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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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during the overnight, shower wi weather, and chilly. we'll talk about the forecast, coming up in a few minute, gordon. a substitute teacher faces charges tonight. she stole drugs from the school nurse's office. anderson county deputies say morgan kid is a teacher in iva, let go after the police say surveillance video showed her taking drugs from the nurse's office. she faces theft and drug charges. now, we're watching this story closely because the incident reported here cops from the storm resource officer name named eric newborn. . she said he was untrustworthy. that after new burn was involved in a chase and shooting in which she called his behavior concerning. >> we will not prosecute any
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have credible issues sign a warrant. we can't. >> you mean new burn. >> absolutely. >> to see if the previous issues with him will prevent it on going to trial. nearly twice as many people are dying of drug overdoses in north carolina compared to a decade ago. federal data shows every single county has seen a hike in overdoses since 2002. experts say a growing addiction to prescription pain killers is whag what's driving the trend -- what's driving the trend. casting the votes in the caucuses tomorrow. some are saying it will be again eye fight for second, which -- a
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why marco rubio and ted cruz are focussing their fight to each other. >> two people have done that, donald trump and me. >> every single day, something comes out of the cruz campaign that is deceptive and untrue. >> texas will offer more delegates than all of the early voting states combined. with the record turnout this past saturday, there were reports of people having problems, when they went to the polling place. you see tom crabtree joining us now. >> we've got another round coming up here in a few days, we're asking your voting experience this past saturday. we're getting in the web poll, folks, have is a look at this. 76% say they have no problems, no issues. among those who did, over 13% say they were concerned about untrained poll workers, long
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by the time the voting took place, a number of had had troped out of the race and -- dropped out of the race. >> and those votes county, you vote for them, the votessstill count. people waiting in the long lines, anderson had real problems with that. line to vote. they're concerned when the process is going slowly, and there were some problems with countiess where they said they didn't have enough volunteers at the polls. >> the lines do indicate that the primaries had a good turnout, which hadn't always been the case. given some of the problems that you've been telling us about, we decided to take a closer look. >> we checked into what's being done to prevent the issues this saturday, when the democrats have their primary, 7 news reporter robert kittle found out. >>reporter: it was a record turnout for the south carolina republican party, and it looked
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places, the state election committee says. >> we didn't see widespread long lines or within the county. >>reporter: where there were long lines, some of that was because of the record turnout of 25%. compared to 19.5% in 2008. but at one precinct in anderson county, there was one voting machine. >> does it make sense for any polling place to have one polling place. >> no, you should have more than one machine. one goes down, obviously, want to have at least one for a >>reporter: anderson did send additional laptops to polls with long lines but some people waited more than an hour to vote. one problem is the council cannot use all of their voting machines.>> two primaries in south carolina, one week apart, there's not enough time to switch over all of the machines from one parties to the other. for each party. 's not possible to switch over all of the machines before the democratic primary, counties are
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of them so if there are any problems with machines, they can be swapped out or long line, more machines can be used. in columbia, robert kittle, 7 news. even though there are a lot fewer candidates in the democratic primary, turnout could be just as high. >> indications that that's the case, more than 22,000 absentee ballots for the democrats and that is more than they had in 2008. and remember, if you voted in the gop primary last weekend, you cannot vote in the democratic contest this saturday. everything you need to know about those polling locations, the candidates can find at, look at the news tap. poly wild animal park could soon close. the director says there will be a community meeting wednesday morning, at the spartanburg chamber of commerce, the animal park hopes to raise a half million dollars to stay open. leaders will give plans on how they'll move forward, and they want to hear your input. >> spartanburg city council is
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development at tonight's meeting, council will transfer some property on fulton avenue to a nonprofit group that is working to revitalize the area. it will also transfer land on raleigh street for transitional housing to help the homeless. a georgia father a accused of leaving his son in a hot car to die is back in court, the judge trying to decide which evidence is admissible. he left his 22-month-old son in the hot car for hours while he was at work in 2014 t. attorney calls it an accident. saying he forgot to drop off his son at day care, but warrants say harris went back to his car for lunch and left his son in the car. next on 7 news live at five, deep in debt, hear just how much the average person in south carolina owes, straight ahead. good evening, i'm amy wood, torjts we're taking you back in
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a big milestone for one historic business. >> i'm emily henning, i want to let y kn ur work, first, there's going to be daily lane closures on highway 29 in spartanburg, between highway 14 and pine ridge road, that starts todayed and will last through spring and summer. expect delays and look out for colleen lane closures there -- lane closures there. also repairing the road there, expect a lot of crews throughout, watch your speed and look out for them. i'll be back on 7 news daybreak tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 9:00. do you know 27% of people spend their tax refunds on this.
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we'll have the answer i 7 news is live at 5 is back with "do you know" .. what do 7 news live at five back with do you know? what do most americans spend their tax refund on? according to go banking, the answer is paying off debt. good for you. putting it in savings, also smart, we should point out 30% of people do not get a tax refund. new numbers show the average south carolinians is getting deeper in debt. 17.5. the state department of consumer affairs. the same survey, says there are fewer people seeking debt relief help from the state. if you're a woman looking to own a business, bad news, a new
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greenville are among the worst cities. the study based the rankings on new business friendlyness, and a business climate for women. we talked to a female business owner in columbia who says she disagrees. >> playing against the odds r or maybe underlying factors, but i feel that south carolina is on an up and coming wave. >> according to a study, nashville, tennessee is the best place for a female owned business followed by chattanooga, and columbus, ohio. leaders in charlotte are expected to vote on changes to a nondiscrimination ordnance that's causing controversy. the proposed changes would protect members of the lgbt community from discrimination in businesses. north carolina governor pat mccrory is vowing legislative action if this passes. we'll keep you updated on this as soon as we get more information on and.
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a hospital to get better, right, but many patients ended up getting sick iser. we'll show you what the problem is, and how to protect your health. 7 news medical watch. >> and tonight, we're tracking widespread rain, and also the
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thunderstorms do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same.
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where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. "live at 5" is back with a 7 news medical watch .. 7 news live at five back with a 7 news medical watch, new numbers out today show the flu has killed 10 people in south carolina. state health officials say it's also with 340 people in the hospital since october. the worst may be over. flu season usually peaks in february. the public health impact of actor charlie sheen's announcement that the virus that causes age, the greatest number
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reported in the united states since 2004. more than 1 million -- searches for symptoms and for testing. when you're really sick, of course, the place you would go to get better is the hospital. >> but every year, tens of thousands of americans die from infections that they pick up at the hospital. so tonight, handa daniels is show us up how to protect yourself and your loved ones during your next hospital visit. >>reporter: heather brighton had a knee infection in 2013. >> i started to have boughts and attacks of diarrhea and i was in the bathroom every two minutes. >>reporter: sheiced up a life-threatening infection, while recovering in the hospital. >> if you're not eating, dehydrated. >>reporter: 1 in 25 patients contract an infection from the hospital and tens of thousands
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infections. >> pick up bacteria. >>reporter: betsy founded the committee to reduce infection deaths, patients need to be proact sxif protepsz. -- proactive and protect themselves. >> patients are intimidated by the white coats but you could be saving your life. >>reporter: doctors should wipe their steth copes in between patients. >> bring a canister of bleach wipes. >>reporter: wiping during surfaces around the hospital bed can reduce infections by 30%. >> wipe the high touch service, the over the bed table, the call button, the television clicker. >> other steps patients can take, huge a hospital and surgeon are low infection rates. brighton called her experience a
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>> i think hospitals try to make an effort, about keeping the hospitals sterile as possible, more needs to be done. >>reporter: patients need to be their own best advocates. cbs news, new high park, new york. >> each year more than a half people get infections at hospitals. >> eye opening. >> patients on antibiotics by the way, are usually susceptible because antibiotics kill off intestinal bacteria. a lot of us have had a rainy time of it so far and more rain is on the way. over the next couple of days, there's a live picture of i-26 at biltmore park, the roads are wet with, making the drive home, a little more difficult in fact, in some cases a lot more difficult for folks that are driving and having to encounter heavy rain on the roads. here's the wide picture of what's going on. a lot of folks are getting light rain, the radar tour, give you an idea of who is seeing the heaviest actions. we've had thunderstorms out there. and more rain will increase in
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the conditions. as you can see, this area of rain in northeast georgia is in general pushing towards the northeast with time. heaviest action right now is over the northern part of up the state, northern spartanburg county, northern section of cherokee county, where you see the areas of red and yellow, that's where we've got the heaviest action now. so heavy rain up 26 towards boiling spring, fingerville, rutherford county and along i-85, really tough drive with pockets of heavy rain through cherokee county. union county, that is on the light side. greenville county, we have pocket of heavy showers, i-85, mauldin, rain is on the increase there. downtown greenville had light rain, lit be getting heavier for
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and farther tore the west into pickens county, we've already had heavy rain and more has redeveloped over 178 from pickens and easley, a rainy drive for a lot of folks. lighter showers into oconee county, more rainfalling to the west. and that will continue to increase. into western north carolina, overall, the rain is lighter. we do have a few pockets of heavier action, in polk county. north of bryson city and that is moving to the northeast. so as you can see, it's a very busy evening out there, the main pockets in northern spartanburg and cherokee county. greenville county getting heavy rain. now, a lot more is going to be on the way. i've got a cold air wedge that will be building in and and a lot of moisture still coming in from the southwest. and so that's going to help to keep our area covered, with at least some light rain overnight, going into the day tomorrow.
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drive to work after so many people have a rainy trooif home from work -- drive from home tonight. in addition to that, the temperature will be changing as well into tomorrow, many of us may stay in the 40s for the high. with the umbrella and also the coat for tomorrow, we may get into a break in the measurable precipitation tomorrow afternoon. but we'll keep the drizzle and then here a look at what's going to happen on wednesday, as the main system moves in. the cold air wedge will start to retreat and that could allow for strong to possibly severe thunderstorms during the first half of wednesday, behind that front, some left over shower, but the weather will quiet down. so the latest typing on the best e -- timing of the best severe chances on wednesday, will be mid to late morning to after lunchtime. we'll continue to monitor that. we'll still look for a chance of rain. trying out after 6:00 or 7:00 wednesday. and then the weather starts to
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a little cooler and trier, looking ahead to the next weekend. it looks like it will be a dry one with lots of sunshine, warming back in the mid 60s for the high by sunday. and we take a look at your mountain forecast, going to stay active there as well, for tomorrow. a good chance of rain and colder, too, a lot us are in the 60s today. a big change, 40s for the high tomorrow. thank you. next on 7 news live at five, it may have been a photo finish, but denny hamlin always knew he would win the daytona 500. see the proof, straight ahead. and is this the nice touch, this cross here, or is this memorial crossing the line? i'm amy wood, tonight on 7 news
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symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percentntof people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering)
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welcome back to 7 news live at 5 .. denny hamlin pulled off the welcome back to 7 news live at five. denny hamlin pulled over the
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predicted a win for himself years ago. his mom tweeted this picture of an essay he wrote. imagine an essay that he wrote in elementary school. here he is winning, that's the super close win. there's the essay. what he wants to be when he grows up,: if i won the daytona 500, i would like it to come true on february 19th, 1998. like bill elliotts car. still, he did win the daytona 500, which is a big deal. next on 7 news live at five, a version of softball you've probably never heard of.
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> snow and slush were flying at a competition in wisconsin this weekend.
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at a competition in wisconsin this weekend. eric peterson shows us. >> snowmobile softball, basically slow pitch softball, played on a snowmobile. >> there are rules specific to the sport. >> got to keep their sled turned off and the batter stands in the circle. can't start them up until the ball is hit. >>reporter: you have to wear a coat, you have to wear a pair of gloves. >>reporter: the action was intense. like this hard smash. second baseman got a ski on it. the lead sleder was out at 2, the double play was not in time. a snowmobile raced home from third for the score and the visitors had the early lead. >> as long as you don't smack your sled up. some of these fwies have $10,000 sleds out here, you're in trouble. >> get out here and enjoy winter
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>> it's amazing, fun to be out there watching the men and women. >> wouldn't work down here in south carolina but looks like fun. stay with us, 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. live from the news station, this is 7 news at 6:00. and tonight, we're tracking quite a bit of rain and a lot more is on the way, we'll talk about that and the potential for severe weather in the forecast. my dad was a christian. they placeded this cross here, to honor him. >> but some say that was crossing the line. we speak to both sides. >> first it broke barrierings thousand in business has reached a mega milestone. a tour of this not so spooky funeral home. 7 news at 6:00 starts now. itts a drearily, drizzlely day in the upstate and more than that in some spots, this is video from outside of 27 news studios tonight in spartanburg, things are going to get worse
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>> a live look from interstate 85 and 385 in greenville. this is nothing compared to what things could look like later in the week. >> tom, well, it looks like we will continue with the shower chances overnight. and then, by the time we make our way into wednesday, the system starts to make its way in, that will help us to see a chance for severe weather. so in the meantime, we're still dealing with a few thunderstorms, but severe chances are low for this evening, mainly rain. heavy rain. especially across polk county, southern sections of rutherford county, downtown spartanburg, getting some rain, the heavy showers towards boiling springs and close to gaffney. and then farther to the west, into pickens county, and southern parts of greenville county, we've got heavy rain falling there. those individual showers are moving to the northeast through simpsonville, piedmont, on up towards 85. so again, a rough drive for a
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we'll keep the chance for showers in the forecast overnight. and with that rain, continuing through much of the day tomorrow, and on into wednesday, overall rain totals could range from 2-3 inches. as i mentioned, the main system arrives during the day on wednesday. we have isolated severe storms possible, most likely before lunchtime, a better chance of severe weather on wednesday, in the afternoon and evening for the midland and over to the coast. so we'll keep track on what's out there now and talk more about the forecast in a few minute scombls thank you. a memorial dedicated to this man , sparked a new battle over separation of church and state. it's not the man upsetting anyone. >> it's about the cross that was placed in his honor, the cross is embedded into the stone work here at the seneca water treatment plant, it's been there since he died there in a construction accident. 7 news reporter dave gordon talked to the group and his daughter. >>reporter: well, hey, there,


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