the assad
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of civil war. we were struck by these new imagesimages from syria. this is the city of homs. it once had as many people as philadelphia, and now there are only ghosts. it is hard to spot a single building that isn't shattered. now to the north of homs, with the help of continuous russian airstrikes, the assad dictatorship is advancing on the city of aleppo, the main rebel stronghold. it was once syria's largest city, and assad may have it surrounded in a matter of days. so tonight, thousands of syrian refugees are streaming out of aleppo in a march toward turkey, and holly williams is there. holly. >> reporter: scott, the syrian regime launched a new offensive around aleppo this week, backed by russian airstrikes. it's thought that tens of thousands of people have fled the intense fighting, and up to
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on the turkish border, according to the u.n., though so far they haven't been allowed across. rebel groups have told us they didn't just lose territory but also control of the main supply turkey. that sparked fears that the regime could surround the entire city, laying siege to yawrs hel by the-- held by the rebels and trapping civilians. russia began launching airstrikes in syria in september, and it's helped government forces to capture several strategically key towns. but taking full control of aleppo, which was a city of more than 2 million people before this war began, would be a much bigger prize for the syrian regime and also for its russian backers. >> pelley: the assad dictatorship making significant gains on the battle field for the first time in years. holly williams in istanbul for us tonight, holly, thank you. now, one of of college basketball's winningest programs
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jim axelrod reports on what's behind the drastic action by the university of louisville. >> reporter: more than 40 years a coach, twice a national champion, rick pitino and his louisville cardinals are now mired in a sex scandal that will leave the team sidelined for the postseason. >> i've had my share of crying and didn't want to go through it anymore, but this is certainly a night of extreme pain. >> reporter: the ban was imposed by the school's president. >> this is a decision that's as harsh as anything i've seen. >> reporter: in a book published last october, an escort named katina powell claimed a basketball staffer named andre mcgee paid her and other strippers $10,000 to throw parties that included having sex with players and recruits. louisville got the results of yesterday. >> this is a team that is very
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the tournament, so this penalty is quite substantial, much more-- it comes with complete shock to me. >> reporter: pitino has consistently denied knowing anything about the parties where the recruits and players were allegedly entertained by the strippers. the escorter said with recruits, loud music, alcohol, security, and cameras in a campus dorm, how could he not know. >> pelley: jim axelrod tonight. jim, thank you very much. coming up next, a family was held hostage at gunpoint. >> it was absolutely terrifying. >> pelley: but then they helped catch a modern bonnie and clyde when the cbs evening news continues. i am his guardian. i am his voice. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to his current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, it may improve overall function and cognition.
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>> reporter: april gunnell's husband ian called in the tip that led police to blake fitzgerald and his girlfriend, brittany harper. escambia county florida deputies shot and killed fitzgerald who the sheriff said used his girlfriend as a shield against bullets, but authorities insist she volunteered in the couple's six-day crime spree from mississippi to florida, allegedly robbing, carjacking, and holding people hostage over six days. last night, they were caught on surveillance camera, right before gunnell says fitzgerald kicked down his door. >> they were telling us why they were here. >> yeah. >> which was they were on the run, in trouble, needed somewhere to stay right now. >> reporter: they had abandon aid vehicle near your house. >> right. >> reporter: so they're in your house holding you hostage and the police are driving around. >> yes. >> reporter: and they're watching it. >> and they're waiting fair break to go. >> reporter: april was in the room with the couple's two-year-old daughter madeline. did you think they were going to hurt.
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i did. , of course. you know, somebody comes in with a gun in your house. >> reporter: for two hours, the gunnells say they were held hostage by these suspects. at one point they even used the couple's phones. >> we heard those conversations. >> it was really hard. >> they said good-bye to their families. >> reporter: shortly thereafter, this so-called modern day bonnie and clyde, fled in the gunnells' truck. within 10 minutes, a sheriff's deputy spotted them. do you feel hate toward them? >> no. >> reporter: or sorrow? >> i don't feel hatred. i feel sorrow. >> reporter: that female suspect, brittany harper, was taken to this pensacola hospital behind me with gunshot wounds but, scott, authorities say her injuries are not life threatening. >> pelley: david begnaud, thanks. still ahead, steve hartman "on the road" but up next, watching over the fans at super bowl 50.
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the panthers finalize their game plans for super bowl 50, law enforcement is doing the same, and they haven't forgotten that one target of isis in paris last november was a big soccer match with the president of france among the fans. two men securing the super bowl talked to our michelle miller. >> reporter: in the ramp-up to sunday's super bowl, the f.a.a. has banned consumer drones, part of a 50-agency crackdown secretary jeh johnson. there stl a credible threat against the super bowl? >> we know of no specific, credible threat directed at the super bowl. >> reporter: still, super bowl security is at a near-lockdown level. license plates on cars crossing bridges are recorded, the cargo in every truck entering the stadium is scanned. on game day, the skies over levi stadium will be a no-fly zone, but all week, customs and border protection black hawk choppers
6:51 pm
area under surveillance. john pirdy is in command. >> we can puttize anyone within the 30 nautical mile radius in a pretty short amount of time. >> reporter: but after all of that, secretary johnson says the very fans he's trying to protect may themselves be the best defense. >> if you see something, say something. >> reporter: has it worked? >> i believe it has. >> reporter: the f.b.i. is staging six secret locations in and around levi stadium, scott, all to protect the 70,000 fans expected on game day. >> pelley: michelle, thanks. when a super bowl coach claimed he had no story to tell, it was game on for steve hartman. next. there's only one egg that just tastes better. fresher. more flavorful. delicious. with more great nutrition. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition.
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>> pelley: finally tonight, a super bowl coach gave steve hartman a look inside his playbook for whatever life throws at you. >> reporter: all week, carolina panthers special teams coach bruce dehaven has been deflecting. >> i'm just going to refrain from answering a whole lot of questions about all that. >> reporter: telling reporter-- this is not a story. >> reporter: after reporter, that there are more interesting thiks to talk about than him. but in the one interview he it sit down for this week, i learned bruce dehaven knows a lot more about what it takes to win at football than what makes an important story. >> well, in terms of what's happened to me, if i've only got a limited amount of time left, why would i want to spend it feeling sorry for myself? >> reporter: last spring, at the age of 66, bruce was diagnosed with an incurable form
6:55 pm
obviously, that diagnosis would have driven many people into retirement, but not bruce. >> in the end, i wanted to coach, and -- >> reporter: why does coaching win out? >> i just love coaching. coaching's teaching. i mean, for whatever reason, it's in my blood. i mean, i'll probably cry after this ballgame just because we're not going to have another week of practice. >> reporter: in fact, he loves practice so much, he actually scheduled his cancer treatments around it, never missed a single day of work all season. >> some guy's got to work fair >> yeah? >> i find myself lingering after practice, thinking about i want to make a little picture here in my mind in case i'm not doing this soon. >> reporter: he knows this could be his last year. and given that perspective, you'd think the super bowl itself wouldn't matter as much, but don't talk to bruce. the prospect of losing. about that. >> reporter: you're telling me
6:56 pm
still matters who wins or loses? >> we're in the same position. none of us is going to get out of this thing alive. >> reporter:and if you can get out with a super bowl ring, all the better. >> that is way better, yeah. >> reporter: as you've probably figured out by now, bruce is and always has been one of the nicest guys in the nfl. players like wide receiver corey browncoreybrown adore him. >> he's like a grandpa to me. he's a guy i care about. >> reporter: the difference is, this this season everybody has been going out of their way to tell him that. >> reporter: when lou gehrig said, "i feel like i'm the luckiest guy in the world," i can understand what he meant. you just have no idea how you've touched people sometimes, and if it hadn't been their if, maybe i would never have known this. >> reporter: so says the man with no story to tell. steve hartman, "on the road," in san francisco. >> pelley: and that's the cbs
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for all of us at cbs news all around the world, i'm scott pelley. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs the bay area has known its share of super bowl champions over the years but now they welcome the panthers and broncos to the sparkling new levi's stadium as the
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just the second time and first
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