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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  February 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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with with a viral i have with one another. and until nal good fun just kids bn being kids but fact is a crime was committed and nasty hateful stuff was written p signed these high school wams. >> nasty, fate hateful. lewd and kiss struck tiff. describes some of the unwanted decor thisis morning at archbishop mccarthy high school in southwest ranches. >> a lot of inappropriate pictures of body parts. >> it what was seen goes sipped and photographed on monday morning and it had davie police on campus investigating van da light. many suspect it had to do with anger from a virir high school. >> it was over a basketball game. >> can't be sore losers about losing. >> reporter: school officials wouldn't talk aboutt the gay slurs and spray painted images of private parts and graffiti on the wastles the school property. but they told 7 news it had been cleaned up and they were
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and identify who might be response iebl. >> a viral ri between the two school. that's how paishts and students felt about the controversy and went about their day. >> as soon as a walked into school stuff written all over the wall. the first images i saw were on social media. >> what were the images you saw? describe them to guys again talz opt door. >> and some statements like sore liers. acting out. to cop they are tres passenger vandals who need to be caught. >> reporter: that's why they are looking for your help as they try to catchc they 954-493-tips the the number to crime stopperer in broward county. there is surveillance video. we have the request in for it. for now we're live in southwest ranches. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> lynn: all right sheldon. horror at home as a woman is tacked in her backyard. three armed men ambushing this 58-year-old woman in southwest miami-de.
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took off with a safe and jewelry. it happened near 64th street and southwest 85th avenue. if have you any information that could help, call crime stoppers in dade county. 305-471-tips. >> danielle: and a cash h ime at a south florida business. thieves snatching a man's wallet and keys at a pep boys in fort lauderdale. the victim place his belongings on the register where following a clerk around the store and when he came back, they were gone. >> and these guys shunted be allowed to go ash taking s uff that doesn't belong to them. that's why we have security cameras to catch idiots like this. >> danielle: well, it happened at the store at northeast 7th 7th avenue and sunrise boulevard f. have you any information call police. >>. >> lynn: a south florida studentt struck in the street. an 11-year-old riding his bike to school when he was hity a car in weston. it happened near the ridge drive area and pond ridge sir clecht the victim taken to the hospital.
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sceenl scene. >> >> danielle: also on 7 this afternoon. govenor scott and the seminole tribe of florida believe they i have shor sure bet when it come to creating howtionz thousands of joives ch brandon beyer has the detail. >> reporter: the 400 seminole hard rock employees cheer govenor scott's arrival monday morning. many of their jobs depending on a new gaming come pact between the tribe a a state. it's big money for both sides. >> it's $3 billion over the first seven years and should continue to grow above that after that. >> reporter: the agreement which must first be approved by state legislatures also includes a $1.8 billion expansion to the hard rock in hollywood. the new facility would look like this and create 20,000 n n jobs. monday morning the govenor listened as ca nee see no employees talked about the importance of the come pact. some getting emotional as they
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>> trying to mike sure we provide for the family. >> reporter: and this job allows too that right? yes. >> reporter: if approved it will go to a federal judge in tallahassee n. hollywood. brandon beyer. 7 news. >> lynn: wecialtion it's one of the big case presidential hopefuls have been campaigning for. that is of course the eye o waw caucus. >> nicole linsalata joins us to explain how a caucus works. >> i would like to call this republican congress to order. >> >> reporter: it's caucus night at drake university in des moines. >> call to order. >> >> reporter: but this is not the real thing yet. just a mok can caucus to teach first time caucus goers how it
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internet can make the process seem more complicated. >> >> everything working. >> reporter: it's ease diswi to get confused. republicans and democrats caucus on the same night but do it differently. and then gop voters simply fill out a piece of paper wert candidate they want to support. >> once you have voted. pleaea fold the paip ner half and give it to the second. >> and then a voter announced the winner for that caucus site. >> a a then it's the democrats side. >> our democratic side is very dynamic. engagement and enshoe see a. and they divide hem sestles into groups and if you like martin o'malley you caucus with his `soup rs. drake student lara cox says she likes him but undecided on the candidate. every one watching and then they go way and no one shoazaz
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the first caucus with hillary clinton supporters. >> i thinkillary is so deep in the establishment that i don't know if she wants the same thing os or she just wants to be president. >> and then she caucused with bernie sanders group. she feels pressure from both sides and time is running out. how much time do we have? this is what makes the the democratic caucus so interesting and friends and neighbors and roommates to get others to vote their way. >> one of my roommates is over here. and she was over here trying to convince me and either way i have to go home to one of them and they will be plaid. >> reporter: so 7:00 central time iowan's ln gathering across the state. a few hours after that we should have a better idea of how the election cycle, 2016 is going to shape up. reporting in des moines iowa. nicole linsalata. 7 news. >> danielle: and our caucus
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7's political interest 7's dr. kevin hill. >> lynn: and dr. hill joining us. a so dr. hill iowa is the first to cast their votes in the presidential raise. explain the difference between the caucus tonight and the pry mare right. what is the difference between a caucus and primary. >> reporter: >> well, first of all that's the best definition of a caucus. i'm stealing that for my classes next week. >> lynn: that's great. >> a caucus is what you jaws saw. a bunch of people meeting together in one time. have you to sit there for a couple of hours and go liewt whole process and the democrats and do it differently. the difference is it's mot even a secret ballot for the democrats. so there's a lot of social pressure. particularly if you're guy doesn't come in first or second place or doesn't get 15 percent of the vote. a primary. like you'll have in new hampshire next weekment just like any other election you and i go to. you show up whenever on that day and cast your ballot. you check off a name and then
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home. so it's t- takes a lot more commitment from a voter, a lot more commitment from a voter to could a caucus and that's why the turn out is so vitally important. >> danielle: you know t is no secret that iowa is not the most diverse of states in the house and some talk about that not being indicative of of how the country as a whole would vote and talk of perhaps taking it out of iowa. good idea? bad idea? >> well, that's why the first prior may ri and caucuses are iowa and new hampshire and then south carolina and nevada. they have been 234 there for 30 years tbhawfs same question. iowa and new hampshire are pretty white.retty rural. south carolina is more diverse and so is s vada. so a lot people have always want thoasd four ates to rotate on iran dom basis or even all 50 states go at once or ten states
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ten statesd next week. but it's all up to the parties. no federal laws about these thing. >> lynn: let's talk about done old trump mr. hill. what if donald trump does not win iowa we know former president bill clinton didn't win iowa in 92 and he went on to win the race. how will that affect pry rare my in new hampshire tonight. >> i think he is still favored to o win inew hampshire. no republican has ever won both new hampshire and iowa. ronald regular gant can't even do. that if de, that he would be the first person to could that. >> it's vital that ted cruz win tonight. he steaked everything on the ee van gel call vote in iowa and knows he probably won't do well in new hampshire.. if trum winds tonight, he is sitting pretty snier let's go to the democratic side for a second. let's say sanders does well mpleghts. should hillary clinton 'do be
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yes, most definitely. le win the new hampshire and it will start looking like 2008 a all over again for her. she was head of barack obama for months and then in iowa he beat her pretty badly in january of 2008 and she barry won new hampshire and it was a slog until may o 2008. so yeah, i mean, a two person race already. so if he wins iowa and new hampshire. he with will be a for mitd able force. >> lynn: we shall s s. dr. hill, thank you so much for your view here on 7 news at 5:30 a reminder to our viewsers. now is the time to down load the seven voiz your choice app. free and avail able for smart phones and tablets. >> danielle: coming up on 7 news at 5:30. three stories you won't see any place else. first up, an owner of a cell phone store beaten and rob. tonight he is speaking out hoping the attackers will be
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roll as a couple of crooks smash their way into another business. >> danielle: and a cebration on campus as a young shooting survivor returns to class. all three stories on just one station. >> lynn: and a concerned driver pulls over a cop after what she says she saw on the road. hear what he had to say for himself coming up. >> phil: and this morning the rain continues to move out. still say few showers lingering across key biscayne and he biscayne bay. how long will they say with us?
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second it wa a modern day remans >> i was robbed on a regular basis. and they went thugh quick. a mad chery says the nature of his business guaranteed a day like thvment cleaning up a after burglars take what he worked so hard over nearly two years to build. pair that snash smashed into his davie cell phone store around 6:00 in the morning on sunday were in and out in 2nd. davie police breaking the bad news. and the fall out we had there. and went to the register and two minutes they were gone. the whrarm wasn't working but surveillance cramps were while one quickly disumed everything
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other burglar strug wltd register crawer where they finally took off. still, sha reez says he is blessed. they could come in with the employees were here or something worse. they could of been in a sting. the guy next door to me were robbed a at gunpoint. so i lost things. and the other wentton state pair got a away with 4000-dollar in md and cash. if have you any information for investigators call crime stoppers at 954-493-tips. live at the news desk. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> danielle: all right robbin. thank you. news station. fire on the water leads to eye very dramatic rescue at sea. and you may soon see 13 yellow dots on the back of cars. we'll explain the meaning and how had i on a live saver. a historic change in cuba has a group of south florida kids enjoying a unique experience.
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>> >> >> lynn: broward county launching alive saving sticker for driver. the county introducing something cold the yellow dot program. the stickerhat that is placed on a rear window notifieie firyt responders that's there's a pamphlet in the vehicle with the medical his richt the enrollment is free and can be done on the county's web site. >>nd now weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: and a rainy morning right now as we take a look at the big view across the u.s. we're still look at plenty of cloudiness across the northeast. clear over by texas. you can seeee that, that is another front that should be moving in here some time by the end of the workweek. temperatures are in the0s and 40s across the great lake. the upper mid with west.
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46 washington dc. 82 in san antonio ch in the 70s acrossbroward county. 74 coral springs. pompano beach. fort lauderdale. 76 in pembroke pines. miami-dade 72 at the beach. 73 in key biscayne. you're getting rain right now moving in. 73 at doral and throughout the keys every one is in the 70s expect little torch key. a temperature of 81. so for tonight. mug by. with a little bit of haze. that will be the pattern at least until midnight. then by tomorrow high pressure builds n. should be a drier day. we continue to warm up here across south florida and then by wednesday that front across the west will be moving in across the panhandle. for us still warm but some of that rain could make it here by friday. here's the marine forecast. no advisories, 15 knot winds. seas of one to 2 feet. biscayne bay way light chocht for you in the florida keys also with an advisory.
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exercise caution here. seas building three to 5 feet cost call tall waters with a derate chop. next high tide dade and broward after 3:00 in the morning. 5:00 on the nose with the lower keys. you're water temperature at 72. so for tonight clouds will continue to move out. over night loads in the 60s to low 70s by tomorrow hopefully a iot more sunshine especially for the mainland. partly cloudy skies w- in the lower keys. temperatures on the warm side. what is average is about 76, 77. and then for your extended out look. warm still on wednesday. high of 83. the warmth sticks around for thursday. >> and a front on friday. a few showers and then it will turn breezy and temperatures will come down to near seasonal values. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> phil, thank you. coming up next from the newsplex. stars of a romantjc comedy like whrad they saw and 7's chris v v vliet so they put him in the the hot see. have you to see this one to believe it when we come back.
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at 6:00, a burglar not quite thinking things through. what was captured om cram is pretty comical we're coming back. >> now you can find 7 news o facebook and twitter.
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>> are you single? you're handsome. tell me more. you have cute socks. >> well, there you have it. # movie stars crush enon # chris chris van vliet. they turned it into their interview and how to be a single. but. >> lynn: be but they just wanted chris to dish on his
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is under neeee his shirt. and he is live i i the plex. >> chris, you never@ unbutton your shirt here at work. >> i can honestly say i've never had an interview like this one brmplet the movie say come day on how to be sith. i didn't expect to be the one being interviewed when i walked into the room. it was all in good fun. it all started with this question from leslieman. >> are you single? >> you're handsome. >> wow, thank you. you have cute socks and barbie. olivia. you guys. look. hot guy. hot guy. >> this is amazing. >> hi. wow. gogo to meet you. i can't find any one in. >> hi. i'm olivia. barbie will knock her out of the way. before are you froro oh forget it, he lives in miami. sorry.
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you can move. do you workout a lot? you look like you work out. >> you look like you pump iron. you got swelled up. soul patrol. i have small clothes so it looks like i#m in good shape. >> can you take off your shirt? which one? all of them. sure. i can sta with the jacket there. and maybe i'llndo one button. one button. how about two buttons.. two more buttons. otherwise we won't speak. yes. this is like driving me. pgh okay. now, that's a lot. one more. >> so we're going to do the interview like this? >> okay. that looks great. so we're going to do the rest like this? you should wear your shirt like that.
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i feel comfortable. >> great. could every one leave? we need to do the interview. we just need to be q`iet guys. >> and my interview is almost done. >> no, it's okay ask rapid fire questions. let's try pick up lines now that i have thvment the whole point of not being sing sell break the ice right? uh-huh. >> so what about, are you google because you're scag exactly what i've been searching for. >> that's terrible. don't are ever say that. if i had one more button done, would it be better? is what that what is wrong. have you terrible pick up lines. is something wrong if you're single. no terrible pick up lines. no one use pick up lines? no, i don't know. and now the video is gone viral but what guy wouldn't lovo that kind of attention from two beautiful women, right? yay. wow.
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back to the movie. because that's what we're talking about here. how to be single opens in theaters on february 12th. it was fun. it was fun. live in the newsplex. 7 news. >> lynn: and then he comes to work all but ond up. i have to agree with the ladies though. that pick up line, the google no bueno. it was funny though. i don't think chr uses that. >> danielle: okay good. >> lynn: he was trying to be amusing. that's 77 news at 5:30. for more on deco i'm lynn martinez. and 7 news at 6:00 begins right now. just go chris. >> now on 7 news. two stories on just one station. a man beaten badly securing a robbery. recounting the nf night that changed his life for the worse. >> and another exclusive a. a teen shot. his survival. a miracle. now is going back it to school.
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he saw cops speeding and she would turn the tables on the officer. and you were pushing 90 miles per hour. >> really? >> yes. >> reporter: i'm nicole linsalata in des moines. all eyes on iowa in the first show dune for the race for the white house. my laif lif report ahead. >> this is 7 news at 6:00. >> two stories you won't see anywhere else. the victim of a vicious attk. recounting the nightmare with 7 news. >> it was soir that i wouldn't think anything like that would happen? and a teenager surviving shooting getting a warm welcome back to school. >> it's been so good. it's been a long time since i've seen them so i'm just happy. >> both stories on just one station. >> hello and welcome every one. we b bin with the owner ave cell phone store who says is living in fear after a brutal beating. >> he tells us his business has also been affected. 7's rosh lowe live for us at
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