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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  February 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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the roads and loved ones on the way home. what do we have to watch out for? >> there is not a lot of precipitation coming down but we have drizzle and foggy conditions and roads will not improve even thouou they may not get much worse. we are watching precipitation out to the west and once that pushes in, areas below freezing including the north carolina counties will see additional ice accumulations. right now, 27 in spartanburg and a lot of treated roads are okay, but watch out for the exits and bridges and elevated surfaces causing a problem for later tonight as temperatures go up with heavy rain on the way, and it will be just in the form of rain but heavy centered around midnight to 2:00 a.m. and temperatures rising and we may be near 40 by daybreak. instead of down, the temperatures are going up. >> the weather is still fun. >> gross and crazy.
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>> take it easy. all right. thank you. and dave jordan is still out there braving the cold and to check on the conditions, let's go back to dave. >> reporter: hey, gordon. as christy mentioned, people are on the way home right now and the temperatures are a little more bearable but the mist she alluded to, that's clearing up a bit. take a look behind me. traffic here is at a standstill because of the light but for the most part, people are navigating and getting where they need to be cleanly. we had word of 14 collision accidents in the upstate but none of them thankfully involved serious injuries. back to you. >> no trouble for you? amy had a picture of a car that are slid on the bridge but how about you for the road? >> reporter: for me, it was okay, and that picture on the bridge, i believe that was in
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speeding and related to weather conditions, similar to the 14 accidents that they are working in the upstate right now but right here thus far in pleasantburg and north, everything is smooth sailing. >> dave jordan in greenville, thank you, dave. >> and the 7 news app is the best way to get the news about schools closing or delayed, and we'll send you alerts for weather news in your area with our weather app. download it now, freeze at the app store. and just five days left until our presidential primary, but many still don't know who that i will be voting for. addie, the events are targeting the undecided voters? >> reporter: exactly, diane.
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vote for until they get in the voting booth but this helps them make the decision. and we may not help to choose the winner in the state but it could determine who stays and who is leaving in this race. >> i don't know who i am voting for but i will say they are in the running for who i am voting for. >> reporter: for dallas kennedy, the chance to hear donald trump helped she and her dad kevin come closer to a decision. >> i am still undecided at this point. >> reporter: they are 12% of the likely voters, a high percentage considering how often the gop candidates have debated this election cycle. >> they'll say i don't know that i have my top 3 and they genuinely will not make the decision who will be at the top of the list until they get to the top of the booth. >> reporter: there is a reason
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>> when you watched on saturday night and saw a stage full of guys beating each other senseless, it went from a debate to a fight. and people want to know, is this what i expect from a leader and my president? >> reporter: donald trump is seemingly uptouchable. it's more about unseating drusm -- trump and narrowing the race instead. >> when you look at the candidates and where they're faring, every undecided vote to marrow the mayor -- narrow the gap. >> reporter: he said if a candidate can't pull out a second place finish, they will
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>> be here until 7:01 on friday night. do not stop. >> reporter: and trump is leading here in south carolina, of course, but surprisingly, governor john kasich of ohio came in second, a considerable bump in the say the where he was normally coming in 4th and 5th place. addie hampton, 7 news. >> addie, real quick, i know the raindrops are building from the lens, but we referenced a poll earlier that had cruz in second. why the defense here? >> reporter: the interestingly about the american research poll is the polling data was taken through the 13th which was the day of the debate. so you have post-debate reactions from people that were polled in the debate, maybe a snapshot what people thought of his performance and others; diane. >> all right. thank you, and we'll let her go
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undecided voters are the topic of today's web poll. >> so we asked you, and we have the answers on the screen here. it looks like most picked their candidates not long not after they announced they were running. and look at undecided. 32%. >> and you can see 18% after the most recent debate on saturday. >> and then some others after iowa and new hampshire. the winner of the new hampshire primary is about to be at the pee dee convention center in greenville. tony, how's it going? >> reporter: hey, gordon. it's going great. we're just days away from the primary voting day on saturday, but trump's supporters are here, filtering in and finding
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trump will join us on stage at 7:30, and there is high energy and trump supporters covered in trump gear, hats, t-shirts, and they are ready to see donald trump speak tonight. after, trump will continue to rally across the state before the primary voting day this saturday, february 20th, and we'll have more for this on our evening newscast tonight at 7:00. tony cedrone, 7 news. >> tony, that's a big room. ive seen that, and i'm terrible at guessing how many people. can you give me an idea how many people will fill the room before he takes the stage? >> reporter: gordon, right now, i would say it's half full. i would say a few several hundred right now and we are expecting much. more by the time donald trump takes the stage at 7:30.
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for the rally, and thank you, tony. to see more for election day and the latest on the candidates, you with head to next on 7 news live at 5:00, imagine sleeving sleeping in a painting. it sounds strange but we'll
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live at 5 .. jodi arias will not be seeing any visitors for the next six months. welcome back to 7 news live at 5:00. jody arias will not see visitors for six months, losing the privilege for calling an officer a vulgar insult after a haircut. arias will have to demonstrate 180 days of good behavior to have visitors again. she is serving a life sentence for murdering her boyfriend. and in australia, police seized about $7 million in drugs found in silicone draw inserts in a shipment traced to a hong kong storage facility and authorities have arrested and charges four people. >> pope francis traveled to mexico's southern border and celebrated the pass with the country's indigenous people in
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mexico's elite saying that the indigenous population has been systematically excluded. over 60% of the people live in poverty. attar institute of chicago is launching an exhibit called van gogh's bedroom. they can spend all night in a full-sized replica of the painting "the bedroom." the exhibit runs through may and it will include $10 nightly rates including tickets. many of us are still holding onto freezing temperatures and fracking more precipitation overnight.
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get 7 news live at 5 is back with the details of a new inspection - at hollywild
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7 news live att5:00 become with details on a new inspection at the holly wild animal park. >> inspectors visited on february 2 and 3. they have three facilities they were erosion. last t ear, they were tagged for poor living conditions and the animal care. nearly 3000 dogs at the westminster dog show. the canines strut around with the tutus and sweaters and a raincoat for the drooling dogs, and they take them to trainers before the show which is would you very prepare for the newscast. >> make sure we're nice and clean and not nervous. >> are you nervous? >> a little bit. >> are you nervous, gordon?
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tomorrow, it will be the top sporting, working, and terriers' time to shine, and the best in show will not be determined until tomorrow night. california sea lions taking a stab at a selfie stick. this is an aquarium worker making the technology adjust to the animals with a pole and a gopro. the weighted balance is easy for the sea lions to hold and this is awesome video. workers say they want to see things from the animal's perspective, and the sea lion seem to be happy to show off for the camera. when you think polar bear, you probably think cold and snowy weather but this polar bear had never experience today before, and the zookeepers got the camera ready as she went out to play in the snow. she was hesitant at first but seemed to enjoy it. she was born in no move. >> yes, i'm calling on your cell phone to let you know snow school today.
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of the greater clark county schools new louisville, kentucky getting creative. give him credit. dr.andrew melon inserted his face into drake's hotline bling video and he says it's a message to students. you know he's going to make the students's and teachers' days to announce that so might as well have fun with that. we have delays and cancellations and this is video of snow and sleet from greenville earlier, the snowflakes flying in the air there. and we had a true wintery mix today with freezing rain, sleet, snow at times all mixed together. and increasingly, we've seen freezing drizzle and later tonight, things will change as temperatures rise area wide with another round of rain on the way.
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that's good news by the next round of heavier rain that will makes its way overnight. .50" to an inch is possible and higher amounts are possible in some mountain areas. so for the morning drive, roads will be wet but won't be frozen as we'll be above freezing tomorrow morning. here is the radar and satellite and everything is moving northeast and we have gotten into a break for the most part across the upstate and much of western north carolina but we still have freezing drizzle. it just doesn't show up on the radar. out to the west is where it's located and plenty of it in the eastern half of tennessee with heavy showers and thunderstorms throughout the length of alabama and severe weather over the southern part of the state witit the storms down to the south. we'll pick up on the rain later tonight and in most cases, we'll be above freezing but holding on as the rain approaches later tonight n the northern mountains of north carolina. 2:00 a.m., this is where the
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the rain gets lighter and temperatures above freezing and tuesday, 8:00 a.m., the vein out of here with sunshine and cloud cover and then a fast- moving upper level disturbance will move through that could bring the mountains some snow in the higher elevations. and after that, we'll have clear and calmer continues for the start on wednesday, a beautiful day for wednesday and the nice, comfortable weather will last for the rest of the week and most of the weekend. here's a look at some of the advisories in effect. the weather service has indicate that does hay may extend the freezing rain advisory for northeastern parts of the upstate. right now, it expires at 7:00 p.m. and that may be extended in the next few hours.
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charlie in the afternoon and evening, and sunshine and 58 on wednesday and mid to uppers exhibits on thursday. saturday's dry and rain on sunday. there's the mountain forecast, upper 40s tomorrow and we could see sunshine back on wednesday. >> what a difference a few days makes. >> i know. i'm looking forward to the next few days. >> all right. thank you. us, too. and up next, a grocery store chain trying something new to get you to come inside, expect. i'm amy woods. we have news tips and pictures, and it happens through our report it app. so how we are getting results for you tonight at 6:00. a fun fact.
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back with your fun fact .. 25 percent of men say they get tired 7 news live at 5:00 back with the fun fact. 25% of men say they get tired after 25 minutes of doing what? >> the answer is shopping but i would have thought it was 10 minutes. >> i'm tired after 30 seconds of shopping. speaking of shopping, nordstrom will accept returns from nordstrom rack. you can buy it from the rack and return it to the high-enen store to exchange it but they are looking at having you make the returns online. and whole foods, instead of just bread and milk you can get ink. the grocery store chain is playing with the idea of adding tattoo parlors to the 365 chain, and the idea is to
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money retailers have store wide sales to clear out the merchandise left over from the holidays, and this is onnof the biggest car buying holidays of the year with the dealers offering additional incentives and savings. fat said you will find the deepest discounts on brands. and how much do you know about the holiday? what's the true meaning and what do people in our state think about it?
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thank you for joining us from today is presidents day ... but you may not know what this holiday means ...or how we got it. and south carolina -does- have some today's president's day but may not know what it means or how we got it. >> south carolina has connections to the presidency. >> reporter: george washington's birthday became a
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>> it was always celebrated on his birthday, the 22nd. but the uniform monday holiday act moved holidays to monday too much a 3-day weekend. >> reporter: that move is to the third monday of thth month. it originally called to combine it with abraham lincoln's birthday on the 12th. >> i was told it's to celebrate lincoln and washington's birthdays. >> reporter: they started calling it president's day in the 1980s, and honoring all presidents, south carolina has 1. >> oh, my wife is the one that knows more of the history. i am not too sure. >> reporter: andrew jackson. which president live inside columbia as a boy? >> woodrow wilson in. >> reporter: and his house is a museum, and i could have been saying, in washington, robert kittle, 7 news.
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>> i did not know that. >> i didn't, either. 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. right now on 7 news at 6:00, candidates are trying to reel in the votes. >> and debating would should nominate the next supreme court justice following the sudden death of justice antonin scalia. but first, the weather, and some schools are out early with early dismittal as early on- dismissals. >> tomorrow, mitchell county kids will be on a delay, and throughout the afternoon, we've had snow and sleet and freezing rain.
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there is a glaze forming outer there, and traffic is moving relatively smoothie on interstate o n -- smoothly on i-85. so be careful out there. emergency officials tell us that they responded to more than two dozen accidents in henderson county. christy, when will it get better? tom, it may be a while cause the cold air is stubborn and we have arrive rain to the west. and it's above freezing where the heavy rain is falling. the trend overall is for temperatures to go up. so, yes, we have another round on the way and heavy compared to what we had so far. the wintery conditions have been light but it's enough to create a glaze on roads that have caused traffic problems. we have a winter storm warning in effect for midnight from the
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and an advisory until 7:00 for the northern upstate and an advisory up to midnight for asheville and rutherfordton. we have temperatures below freezing but we'll see the temperatures climbing overnight. more on the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you. have a look at greer. crews headed to a water main break, a pipe burst, a scene that isn't super surprising because of the temperatures we've been seeing and the bill chill out there but there is a big chill that will be causing danger for our pipes. dave jordan has more. >> and dave, with this coming, the crews will have their hands full, aren't they? >> reporter: absolutely, tom, and a lot of the work comes when the temperatures warm up because that's when the pipes thaw out and viewers need to
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