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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  February 27, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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for one of three candidates... "hillary clinton" ...."bernie sanders' or "willie wilson".... the -2- leading candidates... have been handling south carolina... very differently. hillary clinton ... has been all over the "palmetto state." this is video...from her stop in columbia.. last night .. and her family has been along for the ride. daughter chelsea .. and husband bill..have also been around. bill clinton..made trips to greenville.. and spartanburg.. on tuesday. supporters of hillary clinton will be gathering in columbia to wait for the results... "7 news" reporter "laura thomas" is live in columbia...on the u-s-c campus....where they're set to watch the number roll in... this is where he supporters.. will gather tonight.. to see the results coming in... after the polls close. clinton has been campaigning across south carolina this week.. she was in orangeburg yesterday.. at south carolina state.. along the way..she's picked up the support of five mothers..
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violence.. the mothers made a stop in spartanburg .. and other cities..before today's primary .. in what they called .. discussions.. to break down barriers. clinton.. has also been endorsed by columbia mayor.. stephen benjamin.. and congressman jim clyburn. the palmetto poll .. from clemson university.. shows.. clinton.. has 64 percent of the vote.. and if that holds up.. supporters are looking for a win tonight.. doors open at 7 o'clock.. clinton.. is expected to speak..around eight. in columbia, lt, 7 news.
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on the other hand... has spent most of his week ... campaigning in other states. today he's making stops... in texas...and minnesota. both those states ... have their primaries next week...on "super tuesday." sanders... won't be in south carolina tonight... as the results come in. he did... however ... make a last push for voters... at a rally at "claflin university" in orangeburg. he was some celebrities... including rapper "killer mike." we'll keep an eye on "sanders" supporters...who will have a watch party tonight in columbia... we won't know exactly how many people turned out to vote until the polls close at 7... but i'm told it appears low to moderate. but we do know south carolina has shattered the absentee voting record for a democratic primary... by 4:30...the election commision told me they already had 54- thousand ballots.... that broke the old record set in 2008, when 35,000 people sent in absentee ballots. now... we'll see if those poll results ... hold up. joining us hold up.poll results ... see if those poll results ... hold up. joining us doctor jonathan sarnoff. he's professor of history... at "limestone college." dr.
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ita..focltoand er- remember...."7 news" will have complete coverage of the democratic presidential primary .... tom and i will be here with updates and results throughout the night and right here at 11 and at 10 on "carolina's c-w". you can also keep an eye on you can also w"."carolina's c- 11 and at 10 on right here at the night anug rtsithda wl he om primary docti thcoraha ple n wl memb7 --and sanders: ---for clinton important... why is it primary...deatthe soh"t'thers" "limeste histor..t p o he's sarnoff. jonathan is doctor now... joining us hold up. joining us doctor jonathan sarnoff. he's professor of history... at "limestone college." dr. sarnoff... it's the "first in the south" democratic primary... why
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remember...."7 news" will have complete coverage of the democratic presidential primary .... tom and i wbeerwi uad ultroho right here
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app...the 7 news tonight ...and wspa dot com keep an eye on you cano "li'c a a10n rig ania rout d sus thupilbe h m a primary demoatithe coverage of have complete news" will remeer.. remember...."7 news" will have complete coverage of the democratic presidential primary .... tom and i will be here with updates and results throughout the night and right here at 11 and at 10 on "cana-w". you can also keep an eye on wspa dot com tonight ...and the 7 news app... many of us would vote for this weather we've been having... it's been clear and cool....but we may get some warmer weather later this weekend... "storm team 7" meteorologist dan
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in a "7 news crime tracker"... greenville county deputies are still looking for a suspect ...who was arrested for a double murder at the "bugatti nightclub" in greenville county in 2014... "bradford williams" was let out of jail on january 20th on a monitoring program... we're told he was awaiting a trial on two murder charges... deputies say "williams" cut his ankle monitoring device thursday morning...and has been on the run since... williams has friends and family in the taylors area and also "anderson" and "oconee county". he should be considered armed and if you see 9-1-1 ...or crime stoppers at 23-crime.
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at 7 news have questions about how someone arrested for double murder is on an ankle monitoring device - and we're working to get you some answers from officials. 7 news will be following up. as voters cast their votes in today's primary... hear the thoughts of some voters...and what's important
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as people went to polling places today ... to vote in south carolina's democratic primary... "7 news" reporter tony cedrone... talked to some voters... who said... people just aren't
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like they used to: ----- pearson "some people just care, it ain't going to make no difference whether i vote. they gonndo ty nt toowa" sa ponayshk cnshhatooi h icn li rte"ilys tee enotg er swaengtoot th arile, so adgf ." seit dn t i..ea "ld batneot h ttne e snehoruo n thco. l, vote "it h ores tro solvtoy'b mane, "ers chs. fed btn thheldece as, ." i arg, n "7 news" also talked to the "spartanburg county director of voter
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some people forgot to click "confirm"... after casting their vote... but it isn't usually... a big problem. deputies say one neighborhood has had several home burglaries... hear
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deputies are warning you to lock up your homes.. after
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were at least 5 reports... in the east side of the county.. friday. 7 news reporter krystyne brown..talked to some of the victims today.. to tell us what to look out for.----- one of the victims here on browning street says the burglar hit their home.. in the middle of the day. they think thgl kck ot nt drwhe ty e u. enhe fireounonhome.. they bteth tirac d greenville county deputies say sevl meon the east side .. reported thousands of dollars worth of items stolen.. la k. esainstats v asd t ces tfireuthos rebl k nnn.ingea says hstan este8 oolro ecs "it is certainly a violati f. tngtt b ac tt de.b uaeengik onmit trw yo e htre- y a mhihe rtouit esciitks msteheald polin pe h l rhinehbs knon h e nto haao scett r sm.roisom inut. righnodus y eyonv
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the neigh s aeldrsema b sa grim krystyne brown.. 7 news. call 23-crime..if you know how to help deputies.. solve these burglaries. the sheriff's office is advising you now... to get an alarm system... to scare burglars off...before it is too late. they also say.. you should have your neighbors keep an eye out.. when you're
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coming up in sports....todd summers will
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i coming up in sports....todd summers will let us know which upstate schools punched their tickets to play for a state title next weekend in columbia..... and he'll tell us if the gamecocks can overcome a sluggish start... to pick up a rare s-e-c road win ....
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don't forget to turn off live
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playing on the road for just second time in 3 weeks.... the gamecocks go in search of their 3rd straight win as they take on a mississippi state squad that has the second worst record in the s-e-c ..... 1. early on.....mindaugas kacinas.....gets the offensive rebound.... makes a nice baseline move and slams it home....2. late 1st half.... gamecocks down 14....duane notice.... hits the "3"... still...south carolina trails by 11 at the break.3. early 2nd half....mindaugas kacinas....hits the baseline "3" .... but it's simply not to be..... as mississippi state beats south carolina.... 68-58....and it really wasn't even that close. in the socon.....wofford playing its final game of the regular season.....the terriers in johnson city..... taking on e-t-s-u.....1. early on.... eric garcia... beats his man and lays in "2" of his 9.... terriers up 1.2. late 1st half....fletcher mcgee.... with "3" of his game high.... 22 points ...... still.... wofford down one at the break. 3. just over a minute to play in the game .... mcgee....
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pull the terriers within 2.4. :25 seconds to play .... the sharp shooting freshman strikes again.... this "3" cuts the bucs lead to just 1. 5. but an eric garcia 3-point attempt in the closing seconds is no good.... as e-t-s-u holds off wofford.....71-66. in cullowhee....with a win over western carolina..... furman can wrap up the 3-seed in next weeks conference tournament .....1. late 1st half.....devin sibley.... takes it strong to the hoop and comes through with the nice left handed lay-in for two of his game high.... 24 points....2. moments later.... stephen croone....connects for "3" of his 18..... paladins up 1 at the break.3. but in the second half.... the catamounts take control..... and hand the paladins their third straight loss.... final score....73-62. so furman will be the 3-seed in next weeks tournament.... and wofford will be the four seed. coming up at the top of the hour in downtown greenville .... byrnes will play for an upper state title for the first time in 23 years. the rebels will take on spring valley .... for the
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title next weekend in columbia. earlier in the day at the well.....abbeville taking on defending state champion..... keenan ..... in the 2-a boys upper state final.....1. 1st quarter....javon belcher... cuts to the hoop and puts it in for the panthers.2. a little later....tiquan moore.... comes up with the offensive rebound.... uses the pump fake to get 3 defenders in the air .... then he puts it in.3. and then big fellow .... khadeem bryant .... hits the hook shot to help abbeville overcome a slow start to take down the champions of keenan .... final score....58-51. the first game of the day......defending champ..... christ church....taking on c-a johnson in the 1-a girls upper state final....1. 2nd quarter....shayla bennett.... heats up.... as she knocks down back-to-back "3"s....the future lady tarheel.... finishes with a game high.... 31-points.... christ church up 8 at the break.2. second's more of the same .... bennett with the basket inside.....lady cavs win.... 64-41. next saturday.... christ church will go in search of its 4th state title in 8 years .... when it takes on timmonsville in the 1-a title game. after a season opening
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has team bounced back to win 3 straight. the tigers looking to make it 4 in a row this afternoon at doug kingsmore stadium as they take on james madison..... 1. scoreless game ... bottom 2nd.... but not for long.... chase pinder.... stays hot .... as he singles to right center....weston wilson scores .... and the tigers are on the board.2. next batter.... eli white.... lines a single to center....adam renwick scores ..... clemson up 2-nothing.3. still stlngnghds dt.ys um rlm..sil r..sirme h aitea .h yn.. ve ..iaru l 3unom... d gse ir o 4tstig n.ahuk .. ne.- ins.the gamecocks are a a ico. eesaturday game versus penn state....a perfect 6- and-oh on the young season.... 1. bottom of the 3rd .... 2 on.... 1 out .... marcus mooney....doubles off the wall in right.... l-t tolbert and gene conce gamcku-2.2. lern theni. d fl t as desan man. a ra sm.tt3erein e t exesng 3-r-td.it7 r-.. ast roowsap s.fil o. 1 dan bickford joins us for a final look at weather: ----- thanks for joining us. the polls close at -7-... and we'll be back then... to begin "7 news'" coverage... of the election results. you'll see the numbers at the
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on w-s-p-a dot-com...and our "7 news app." enjoy your
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you back >> axelrod: this is a campaign 2016 update.
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breaking three days from now in the super tuesday contest. as you can see, her supporters here who have been at this all night have just learned the goodd news and they are very fired up. according to our exit polls, as of right now, about six in 10 voters here in south carolina today were african american, and they went for clinton, jim, over sanders, by a staggering margin, 84 to 15. that's nearly 70 points. white voters did break for sanders, 58 to 42, but it obviously wasn't enough to overcome clinton's huge advantage with black voters.


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