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tv   7 On Your Side at 7pm  CBS  February 12, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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thanks christy... whether you loved it or couldn't stand it.. that snow today did create some work. this... was the scene at converse college.. as the snow was falling.. today. crews cleared the sidewalks... getting the snow.. out of the way.. to make sure students... could get to class.. we talked with students.. from states like florida.. and california.. who said .. this was only their second time to see snow like this... one student was so excited... she decided to leave class early. : "last time it was just all ice, and this is like, real snow, and i already have dates and stuff to do sledding and stuff by the athletic building later on today, so i'm so excited, i hope it stays." ----hope it stays." ---- but the snow didn't stick around for long it melted away.. this afternoon. keep in mind ... hour-by-hour forecasts and weather alerts are right at your fingertips. just download the 7-news 24-7 weather app.. to your smart phone or tablet. you can find it in your apple app store or droid play store. breaking news... take a look at these mugshots from the greenville county
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two people are under arrest... charged after a body was found in taylors last month. deputies tell 7 news that dale elroy mathis... and davia nicole smith are charged with murder...and several other crimes. our breaking news crew was on the scene january 29th after investigators say a hunter found the body off burrell road near taylors. the body was later identified as jamie howard. we'll let you know what else develops in this investigation. a missing spartanburg county teen found dead...just 24-hours later...after she disappeared. investigators...say all signs point to a murder. nineteen year old rayne hunt's death comes as a shock to people who knew her. many say the teen had a bright future ahead. seven news reporter brianna smith ... has been following the story all day and has more. as snow blanketed the area where autumn hunt took her last breath...neighbors in the area started to worry about the police presence in a normally quiet area. chris mcleod/lives near scene "i'm just like what's going on, i'm just shocked, i'm just dumbfounded...i really don't
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were laid today where evidence was found that possibly could tell police who her killers were. "in this case there was a single shot 40 caliber shell casing found beside her body where she was killed, that was matched up to a glock that was used in this armed robbery." we learned these details from 7th circuit solicitor barry barnette during a bond hearing for alfred caldwell and akello connection to an armed robbery at a gas station inside the city of spartanburg...barnette said it was a search warrant of their home...that led to the connection...along with learning that jeter had dated autumn. "murder warrants will be coming for 1 if not 2 of them soon" while deputies continue their investigation...friends of the spartanburg high graduate continue to mourn the friend theyve lost. johnathon marsh 09:20:15:12 "it really shook me up like i checked the link several times to make sure it wasn't some sick joke that people were's just really rough
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the shell casings ... and being sent off for testing... to see if they are a true match. we'll update you on w-s-p-a dot-com...once charges have been upgraded to murder. the body of a missing north carolina man... jeffrey scott turner... was found in northern oconee county ... today. "oconee county emergency services" says... turner's body was located... just before noon... in the "big bend" area. rescue teams and volunteers... had been looking for turner... since his vehicle was spotted in the upstate ... earlier this week. he was last seen ... in haywood county ... monday morning. we're waiting for investigators... to release... more details. two people are dead in spartanburg county after a morning head on collision. it happened on highway 290 at moore road in duncan .. just after six a-m. highway patrol says it's still unclear what caused the driver of van to cross a center line -- slamming into a small car. both people in the car that
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was hit died .. they've been identified as nicolas and yeny marron of moore. turning to campaign 2016... we're now just eight days aways...from the south carolina primary. and a little more than two weeks ...away from the south carolina ... democratic primary. and the pressure is on... to sway voters... for that contest too. tomorrow in the upstate...the republican candidates will again ...engage in a war of words ... as they hit the stage for their next big debate. it will air here on -7- news....kicking off at -9- p-m ... in downtown greenville... at the peace center.. "face the nation" host john dickerson will serve as moderate. our amy wood... and a -7- news crew will also be there... so you can count on us to bring you all the highlights. heavy traffic is expected in downtown greenville... for tomorrow's republican debate. and we also want to let you know that there will be some road closures... they will run from eight in the morning... until two a-m.. sunday morning. it will affects parts of main street, broad street, court street, and laurens street. on the eve of their big debate, 4 republican presidential hopefuls converged on bob jones university today for a faith and family presidential forum
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jeb bush.and senators marco rubio and ted cruzspoke before large crowds. today.each sat alongside state attorney general alan wilson and palmetto family council president.dr. oran smith they asked each candidates questions ranging from public prayerto planned parenthoodto gun control each candidate was given about 40 minutes to talk about these issues surrounding faith and family and each man told man for the job : " i have to think about our's the first generation expected to do worse than their parents and it's going to be the same with the generation after that and every generation going forward and they say it's the new normal.there's nothing normal about it, and there's no way we should accept it.": " i've served as governor in a state - a swing state- where a lot of things happen.i was true to my beliefs, my backbone was solid, my heart was big, i had a brain to
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problems and i never abdicated my responsibility.": " the 21st century has a chance to be the greatest era in our history. the american dream won't just survive. it has a chance to reach more people and change more lives than ever before and history will say that we too did our part." : "i pledge on the very first day in officeto rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by barack obama" governor john kasich was one of the few candidates not present at today's forum in greenville. instead - we found him campaigning in columbia this afternoon. he attended a chamber of commerce lunch .. telling the crowd he expectes his upbeat tactics to outshine the darkness of others' negative campaigning strategies .. hampshire. before his appearance this afternoon at bob jones university....jeb bush .. made a morning stop .. in anderson. the rally moved to the "civic center" last minute.. started outgrowing the original venue. senator lindsey graham.. was there..
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he focused the rally around fiscal and foreign policy. out in the crowd .. there were many people who say they're still undecided. and there were also some young fans. some.. not even old enough to vote. "we want to learn more about him to know what our future holds." "i just hope jeb can pull something through. i don't think he can win with 11% but i hope he gets up there soon. i definitely don't want trump to be the next president though." ---- after jeb bush wrapped up the hour long rally.. he stuck around.. shaking hands .. signing autographs .. taking pictures..and asking those undecided voters.. for their commitment. bush is scheduled to be in fountain inn ... for another rally ... tomorrow morning. the event begins at -9:30-... at the "younts performing arts center"... on main street. the rally is free ... and open to public ... but you must register... for tickets. there's a link...on w-s-p-a dot-com... just click "links"... in the big blue box... on our homepage. donald trump... plans to host another upstate rally. according to his website... it'll kick off at 7 p-m... at
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greenville. the event is free ... but you'll need to register... for tickets. we have a link...on w-s-p-a dot-com. just click on "links"... in the big blue box... on our homepage. and we're making it easy for you... to keep up with the list of presidential candidates... now that more have dropped out of the race. log-on to w-s-p-a dot-com... and from the "news tab"... click on "elections"... "government and politics." you'll find candidate bios... polls... and you can submit "voice of the voter" questions. police are trying to determine why a man with a machete attacked people inside this ohio restaurant ... what authorities have found out about the attacker...and whether it was an act of terrorism... and... how one state's decision about a certain type of evidence could leave an impression on court cases across the country... are these faces familiar to you...? maybe some of them.. at least..? tonight... at 11 .. we take to the streets of greenville .. and find out.. how informed.. the voters are.. ahead of a
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"he came to each table and just starting hitting them." ----- tonight... ohio police are trying to answer the question...of why... after a man with a machete...rushed into a restaurant... and starting cutting people. the attack left four people critically. it happened thursday evening at this small israeli restaurant in columbus. police officers caught up with the suspect... after he fled the scene. they unsuccessfully used a stun gun first... but when he lunged at officers...they fatally shot him. the owner of the ohio restaurant says the suspect came inside before the attack asking questions... then returned questions... then returned with -no- as he attacked people: ----- : " thirty minutes before he came and did the attack -- that he came in looked around, asked where i was from, asked about our food, and where was i.and then, he left." -- -------- ohio police say
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mohamed barry... a somalian.... investigators say he may have traveled internationall y...including to dubai in 2012. it's unclear if he has ties to any terrorist groups but officials say this has the hallmark of a lone wolf attack, the kind of thing they are working to stop. a student at an arizona high school says it was a shock to learn that two of her schoolmates died in a shooting there today. police say two 15-year-old girls were found dead on campus. they say they don't know what led to the shooting, but that they're not looking for anybody else. senior lanie walter says when her class went on lockdown, she called her parents to let them know she was ok. new tonight... a move... legal experts say... that could have an effect on courtrooms...across the u-s. texas has become the first state... to call for a ban... on allowing bite evidence. since least 2- dozen men ... convicted or charged with murder or rape... based on bite marks... have been texas forensic specialists argue...that the bite mark
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better research ... to support it. right now...there's -no- scientific proof...that teeth can be matched... 100-percent ... to human skin. also new tonight ... mets reliever jenrry mejia has become the first player to receive a lifetime ban under baseball's drug agreement. it comes after he tested positive for a performance- enhancing substance for a third time. major league players and teams agreed in november 2005 that a third positive test for peds would result in a lifetime ban. no players have been banned for life under the minor league drug program. today...pope francis met with the head of the russian orthodox church... the historic meeting ... in a v-i-p room at a cuban airport.. comes one-thousand years...after a disagreement that divided christianity. it marks the first time that a roman catholic pope and russian patriarch has ever met face-to-face. during the meeting the pope francis and patriarch kirill of moscow... embraced and exchanged gifts. but most importantly...
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religious unity. after the meeting ...the pope headed to mexico for a five day trip. in just a matter of days... u-s airlines will begin a fierce bidding war to win routes and airport slots for commerical flights to cuba. it comes after ...a more than 50-year ban... on u-s flights to the country. under a federal agreement... reached last will be allowed to fly to cuba under 12 categories... including humanitarian projects...government business...professional research ...and religious activities...
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going to something most folks... have
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spending more time...with co- workers...than with family and friends. why a "career builder" survey says ... it could be good ... for the romance department. but first here's a look at your primetime lineup
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what do president obama, bill gates and brad pitt... have in common? they all met their significant others... at work. a new survey by "career builder" says ... more than one-third of workers ... have had an office romance. and 37- percent of those relationships...led to marriage. on the other hand, five percent say they left a job...because their office romance... didn't work out. new numbers are out... showing just how much north carolina benefitted...from last month's...record- breaking "powerball" jackpot. lottery outlets in the tar heel state ... sold 79-million dollars *more* in tickets...
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when the jackpot was growing. that means... the state got 30-million dollars. the money is earmarked... for education initiatives ... determined by the general assembly. happening tomorrow... get a pet... for free... this valentine's day! for -one day only-... "greenville county animal care" will waive all adoption fees... for its puppies and dogs. that includes the cost of spay/neuter...micro-chipping... vaccination... and more. so if you want to give some valentines love to a puppy...or give your valentine a puppy...head over there tomorrow. it's on "furman hall road." on the other side of the break... we checking back in with christy... for a final look at your weekend weather forecast.
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she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us. i'm hillary clinton
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today's snow in the upstate... was short-lived... but it created a lot of excitement. could monday... be that way... too?
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thanks for joining us. i'll see you at 10 on the carolinas c-w... and we'll be back here at 11. until then you can get the latest updates by logging on to wspa dot com. up next... is "scene on 7"... stay with us
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