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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  February 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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of a facebook post. this location is a popular meeting spot for exchanges but police say it's not a good idea. >> reporter: no, it's not a good idea. i talked to some of the employees here at the jockey lot who were here when it happened yesterday. they heard several gun shots. the deputies say that the victim told them that he couldn't give them a name or a phone number for the person he was trying to meet for the sale. it's just another example of why meeting a stranger at the wrong place can make for a dangerous situation. >> she heard about four or five gun shots. >> reporter: a man drove himself to the hospital from the anderson jockey lot with a gunshot wound to the arm. he told deputies he and his girlfriend were meeting a stranger they met over facebook. he was trying to buy furniture for his new home. before he could get out of his car gunfire rang out. >> we are here 31 years. it's been here since before that.
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couple businesses say this isn't the first sale meet up they have seen. >> a bunch from craigslist, looking at cars. we seen a lady switching out blenders and exchanging of kids and stuff like that. >> reporter: during the week the area is empty. >> there is nobody really around. these buildings are empty. there are buildings behind there and the field. >> reporter: when meeting a stranger, law enforcement says that's a bad idea. over the past years, reports of fraud or dangerous crimes have gun up in these types of transactions. >> you never really know what's behind those or who is waiting behind a corner because you can't tell. >> reporter: that's why the sheriffs office teamed up with area police to offer the parking lots for a safe meeting place. >> you don't know what their intentions are. >> reporter: now, i talked to deputies and they say that the victim doesn't want to press charges, so the case is closed. i talked to the owner of the
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to hear that this kind of thing was happening. he says he doesn't want these kinds of transactions or exchanges happening during the weekdays at the jockey lot. he says during the week, this place is private property and he doesn't want people here. on the weekends when they're having the flea market, that is when it is open for the public. krystyne brown, 7 news. >> we are not saying the jockey lot is an especially dangerous place. it's just the idea that when you are meeting somebody in any recognizable deserted area like that, that's where the danger is. >> reporter: right, exactly. the anderson jockey lot, they have people out here all the time especially on the weekends. it's super busy. people come out to have a good time and to enjoy the flea market. rarely does anything happen but this kind of place when the jockey lot is empty and no one is around to make sure you are okay if anything does go wrong,
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go to where police are, and make sure you are safe when you make those online transactions. >> krystyne brown, reporting live. new details on an excessive force complaint against green ville police. the department offered to fix williams' teeth if he agrees not to sue the city. williams accused officers of messing up his teeth during his december arrest for drug possession and resisting arrest. police and state law enforcement are investigating the incident. a firefighter says a smoke detector helped save five lives this morning. it woke up a family around 4:00 this morning and gave them time to get out and call 911. officials say a fire in the chimney got inside the wall. american red cross is helping the family. tiger river fire crews had a busy day. they say it took about 20 minutes to put out this truck fire on highway 29 today. the truck's engine caught fire this morning before 11:00.
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into the turning lane and jump to safety and was unharmed. crews back today updating the clock tower that's been around since the 1800s. the company hired to do the work is supposed to starts installing new clock faces this week. they're updating original mechanics with new electronic parts. >> work on the swamp rabbit trail, crews installing a storm water pipe. the work is expected to take until friday to be done so a detour is set up with signs, cones, and barricades there. you will see them along a detour route guiding everybody on the trail to a publicly safe area. 2016 visual roster, organizers picking 135 artists, more than 1000 submissions to take part in the festival in downtown greenville. it's the largest number of applicants they've had. >> we are very fortunate that the artists have a great experience here. they really receive great treatment which is important
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more important is the fact that they have great sales when they're here. >> we said there were a lot of licants. get this, they come from 45 states. there were some from canada, israel, portugal. of the 135 that were accepted, 43 were from the carolinas. this takes plasma 13 through 15. -- place may 13 through 15. pete spent the day at the speedway. let's say that today is one in which some truths are told. >> reporter: things get back to full activity on the track tomorrow night when they have practice for thursday's races. today it was media day with a lot of talking about the upcoming 500 this weekend and the season ahead. you get true moments of candor like this with dale earnhardt,
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you know the sample size of who can contend each and every week and the championship. >> 16 teams can make it. let's be realistic. there are about 25 teams out there that are ultra competitive. being in the top 16, everybody's got pretty good odds there. >> reporter: with the new season comes new sponsors. biffle showed off his today. the attire that includes the bow tie -- >> i am not a fan of all white suits to start with. i got the bow tie going on. if i win the 500, i told them i would put the colonel suit on. i will run the whole giddy up if i win. >> we'll keep an eye out to see what he is wearing monday if he is able to win sunday afternoon. >> thank you. still ahead on live at five, an emotion a the return to the scene of a terrorist attack.
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of death medal refuse to let isis stop the music. >> i am amy wood with what's
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college a university offhode island professor has developed a sensor that detects the kind of explosive used in the paris bombings. university of rhode island professor developed a sensor that detects the explosives used in bombings.
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emitted by explosives but it is designed to continuously monitor an area. it doesn't need training or breaks like a dog would. the goal is to try and stop future attacks. band eagles of death medal performing today after the deadly november 13th attack. coordinated attacks targeted the theater and six other locations throughout the city killing 130 people. >> this isn't going to be a regular show for us tonight. of course this is much more than just a show. i am going to lose myself in the kids. i am going to lose myself in that. we are going to get lost in one another is what's going to happen. >> i can't imagine how emotional that's going to be. the band's front man is from greenville. a protest aimed at denouncing beyonce's super bowl performance didn't happen as planned. her supporters were in formation outside nfl headquarters to stand up for the singer.
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protest for proud of blues. the group was upset about the half time show saying it appeared to pay tribute to the black tribute. last night at the grammys beyonce responded saying art is the unapologetic celebration of culture. >> hold me like i'm more than just your friend. >> everyone is talking about adele's grammy performance last night. it was plagued by sound problems. officials say it started with a technical glitch after a microphone fell in the piano during the performance. the result was the hit maker sounded very mortal. tv audiences heard a pitchy song and saw an unsettled adele. she layer used the mess up as an excuse to get a burger. the classic toys we grew up with are getting a modern makeover. >> from remote control cars to robotic dogs, we'll look at the next step in childhood fun. >> we've got something for grown ups.
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shoe? continues. >> many of us got to see sunshine today but clouds and rain showers have returned. that are dry. we'll talk about what to expect for the evening and for the rest of the week in your forecast, coming up. >> here is a fun fact.
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dollars a year on this 7 news "live at 5" is back with this fun fact .. americans spend a billion dollars a year on this americans spend $1 billion a year on this clothing item. >> i feel like this can be all kinds of things. my first guess is socks. every time you wash a sock, one of the socks disappears. >> that's a close answer. >> not socks. it is slippers. >> do you own slippers?
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i love slippers. from slippers to smart shoes, these are called io fit. bedded sensors detect balance and posture. information is sent to an app that offers tips on improving your work out or golf swing. there will be two shoes to choose from. >> mine will be saying stand up and do something. toy cars have come a long way. radio flyer announced it is shipping kid friendly teslas. the cars have working head lights, music and come in three colors. red, silver, blue. >> sweet. >> the difference between this and the adult model besides the size of course is the speed. the kids' version goes 6 miles an hour and starts at $500. love is in the air this weekend. rather than showing it with flowers and candy a guy in iowa built a giant light bright. troy christiansen put together an impressive display saying
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his wife wanted since she was a girl. >> impossible is not in her mentality. in order to make her dreams come true, it's best just to find a way to do it. >> so look at this, pushing plastic pegs for his sweetheart with their 7 year old for three days, it took 16,000 of those little gismos. he says his fingers still hurt. toy makers showing off their latest creations at the toy fair in new york city. here is a robotic dog that can fetch to drones that respond to your voice. breakthroughs in technology are pushing the industry to new heights but old fashioned games are getting some attention. the toy market's worth is up 7% from last year. we did a web poll. we said the classic games are popular.
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this will be a short duration event though. it's an upper level system that's moving through tennessee. we've had the moisture on the increase. the clouds came first and we are tracking rain showers. there are some snow showers higher up in parts of the mountains of north carolina. across transylvania into brevard, marion we had significant ice build up from the storm yesterday. north carolina, it's all rain there. farther to the south and into the up state we've had rain on the increase down through boiling springs with light showers in spartan berg. those will continue eastward. reed ville is getting light rain. that will continue to increase there. showers have been on the increase in clemson and the shower chances will last until about midnight. after that, we will dry out as that system pushes out. in the morning we'll expect
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clouds. but the trend will be for us to see a lot of sunshine. mild temperatures in the afternoon with a lighgh northerly wind and we'll get off to a quiet start to thursday. that's going to be the trend for us, quiet weather after the system moves through tonight and really for the rest of the week and into the first part of the weekend. a front to the north will stay there. look for sunshine and mild temperatures for thursday afternoon. here is what to expect. evening showers, high mountain snow will be around as well with lots of sun hine for the next four days. quiet weather will have a chance to settle in and temperatures will be warmer with highs near 70 as we get into the weekend. shower chances will come back up on sunday. right now it is 42 asheville, 57 greenville with shower activity, 57 also in anderson. we are at 60 in greenwood. we have a winter weather advisory in effect until 6:00 tomorrow morning for the counties shaded in purple above 3500 feet. that's where we can find one to
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tomorrow morning thanks to the system moving through now. here is what to expect for the next 72 hours. overall, very quiet weather on the way. highs will be in the mid to upper 50s, lows in the lower to mid 30s. into the weekend it gets warmer with 68 the high on saturday. showers come back sunday but we'll have a chance to warm up to 70 degrees and we will carry that chance of rain in the forecast for the early part of next week. there is your mountain forecast, not bad. we like to see the sunshine. chilly tomorrow but warming to 55 friday and 60s saturday. >> yeah weekend. >> another reason to look forward to it. >> thank you. next live at five, you can write like 007 -- ride like 007 if you are willing to pay. how much does this sweet ride set you back? are working on. most college students are used to applying to college and finding out available financial aid.
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help your children map out all something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. .when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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welcome back to 7 news live at 5 .. james bond's most recent ride is set to go up for auction welcome back. james bond's most recent ride is set to go up for auction. >> take a look at this. the super car was created just for the latest bond film spector. it is expected to sell for $2.1 million. martin says the car could hit top speed of 190 miles an hour though you can't actually drive that on the road. it does have necessary road certifications and was built for the movie. ford announced it will launch four suvs over the next four years. ford's vice president made the announcement at the chicago auto show. this will be in addition to the other cars it has. the company says there are to plans to eliminate any models in the nation's number two auto
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selling suv in the explorer. u.s. commercial airlines will be flying to cuba for the first time in a half century. american carriers can bid on routes for as many as 110u.s. to cuba flights a day. officials from two countries signed that deal today. next live at five, i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream especially the ben and jerry's kind ififyou are lactose intolerant. we'll explain. >> let's take a live look outside.
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creek ben and jerry's is famous for its ice cream. but now, it's trying a different spin on dessert. as keele ben and jerry's is famous for ice cream but it is trying a different spin on dessert. the company is creating a series of nondairy treats for vegan and those who are lactose intolerant. >> when you hear ben and jerry's ice crime likely comes
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the company is ditching the cream in its new leans of desserts. >> we have actually been working on this for about three years. >> reporter: the result, four decadent flavors, two are spins on chunky monkey and chocolate fudge brownie. instead of milk and cream the base is almond milk with coconut oil. >> it's like real ice cream. >> reporter: visitors got a chance to try the flavors. >> it's just as good as i was expecting. i have been looking forward to this. i came just for this because i have been trying to find it everywhere. >> reporter: since the beginnings in 1978 ben and jerry's has dabbled with nondairy but nothing quite like this. >> that looks delicious.
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being shipped out and most stores should have them in a few weeks. stay with us. this is 7 news at 6:00. next on 7 news at 6:00, he is arguably the most outspoken republican candidate in the race for the white house. we are getting up close and personal as we go behind the scenes. >> the danger of shopping online and meeting up with random people and random places and exchanging money for items. the hard lesson one up state man says he has learned and what officials are advising. that story is straight ahead. >> i waited probably an hour and called them back. 200 wrecks. about 85. >> long waits for law enforcement after hundreds of cars slid on ice into guard rails, ditches, and other cars. >> two people died in wrecks on
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highway patrol tells us at one time it had over 200 calls for wrecks across up state mostly in greenville and spartanburg counties. brianna smith has been tracking down the problems after the storm all day. >> reporter: good evening, tom. what a difference 24 hours can make. it's raining right now but the difference is on the roads and the temperatures aren't creating ice. traffic is moving fine. the headaches for law enforcement are still around. >> i didn't see anything. >> reporter: in a matter of seconds, jerry varners' car went from highway 56 to the bottom of this ditch. >> i started spinning and i went down the embankment backwards. i felt it when the rear end hit the tree. >> reporter: stuck she called her husband ray and then called highway patrol but no one came. >> waited probably an hour and then called them back. >> reporter: hours went back. >> we continued to wait right at 12 hours. >> reporter: the long back up
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the varners weren't alone. over 200 other vehicles had been in accidents across spartanburg and greenville counties causing delays in response for police. they weren't the only busy ones. >> i think the phone never stopped ringing. it was one after another. >> reporter: today the havoc of last night's storm is still evident from the crashed cars abandoned on the side of the road waiting for owners to retrieve them. the varners were never able to leave. >> to file a report you need the report from the highway patrol. then the wrecker driver informed me he can't legally pull the car out until highway patrol okays it for him to do so. >> reporter: we checked with highway patrol on what responsibility the driver has after they're in a wreck. if you are in a single car wreck that doesn't create property damage or damage to your car that's more than $1000, you can leave the scene. you have ten days to report the wreck to highway patrol through


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