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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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you are going to be so happy. >> thank you, new hampshire and now, it's on to nevada, south carolina, and beyond. [ applause ] . >> sanders win is a blow the to hillary clinton's campaign. she barely got a win in iowa and lost in last night's primary by more than 20 points. she did get key support in south carolina. >> she's going to do all she can to make this world a better place, but she's got to work within the bounds of reality. other candidates that promise the moon and can't deliver, in south carolina, that's going to be the difference. >> that is house minority leader todd rutherford a noujs his endorsement -- announcing his endorsement of hillary clinton. bernie sanders also has endorsements from six is south carolina lawmakers. here's a look at the top five finishes from the republican primary. cruz, who got a solid win in iowa, placed third last night
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there may not be a clear leader, but trump's confident that he'll emerge as the top dog. as the focus shifts to the palmetto state. carolina. >> here in the upstate, he'll be holding a rally at the t. ed garsen arena at 7:00 p.m. and we have a live crew there and we'll check with them coming up: and trump not the only one campaigning in our area today. >> talking to one of the candidates who didn't have as much to celebrate after the votes were counted last night. >>reporter: no, not quite, dianne, marco rubio picked spartanburg as the first stop after the new hampshire primary, finishing 5th last night. he's not pretending that was a decent outcome, and shared with me he's disappointed and planning to learn from his mistakes, moving forward. before this rally, where rubio talked to a full house about his stances on foreign policy, education, and many other key
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talk with local media, he said he blames his poor performance on new hampshire why w no one but himself. governor chris christie, along with other critics said some of appeared robotic. >> you know, hi 90 seconds in that debate that created a distraction down the stretch and we couldn't get to to message and it cost us a couple thousands votes at t the last moment. that was on me, that won't happen again. >>reporter: taking full responsibility there. did have some of those marco robots, they got on a plane and came down to spartanburg to troll and taunt him a little bit. they're really riding this out. coming up at 6:00, we'll talk to one of them. >> a democratic groups sponsoring these guys, following him around, right. >> whoever pays for the air fare. >> we saw a couple of candidates drop out. this 5th place finish, is marco
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>> he's not stressing too much about new hampshire and here's why, he says the track record here in south carolina is actually better than new hampshire here in the palmetto state, we have a better record of choosing the actual nominee. so he said he's going to stress more about south carolina than new hampshire. >> thank you for that. we'll check back at 6:00. all of last night's top five finishes will make their way through south carolina. kasich has several visits around the low country. this video from earlier today. ted cruz in myrtle beach this morning and happening right now, his wife is attending an event point convention center t. murrells inlet. we now know which candidates will be taking part in the discussion on faith issues, at bob jones university this week.
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project says jeb bush, ted cruz and ben carson and marco rubio will attend the faith and family forum, taking on the stage one at a time before upstate conservative voters for whom faith is key. and that event will take place in founders memorial auditorium. that event comes the day before gop president usual hopefuls meet for an event in greenville. you can see there are more equipment trucks on site. coverage begins at 9:00 o'clock, 7 news is on the air at 7:00 saturday. and face the nation will also broadcast live from the peace center sunday morning. you can see a full list of the local campaign stops that candidates will be making, there are a lot of them. get important election dates right t w as well on, look under the news tab for the special elections and politics section is. chief meteorologist christy henderson told us it would be 27 degrees this morning.
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>> we were down to 20 officially at gsp, 16 in asheville, so yeah, you needed extra time for the car to warm up this morning. hopefully you had the heated seats in the lamborghini. >> it's in the shop. >> take a look at where we stand now, it's 26 in asheville, up to 36 in spartanbrg. and only 34 in laurens. temperatures 20 degrees colder than they're supposed to be. it feels like 14 in asheville, wind chill temperatures are in the mid to upper 20s across the upstate. we do have a wind chill advisory that will go into effect for the tonight. where wind chills will range from minus 5 to minus 10. in the morning, low temperatures 20s. we'll talk more about the forecast for the rest of the minutes. bufrjts, thank you, christy. a family trying to stay warm got more heat than they were hoping for. the kerosene heater sparked a fire when it was knocked over this morning.
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firefighters were able to put the flames out quickly. it's a good reminder for others. >> when you use a space heater, kerosene heaters or the electric heaters, the first thing you want to make sure is you have a 36 inch clearance around your space heater, you don't want anything combustible within 36 inches of it. >> and he doesn't recommend using kerosene heaters at all. but if you have to, fill them up outside. and make sure you wipe up any excess fuel before using it inside. fire investigators are still trying to figure out what started another early morning fire,s this one in spartanburg county. it happened at a home on may owe road in cow pens. the call came in at 6:00 a.m. 30-40% of the house was engulfed in flames when they arrived, seriously damaged. no one was this the house. a greenville man will spend 30 years in prison for homicide.
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11 week old parks. the child suffered injuries to his pran, spine, neck, eyes, consistent with shaken baby syndrome. edwards says he's sdmnt does promise to appeal. we could soon found out whether documents will be released. last july, an officer killed jack ri happen monday, the young man in the car there. it was ruled self-defense. asking to see the e-mails sent by public relations firm hired by the city of seneca after the shooting. the attorneys say it falls under attorney-client privilege. s.l.e.d. has wrapped up the investigation of a shooting in boiling springs last year. the two spartanburg county sheriff's deputies were justified in shooting phillip burjs during a search warrant. s.l.e.d. says deputy shot burgess, a person of interest in a steroid investigation, after he pointed a gun at them. hundreds of american
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afghanistan, the u.s. army says it could deploy soldiers to the southern afghan province of hellman, the new troops will assist afghan forces to push back taliban insurgence. the military says the soldiers will not take active come bass bath roles. the henderson county sheriff's office is ready to name its blood hound puppies. the canine handlers selected the name, which came from 5th graders. they'll be unveiled on monday, february 15th during a pep rally at cheer creek elementary school. >> another confederate flag con fro verse si brewing in south carolina. -- controversy brewing in south carolina. new information is out about the zika virus. we'll bring you the details and tell you how top health officials are stepping up their efforts to fight the vivis. tonight at 5:30. >> but first, let's take a quick check of traffic before you head oo. this is i-95 at 385 in
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a charleston senator wants to remove the confederate flag from the citadel's chapel. marlin is promoezing an amendment to the heritage act, that would allow for the removal of civil war battle flags. jay lucas says he won't take it up. south carolina senators working on a plan to fix our roads, faced tough questions today about why some roads get fixed while others don't. lawmakers want to change the process. and as 7 news reporter robert kittle tells us, one of them is i 8 a 5 in the upstate. >>reporter: cars and trucks on this part of i-77 in columbia steer around the potholes on the right lane, a similar problem on i-85 in the upstate. d.o.t. secretary christy hall, told state senators that not putting more money into roads will cost even more later. during a recent resurfacing project on i-85 in spartanburg,
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it had to be rebuilt instead of being repaved. senators questioned her and members of the state infrastructure bank, or sib, that finances local road projects over 100 million dollars. >> my constituents see the pictures of highway 51 and compare it with interstate 85. and wonder why and how we can fund 51, state highway 51, in the rural area of the state, and not improve a major corridor connecting charlotte and atlanta. >>reporter: the new chairman says they need to create a system that will benefit the entire state. >> we then set forth priorities, those logical ones seems to me those who have a statewide impact, which means interstates. >>reporter: a detailed report on
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-- new money would mean for a roads. 400,000 more for roads. the d.o.t. secretary says that would help, but it would take 600 million dollars a year just to stop the decay of 95% of our interstates, and half of our secondary roads. in columbia, robert kittle, 7 news. >> and now, the d.o.t. secretary also says there are 300 bridges in south carolina on interstates and primary roads, that are considered structurally deficient, to replace all 300 would take 174 million dollars a year for ten years. do you think south carolina's minimum wage is high enough? one lawmaker says it's not. and and she's now fighting to raise pay to $10-10 an hour, representative hunter. something workers deserve, especially those supporting families. >> let's show families that we hon sdmor respect them -- honor and represent them, by paying them a decent wage.
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children, it is hard for me to provide for them just basic necessities. >> hunter believes the raise won't increase the cost for business community because if the minimum wage increases, fewer families would rely on benefit asks programs paid for by taxpayers north carolina's social service offices are finally drug testing people who apply for and receive welfare. under a 2013 law, social services can test anyone it suspects is of using drugs. fewer than 90 tests were performed between august and december of last year. 20 came back positive for illegal drugs. social services says the tusing is not keeping people from applying for benefits. federal prosecutors say 14 people from north carolina and virginia pleaded guilty to drug disthe tri bugss, --tribution. walgreen's is trying to help curve the nation's drug problem. the company plans to install
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where you can safely get rid of unwanted, unused or expired prescription drugs. walgreen's plans to begin selling medicine to reverse heroin overdoses, in 35 states. we check in south carolina is not one of them. this just in, some school closings for tomorrow. yancey county, graham and madison counties, optional l teacher work day, mitchell county, work day or two hour delay can we're going to keep you updated, of course on all of those at and our 7 news app. yeah, we'll be looking at dangerous wind chills in the high elevations tomorrow morning. cold enough in the lower elevations, a live look at downtown spartanburg. with the wind blowing, it made it feel colder than the actual temperature. for tonight, going to be in the deep freeze again. sake the same precautions --
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night, protect the pipes and the pets. tomorrow afternoon and the next couple of afternoons, the temperatures will try to get a little less cold. still below average, but not quite as cold as we were today. it looks like the weekend is going to be dry for us, but it's going to be getting colder as another round of arctic air moves on in, and stays put for a couple of days. here's a look at the satellite map, notice the about a sense of clouds across the upstate and northeast georgia, we held on to cloud cover in the mountains today, snow showers still continuing up near the tennessee line, but not very many left over. we do have a system that's tracking to the southeast tonight, producing snow from southern illinois in the middle part of tennessee. a few snow flurries are a possibility over the extreme western part of north carolina and northeast georgia. but the chances are most of us will stay dry. we'll be cold, that's going to be the main headline for tonight. big dip in the jess stream, situated over the east, that will keep our temperatures
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so in the morning, a bitterly cold start to the day, overall, we'll expect a lot of sunshine for the upstate. still looking at a chance of a few snow showers in the higher elevations of north carolina. a little bit milder in the afternoon hours. and overall, we're going to be a pretty day for us. friday morning, an area of low pressure moves to the south, mostly dry, a better chance of any precip to the east, in the afternoon, we're back to a lot of sunshine, cool, dry, weather and then the next arctic front will be pushing in on saturday. right now, we're at 26 degrees in asheville. 36 in spartanburg. 34 right now in laurens. factor in the wind, feels like 14 in asheville, the wind chill temperature is 24 in laurens and it feels like 24 in anderson. here's what to expect for tomorrow. overall, a lot of sunshine. again, we'll be a little less cold than today. getting the high temperatures in the middle and upper 40s across the upstate. lower 40s for the high in the foothills and the mountain also be in the upper 30s for tomorrow.
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hours, into friday, mostly dry, high of 45 degrees. down to 28 degrees friday night. a high of only 40 on saturday. a windy conditions to go along with that. a cold valentine's day and tracking moisture that will move in. a mixture of rain and possibly some sthoe on monday. -- snow on monday. the mountain forecast, 38 tomorrow. 21 tomorrow night. and a high of 40 degrees on friday. thanks, christy. this just in, chris christie has officially ended his bid for the republican presidential nomination. >> we did tell you a little bit earlier the new jersey governor had cancelled his south carolina campaign events today after finishing outside of the top five in new hampshire, much more coverage of campaign 2016 coming up later in the bottom of the hour. full house, the 1990 sitcom that many of you grew up with is coming back with fuller house. and netflix is treating it like a major motion picture. see some of the official trailer, up next. >> later, a north carolina teacher killed by a bus. in the school parking lot. we're going to show you the heartbreaking scene, as the
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>> here's a look at your closing numbers from wall street.
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isn't this crazy? i wound up living back in my old bedroom, i moved in here whin was five. here we are again. the circle of life. oh, look, and there's simba. >> there have been behind the scenes teerz, but netflix has released the official trailer for full house. many shared the video online, saying they're excited and others may be more leery.
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>> right in your wheel house, the 90's sit come. how do you feel about the spin offs? >> we're going to share you thoughts in the next half hour. skwl so if you thought harry potter was over, think again about that. an 8th installment of the harry potter series this summer. my daughter can't wait for this. not a traditional book, but a hard back version of the script book of the two-part play, harry potter and the cursed child. the play opens july 30th. the book are l be the first publication in 8 year sgls kelly clarkson can add author to her list of accomplishments, she just finished writing her first children's book. river rose and the magical lull buy began as stories that she jotted down, about places she travelled with her 19-month-old daughter.
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an original bu lul lshgsl by y. >> if an elephant represents the party and the donkey represents the democratic party, we're not sure which party this animal
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>> sunny acre e first job of a president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb.
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jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader. he'll keep our country safe. jeb bush.
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live at 5:00. >> it's 5:29 and 7 news is live at 5:00, the skies are clear today, it's what you can't see that everyone is still talking about. cold temperatures. >> deceptively sunny out there. christy henderson joins us again. t as windy as yesterday. >> we didn't have as many wind gusts around, still a breeze. when it's 28 degrees and a light breeze, it feels really cool.
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it looks like we're in the deep freeze again for tonight. it's 26 in asheville. 28 degrees in brevard and across the upstate, we only topped out in the pos today. -- 30s today. right now, mainly mid 30s. when you factor in this winds, it feels like the 20s in the upstate. you never know if your car will break down, make sure you are dressed for it. tracking the disturbance, for the most part, that's gog to dry up, but it could bring a few snow flurries to extreme western part of south carolina. the temperature trend will go down, to 21 by tomorrow morning. more about the forecast coming up. new information about the fast moving zika virus, the country's leading medical experts warn it will likely spread to a significant number of cases in this country. >> they went before congress today, to request request nearly 2 billion dollar to help prevention events, and mark
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