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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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watching these homes, and their children. shining lights and lasers through windows. even coming to the sheriff's office. >> he could get calls, from the military buddies, have them come hover over with helicopterers. >>reporter: the sheriff's office learned that tmwaetannde was showing signs of needing mental help. the solutions are limited. >> you can't keep going out there trying to band-aid it, you've got to do something. otherwise, the situation is going to escalate. >>reporter: the situation did escala d sprb county had to arrest him for trespassing. the resolving door started back in 2010. as he's been arrested four times by the buncombe county sheriff's office and asheville police. but with nowhere to send them, the sheriff's office hands are tied. >> you may have an individual in front of you, who needs more than outpatient treatment.
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>> quite frankly, there's not enough open beds in the state. >>reporter: so now upstate warriors solution has stepped in, hoping to get this veteran the help he deserves for the service he gave. >> this is a problem a lot of us talk about, if you know a veteran in crisis, we have a link to the hotline number for you and also the upstate warrior solution on under links we mentioned. great story, thank you. the family of a robbery victim, who shot greenville county deputy dave dempsey is suing the sheriff in decembee, charles rosemond, sr., was shot dead by deputies at his own house. >> deputies were responding to a robbery call at the home, when the officer got there, they forced their way in, rosemond opened fire and wounded deputy dempsey in the head. family members say it was because rosemond feared the robbers were back. the wrongful death lawsuit filed today says the deputies broke into the house without a search warrant and deputies were untrained. dempsey is recoveringful we'll
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so nice to see the sunshine today. ea n my yard, i'm sur priedz more hadn't come down -- surprised more hadn't come down. >> christy henderson is standing by. >> dwe have wind gusts -- we did have wind gusts over 30 miles per hour, the good news is we didn't have the 50 miles per hour wind gusts, which is what we had yesterday. things are getting lighter as far as the wind is concerned and the reason for the gusty winds, once again today is the main storm system is so strong, deep area of low pressure, off to the northeast and we're on the that. lowllirn ws hav helpe the snow to form along the mountains a winter weather advisory is in effect for the areas in purple until 7:00 tomorrow morning, if you are travelling or going to be in that area, be aware that there will be some black ice. northwest winds now sustained at 13 miles per hour. in asheville. and they're sustained at 10-15 miles per hour across the upstate. we have some o cloud cover right now, but the trend will be for
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we'll start tomorrow morning at or just below freezing. we'll talk more about the winds and what to expect for the weekend in a few minutes. waiting, trying to see when it's going to cut back on. >> still without power, 24 hours after the storm. thousands of people across the upstate and western north carolina were without lights today. and today, things are letting up a little bit, at last look, 200 outages in anderson county, 1500 in greenville county, 1700 in spartanburg county. >> that's where 7 news reporter laura thomas is joining us live, she's in spartanburg where the people may have to wait a little longer to get their power back. this is tough. >>reporter: this is one of those neighborhoods, yeah, that had a lot of those outages yesterday and this is the wherein r reason why, take a -- reason why, take a look over here. this huge tree came down, taking down the power line with it. if you take a look up here, this is why duke energy says it was so difficult to fix the problem here, because of the wind, they
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bucket trucks to get up there and make the repairs. now, crews were out today assessing all of the damage across the upstate, duke energy tells us they brought in extra resources to try to help get the power back on across the area. we found them working to get the trees off the power lines so the utility crews could then repair those lines. along carolyn drive in spartanburg. we found folks waiting fir their electricity to be restored and they couldn't have been happier to see the utility truck turn up their streets. >> they was working on it now, yes, we need power. you don't know how you miss power until it's gone. >>reporter: a lot of those out annals were very sporadic from house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood, this afternoon, this neighborhood did get its power back on after luszing it yesterday afternoon -- losing yesterday afternoon. duke energy says they are making a lot of progress. we are live in spartanburg, laura thomas, 7 news.
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thank you. new tonight, north carolina governor pat mccrory has declared a state of emergency to speed up the work on the outages there. leaving people with expensive repair bills in the neighborhood, they've been hit 7 times this month tr still be seen hanging from the camellia drive area, where the temporary gray wires are lining the ground. anderson county's administrator rusty burns tell us it might be easier for the thieves to get away with the crimes because of crooked buyers. >> somebody is buying this stolen prushths they're not doing -- product, they're not doing it just for mischief. they are being paid well, people decided they wanted to sell copper and then they ended up electrocuted. >> we did take a look at the law, comparing it to other nearby states.
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to sell copper, but in georgia, it's illegal to even buy wire that's burned or heated. the filibuster in the south carolina senate continues thanks to an upstate senator, took the floor, in buford senator tom davis place last night and stayed on the floor all died too. he plans to keep talking as long as he can so that the state can't raise taxes to pay for repairs on roads and bridges, instead of raising taxes, he thinks the state should use the 1.3 billion dollar surplus to pay for road repairs. democratic primary, now just 48 hours away, hillary clinton is the early favorite, she's calling in extra manpower to make sure she walks away from south carolina with more delegates that her competition. >> bill clinton is in the upstate, giving his wife last-minute campaign support. 7 news report era shell spence is at -- rachelle spence is at the rally, the president just wrapped up. hi, rachelle. >>reporter: hi, amy, tom, yeah, crews are breaking down here at
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filled and standing room only on top of it, former president bill clinton was stumping for his wife hillary during this campaign, and that's something we've been seeing a lot of. politicians, family members, out helping their candidate of choice, we asked the people at thh rally tonight, just how effective is that, i think you're going to be surprised to hear the answer, we'll have that coi up toniht on the cw at 10:00 and 7 news at 11:00, for now, live in spartanburg, rachelle spence, 7 news. thank you, rachelle. if the latest polls stand, hillary clinton will win south carolina's democratic primary without breaking a sweat. clemson's palmetto poll, look at this, saying she's got 64% of the vote. bernie sanders at 14%. but, keep this in mind. everybody else is undecided. the primary is two days away, we'll be here saturday night to bring you coverage from all over the state. just minutes, a meeting talking about a serious coyote problem in union county. and the measures officials aretaking to handle it. 7 news dave jordan is there
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>>reporter: hey, there, tom, what they're doing or considering i should say is a bounty program similar to what is being done in 20 states where you offer money for every animal tagged or hunted. that you bring in. now, this has been one of the problems that has been facing south carolina, now that coyotes are in every single county. we spoke with a rancher earlier this afternoon who said he has been the target of at least 6 attacks from coyotes, his calves has been lost to coyote to a tacks. right now, at -- attacks, right now, the dnr will be meeting with the people to tell them abou the proposed program to bring this to fruition here in south carolina. a bill was introduced to that effect, it passed out of a committee and slated to go to the entire legislature for a vote. if they vote on this bill, in favor of this bill, this bounty program goes into effect. live e onight in jonesville, dave jordan, 7 news. thank you. raising a child is one of the most trying jobs on the planet.
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a child out of a fwrup home is a struggle. -- group home is a struggle. some adoptions are being denied. later, is it all greek to you?
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up confusion right now...there are needy children... stuck in south carolina group homes... ... because frustrated foster right now, there are needy children stuck in south carolina group homes because frustrated foster families can't cut through the red tape. >> investigative reporter gordon dill has new information that wide. >> the department of social services is the state's adoption agency, but it does really control the entire foster or adoption process. and when it comes to some of the state's youngest children, there are other state agencies that can create long delays and broken hearts. for example, when someone wants to foster o adopt a child younger than 6 years old, the
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lead based paint, but nobody at dss is certified to do the test. instead, they contract that service to a different state agency, the department of health and environmental control. dhec doesn't have any regulations for handling or inspecting homes that foster and adopt care are involved in. that's where the confusion starts. and the delays. for hopeful parents like todd stevens here. >> have the department of health and environmental control dictating what needs to take place or a department of social wass is foster home, but there's no true communication between the two organizations. >> we found problems with the inspections themselves and with how the state follows up, because of the issues we raised, they're all, already made for changes underway. we're going to show you what's wrong, what's at stake and how we can improve the adoptions for families and children with our special report, it is tonight at 11:00. amy. all right.
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to protect south carolina groups ... that want to start their meetings... with there is a new effort to tax south carolina groups that want to start their meetings with a approximate public prayer. >> a bill that got first approval at the state house. robert kittle tells you why the sponsor says it should not require a legal fight. >> pray with me, if you will. >>reporter: the state senate and house start with invocations. the courts have allowed it, but city councils, county council s, and school board have run into legal problems with public prayers, so senator chip is sponsoring a bill to make it clear how local governing bodies can open with prayer. >> if it doesn't require anyone to do any of this, but it lays out a formula or a format, if you will, if you want to do it, if you do it this way, it's going to be constitutional. >>reporter: a senate subcommittee he chairs passed the bill, so it goes to full committee. the bill tries to put into state law a ruling the u.s. supreme court made in 2014. the court said a towns board can
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does not discriminate against minority faiths in deciding who gives the prayer and no one is required to take part. >> spartanburg county, the city of woodruff, aiken, the city of aiken and the savannah river site were having prayer and reefed hot letters that said they couldn't have prayer anymore. but since then, they've adopted policies that are dn the line with this new statute. >>reporter: the freedom from religion foundation says it's against the bill. a staff attorney says it goes beyond what the u.s. supreme court ruled and would embolden public bodies to break the law and legally, school boards are considered to be like school districks, not legislative bodies so they should not be included. the law should lead to a court fight, since the supreme court has already ruled. in columbia, robert kittle, 7 news. >> should college greek life be more transparent? the mother and father of clemson fraternity pledge who died say they should. tucker hipps died in 2014.
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fraternities to make the violations public, online. parents of students could access that information before signing up. >> if we had know t we know now, tucker would have never been on that bridge that morning. >> lawmakers will discuss that bill again at a meeting next week. well, we had another windy day around the area today, thankfully, we didn't have the wind gusts we had yesterday. when we were seeing gusts of over 50 miles per hour. but still, windy enough to give us the wind blown look can we will keep a breeze through the evening hours, if you're out, it's not just the cold weather, but also the wind chill you're going to have to be concerned about. make sure you bundle up. overall, we expect a lot light freeze into tomorrow morning. in most locations. then it looks like we'll see less wind by tomorrow afternoon, overall, breaks of sun. the weekend is looking good and nice and quiet, a warming trend as highs will get into the 60s
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here's a look at the satellite map tonight. the main storm system is far to the northeast. a lot of cloud cover and winds that have stayed up during the day. the northwest winds have helped to produce snow over madison county, still coming down. in buncombe county, also western sections of mcdowell county. and we've had some clouds streaming through the upstate as well. but the trend will be for a lot of the clouds to go away overnight. so in the morning, we'll expect mostly clear skies for the upstate. we'll hold on to a bit of a breeze, again, it will be feeling cold, and of course, actually cold, and then in the afternoon, off all, a lot of sunshine, cool temperatures, and the mountain snow goes away. saturday, we'll keep the freezing start to the day, cool weather in the afternoon as the winds switch around to the southwest. that's going to start a nice warming trend for us, that we'll feel by sunday. right now, it's cooling off, 38 degrees there in asheville. of course, with the wind
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that, and around the upstate, where we topped out if the lower 50sed too, a lot of us in -- today, a lot of us are in the 40s. 46 degrees in anderson. as you can see, the winds, mainly out of the west and northwest. sustained at about 15-20 miles per hour. here's your pinpoint planner for -- 43 degrees. we'll get down to 32 by tomorrow morning, a beautiful friday. and mild, expect a high near 54 degrees. here's what to expect for the next 72 hours. the weather will stay nice and quiet for us, lighter winds by tomorrow afternoon, good news there. and a beautiful weekend is o on the way. mostly sunny skies, a warming trend for us, and a round of mid 50s on saturday. into the 60s on sunday and the weather will stay dry until we get into tuesday night. that's the next system arrives, we'll have enough moisture to bring us that chance for snow showers. and bind it, cooling off -- behind it, cooling off a bit.
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forecast, expect a high near 44 for tomorrow. we will spend the day around -- start the day around 27 degrees. 40s on saturday. and the mountains will come up, too, by sunday, in the 60s on sunday, monday and tuesday next week. all right. christy, thanks. still ahead at 6:00, todd summers is on the way next, to
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out one shot out of the lead in lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer, at lowe's. with a record of 23-and-5 overall....and 10-and-5 in well, a record of 23 and 5 overall and 10-5 in the sec, time to take notice of the gamecock basketball team that lats night, 17 points high,
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an 18 f 6 run to close out the first half. avenging a loss to tennessee in knoxville a month ago. 23over all wins are the most the gamecocks have had a in a decade, they have reached 10 sec wins since joining the league. the first ncaa tournament appearance, since 2004. >> last year, the year before, we were kind of survival mode. we weren't worried about seeds, we were worried about we've got to figure out a way to play better so we can win a game. we don't need to get wrapped up over what may be happening in march. >> coming out of tonight, the gamecock women will play their final road game of the regular season in oxford to face an ole miss squad that has two sec wins all season. south carolina is on the opposite side of those league standings with a perfect 14-0 mark. gamecocks and lady rebels tip
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back to the mens game, it's a busy night involving upstate team, wofford goes on the road to face eastern carolina. furman takes onion son city. 2 regular season games to play, both are in a situation where they can finish as high as 2nd or 4th. usc upstate plays its final game of the regular season tonight, as the spartans play host to new jersey institution of technology, presbyterian, meanwhile, will play the final road game as they take on long wood, all four of those games tip off at 7:00. on the high school hardwood last night, behind a game-high, 33 points, from 2a player of the year, joseph battle. abbeville, 84-59, the panthers will play saturday night versus keenan, other area boys teams playing for upper state crown,
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on the girls side, wren and brice church in greenville. on the pga tour. wofford alum 7 birdies, including 16, 71, 18, an open road 66, which 4 upd par puts him in a tie for second. staying at the tournament, speaking of mr. garcia, his ball is underwater. he decides to play it any way. you can see him looking around before he hits the shot. owe know what he's looking for? an alligator. they say it's in the water as well. >> oh. >> not to take a drop, he plays it and goes out in the fair way, he advances 90 yards. i'd tell mr. gator he can keep the ball. >> addie was keeping a good eye on it, there. >> hopefully the wind will be blown out soon. >> yeah, but we're looking at
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about a winter weather advisory
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morning, clear skies in the >> pelley: tonight's republican debate takes on new urgency. it could b bthe last chance to catch trump before next week's
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also tonight, elizabeth palmer takes us inside syria at a turning point in the civil war. >> reporter: there is certainly no cease-fire here at the moment, and there's not going to be any time soon. >> p pley: daylight reveals the destruction done b a night of violent storms. and will this idea take off? plans for a widebody aircraft for wide bodies. >> at the end of the day, it's all about making money. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight, the five republican presidential candidates are holding their final debate before super tuesday, the 12 primaries and caucuses that could be the turning point. for some it is a fight for survival, but for dominant donald trump, he is expected to draw most of the fire tonight, and now his tax returns have become an issue.


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