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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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it, while she was in the hospital, i said, you know, that's worth a try. we have nowhere else to go. >>reporter: so mom, decided to do something a little drastic. but win deks would. >>reporter: writing a message on her van, asking for help and hoping someone would take notice. a few days later, someone took a picture at a local grocery store parking lot, and posted it to facebook. it's now been shared hundreds of times. >> my phone has just been ringing off the hook. with people i've never heard of, don't even know, and wanting to donate, wanting to know what can they do to help. >>reporter: each phone call is a chance someone might be a match, for joni. 's a chance at her future. >> i want to be able to get married. i want to be able to have a family. if you're out there, and you're
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imagine how much it would mean to me. for you to help me. >> life, right. >> yeah, it means life for her. you can tell the mother's love, going, you knn, to these lengths to post this on their van, to try to do everything that they can to find a kidney for her. >> it says type a or type o, but can you explain how rare it is or what the process is to actually go from you know, being the right blood type to being a good donor. >> well, they tell them that you're supposed to look if your family first, they don't have anyone in the family who is an exact match. so they're hoping with the more phone calls that they get, the more likelihood that they'll be able to find someone who is a match for her. >> it is easy for everybody to turn to somebody they love, you could do it right now, and say, if something happens to me, i want to do an organ donor, it's that easy. >> save a life. thank you. nikki haley appears to have decided who she will endorse this the race for president. >> we are and expecting an official announcement during the
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about an hour. robert kittle, standing live outside of the venue in chafin, he bring us the latest. >>reporter: we're outside of a business in chafin, and governor nikki haley will be here at about an hour, along with marco rubio, this was a campaign rally for him, any way. but it was going to get more attention than it would have otherwise because we've learned that governor nikki haley will endorse marco rubio. now, that was the conventional wisdom any way, that she would probably endorse him, but just yesterday, she told us she wasn't sure if she would endorse anybody and she did not say who. jeb bush has also been hoping to get her endorsement. those two have been close, he helped her when she was first running for governor and when she won, she called him to get advice on setting up her administration. and he helped her out that way. so he was hoping to get her endorse pt. and he even said, recently, that her endorsement is probably the most significant one in the state lt but he's not getting it, marco rubio is. we'll be here throughout the night and bring you more details
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>> thank you, robert. we'll talk to a political expert as well about how this could impact the race for the white house tonight at 5:30 rubio and his competition are focussing on south carolina. rubio spent the day in the low country, where jeb bush and donald trump also made campaign stops. ben carson, in the midlands today, ted cruz was in the upstate. rallying for votes in seneca. while here, he unleashed criticism of trump and rubio. >> accusing him of dirty politics, and 7 news reporter addie hampton was at cruz's campaign event today. she's in greenville, live, where he and other republicans will participate later this evening. >>reporter: well, guys, in so many words, cruz said, all right, donald trump, sue me. it's following this cease and desist letter he says he got from trump's lawyers today, they want him to take down a tv ad that he posted this week, using
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did back in 1999, you can see that ad, starting to play here, a voice over says we're only one justice away from losing conservative family and religious liberties protected by law. now, this follows the death of conservative supreme court justice antonin scalia, that you know, opening has turned into a big political issue. and the ad then cuts to donald trump doing an interview in 1999 with the late tim russer. trump says he's pro-choice in every way. in that ad or at in that trump. trup is pro-life, and his lawyers say the ad is defamation, they're threatening cruz to remove it. kind. >> so donald, i would encourage you if you want to file a lawsuit, claiming it is defamation, file the lawsuit. >>reporter: now, cruz even went so far to say if this lawsuit went into litigation, he would
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depose trump under oath. of course, he also went after marco rubio today. reporting live, downtown greenville, addie hampton, 7 news. so addie, they're going to be a couple of these cnn town halls and one of them will have cruz, and rubio, the first time they've maybe seen each other, in the same place since he criticized him this morning. do we expect fireworks there. >>reporter: there's a lot of fireworks expected, like you said, happening here at the old cigar warehouse at 8:00 o'clock. these allegations, these accusations this morning so a lot of people are expecting to see some major fireworks. similar to what we saw in last saturday's debate here in downtown greenville. >> addie hampton live in greenville. visit and be a part of our online poll on the this election year. you can also participate using
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we hope you'll take time to share your opinion with us. south carolina senate's debate on how to get more money for the state's road has started similarly, to how it ended last year. senator tom davis took the floor to filibuster it. the same thing last year, saying spk sk needs to change -- south carolina needs to change how the department of transportation spends is money before raising the gas tax or giving more money to the road. americans for prosperity doesn't think increasing the gas tax is the best solution for fixing the state's roads, they so that group is hosting a discussion friday morning at the hard dee's in downtown gaffney, they'll cover the cost of breakfast. north carolina supreme court is deciding the fate of a con fro verse l transportation law. this allows the d.o.t. officials to reserve possible routes for highways in the future. can and forbid the property for decades. it's designed to hold down the cost of buying highway land
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highway, but the law has left thousands of property owners stuck with real estate that's value. several months. now, for a live look outside, at a gorgeous day in downtown greenville. the skies finally cleared and the temperatures seem to be warming up, too. as we bring in chief meteorologist christy henderson. >> snow can be fun but it's great to see an empty radar and a lot of clear sky, beautiful out there this afternoon, temperatures pretty close to where they should be for this time of the year and again, a littltlbit of cloud cover, but mostly clear conditions. so we'll look for readings to clear off steadily. mid to upper 50s in the upstate now and here's where we're going to be going for the evening hours. 38 by and close to freezing. >> it will be about as sunny at today. >> temperatures will feel about like today as well.
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next time you're in downtown greenville. >> we do this on one, two, three, cut. >> this video is from a ribbon cutting ceremony, you guessed that, at a new park and ride lot this morning outside of augusta. it's the first surface lot in the city to also include a trolly stop. a brand new bridge unveiled in enoree today. the dedication took place on beaver dam church road. crews closed the old iron bridge back in 2014 to replace with a new concrete one. let's check in with emily for an update another road closure in greenville. >>reporter: i want to let you know about a road closed in downtown greenville at 7:00 a.m. and will reopen friday at 5:00 p.m. this is false park drive between -- falls park drive. they're replacing concrete
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crews in there. that will be closed through friday. thanks. next, 7 news live at five, a shooting happens in front of a sheriff's house. >> he's blaming beyonce for what happened, straight ahead. . >> federal l and state agencies are helping the woodruff police track down a suspected killer across the state. we talked to the family about what happened that night, that's coming up at 5:30. >> first, do you know this? the average person spends 11 hours a day -- i'm sorry, 11 hours a year, doing this.
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what is it they spend so much 7 news live at 5 is back .. with this fun fact .. 7 news live at five back with this fun fact, the average person spends 11 hours a year doing this. so what is it? christy's answer was good. guessed waiting in line. >> very close. >> by this much. >> it's waiting on hold. and by the way, there are apps to solve that problem.
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on hold a lot on the phone, go check those out. new details in the investigation at the san bernardino health facility. federal investigators say they are missing some key evidence. and a federal judge has ordered apple to help them get it. by decrypting a cell phone belonging to one of the attackers. apple says it plans to fight the judge's order. ceo tim cook says it's too dangerous. >> the reality is if you put a back door in, that back door is for everybody, good guys and bad guys. >> apple has five days to file an appeal, which would end up going all the way to the supreme court. the anderson county sheriff's office is on the lookout for two men, they say shot a store clerk overnight. it happened at the hickory point bp. the victim called 911 around 2:00 a.m., telling dispatchers he'd been shot in the chest. we're told he was taken to the
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take a look here. this is new surveillance video from deputies. the clerk said both men were wearing red bandannas and you can see what looks like a shotgun there. dogs searched overnight, but there haven't been any arrests. if you have any informamaion, call the anderson county sheriff's office. so someone fired several gunshots in the front of a home of a tennessee sheriff. he has come up with an interesting theory, blaming beyonce's half time performance and her new song, forrtion. >> we've lost 5-7 officers, 5 deputies, sheriffs, since sunday's super bowl. you know, that's what i'm thinking. you know, here's another target on law enforcement. >> this is sheriff robert arnold, his position as a police officer puts him in harm's way, but not fair for his family to bear that burden, too, so he has increased patrols around his home. and assigned a deputy to keep an eye on his wife and two children. georgia lawmakers are
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guns on college campus, a house committee approved the campus carry bill this week. it heads to another committee responsible for determining when bills receive the vote. the law approved in 24 #20 14 ex-- 2014 expanded where georgiaens can carry guns. they took that out before passing it in the senate. the tennessee senate is discussing an odd bill today. the proposal would make it legal for state residents to have a pet skunk. the law would only allow for domesticated skungs who have had their glands we removed. each. and there could be possible revenue for those eager to engage in skunk marketing. that has us wondering, which neighbor could own? head to to vote, or weigh in with your own ideas on our facebook page. and we'll share you thoughts
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>> pet elephant. that was your idea. >> no, thats was our producers. i would love if my neighbor had an elephant. >> love to have an elephant next door. when is the last time that you did something nice for someone? if you can't remember, don't worry, it's never too late. >> you always give them an elephant, that would be nice. today is the perfect opportunity, national random act of kindness today. so christine brown went out in the upstate to see how people are trying to pay it forward. >> still miracles out there, good people that actually you know, to do nice things for people. >>reporter: whether it's helping someone with a tough task or buying someone's order in the drive-through, the smallest act of kindness can bring a smile to a stranger's face. >> it's like almost winning the lottery, but on a smaller scale, you're kind of like, really, someone did that for me? >> laugh at one of my lousy jokes, something like that, is good enough. i mean, that's a random act of kindness. >> know who it was, i didn't know the name, i didn't do
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front of you got you covered. and i said, what? >>reporter: for some celebrating national rand m act of kindness do. >> it comes back down to the little things that nobody really thinks about. >> a little child that maybe either a little unruly or have their eyes wide open, i might just pick up a chocolate sucker and give it to the little child. >> does it make a difference? . >> it makes a difference to both the parent and the child. >>reporter: it's a holiday to celebrate the kind acts that people do every day of the year. >> real estate industry that people have paid mortgages for people, and paid power bills, and stopped their home from going into foreclosure. >> giving hope and giving love and showing people that people do care. whether they know you or not, just because you exist. >>reporter: and making sure that you pass the kindness on. >> simply feeling special and feeling happy. and that i wanted to pay it forward to someone else.
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christine brown, 7 news. a day to do some acts of kindness out there, always a good day for that and a good day to be outside with dry weather, biltmore estate. the clouds will try to move on out. so overall, we'll see mostly clear skies throughout the overnight, a light freeze is on the way tomorrow morning. lots of sunshine and getting warmer each afternoon. then looking ahead to the weekend, it looks like the temperatures will be nice and warm. some of those highs will be close to 70 degrees for the upstate. and the weather will stay dry until sunday night. so most of our weekend is going to be nice and quiet to get out and enjoy. and today, wasn't bad, either, a lot of clouds out to the west and to the north, but not much as far as precipitation goes. and these clouds up near the tennessee line will dpo away during the course of the overnight. a few patches of clouds across the upstate.
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air out there as the temperatures will cool off steadily. coat s with a cold start for tomorrow morning. we'll see a lot of sunshine, though, with high pressure inn control of the weather, very light winds in the forecast tomorrow. so another mild day as far as the afternoon readings go. we'll be about where we were today. mainly mid to upper 50s for the upstate. heading into pri morning, no major changes in the sky conditions, we'll expect a lot of sunshine, a cold start to the day wunz r once again -- once again as you would expect this time of the year, but the south winds pick up. the temperature gets warmer friday afternoon and then that trend will continue into the weekend. with temperatures getting much warmer on saturday. with mostly sunny skies as well. down to the south, and also out to the west, is where the warmest air is tonight, with 60s and 70s from tallahassee, back into jackson, mississippi. 62, the warmer air trying to move our way for the end of the week. right now, we mainly have 40ss and can 50s on the map, 42 in asheville.
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here's your pinpoint planner for greer, 54 degrees there, down to 43 by 9:00 o'clock. and we'll expect bright sunshine and a high near 56 for tomorrow afternoon. here's what to expect for the next 72 hours. and it looks like the weather will stay nice and quiet again, mid 50s for tomorrow. a little warmer into friday. close to 60 degrees and then close to 70s for the high on saturday. a few clouds for the weekend, those clouds really start to thicken up, by sunday evening. sunday night look for a chance of rain and then fairly active in the first half of next week. highs will be in the 50s and 60s. and there's your mountain forecast, sunshine tomorrow, lower 50s for the high. 60s on the way for the weekend. christy, thanks. next 7 news live at five, maybe you want a big mac a tall fries, mcdonald will quench your thirst. straight ahead. and an error in spartanburg county gives nearly 200 voters
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carolina primary, how the officials are trying to fix the mistake, coming up tonight at 5:30. >> 7 news live at five continues right after this. she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug c cpanies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us. i'm hillary clinton
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welcome back to 7 news live at 5. would you like a beer with that? welcome back, 7 news live at five, would you like a beer with that? mcdonald's planning to open an outlet in south korea that sells is premiumburgers and draft beer. the number of people going to mcdonald's has dropped. hershey's is putting on a new spin on the significant kiss, just in time -- signature kiss just in time for east e e. if you want these, you'll have to make a trip to walmart, it's the only place they're being sold. next on 7 news live at five, a family pleading for answers. >> more than a week after their loved one was shot and killed
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the latest on that investigation is straight ahead. >> also, governor nikki haley getting ready to announce a big endorsement in campaign 2016, hear what impact her decision could have on saturday's primary.
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taking a look now from the news station, this is 7 news live at five. 5:29. big news out of the midlands, governor nikki haley a appears to have decided who to endorse in campaign 2016. we are expecting the announcement for support of marco rubio at a chaffin rail rally at 6:00 o'clock tonight, because of the magnitude of that news, we've brought in a political expert from limestone college, and i guess, we talk
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>> sure. >> this one is different. tell me if it is. governor haley endorsing three days before the election. is that a big deal? >> well, we don't know. we're going to see what happens on saturday night. for example, sarah palin endorsed donald trump on the verge of the iowa caucuses, didn't do anything. ted cruz won that. now, sarah palin endorseded nikki haley herself during the republican primary for governor, years ago, and that ended up being a big difference. we'll have to wait and see. with a lot of unsdieed voters -- undecided voters, it might make a difference. >> nikki haley in 12 endorsed mitt romney. >> nut won newt -- it's just going to one of those things that marco rubio can just put in -- a
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got the endorsement of all of these major south carolina figures, trey gouden, tim scott, nikki haley, senator lindsey graham has endorsed jeb bush, but those are the big four, i would think as far as endorse pts are concerned. there are no majorndorsements -- >> let's talk about the timing, because we reported just yesterday, that governor haley had said she hadn't made up her mind who she was going to pick. and 24 hours later, she has picked someone. do you think that she made up her mind in 24 hours? >> you know, i don't know want to pretend to speak or think for the governor, just very hard to say. i'm sure she's been lobbying hard by the candidates, for their endorse. . jeb bush, in fact, came out, yesterday, i believe and said really, it would mean something for nikki haley to come out and endorse him, and for him not to be endorsement -- i big days pointment for him.


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