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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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arrive monday into tuesday. we expect a light wintery mix monday morning that could include some snow, freezing rain and sleet and then a change over to rain. if the timing stays the same that's going to happen by midday monday. there could be some heavy rain monday night going into tuesday. right now this system is going to be a big one. there's a good chance it will mainly be a wet system rather than a wintery system. coming up in a few minutes we'll talk about what to expect with the arctic air. >> thank you, christy. any time there's snow there's a lot of buzz. people were terrific in spending in their videos and photos. you've done a little home work. >> i'm not going to lie, the producer here, jennifer, does a great job. she saw the obvious choices. many, many pictures were great. we had to pick just a couple. the students in this case at a school, the principal couldn't resist letting them have a little fun. watch what happens.
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>> it's snowing! it's snowing! >> that's the principal? >> that's the principal at pickens elementary school. he was super excited. he went window to window telling the kids to look out here. it was a great piece of video. thank you for sending that in. this is katy whittaker's kindergarten class at carlyle foster grove elementary. they look so excited. you can see their tongues out trying to catch the flurries. it's a kid thing to do. >> snow like that that was so beautiful and fluffy it's kind of rare in the upstate. >> sure. >> what a treat. >> if you have pictures like that you can post them on our facebook page. we have the app too. >> if you don't have this app you definitely what about to consider that. we have a lot
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we updated the app. you can get the latest on school closings and delays. right now every law enforcement agency is struggling to fill open jobs. that puts strain on veteran officers. cops are being hired with a checkered past. >> one officer on every shift here. if one of those cops leaves town that's where the problem starts because the chief has to hire someone new. >> i had an ad in the newspaper. i put one on the website. i think it was on for 3 months. i had three hits on it. they're just not applying for it. >> what do you do? >> do without. >> in williamston chief toe ny they -- tony taylor has that
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he has two open jobs right now. while he gets plenty of applications -- >> usually the applicants that you get in are what we call problems. >> every sheriff, every chief has that same problem. >> what's the problem? officers who go from department to department for another 25 cents an hour never getting any real experience in any one community or worse they can't get along with their supervisor or they get into trouble on the job. when they resign they'll always find a job with a new agency because of the shortage of experienced officers. >> at the south carolina criminal justice academy where all new officers are certified these problem police as known as gypsies. >> a gypsy cop. that's been termed an officer that you would see that would jump from agency to agency. they may have 18 agencies under their belt within a 5-year period. >> we started tracking the case
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profile after this shooting on the campus of spartanburg methodist college. officers shot a man who was breaking into cars. officer justin yarborough did not open fire himself. he worked as an officer for 9 of the last 15 years. in his 9 years he served nine different police agencies including union police, lawrence pd, cherokee county sheriff, jonesville pd and in october of 2013 he was hired in laurens county as a deputy. >> if february of last year documents show he resigned from that job during investigation of alcohol use. deputies said they could smell an odor of alcohol while he was respond together a call. his driving ability was compromised and they discovered a half entity bottle of whisky
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yarborough said i'm not taking no drug test, i guess i'll resign which is how he wound up spending 7 weeks with the paculette police. >> some agency take the approach that we need warm bodies so they will hire that individual. >> they will get hired someone? d -- somewhere? >> yeah. it happens everywhere. >> this is where the problem starts. many of these many academy trainees won't last long. first time officers are required to pass a 12-week certification class here and these cadets are in day 3. out of 70 only will make it to graduation. of those half will quit law enforcement within one year. >> with so few cops these new hires become a risky investment
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means more room for gypsies. the 911 calls will keep coming. >> every agency within the state is feeling the effects of it from the smallest to the highway patrol. everybody is feeling the effects of hiring and retaining good officers. >> by the way, on january 26th the officer you just heard about just two weeks ago, justin yarborough, resigned from that job at spartanburg methodist college. according to the paperwork file where had the criminal justice academy he quote resigned when told he would be suspended pending investigation. he has now left his ninth police agency. i have spoken to officer yarborough on the phone. he said he may talk at some time in the future. one thing we heard about, the pay. we posted the starting salaries for every upstate agency on police say a traffic stop led to a chase in which an officer was dragged several feet.
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over for a tag violation. when officers asked eric soto to stop out he took off and drug the officer. he only got a few scratches. next on live at 5:00, people around the world have been following the greenville zoo's newest addition on line and the baby giraffe finally has a name. we will share it straight ahead. >> tonight a teenage girl murder and her body dumped months after graduating from
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police lin 7 news live at 5 is back with new details on the greenville zoo's latest addition. today - back with new details on greenville zoo's latest edition. >> they announced the giraffe's gender and name. it's a boy. after going through 300 submissions from around the world they decided to name him tatu. that means third child and was suggested by at least three different people. >> got names from mexico, maine, sweden, the uk and lots of names from the upstate. >> tatu was born 10 days ago to the zoo's 9-year-old giraffe, autumn. get a pet for free tomorrow this valentine's day. greenville animal care will wave all adoption fees. if you want
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a puppy or give your valentine a puppy or adult dog head over there tomorrow. this dog is named ginger rogers for a reason. watch this. boom. get down ginger. >> no way. >> that's right. >> this is a 1-year-old black and white charmer showing off her dance moves at a shelter where she was found. keep going. go. after this video went viral -- here she comes again. >> who wouldn't want that dog. >> someone decided they did after they saw it. they had room for a dancer dog and now she has a home. >> that is pretty cool. after some early snow, some some sun came out. temperatures are chilly but about to get a lot
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arctic front on gilliard: you know, there's an old saying about south carolina, we're always first in the things that are last and last in the things that are first. this economy is rigged. we can do better. and that's where bernie comes in. bernie is not in the pocket of wall street. we don't have to depend on the so-called wall street giants. everybody knows the problem. bernie wants to do something about it. he gets it. i mean, he really gets it. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. 7 news live at 5 is back with campaign 2016 .. there's just more than a week to go until the primaries .. and gop presidential hopefuls are
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there's just a week go until the primary for the gop. republican candidates are making their pitches. jeb bush, marco rubio and ted cruz and ben carson were at the family and faith summit today. they are trying to gain votes from christians because they make up 65% of the electorate. >> jeb. >> go jeb. >> of course people are heading to greenville. jeb bush made a morning stop in anderson that was moved to the civic center because the campaign side the number of supporters kept out growing the original venue. now rochelle spence got a chance to walk around and talk to the former governor about his pitch to voters. >> he had a big message today.
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ex ex-- experience. senator lindsey graham was there. jeb bush talked about fiscal and foreign policies. at one point he stopped and said he was proud of his dad and proud to be george w.'s bush. bush -- george w. bush's brother. >> i have the experience of being the son and the brother of a president and also a successful governor. >> nobody else has that wealth of knowledge that he has. >> i've covered a lot of political rallies. there was a lot of undecided voters
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the south carolina primary is sneaking up and i need to re search now. >> you mentioned that you've been to a couple of bush campaign rallies. >> did he say anything important? >> he said that trump puts people down to make himself feel bigger. >> we're expecting to see more. our coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. face the nation is sunday morning from greenville. the average cost of a year of college tuition is between 10 and $30,000. like the airlines the person sitting next to you may be paying a different fare than you. enrollment officials said they will negotiate. we learned it could help your bottom line to act. college education, is enough to >> the cost of a year of college education is enough to
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are these rates really the bottom line? >> at some schools it's negotiable. >> it's a buyers market. >> you may be able to work out a deal. it's good news for the families like the delaneys. >> we have a little money saved through a college savings plan. that will help get them through the first year. >> enrollment officials tell us your odds at lowering tuition costs increase at private colleges, places are enrollment is declining. >> we are always open to taking a second look. if a family calls us with a concern about the expected contribution or if they're looking at other packages and seeing quite a difference between packages we would encourage them to call. >> we will work with families if this really is the best fit for their kid. we want to make
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affordable as possible. >> colleges are more likely to buy in, something austin is prepared to do. >> i can't wait to step on that campus of choice that will be good for me and my family. >> the take home here working with the financial aid office closely can make a big difference to your bottom line. we've had whiplash weather with snow this morning and sunshine this afternoon. this is the builtmore estate in asheville. cloud cover and breezy conditions. that breeze will continue to pick up as cold air spills in from the north down to canada. for the next three days dangerous cold to settle in. here's where we're going to start our saturday in the upstate. 22 to 28 degrees for the lows. with the wind blowing it's going to feel colder than that. the mountains of north carolina the low
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from 16 to 21 going into tomorrow. satellite map shows those clouds across the mountains and the northern half of the upstate. a disturbance rolled in that brought from a half inch to inch of snow in the northern part of the upstate. we had some snow coming down but then it went away as temperatures went up once the snow stopped falling. temperatures were able to get above freezing and all that has melted. over night will be quiet. it's just that the winds are going to pick up. the only exception in the northern mountains where snow will develop on the western side of the appalachians. you can see some further to the north there. saturday at 7:00 a.m. very cold. over all a pretty good weekend but it's going to be windy and blustery. arctic high pressure continues to build into the region. strong winds in the morning will become lighter but still breezy going into the afternoon.
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even colder to start the day. high clouds may be around and those will lower during the day. it will be dry. winds will pick up out of the east though by sunday evening. you see out to the west from kentucky into the northern part of tennessee we'll start to see some winter weather that's associated with the system that we're tracking on monday. right now it looks like we'll start out with very light wintery precipitation along and north of 85 monday morning and then changing over the rain. we could have some wintery issues. a better chance it will be a soaker for us. ahead of the front the 60s. behind it 20s, 30s and 40s. right now 37 degrees in asheville, 47 in greenville and still lower 50s in anderson and greenwood. here's the forecast for the next 72 hours. 38 the high tomorrow, down to 17 degrees tomorrow night. sunday's high up to 37. you can see a very accelerate tive monday is on the way. heavy rain will last into early tuesday. warmer
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know about you but i'm ready for that. highs back into the mid 50s by tuesday, 60 by wednesday. valentine's day only up to freezing for a high and then a wintery mix and some rain for the mountains on monday and tuesday. >> thank you, christy. next on live at 5:00 . when there's danger in australia there's only one superhero to turn to, iron boy. his story next. >> i'm tom crabtree. coming up on 7 news at 6:00, a new program could help save some money all while winning prizes. hear how this the first job of a president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country.
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he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader. he'll keep our country safe. jeb bush.
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a nine year old with cystic fibrosis is getting to live out his dream. a 9-year-old is getting to live out his dream. >> dominick leaves superhee--
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he burned into iron boy. he received a special honor from police. numerous celebrities sent tweets of support including robert downey, junior. next on live at 5:00, we are counting down to the grammy's. get a preview from the performers. >> a live look outside. we're glad you're watching all over
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back right after this. the biggest night in music is almost here. suzanne marques shows us what's in store for monday's the biggest night in music is almost here. >> what's in store for monday's grammy awards. >> [ music ] >> audiences can say hello to adelle. the british super star returns to the grammy stage to perform a song from her record smashing album 25. >> taylor swift will open the show for the second time in 3 years. swift is up for seven awards including album of the
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song of the year. she goes up against kendrick lamar who leads with 11 nominations, chris stapleton and the weekend and alabama shakes. >> lady gaga will give a tribute to the late david bowie. >> she has something very cool planned and very rehearsing off site. >> ll cool j will host for the fifth consecutive year. he said the show is not to be missed. >> it's going to be an amazing night. i think people will be blown away. the 58th annual grammy awards air live this monday night ..right here on cbs. >> i i want see it. >> definitely. it's live monday night on cbs. the news starts right now. >> live from the news station,
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next on 7 news, a missing teenager's body has been found dumped in spartanburg county after she was shot. now less than 24 hours later investigators believe they know who killed her. >> also tonight the upstate is the focus of the political world right now with the presidential candidates fighting for votes all getting ready for tomorrow's national debate. thank you for joining us. the forecast called for a chance of snow and much of the upstate saw it falling in morning. this is a look in spartanburg county earlier. at times the snow flakes were really big. >> no snow is left but more changes are coming. we are expecting a cold weekend. >> here with details is meteorologist christy henderson tracking everything for you. christy. >> tom, that's right. we are expecting an arctic front to arrive this evening. there's a big temperature change on either side of that front with readings in the 20s and 30s.
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the front temperatures have been quite mild. we had that snow and then sunny breaks. at least we got above freezing. a very cold night ahead. as the winds pick up out of the northwest we will see the high mountain snow showers developing. a winter weather advisory is in effect until 6:00 tomorrow morning. 1 to 3 inches of snow may fall up towards the tennessee line. across the upstate partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. strong winds by tomorrow morning and temperatures will dip down below freezing after 9:00 and we'll start in the mid 20s. we're not going to warm up much. we'll talk about that coming up. >> thank you. the snow was also a lot of fun for people to play in and to check out this morning. >> 7 news reporter laura thomas checked out how people were enjoying this winter weather. i bet they had fun didn't they, laura? >> reporter: yeah, they did. there's not too much of tha t snow left here tonight. we did find a small patch of it here still hanging on in downtown spartanburg. just a little bit left.
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video of what it looked like earlier today when that snow was really coming down, especially here in spartanburg. this is a look at some of the video that we got this morning at converse college. it was such a beautiful sight as those flakes were falling on the campus. we were there as crews cleared the sidewalks, getting t snow out of the way. we talked to students from states like florida and california and they said it was only their second time to see snow. one was so excited she decided to leave class early. >> last time it was all nice. this is real snow. i have dates to go and do sledding and stuff by the athletic building. i'm so excited. i hope it stays. >> reporter: yeah, not sure about that sledding. she probably had to change her plans this afternoon. it was fun this morning. they had a little window of opportunity to enjoy that snow here in spartanburg. live in spartanburg, laura thomas, 7 news.


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