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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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front aiming for south florida shld arrive some time on friday with a better chance for 134 more rain. you can see the drier air moving in across the regio that's what will dominate our weather over the next few days. but by friday, again, little bit of a chance for rain ral fall a. >> and as the dry air moves in, temperatures will sneak back up. tuesday, groundhog day. 83. 83 on wednesday. thursday, 82. typical high 77. it really won't be 'til friday that our temperature come back down to near seasonal values. i'll have a lot more on our local forecast a little later on. >> belkeys: all right phil, stormy weather leaving it's mark in cooper c cy and splitting a tree right in half. our team 7 coverage continues with brandon buy whoar is live on that scene. brandon. >> reporter: and belkeys, that thunderstorm really wake folks up this morning. a lighten bolt appears hit a
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left of that tree now. the boom rattling the windows of this cooper city neighborhood. a lightning bolt being blamed for splitting this tree in cooper city and leaving a giant mess in this nearby living room. marion olson was sound a asleep in her bedroom whether the big boom woke her up. she caca downstairs and found this. >t's fich able. so i'm not going to be too concerned about it. just taik get it taken care of. >> reporter: neighbors say the tree was 40 years old. >> split all the way down 2 feet in the ground. >> reporter: nothing lecht after the strike. it shattered into pieces with chunk of woodlanding in several nearby yards and in marion's living room. >> i guess we're whruk wivment much rather swr it fall in there than my bedroom. >> reporter: thank fully no one injured. marry an got the worse of it in her neighborhood and another
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live in cooper city. 7 news. >> craig: and a man hole fire on a b by south florida street. and an electrical box started to smoke. 157bg and biscayne boulevard. fpl crews respoond making sure no one in that area lost pow wermt the scene was quickly contained. no injuries reported. >> >> belkeys: also tonight voters in i ia getting ready to voice their choice as presidential candidates push for last minute support. 507 news live on the caucus count down. here's a live look now at a caucus site where in just a couple hours snroartz iowa will be there to weigh in on the 2016 presidential raise. a win in the hawkeyeye state could give one of the presidential hopels the push they need to go will all the way. >> craig: 7's nicole linsalata is live for us once again in des moines. nicole. >> reporter: well, craig, i can 'til we've all been llowing the polls especially
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and some of the latest wungz have donald thraimed of ted cruz. sometimes five%. sometimes six percentage points. hillary clinton and bernie sanders going back and forth with who leads in the posms but really tonight it's up to the folks here in iowa. >> how are you doing? i feel g. i feel great. >> reporter: after more than a year it it comes down to this. the last phoneavment the marco rubio campaign. >> the last interviews for the last rally. the last hours dise voted to convincing the undecided and making sur those declined to take part nay caucus show up i hope you want someone that haze servant's heart and has a back brown tboan challenge things that are broken and has thehe experience to do it. that's what we need. >> to representing you have given me the absolute highest accolades all over the place so, and the govenor. you're govenor. you're govenor said you can't
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>> and for those of you who are already supporting me. pgh please go out and caucus tomorrow night the storm is not coming 'til after midnight. plenty of time to caw with us. we'll get all the votes count ood i'm especially gratified that a lot of the people who are coming out and light of the people who are getting involved are are working class people, are young people who have not previously been involved in the pro political process. >> marco riewp riewp gave his volume ep tears a pep talk. >> i think your efforts will be meaning. if you i feel positive about what is happening here in iowa and ultimately around the country. >> how did you enjoy it sni enjoy too. it's a pleasure to be here. >> reporter: these efforts mat ner iowa w w voters pride themself on participation eye want to remind you that the caucuses are tonight. >> i have had one person tell me he they will not vote on him. it's been great. best phone campaig
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attempt the full grassily. known for senator grassily known for touring each of iowa's 99 counties. >> i'm so happy to be here ineverson iowa. we are with this stop completing the very last stop of the full grass meet. >> and on the phone jeb bush met with supporters and answered a few questions. >> how excited are you tonight? i'm hyped up about it. d i'm excited we're starting finally. and another stop. >> reporter: and you k kw we've all heard that insider baseball term ground game that's really porch here. means how much organization they have here in terms of phone call and knocking on doors and a talked to one volunteer for one of the campaigns who says in one shift he o c!uld knock on scores of doors of homes in one particular neighborhood and make hundreds of phone calls and they will find out tonight exactly how effective that was. >> reporting live in des moines
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nicole linsalata. 7 news. >> belkeys: all right nicole, thank. >> craig: and while we wait on results from iowa. some of the candidates are look head to nexex tuesday and the primary in new hampshire. >> belkeys: and exclusive with the team of university off of massachusets with a new poll. robbin simmons has that from the plex for us. ron bin. >> reporter: and the question is where do the candidates stand stand right now in the granite state? this new poll already is shedding light on that. >> in new sham hire the the kay before here they come. and they will all be coming from iowa where it's caucus day. our 7 news massachusets loyal tracking poll shows exactly where the candidates stand in the granite state as they get ready for the first presidential primary there one week from tomorrow. spoirl alert. it's bernie san gers and donald trump on tlp. the donald seems poized for a win. with 3738 persian far head of
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and then a clum of candidates. john kay sis sick and george bush get nine eevment floloda senator marco rubio gets eight. the rest of the republican field new jersey govenor chris christie seven and rand paul three appease and carlie fiorina two persian. one last number, a significantnt one only eight% are undecided. and here's how it looks as we begin our track. trump well in front and then a pack of republicans chasing second and third place. remember, whatever impact iowa will have on new hampshire can't be measured just yet. like the republicans. the democrats also have a big front r rner who looks unlikely to be caught. bernie sanders with 61% is more than doubling hillary clinton's 30%. former maryland govenor martin o'malley barely registers with one%. eight% undecided. here's the start of our democratic tracking poll as we begin to measure the daily ups
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new hampshire is so important. the current and former got noars in the republican race are already there. chris christie, john kasich and jeb bush all have town halls tonight trying to lay the ground work for next week's pry mare right. live in the newsplex. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> craig: and coming up in at 5:00 we'll explain the caucus process. we've been talking about it and how it works. and our political expert will join us and give us an idea of what we might expect tonight. >> belkeys: now is a good time to down load the 7news voice your choice app. from the 7's campaign trail. it's free and available for your smart phone or tablet. >> craig: now to worldwide worry growing about the mosquito virus growing zika. and lynn martinez has it fromm the plex. lynn. >> lynn: well, crairk the rld health organization has declared ann a global emergency on the zika virus putting it on the same category as ebola.
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virus, as they are calling it i is spreading far and fast. antitipating 4 million cases across latin america and the caribbean by next year. so far 20 countries have reported cases. a here in the united states 13 states have cases of those who traveled to those ir counties. and it's been linked to sthowfsz babi being born with under developed wrains and gee on before a syndrome and causes muscle week weakness and never problems. >> after a reveefl the evidence, the commitment advised that the cause of micro receive faly and other neurological cop pla indications cons ta fiew tiewt an extra ordinary event. and a public hedge threat to other parts world. health officials are still advising all pregnant woman not to travel to eactd countries.
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cavment the last such public health emergency was d dlared for the ebobo out break in west africa thatilled more than 11,000 people. in the satellite center. lynn martinez. 7 news. >> belkeys: and lirntion speak of the centers of disease control announcing the e.coli ououbreak is over at a popular fast food restaurant. the agency says they haven't had a aifts illness linked to the chipotle restaurant thatingd 60 people since december 1st. chipotle revamed the frood food preparations methods at the almost 2000 locations of that out break. >> craig: much more coming up here on 7 news. a en aiminger shot while playing with friends takes a big step in getting h h life back on track. that story is head onust one station. >> this story make national headlines. a south florida driver in pursuit of a police officer. we will hear from her about what happened when they came face to face. >> craig: on scene seen arm.
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>> belkeys: at alarm wasn't working but surveillance cameras wmple tonight police looking for cell phone crieks. >> craig: and a car erupts in a ball of fire. the firefight and tbriet after the break. tore hourly forecast and the radar. search wsvn in the app store. sponsored by erella insurance.
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>> craig: a driver bring new mean together term power hitter. slams into a you 'til pi poll save himself from the flames. danielle knox live in the plex with the story. danielle. >> dananlle: something did go wrong belkeys that. car end window ended up shattered and that may have been what s sed his life. crews working in the darkness to get the power back on friday night. hours after this truck crashed into a power pole, flipped and burst into flames. he is gone huh? he got out. thank god. witnesses couldn't believe the the driver navav veteran michael smith was alive. scrapes on myand from the glass and i'm very lucky. >> danielle: smith says his brakes went out while he was driving down the hill in jacksonville.. >> i put myy foot on the brake and nothing. nothing. what did you think when you realized the brakes were out?
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just feemplet i can't know what to o do. >> and that's when he lost control copg around a turn and crashed.( as his car bust into flames, he just one t tng on his mind. get out. undid my seat bell and the passenger window was gone and sow he i just crawled out that hole white there. you can hear his tires popping minutes later e. was on his way to the gas station when it happened. he feels lucky he didn't make it there becae this fire could of been worse had he a full tank of gas. >> i'm glad i didn't hit nifnlt i'm glad i'm okay and i can't hurt anybody else. >> and smith says he didn't have to call 911 of that crash because the highway a patrol trooper was sitting in a parking lot just yards way. >> live in the news plefl. i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> dan e-, thanks. >> belkeys: next up from the newsplex. fire2on the water and coast guard crews with only seconds to react. >> craig: and a group of students getting ready to head
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>> belkeys: and a musical revival. 40 years in the making. i can't wait to watch this story. loved every second. grease hit the stage every way brand new. we have the highlights.
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> you better shape up because i need a man and my heart is set on you >> belkeys: you better understand . sandy and danny are back. viewers got a live look at a three hour jam session, high energy on stage, broadway met hollywood, grease live. whu did i not have a sing along party a- ti at home. >> craig: i think a lot of people did. >> belkeys: it would have been
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>> craig: shireen has more on that for us. >> belkeys: shireen is a huge fan. >> danielle: it ways big suck sevment says. ways glued my tv for three hours. >ven in the revool vai evaluate. >> is this the end? >> don't think about that. >> reporter: grease live say hit. getting rave reviews and great ratings. >> >> reporter: from the moment jesse jay opened the show giving viewer a look back stage the excitement was palpable. even with a little stormy weather on the warner bros. lot in l.a., it couldn't dampen the the mood. >> julian hough andndanny playing the lead roles. with but all eyes on vanessa huge ens who played rit riz o. i'm so sad s s say that last night my daddy imreg greg passed away from stage four cancer. thank you to every one when kept
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vanea saying in a follow up tweet. tonight i'll do the show in his honor. >> but i can feel. >> reporter: after seeing her per pore mans vanessa a tweet blew me away. you were maig last might and showed such strength and poise. congrats ven. ashley 'tis her former class mairt tweeting i wouldn't expect anything less. vanessa a huge ens is killing. it so proud of my girl grease live. >> in the meantime during the three hour produduion, rye dell cast members were shut nld golf carts between two huge sound stages with 21 sets and a live studio awd yens. >> a the show weaved in an out of it's ever so popular musical numbers. celebrities taking to twitter to
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anna giving the cast a shoutout. every one was incredible tonight. well done. julian hou imrks t. the whole cast and crew. grease live. well, congrats o every one involved in live. production and performance were maig. way better that my high school production. even writer director tweeting, wow, this is some production, grease live over 12 million people watched and sang along with grease live. up next fofl will tackle the rocky horror picture show. the two hour event happens this fall. >> live in the miewz plex. shireen san do vavment 7 news. >> craig: now 7 weather with with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: and good afternoon every one. we're looking agent lingering clouds across south florida.
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weather moving now into the bahamas. brought us a a very rainy morning here croos the area with you thing are improving for tonight. it will be dry over the next few days. but wetter by friday. chances go up to 30% and it could stick around there all the way to the lir part of next week. and as far as temperatures go, it's going to get warm. even the over night lows will be warm. what is typical is 61. we're going to be waking up tomorrow to 69 and then remain in the 70s for over night lows at least until thursday. here are the temperature right now across the peninsula. 72 degrees in pensacola. mostly clear here. 78 in tallahassee. as we reach jacksonville and gain vivment temperature in the mid to upper 70s. central florida has been very mild and ples afnts today. 81 in orlando. 73 in tampa. south florida the clouds have kept the temperatures in check. here are 70s across palm beef.
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key west this afternoon still looking good. 76 for marathon. key west 78 and the wind out of east at 10 miles per hour. we're still looking at dotted showers sitting just offshore here. a few of them are moving into cues me biscayne bay. heaviest of the rainfall will continue into grand bahama island and we'llll probably see drier conditions for them later on tonight. speaking of rain, look at thvment everything in green here, that's the south florida management district southern region. they are saying we've seen over 9 inches in january. that is the wettest since 1932. the average just under 2 inches. here's the marine forecast for tonight. we have looking at w wds out of east southeast. biscayne bay with light chop. for you in the florida keys, exercise caution. especially for seas beyond the reef. building three to 5 feet. now for tonight. you're next high tide. 3:04.
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key largo 3:27. 5:00 key west. grawd will all clearing to night isolated showers. the wind out of east. by tomorrow we warm up. average high about 76. 77. we'll be in the low 80 eachts here's your good tended out look. wednesday still 83. 82 on thursday. showers on friday. and then our temperatures come back to near seasonal values through next monday. >> that's your 7 on 7. 7 news will be right back.
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>> >> belkeys: what is 7 news at 5:00. you're the one i want >> craig: all kay long with we've been hearing this. >> belkeys: all night long. i'm belkeys nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: we're hopelet less and devoted to you. >> craig: lynn and danielle next.
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>> >> this is 7 news at at five. >> lynn: now at 5:30, an ugly at at a south florida school. students met with graphic graffiti after vandal left their mancht images meant to initidl tame date stew 2ke7bd vold on campus. >> danielle: and now the police need your help to find the suspects. >> and sheldon fox in southwest ranch wtz very latest for us. sheldon. >> reporter: and some are saying that this is is just
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