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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  February 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> there's the enemy. >>reporter: the nation's top health officials gave lawmakers wednesday a graphic description of the ver rashs mosquito. >> it can bite four or five people in the course of one blood meal, it can spread disease quickly. >>reporter: there are 66 reported cases in 17 states. five of which were just added tuesday. 80% of people who get zika don't show sifrp m tos. but the virus has been linked to a rare birth defect, known as microcephaly. >> working around the clock to find out as much as we can as quickly as we can to inform the public and do everything we can do to reduce the risk of pregnant women. >>reporter: president barack obama has asked for an emergency 1.8 billion dollars to fight zika. but some republicans criticize is the administration for previously cut canning a tropical disease program by 15%.
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disregard for this danger is inexplicable. >>reporter: the cdc upgraded the emergency operation center to a level one status this week, freeing up hundreds more employees to work on combatting the virus. mark albert for cbs news, capitol hill. >> kind of scary to see the cdc ramping up its efforts like that, suspect it? the zika virus has been found in 30 countries. >> and right now, there is novak seen sglchlt students and staff in a north carolina school are grieving tonight after a teacher was hit and killed by a bus in the school parking lot. the kids were being dropped off for clos. 25 yoemd brandon kincaid, a second grade teach e this was only his second year of teaching in the district and people say he touched a lot of lives in that short time. >> a lot of people crying, in my class. >> this is just a huge loss for us. and our condolences, our heart, prayer s go out to his family. >> authorities are still investigating what led up to the
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been charged. we're also learning more about a similar incident, indianapolis, investigators say a school bus driver's failure to use the parking brake, caused the death of an elementary school principal last month. the principal named susan jordan die, two students were hurt. when the bus hit them on the sidewalk in front of the school. police again have not filed charges. and an anderson dog owner will not face charges after his pet was found shot, behind and emaciated. we told you about amara last week, the owner told deputies he tried to euthanize the dog following aggressive behavior, the dog lived. there has been a public outcry to bring justice for amara after the judge decided against charges. but anderson county leaders say there's nothing illegal about euthanizing a pet humanely. >> as horrible as it looks and i'm one of those animal people, i love animals, i hated to see that happen and it lookeded
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that a county law can cover at this time. >> recommends owners bring their pets to shelters for youth nash nas nas sha. someone stole from the girl scouts, 3 mountain bikes, a computer, a microwave and a television. union police have captured the man they think robd an upstate bank -- robbed the an upstate bank today. glen roth, he held up the founders credit union this morning. we've learned moments ago he has been arrested. tonight, all eyes are on south carolina, as the presidential candidates continued their campaign for support, donald trump, bernie sanders, looking to repeat the victories they just had last night in new hampshire. but polititial analysts say for sanders to win, he needs a key demographic to cast a majority of democratic votes.
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met with reverend al sharpton. >> what bernie sanders did meeting with al sharpton was brilliant, as they go to south carolina he needs to put up a wall and getting african-american votes in the state. >> new hampshire primary results have already changed the field of repen candidates. chris christie, and former executive carly fiorina have suspended their campaigns. check this out. mostly associate donkeys and elephants with politics, 600 pound pig here, at polls in new hampshire yesterday. police say it is escaped from a local farm, made it way to a l high school parking lot, where the voters were casting ballots. the owner told the news, the pig escaped so he could vote for trump. speaking of donald trump, he may have won new hampshire but comedy website funny or die isn't impressed. >> a fake movie of the week, which is based on the art of the deal.
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>> i would hate to see your mooer have an accident. >> scary. >> the art of struggle. >> the art of love. >> somebody remove ivana from the set, she's killing me. >> can you recognize? that's johnny dep? totally unrecognizable. >> shot over four days in december. >> donald trump is headed here to the upstate, right now, for an upstate event and 7 news reporter addie hampton is waiting for him to arrive at the t. ed garsen arena in pendleton tonight. >> the crowd is filling up the arena tonight. >>reporter: you know what, this is about 15 minutes, the doors opened late, but that didn't stop people or the cold from pouring out here tonight. in the garsen livestock a arena. they are hoping -- you see the crowd here, many sporting their make america great again, caps, scarves, things they could buy, one thin the trump campaign is
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win is enough push to continue into south carolina, of course o, the primary just a week and a half away. he and many other republican and democratic candidates pouring into the state of south carolina, hoping to take away that the coveted first in the south primary here in the palmetto state. likely being one of the more diverse group of voters that they will experience for the first time and a good showing on the support of the people in the south. so we're going to be very interested to see what he has to say tonight and any likely trump campaign event that we've seen for that he's made in up the state so far, he hadn't had a script, he hadn't had a teleprompter, we're not sure what he has to say. but a lot of people here are very interested to see what he has to say here in south carolina tonight. i'm reporting live tonight in pndleton, addie hampton, 7 news. real quick, i'm not sure if you've gotten a chance to speak to the people there, but do you find most of them are coming because they're trump supporters or out of curiosity to see him?
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more curious. he has a large following, he's been top of the polls here in the palmetto state, since announcing his candidacy. >> addie hampton standing by live in clemson. the one company, this one with, hoping to make things simpler for boys and girls. >> i'm amy wood, a dog shot in the head and left for dead. now, a judge rules no charges
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coming up, we're something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. 7 news live at 5:00 is back with target's latest change, gender neutral bedding for kids. part of the home decor line. it will offer themes of trees, and things like that in neutral colors. the retailer removed the boys and girls signs last year. now to a 7 news consumer alert, lamp recall, the high by and lock versions t plastic retaining clips that secure the glass shades can break, and cut people. it's already gotten more than 200 reports of this happening. return it for a full refund. >> the takata air bag recall is expanding, 680,000 vehicles because of a driver's side air
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through the bag and can hurt or kill the driver. around 2400 counterfeit hoverboards have been seized at the port of charleston last month, they say the hoverboards were made in china and the hoverboards are a fire threat because of the lithium battery, we've laerd a lot about that. in all, the boards were worth 1.5 million dollars. we have enjoyed a lot of sunshine in most areas, but we're still looking at very cold conditions, mountain snow showers left over as well. as we go into the deep freeze
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in the wea [ music ] disney's not ready to let it go.
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the company is confirmed the block buster animated musical will hit broadway in the spring of 2018. the movie's oscar winning songwriters are set to pen new songs. feel like i'm the last person in america who has not seen frozen. >> you haven't seen frozen? >> no. we're both in that boat. >> special viewing. you can see tom crabtree joining us now. >> frozen one of many movies that people want to see a sequel to. >> all in the family, archie bunker had 7 spin off shows, the jeffersons, maud, several others. but what do you think about this? do you feel other spin offs, based on classic tv shows are a good thing? most of you do. 70% have responded saying you love them. why not keep a good thing going? >> there's examples of good and bad. god father two is as good as god father one. >> the csi shows, the good wife
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>> it makes sense. this is -- it was girl meets world is the spin off from boy meets world, the same act --. >> a spin off of full house in the 90s. >> look, if they're good, if they're well made, people will watch them. >> and full house will have a lot of the original characters in it, they should be better actors now, may be fun to watch. >> you still weigh in on our facebook page fl the oscars, hoping to make acceptance speeches less boring. they want to avoid a long list of thank yous, so they're asking every nominee to submit a list, and if that nominee wins, those names scroll across the bottom of the screen. the academy hopes it will remain more memorable heart-felt moments. if it's not enough to be nominated, this year's nominees will also receive gift bags worthen estimated $200,000.
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$55,000 trip to israel, a $6200 fitness package, and $275 toilet paper. >> what? >> yep, that's what they said. advertised as being for, quote, you're going to love this, gordon, health conscious people. >> i can see that. you know, let's put the whole investigative unit on the expensive toilet paper story. >> crews at the staples center in los angeles, california, getting ready for the grammys, mu siegs sessions and guests will be dining at a massive after party. moist and tender chicken, with truffle mac and cheese and burguan glaze. the grammys, appeared this monday on cbs. kenye west, quote, bill cosby innocent, exclamation mark. he ignored numerous angry responses to the tweet. true tv host billy ikner.
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rallies this month, the #boycott beyonce has gained steam, ever since her performance in the super bowl half time show. some say, her new song, formation is anti-cop. they're calling for people to gather for a protest at the nfl's headquarters in new york city. february 16th. we hear beyonce supporters will have a counter protest. people magazine has named ryan renld this year's sexyiest dad alive reynolds became a father. the 39-year-old told people, having a daughter was a dream come true for him. well, we had a beautiful day across most of the area today, a lot of sunshine across the upstate, but it was still cold out there. there's a live look at downtown greenville. a little breezy out there, too. so the wind really does cut right through you.
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mostly clear skies on the way for tonight, you expect another hard freeze, make sure you protect the pipes and pets once again. by morning, look for the lows to range from 19-24 degrees in up the state and in the mountain, got down to 16 this morning in asheville. we'll see those lows ranging from 13-18 degrees by tomorrow morning. satellite map today, the upstate is almost completely clear in the north carolina mats, though, still holding on to cloud cover. there have been a few remaining snow showers, thanks to those winds out of the northwest today. and then out to our west, we're tracking another upper level feature that's been producing snow, from southern sections of illinois, all the way back into the northwestern part of georgia. this one might clip the extreme western part of north carolina later tonight. to bring just a few snow flurries, most of us are not going to be impacted by that system is. outside of seeing a little bit of extra cloud cover in some areas overnight. just the same, we're going to keep mostly clear skies, and a lot of areas, too, that will
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so a bitterly cold start to the day tomorrow. breeze in some locations, could mean a few other snow showers up towards the tennessee border. otherwise, a quiet day. in fact, it should be a very nice day, it's all relative, a little milder into tomorrow, getting into the 40s for the high. the same time down to our south, we'll be tracking an area of low pressure, that will move to our south and southeast. and that one may bring us more in the way of cloud cover on the backside of that, if the moisture is more than the models are predicting, would see a flurry or two, over the southern upstate. overall, a cool, dry day and tracking an arctic front that will arrive on saturday. so a hard freeze again for tonight. little milder the next few days, especially in the afternoons. dry, much colder through the weekend. right now, 26 in asheville. we mainly have mid 30s in the upstate, so we cooled down 4-5 degreeses from the high. and with the winds that are still out there, it feels like 14 in asheville, the wind chill temperature is 25 in laurens,
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anderson. in spartanburg, the temperature is 36 degrees. we'll get down to close to the lower to mid #20s tomorrow morning, a high of 45. and for the next 72 hours, things do get colder by saturday. a high of only 40 degrees but dry for your weekend. high of 35 on valentine's day and there's a look at your upstate forecast into monday. you notice the snow, rain, icon. do have a system that will bring in some moisture, we are fine-tuning that, but monday, into monday night, early tuesday. that's going to be time frame to watch fortery weather and there's your mountain forecast, 38 for tomorrow, 40 for the high on friday. >> appreciate the valentine's day reminder, too. >> very subtle, you know. >> if you stay up late on okay. because you might have a snow day t te next day. >> it's possible. president's day too on monday. impact there, too. >> bank on it. christy, thank you. next 7 news live at 5:00. check out this amazing video of a skier going down a slope, a cool video from an unusual
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>> i'm amy wood, more on the way at 6:00 tonight, we told you about the presidential candidates headed to south carolina with more of them on the way, in about 10 minutes, we'll tell you america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa
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7 news, live at 5:00, with hot shots, now. >> yeah, first up, some construction crews, get caught off guard. watch here. as this the parking garage collapsed, right on top of an excavator with a worker inside. the structure was part of an ongoing demolition and came down faster than expected. he escaped without a scratch. skiing like it's never been done before. this is -- you know what this is? this is mio. nicholas showing us a individual
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of himself on the slope, 360 degree slow motion, he tied his iphone to a spring string and you can almost see the string there. on the corner of your screen. impressive enough, adding the whole phone las so thing. next, live live, a live at 5:00.
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thank for joining us in roebuc a special love story n time for valentine's day a 93-year-old world war ii veteran from virginia, finely reunited with his girlfriend in australia this week. >> don champion shows us how the internet helped bring the two together after they spept
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>>reporter: in f love is truly patient. the 93-year-old norwood thomas. >> could be the definition of true love. >> really long. >>reporter: norwood embraced each other for the first time in more than 70 years tuesday. they first met in london before d-day when the war ended, he returned to tus, she moved to australia. the flame never died, though. >> oh, he was full of fun. full of fun. >>reporter: but somewhere between mailed love letters and a botched marriage proposal, they lost touch. then technology rekindled the flame. >> rejoice. >> i'm here. >>reporter: the two reconnected over skype late last year after one of joyce's sons found norwood in an online article about d-day. when word about their virtual reunion went public, hundreds of people donated money to ensure
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>> about the most wonderful thing that could have happened to me. >> good. >>reporter: if the giggles in autralia yesterday are any indication, the couple will now enjoy a special valentine's day together. >> yeah, to find somebody who loves you, you love them, the latter years of your life, it would rather be special, wouldn't it? >>reporter: proof true love overcomes space and time. don champion, cbs news. >> all that time. >> beautiful. beautiful couple. >> 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. live from the news station, this is 7 news at 6:00. political candidates pushing into the palmetto state, all looking for your vote, the latest wae of politicians to move in and out of the race for the white house. >> also, tonight, the answer to fixing south carolina roads is
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thanks for joining us tonight, first at 6:00, the cold weather continues around our area, another hard freeze tonight. >> we want to get over to christy henderson for the latest on your forecast. >> we got into the upper 30s for the upstate, right now, we're down to freezing in spartanburg. 33 in anderson. and we're down to 24 degrees in asheville. the wind is still blowing out there in some spot s, the wind chill temperature is very real, if you step outside. dangerous cold on the way for the overnight hours, by 2:00 a.m., the upstate will be down to 26 degree, look for a few clouds, but not enough to act as a blanket, so low temperatures will be right back down to around 20 degrees. for up the state. could even find a few upper teens in the outlying areas in the north. 13-18 is the rang on the low in the mountains. more about the wind chill advisory and other systems that are on the way to affect our weather, coming up in a few minutes. thank you. happening now, south carolina is the center of attention for political candidates, fighting for the presidential nomination.
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