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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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been after me for 25 years and i'm still standing. >> bernie sanders is focusing on minnesota and massachusetts ahead of tuesday's vote. craig boswell, cbs news, fair fax, virginia. >> it wasn't just protesters that ran into trouble at that virginia rally for donald trump on monday. >> a photographer from time magazine was arrested after he got in a scuffle with the secret service. >> some of trump's high profile supporters in south carolina said they still back the billionaire despite not accepting the endorsement from the kka. bill stern said he doesn't think it will matter to voters despite the heated debate with symbols of racism. >> governor nikki haley is speaking out about chris
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she said he's a close friend but doesn't understand why he backed rump. haley enforced marco rubio an ohio farmer is making it clear what he thinks. he said he's tired of politics and trump so he used manure to spell out his feelings. he doesn't care if anyone else agrees. >> there's a lot of folks out there that may not agree with me and that's your american right. i just voice my opinion, not yours. >> the farmers granddaughter put that image on facebook. it's since gone viral. officials are going to name one of the main intersections in forest acres to honor a city police officer killed last year in the line of duty. the intersection at forest drive and beltline boulevard been officer gregory thomas alia boulevard. he was shot and killed on september 30th as he helped investigate a suspicious person in a mall before it opened.
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nation's highest military honor today to a navy seal who helped rescue a u.s. hostage in afghanistan. edward buyers, junior took part in a risky mission to save a doctor kidnapped by the taliban. the doctor said buyers gave him a second chance in life. buyers will be the 11th living service member to receive the medal of honor for actions in afghanistan. one of the top advisors to pope francis said the catholic church has, quote, made enormous mistakes in allowing thousands of children to be abused over the centuries. the australia cardinal george pelt testified by video link in rome as part of an inquiry into child sex abuse. he told commissioners in sydney it's a scandal that the catholic church allowed thousands of churn to children -- children suffer you
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>> let's get the actions in place to support those who were damage in the past and to ensure children again. >> this is an important story and i keep bundling the read. he's from australia. he's now pope francis's top financial adviser. he did have a private audience with the pope after testifying. a greenville county pastor is accused of a second sex crime against a minor. 63-year-old arthur lehr was charged with prompting a new victim to come forward. lehr is accused of touching a 5-year-old in a sexual manner. testimony resumed in the eryn andrews civil trial in nashville today. andrews is expected to take the stand this week. the sports caster and tv host is suing michael barrett
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barrett used a peephole from an adjoining room in 2008 to record andrews as she changed clothes. a union county teacher has resigned after a nude photo of her was spread around school by a student. leigh anne arthur was an instructor at the union county career and technology center. a student took her phone while she was out of the room and took pictures of nude photos on the phone. arthur said the picture was on her personal phone which means it's not in violation of any district policy. she has filed a police report against that student involved. >> when we talked about this story in the news room it stopped work for 20 minutes while people debated the ethics. i knew this would blow up on line. >> our facebook page is full of comments in support of this teacher and her circumstance. ryan banister is one of the folks defending this teacher
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the teacher to distribute that content. also lee thornton posting the teacher has every right to have any kind of picture of herself that she pleases. it's her device, her life. there's a leaning towards something happening to the student if something is going to happen to the teacher and really a lot of people saying the teacher should be reinstated. >> do people feel it's unfortunate that she resigning? did she feel pressure from the school? >> that's what she's been telling tony who is working this story for tonight. we will keep you posted on the developments. we have more coming up. >> i talked to her by phone and she said it was a from pressure to resign type of situation. happening tomorrow in easley, students plan to protest the decision to place app student on leave. easley high school administrators said they received complaints after english teacher greg fish read
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students started an online petition to bring fish back and plan to host a sit in at the school tomorrow morning. a lot of us trying to dream up ways to find an excuse to be outside today because it was perfect. >> isn't it great. somebody about it. >> the temperatures in the 70s, why not. >> it's perfect. >> a nice spring preview. we have temperatures in the 0 70s 72 asheville. the next question is tomorrow? no. we're going to see the clouds coming in and cooler weather. >> put that to rest. >> exactly. still going to be kind of mild. there's the pollen count too. tree pollen in the mix for us on the moderate to high side. cedar and elm. the next system is getting organized over the central plain states tonight. a chance of rain tomorrow. >> pollen counts in february, that's early. next 7 news live at 5:00,
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apple is about ready to release the newest iphone. when it will be available straight ahead. >> strange calls coming from don't trust i'm tom crabtree. coming up on 7 news at 6:00, a scam that's slamming people with 864 area codes. some road work that starts today. so first in spartanbur coys d ibetweeaand old furneoat' ita o eos be ae cwuh bo l ssa lectnuft r tnror rr tr go >> ieyen. some rdrtsd first in spartanburg county, paris bridge road will be repaved between highway 9 and old furnace road. that's going to last through june. be aware of some crews out there, maybe some lane closures. also in laurens county on south frontage road between warrior church creek
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be back on 7 live at 5 continues now with a 7 news consumer watch. apple is expected to release its live at 5:00 continues with a 7 news consumer watch. apple is expected to release a new iphone at tend of march. lit have a 4 inch screen and look identical to the 5s. it will not have the 3d touch feature. disney is making some changes. disney land and disney world are raising ticket prices on busy days. tickets will go up 20% on busy days. gas prices are inching back up as well. aaa said the national average jumped 4 cents a gallon as oil prices started to rebound.
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their lowest point for this time of year in a decade. the national average is $1.75 a gallon. south carolina's average is lower. we're making it easy to find the cheapest prices. go to and look for the gas prices link. another north carolina hospital is implementing visitor restrictions because of a rise if flu cases. cape fear valley health has seen 26 flu cases since october is it's no longer allowing children under 12 to visit patients. it limited the number of visitors that can accompany patients in the emergency department. the hospital said the policy will be lifted when flu cases decrease. don't get spoiled by all the sunshine and warm weather
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welcome back to 7 news live at 5 .. a 5-year-old honea path girl.. is being treated for severe injuries.. welcome back. a heartbreaking story, a 5-year-old girl is being treated for severe injuries after a fire destroyed her family's home last night. >> she was flown to the augusta burn center over night. the family is by her side as she fights for her life in critical condition. krystyne brown with the latest. >> really wrapping ourselves around this family and loving and supporting them in the time to come, in the next few months. it's going to be very difficult. >> as flames engulfed this home sunday night the family inside tried to get out as soon as they could. quickly they realized one of their youngest ones was still inside. >> the children, a lot of times they'll try to find a place to hide. s they tried to go back in but the fire and smoke were too much. when firefighters arrived minutes later they went in and found 5-year-old sofia unconscious, hiding between the
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>> the fire chief here for 21 years and it really effects everybody. you can have adults but when it's a child involved it cuts deeper. >> four other children and four adults were able the make it out safely. sofia didn't have any visible burns but suffered severe smoke inhalation. >> very fun, loving, bright, brilliantly girl who is a joy to be around. >> christa lives next door. her kids are friends with the family. they saw sofia at church hours before the fire and the community is taking it hard. >> this tragedy has impacted them. >> everyone is sending a lot of needed support to the little girl and her family. >> with god anything is possible. at a time like this when it doesn't seem like it might be possible we have to trust and rely on him to do what is right. reporting. the first assembly of god.. >> that was krystyne brown reporting. the first assembly of god right next door to that home where this morning's fire
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for the family. >> they lost everything. they say they need clothe s s for girls ages 6 months to 15 years old and money to help pay for these medical bills. we've got new details now on a proposal to make new planes in greenville. lock heed martin will assemble a jet called the t-50a. it will protect 200 jobs to our area. u.s. astronaut scott dell can -- kelly is getting ready to home home. -- to come home. it's part of nasa's goal to make sure astronauts can handle a trip to mars. scott kelly returns to texas on wednesday. he's spent the most time in space of any american in history. well, it was nice to be on
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you can see there in that live picture the biltmore estate in asheville. it was a great day to be the mountains. the weather over all just beautiful. 67 was our high in asheville. we got up to 73 at gsp. well, tonight we'll look for chilly temperatures. we'll hold onto clear skies for a large part of the over night. so look for a steady drop in temperatures. we'll get down into the lower and mid 30s in the mountains by morning. mainly lower and mid 40s across the upstate. for now clear conditions all the way back into the northern part of alabama. we've got cloud cover in the southern part of alabama increasing across tennessee. a lot of moisture that's moving in our direction but it's going to take until about daybreak before we really start to see the clouds filling in because our next weather system is still far away. south winds are picking up and so we'll start to see some rain developing ahead of this front. that will be arriving here by tomorrow night. so for the first part of the day your drive to work, there's a
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we'll look for maybe a little bit of sunshine, but clouds will try to take over from the west. a few showers will be possible during the first part of the day. don't be surprised if you get a little bit of rain. most of our chances for rain will come later in the day and for many us of not until after dark. this is tuesday at 4:00 p.m. notice the main line out to our west. that will make progress across the area though. a few rumbles of thunder will be possible. after that front goes through north winds will pull in some drier and cooler air. the trend will be for our 70s and 60s today to trend downward over the next mainly because of rain and clouds tomorrow and then with cooler temperatures coming in with north winds on over although wednesday is looking very nice. a lot of sunshine around. again, cool weather for this time of year. so what to expect for tonight, quiet conditions, cool temperatures but increasing clouds over night, especially rain chances will return tomorrow
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especially if you live to the west. wednesday is dry and then another system on thursday. the mountains might get a rain/snow mix where that second one. 65 asheville, 72 spartanburg and 75 at clemson. the best chances for severe weather tomorrow will be out to the west because these are the areas that will encounter that front during that peak heating of the day. for us severe weather chances lower but thunderstorms certainly possible by tomorrow evening. next 72 hours, temperatures are cooling off. 63 increasing rain chances during the day. wednesday is dry, cooler and 56. thursday look for more clouds to come back with a high of only 50. back into the 60s on friday. the weekend is looking good with highs in the lower to mid 60s. warming up into the early part of next week. chance of rain back in the picture, chillier on wednesday and a chance of rain and snow in the mountains on thursday.
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soon to look ahead to the weekend and when it's a weekend like that definitely. >> last weekend and next weekend looking good. >> look b good -- looking agreed. cbs's long running mega hit ncis isn't going anywhere. the network said it renews the series for two more seasons. not only that but the star and executive producer mark harmon signed a new deal. this season it's averaging more than 20 million viewers each week. next live at 5:00, you heard of ball boys but what about ball dogs. hear about a dog playing fetch at a professional tennis match. >> four families ripped apart and we're learning that alcohol played a part. i'm tom crabtree. how the community is trying to fix drinking and driving.
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road in greenville co turns out you *can* teach an old dog new tricks. four shelter dogs rescued from slums and it turns out you can teach an old dog a new trick. >> four rescue dogs were trained as ball dogs for the brazil open tournament. their job was to retrieve balls that went out of bounds and give them back to the players. >> that's working out there. >> they didn't like the giving back part. a local shelter hopes to raise awareness with the ball dog initiative. >> slobber coming off a ball. check this out. pro professional golfers may have to put some thought into their underwear. this is gary woodland. he was wearing white pants when he hit a ball into the water. here's a boxer guy. this is the 6th hole in the final round of the honda classic. he decided to save the
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underwear and save par. he finished 61st . >> but he made it on national television. it's leap day but how much do feel know about why february is longer this year? the answer may surprise you. >> here's a live look outside.
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today is leap day! the 29th of february only happens every four years in order to keep our calendar in sync with the rotation today is leap day, the 29th of february. it happens every 4 sync. without leap day would be out of sync for 6 hours every year. if i didn't tell you that would you know what leap year means. we take that question out to te to find out. >> happy leap year. >> happy leap year. >> are you pumped? >> no. >> real happy. very excited. >> how many days are
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>> 29. >> six. >> no , 29. >> 366 >> that's right. >> okay. how many days are in a leap month? >> in a leap month it should be probably 31. >> 10. >> 29. >> how often does a leap year happen? >> every 4 years. >> i think it's ever -- every 5 years. >> have you gotten to leap word yet on your cross word puzzle. that should be a clue today. >> what happens if you're born on february 29th, when do you celebrate your birthday? >> on the 28th or the 1st of march. >> we got a winner here. congratulations. >> you pizza ssed the leap -- you are the leap year winner. stay with us, 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. lives..taken far too soon.. and now..toxicology four lives taken far too soon. now toxicology reports are revealing more about what
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that deadly crash. >> also tonight a student finds and sharing some pictures that his teacher never expected to get out. who should be punished, the student or the teacher? the battle has gone beyond the class room tonight. >> this suspected killer could be anywhere. he sliced off his ankle monitor and took off. why was this man not behind bars to begin with. >> lots of sunshine today but clouds and the chance of rain is coming back. i'll have your first. >> live from the news station, this is 7 news at 6:00. at the deepest darkest times when they experience a loss // these families are at their deepest darkest worse time whenever they experience a loss. if i don't go that ex tra step i'm not serving them like i need to be. >> four families dorn apart after a deadly accident involving college students. we're learning the driver had almost double the amount of
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>> we got ours hands on the toxicology results. brianna smith has been digging into the results and what releasing them means. brianna. >> reporter: yeah, it'na long road to that release. the attorney general offered up his opinion this morning saying that those toxicology reports should be protected from foil laws. today during that press conference spartanburg county coroner rusty clevenger said he's exempt because he's not a medical professional and he hopes it will bring some relief to these families. >> four usc up state students lives stopped. >> the absence of their impact in this world remains. >> i don't know that we will ever be the same. we will always grieve the loss of these four students. >> today we learned that the driver and that two other passengers in the car had a
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twice the legal limit. a lesson usc upstate will now take back to their students. >> with the release of these toxicology reports this will bring a greater awareness to our campus and our students so they know that things can happen to them that not everybody is immune to horrible thing s that can happen. >> the battle to learn has been long. it started with this letter from sporoulls family asking not to release the results, siting a supreme court ruling that sited autopsy to attorney general's office reviewed that ruling and offered an opinion. he felt it allowed him to release the results. >> the attorney general's opinion is i'm not a health provider and not subject to hippa regulations. it would be appropriate to release the toxicology results. >> now that the numbers have been released they hope the focus will be on how we fix the dui problem in south carolina


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