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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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with the 3 others in the car, taking his life, and the future ahead of him. >> just -- it don't feel real, nothing feels real. everything is -- it feels like a big dream. i just want to wake up. >>reporter: and you noticed there were three suspects inside there, the fourth one is actually a juvenile, so they weren't in front of a judge today. pickens county deputy were able to find the suspects at a gas station down the road after they were able to identify the car that they were in. also, one of those arrested was actually out on bond right now, for attempted murder. live in easley tonight, brianna smith, 7 news. >> brianna, the behavior in the courtroom today, these suspects are appearing before a judge, and had the judge already denied bond when they started talking about snapchat and facebook? >>reporter: absolutely, she told
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denied, they'd have to see a circuit court judge and then they were rude the entire time to the judge. the judge turned to us and her jaw was dropped, shocked at how they acted in there. >> well a transylvania county man will stand trial after prosecutors say he murdered the man accused of killing his son. our coverage partners at the times news, say charles o shields is charged with shooting 27-year-old toby mathis in front of a dollar general store. mathis was facing charges in the death of o shields son who fell from a back of a truck that mathis was driving. lawmakers are not happy with the number of case loads dss have in the upstate. they tried to hire 170 now case workers. anderson and oconee counties still have the highest numbers in the state. one caseworker managing 119 children.
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the agency says it's hired a new regional director to identify what is behind the high numbers. state lawmakers will elect a new chief justice in may to replace constable l, the two senior associates from the upstate appear interested to do that. don beatty of spartanburg and john -- they have until march 7th to turn those in. south carolina primary, now it seems like it's been coming a while, 2 days away. >> they are trying to sway votes their way. dozens of campaign stops all across the state. jeb bush is in the midlands today. this is a live look now from a town hall that he'll be hosting in a little while in rock hill. >> john kasich focussing his efforts today in the upstate. the ohio governor joined by former clemson football star boyd, you heard addie talking it. the university strom thurmen institute. >> ted cruz was in the upstate
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club in greenville and a late lunch at mutts barbecue in easley. >> an endorsement from nikki haley, marco rubio this the upstate with the governor, tagging along for a few stops in greenville and anderson. >> happening right now, in gaffney, donald trump is hosting a campaign event. the town hall style event which was slated to start around 5:30, things are still getting underway there, that's being held at the broad river electric cooperative. and earlier, today, trump was right here at our television station. >> and amy wood, a chance to talk to him for a while today, i saw you working on your questions, i'm dying to know what he said. >> well, he a lot to say, we covered a lot of territory, including the fact he's leading the poll online. we also focused in on the pope and the situation with the pope. the pope was in mexico and he let the people know he said, a person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they
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bridges, is not a christian, so basically calling mr. trump not a christian. so during our one-on-one interview with trump, we asked him about that and other issues like immigration, defense spending, what you pay for phamaceutical drugs, the full interview is on the website. but listen to this. >> the pope says you're not a christian, you say the pope is asking disgraceful, what happens next in this story. >> well, the pope basically said that anybody that put u up a wall wouldn't be a christian. and i said, wait a minute, the vatican has these massive walls, remember that. what happened is i'm very strong with regard to the border. i'm very strong with regard to security for our country. we need a border, we need security. we need a wall, drugs are pouring across the border and we need a wall. so what happened is the mexican leaders, very intelligently said, oh, trump wants to build a wall, it's bad. and the pope said, anybody that would build a wall is not a christian. and well, i thought it was pretty bad statement, frankly,
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i have respect for that position. and people are really upset about it. from his standpoint. >> all right. so there you have that part of the conversation. a little more on that coming up at 6:00 o'clock. i also sat down to interview marco rubio and nikki haley together. that's something we haven't done a lot at this point. we talked to them. i have to tell you about a story about what i learned regarding the governor. just before she was going up on stage, i saw on her leg today, a bandage and said what happened, as she was getting ready to endorse rubio, she fell and like tore open her leg. she's wearing like a pretty hefty bandage as she, i guess >> she's okay. >> yeah, she's fine. a big bandage. >> fighting through it and political news. >> she wanted to get up there and endorse him. >> back to trump. he tweeted out last week about ted cruz, he said he calls himself an evangelical, a liar, so he questioning the christian credentials of other candidate
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>> i asked him about that. >> he felt that was unfair. >> yeah, i asked him about it, he really didn't answer it. we're going to talk more about that at 6:00. >> that's something i want to see. >> thank you, amy. many of you have been weighing in on the 2016 poll, by participating on the website. 600 have weighed in. at this hour, we just checked, donald trump holds a commanding lead with about 43%. saying they intend to vote for him this saturday. that's a 20% lead over marco rubio. and ted cruz follows in third. our poll reflects only the opinions of those who have voted at our website, or the 7 news app. keep in mind, you have more than 24 hours to weigh in, we'll share the final results tomorrow night, right here on 7 news, starting at 5:00. so we are over this the weather center now, you can see chief meteorologist christy henderson, i've got the tell you, we're looking for the
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>> or a t lot. >> this weekend. fabulous, it will be great. 40ss or 70s? >> 70s, 100% of the time, from now until the end of time. >> they're on the temperature map. it's going to filter into the carolinas over the weekend. jackson is at 72. 76 in texarkana. winds pick up more out of the south and southwest over the next few days, it will bring in the warmer air. light winds around town. clear skies, meaning a chilly overnight r for us. but we'll keep quiet weather tomorrow morning, right around freezing, but gordon, a faster warmup is on the way. a lot of sunshine and warmer going into the week. you. >> don't you find all of the sunshine is putting us in a better mood? >> yeah, a nice day to be out. next, 7 news live at five, one airline has a new idea to fit more passengers on the plane. you're going to want to see this, straight ahead. . i'm tom crabtree, we're uncovering hidden files about
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as if airplanes aren't crowded enough ... airbus has a story that hits close to me for me at 6 foot 5. if airplanes weren't close enough, airbus applied for a patent that turns a row of seats into a bench. different ways to fin configure the seats. >> it's a squeeze.
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a plane at this point. >> this might not help much, first class food is getting a shakeup. the restaurant owner behind shake shack, is teaming up with delta airlines. >> if you get into first class, this will be nice. the new york times rorts the goal is to -- reports the goal is to create airplane food that is as good as the restaurants. on international flight, from jfk. a lot of restrictions. speaking of food, the parmesan cheese -- companies use cellulose to keep it from clumping. and some use large amounts of it as a filler. 2-4%, is considered an acceptable amount in your parmesan with the industry, but bloomburg business found between 7-9% of the walmart brand
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the fda says it takes fraud seriously. >> it's product did not actually contain any parmesan cheese. >> none, no cheese in the cheese? >> zero. they paid for it. >> christy, hello. hello, gordon.
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how much longer are we 7 news live at 5 is back .. with a local veterinarian ..who's getting attention for his heartwarming 7 news live at five is back with a local veterinarian. this is doctor andy mathis, sitting inside of the kennel with the dog to try to get her to eat. he brought his own breakfast in to encourage the dog. the dog was found in georgia in horrible condition with serious trust issue, especially with people. now with the tlc, the dog is
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rain nor snow nor hail may stop the post main from delivering the mail, but the turkeys are another story. the postmaster dialled 911. >> you're not going to believe this, but i've got a carrier that's been a k toed by wild turkeys -- attacked by wild turkeys. >> 911 calls, do you think start with you're not going to believe this. pretty fair number, right? some of you may feel that you're working with a bunch of turkeys. >> we're giving everyone an outlet on who you work with. we put the poll online and wanted to know what people think about their coworkers. >> we've asked you did fill in the blank. if my coworker drives me crazy because they, 73%, don't pull their weight. >> we all know somebody like that. >> not here. >> about 16% took credit for something i did. i'm surprised this one isn't larger, 7% saying gossip about
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this happens a lot of places, too, i'll bet. 5% of you saying steal my food from the fridge. >> i suggested that last one and i thought that would be a much higher number. >> somebody stole our director's food out of the toaster oven. well, while she was warming it. >> gordon and i share a desk. >> i knew you were going to do this. >> he drives me crazy because each night, his paper pile -- it moves from here to here to here. >> there's a lot of important -- once a year, i shuffle the papers and it gets better. i knew you were grog to bring up the mess -- going to bring up the mess. >> i'm going to go through it. [ music ] i want to be a leader, i want to be a leader. >> it's a catchy song, this is a music video from the students at the cleefld academy of -- cleveland academy of leader in spartanburg. hundred of educators who were in town for a leader in me symposium.
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>> when life gives you a winter storm, make an igloo, students in rochester, ten feet high, twelve feet high. they made a hole at the top. no word if the project might earn the students some extra credit. >> well engineered, but i wouldn't want to sleep it. >> you don't think you'd want to sleep in an igloo. >> maybe people in new york had hardyier to the snow. >> i wouldn't enjoy it pt. >> i'm enjoying our weather here, recently, it looks like it's really going to get better for us as far as the temperature goes. there in the live picture of downtown greenville, holding on to mostly clear skies, and the clear skies and the nice dry air we have in place will allow the temperature to cool off. so we're in a situation where we have a big range between the low
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many of us will be where we were this morning, close to freeze freezing in upstate. 26-29 in the mountains by tomorrow morning. lower to mid 30s on the way for the upstate. bundle up. but we are going to warm up quickly and a nice day through friday. the satellite map tonight. a few clouds, that's about it and they will flow in from the northwest, mainly high clouds at best. overall, we'll keep the mostly clear weather with high pressure in control, both at the surface and higher up in the atmosphere. and as upper level high pressure continues to build in to the area, it's going to help our afternoon temperatures to keep warming up. so today, we got to 57 degrees for the high. that's exactly average for this time of the year. tomorrow, warming up more and we'll continue that trend into the weekend. but quiet weather across the south. you could call it high and dry, a few clouds to the north. tomorrow morning, the center of the high pressure at the surface will be nearby, so we'll have light winds, mostly clear sky,
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day. but all day sunshine is on the way, it should be an absolutely beautiful friday, if you can spend a little time outdoors, during your lunch break, we'll expect mild to warm readings across the area. saturday, the upper level winds become more west to east, it will allow the systems to travel faster, as the south winds continue, we'll inclees the lower -- increase the lower level moisture in the air, more cloud cover on saturday. a warm afternoon. slight chance of pop-up showers in the afternoon, off all, staying dry. our better rain chances don't really come into the picture until sunday night. so for tonight, things stay dry. a clear, cold night. beautiful weather for tomorrow. more clouds for the first half of the weekend, better rain chances by sunday afternoon and especially sunday night. next 72 hours, we'll see the clouds increasing. but we'll also see the temperature going up, too. 65 degrees on saturday. 69 on sunday. a shower chance increases,
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chances. highs of only lower 50s on tuesday and wednesday. and there's your mountain forecast, beautiful tomorrow. with highs in the mid 50s, 60s over the weekend. thanks. you know the expression five clock somewhere, next, we'll give you another reason why having a drink after work is good for you. >> amy wood standing by with what's ahead on 7 news at 6:00, a local teacher resigns at the same time authorities start to while some candidates suck up to trump...or run away from him in fear...
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jeb bush: "that is downright wrong..." he stands up to trump for his liberal democratic positions. calls out trump for insulting women, attacking the disabled... even trashing a decorated war hero. trump: "i like peoplethat weren't captured..." jeb bush: "john mccain is an american hero..." jeb bush. the better man. the real conservative. a commander in chief. right to rise usa
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welcome back to 7 news live at 5. it's tax season .. and welcome back to 7 news live at five, it's tax season and apparently that makes a lot of people nervous. a new survey finds 80% of millennials are fearful about preparing their tax returns. according to nerd wallet and harris poll, that's the highest of any age group. almost a quarter of those nervous, 18-34-year-olds, say
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mistake on their returns. >> many of those millennials will calm their nerves with a glass of wine. they were responsible for drinking 42% of all wine sold in the u.s. last year. that's more than any other generation. baby boomers made up 38% of regular drinkers. millennial or not, today may be the day to enjoy a glass of wine after work, national drink wine day. >> wine consumption help you be more healthy, also, moderate drinkers have a lower risk for liver disease, type two diabetes, and stroke and some cancers and reduce bad cholesterol. >> be nice if we had some to toast with right now. next on 7 news live at five a 7-year-old very sick, getting a very special surprise. >> a live look outside, thanks so much for joining us in
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patient...and a medical school student... are unlikely friends.. but jake burns shows 0001 a 7-year-old hospital patient and a medical student are unlikely friends, bought jake burns show us how that student helped brighten her valentine's day. >>reporter: they met 8 days ago. she is on a rotation at the children's hospital of richmond of vcu and found out that kate di didn't have a valentine. >> just unfair because none of her classmates or friends have to do that, they're not in the same situation. >>reporter: 13 months ago, katie was diagnosed with leukemia, she went into remission, but then came december. >> unfortunately, 11 months in, relapsed with leukemia tu morse on both of her optic nerves. she had a bone transplant on february 3rd with bone barrow harvested from her baby sister. >>reporter: that's the backdrop that the med student med the 7-year-old.
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the delta kie chapter had a surprise, katie got her valentine's day, in the form of 20 grown men. >> bring her some hello kitty stuff, but we did our best katy perry rendition, not that great. >> i was so wonderful just to hear her be happy. and sort of care free, as care free as you can be with an iv pool that has 8-9 tubes coming down. >> wow, katie's new valentine says getting on the bone marrow registry is as easy as getting your cheek swabbed. stay with us, 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. live from the news station, this is 7 news at 6:00. >> next on 7 news, the south carolina republican primary is just one -- two days away. key endorse pts that some candidates are taking pride in, as they hit the campaign trail for the undecided vote. >> plus, four suspects in
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of a teenager outside of an upstate bowling alley. tonight, we're taking you inside of the courtroom for the bond hearing, but first. >> the people of south carolina, these are fantastic people. i've been here many times. >> republican front runner donald trump the right here in the 7 news studios talking about his run for the presidency, and the controversy surrounding his success. >> good evening, the attacks are coming from all sides, and now, even the pope is weighing in on the republican front front runner's campaign. >> donald trump wants to send is illegal immigrants back where they came from and pope francis says anyone that wants to build walls like that is not a christian. that led to a conversation, one-on-one in our studios with trump, who in a statement today, responded to the pope and ed is, real leaders don't question a person's faith. >> talked a little bit on twitter about ted cruz and questioned his christianity on a tweet. and you also now sort of question the pope for questioning your christianity
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leadership quality, so are you saying you're not a good leader? >> no, no. with ted, he lied a lot. marco rubio said he was a liar. and i was glad a he said it first because frankly -- he's misrepresented me on the second amendment. >> going to hear a lot more of the interview, we talked immigration, abortion, the supreme court appointments, we have the whole interview on and more of it at 11:00. mr. trump, also tested out his y'all saying skills, it's online tonight. this hour, donald trump is in cherokee county, we have a live picture for you now from gaffney, hold host -- hosting a rally tonight. the 7 news crew is there, we have all of the highlights for you, those are at 10:00 and 11:00. a rare opportunity to dig deeper on the endorsement that we told you about last night. the biggest of them all is governor nikki haley's 11th hour endorsement of republican senator marco rubio. the senator, the governor sat down with me today and i asked how effective a haley
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governor haley endorsed romney in 2012, he went down in the polls and lost the election. >> sure, that's why governor bush wanted her endorsement and i respect governor bush. the bottom line is that governor haley's interesting in south carolina, respected nationally. the leadership she's known in the last year in the -- shown in the last year in the state has impressed in america. it will help us across the country. >> the importance for me is i've never not made a decision, while it may have been the politically correct thing to do, would be to stay out f it, the point is i'm a voter, i'm south carolinaen and i needed to get out there in vote. >> in our election poll online, 90% of you are saying the endorsement will have no impact on your vote. the issues you care about like social security, national defense and immigration. jeb bush took the snaj columbia today -- snaj columbia


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