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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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bring us the exclusive. rosh. >> let me tell u. i was out here in mid january when that video was first released and people were just as ston nished b the brutal tivment the owner of this cell phone store was on the ground thvment father 36 was being hit time and time and time again. and now you fast forward. not only is he still dealing with the physical pain. not only are the two teves still out there but now he tells us his lease is not being renewed. >> were you thinking, oh my goodness i'm not going to see m children? a little bit. i was thinking about. it i was frayed. thank god we're laif. >> reporter: roni is shaken and afraid and doesn't want to show his face for the interview. but his story is frightening and this surveillance video shows it all. >> i seat the money and the other guy go for ward to close the the door and lock me inside
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they was trying to do, but i gave them the money and they won't leave. it was early in the morning. it was so early that i would not think nothing like that would happen? >> reporter: mid january, two people storm his cell phone store in north miami. he has a concealed weapops permit. before he can get do his gun, they throw him to the ground and they beat him with their gun. the thieves take off and north miami police still haven't made an arrest. >> we see a lot more cops over here in this plaza. just because a lot of people got business and it happens a lot over here. and you were being hit time and time again. thank god it someone heard and opened@the door. thank god they know me because it would have been worse i think. roni say father of three and now tells us he is facing even more problems. his lease is not being renewed at the store he says. >> we've been here for four years already putting this business together.
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so now i'm having the problem of the landlords kicking me out for what happened to us a. >> we reached the person at rob roni subleases from and he says the crime has nothing to do the termination of the lease. in fact he says the lease expired prior to the incident. i think it's really bad for what they are doing to us you know. and basically they come over here every day to work sto make money so we can go forward. and now they are kick us out. the lease support. i'm trying fight that now. so many issues for roni but the bottom line for this store owner. the sore has been robbed twiechts he is now in jeopardy of losing the store and the men who caused his physical pain still out there. and ononhe run. okay. you can help out tonight. what is clear video. you saw everything that roni is currently going through. first things first. if you know who these two people r. pick up the phone.
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that number is 305-471-tips. we're live tonight in north miami, rork low. 7 news. >> on to another story iewrl see on just one station. a teen getting much needed show of support after surviving a shooting. 7's ann keil is live at the school in southwest miami-dadee with the the exclusive. ann. >> well, commissioner dennis rod says we need to reclaim this comiewfn ti and he long with the miami-dade county mayor are offering an increased award for $10,000 for information on the person who shot a 13-year-old who returned to school today for the first time since that tragic shooting. his mother by his side. thrtion knock like a mother's lot. as i a mother restrive to make
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we get them there. victoria more land with her son for a big day. 13-year-old swatson junior back it to school after a tragic night the 7th grade wears shot three times while hanging out with friends outside his grandmotherrers home on december 28th. miami-dade police and fire rescue responding to the scene near the corner of southwest 263 terrace and 136th place. and it's been a struggle with you i got through it because i have my family and career. eric underwent multiple surgeries at nick lon loss children's hospital where we visited him and another surgery scheduled for early march. but on this day as only our cameras were rolling. it is great. the cad my celebrated the teen's return whrairnlg cake.
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and a liltle surprise. he is more like family. scho official pushing kind ns and understanding as police continue to search for the shooter. motive unclear to the teen. i just know that he will get caught one day and it will just all be on the path and ool past and i'll be safe. >> and inspried by the mother who has been the biggest support anan clear leader after getting a call no parent suld. her faith uninterrupt ood god keeps us ally. we're g. we're awesome. again, the reward for information has increased to $10,000. if you can help detectives, you're urged to call miami-dade crime stpers. that number 305-471-tips. remember, you can remain anonymous. reporting live in southwhwt miami-dade. ann keil. news. >> also on 7, they are the ones
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but one woman says a come was burning rubber. and your a leader in the community. you need to be an example. and this time the officer was pulled over. >> w wl, that woman got the officer to stop. she would turn the tables on him. 7's jessica lolly live at police headquarrs in doral with what that officer had to say about all thvment jessica.. >> and this story is growing. at video all over social media and the national news is now picking up the story. not every day you hear of a citizen telling an officer to pu it on over. >> the reason i pulled you over today, an officer on the other side of the traffic stop in miami. and you were pushing 90 miles per hour. >> oh okay. a and claudia castillo making a citizen's stop. she says it all started with a speeding cruiser friday afternoon. he passed me with so much speed. so much force andy vehicle shook. >> so she he is cured her cell phone and started rolling.
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not catch up to him. she says he slowed down but kept inn him inside on the dolphin express way. and when traffic permimied she got his attention and pull him over. >> show you what happensere. what happened likely mot what officer donna tell a expect ood i just wanted to know what is the emergency? i don't know how fast ways going but i can tell you i'm on the way to work right now. i don't believe i was speeding. but like i said, you're entitled to your opinion. >> cast tokyo's opinion. no one is above the raw. not to knock our police officers but they are held to certain principals and they should up hold those prince pasms the miami-dade police depapament is up hololng that matter as the video goes viral and making national news. the represent said it would investigate the incident. and i'm tfs there will be a follow up from. video in itself, lins. it's juicy. it's race sivment thal sciefned stuff and good for social media. i saw no evivince of him speeding. no evidence but in the video
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the roadside conversation. >> well, a bowl fiez andnd i'll be sure to slow down man. take care. be say. okay. thanks. and miami-dade police reliesd statement today. it reads in apartment. we take all complaintseriously and in this case the the officer's chain of come mand will investigate the matter and take the appropriate course of action. and we have a complaint process in place. we prefer no one places themselves or the community at alleged misconduct. of course we'll be following this story. >> for now live in doral. jessica holily. 7 news. >> all right jessica. a mother accused leaving her child all alone at a south florida park. shar lee sha hughes behind bars a charged with child neglect. police say she left her 7-year-old daughter at lauderdale park with strangers
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that child is now safee ierk now at 6:00, nasty weather storming in. a lightning strike in cooper city and where it fell caused a massive mess there and here's a look aour studios now. things are drying o out across the area. chief meteorologist pl ferro is live in the weather center with more on the forecast. phil. >> all right belkeys, craig. here are the headlines. it will be a drier evening across south florida. most of that heavy rain this morning has pulled out. now impacting the bahamas. tuesday should be nice and sunny. but getting a little warmer as a matter of fact we'll be in the low 308's at least through the middle of the workweek. our next front should move in on friday bringing with it a better chance of some rain. right now however still a little bit of lingering rainfall. right across key biscayne. biscayne bay. aiming for downtown miami. once this is done. it should be a drier night here across south florida. but earlier today different story. look at the rainfall totals here. key west. almost an inch and a half.
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and a third. pembroke pines over an inch. loud west kentucky dal and miami. every one here less than an inch of rain today. sport time being. we are look at high pressure dominating our weather at least through thursday. that will keep our it temperatures above average. that next front moves in on friday. with a little better chance of some rainfall. especially on friday afternoon going into friday evening. and then maybe a little minor cooling and by that what i mean is temperature coming back down to where they should be this time of year. we'll have a lot more on our local forecast a little later on. >> tonight it's all about iowa. the candidates squaring off in the first contest in this race for the white white house. the caucuses begin soon and some predict a record turn out tonight that has the candidates and supporters scram welling for every last vote out there. 7's news reporter nicole linsalata is live for us in des
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night there. nicole. >> reporter: well, exactly craig. now what t is going to be a very big night adged it is the night that the folks in iowa here and the country and candidates have been waiting for. it is caucus day. you 24eu the foiz folks at the des s ines rest register are excited. think they are and now it really is crunch time. >> i feel g. i feel great. >> after more than a year, it comes down to this. last phone call. >> i'm calling for the marco rubio campaign. the last interview.w. the last rally. the last hour devoted to convincing the undecided maingding sure those inclined to take part in a caucus actually show iewvment i hope y y want someone that has a servants heart and has a back done boan to challenge the thing that are broken and has prove convenient experience to do it. that's what we need. the people that are representing you have given mee the absolute highest accolades all over the place. so.
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midnight. plenty of time to caucus. we'll get all the votes counted. i'm especially imrat ta tied that a lot of the people who are coming out. &a lot of the people who are getting volved are work class people, young people who have not previously been involved in the political process. marco rubio gave his volunteers in nearby albany a pep talk. >> i think your fforts will be meaning. if you i feel positive about what is happening here in iowa and around the country. >> how did you enjoy iowa. >>? i enjoy it. it's been a plez plez iewsh to be here. these efforts mat ner iowa where voters pride themselves on participation. eye juts want to remind thought caucuses are tonight. the one on one caucus are important. volunteers tell us in one day
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scores of home and make hundreds of phone calls. sphrat gi not lost on julie and kyle hatchet. both educated in florida. they are now traveling iowa promoting their boat po lit ta guide. and both sides of the aisle rally and it's maig. senator cruz hopes so. bore ring a trick from one of the favorite sun by hitting all the states 99 counties. we are with this stop completing the very last stop of the full grass. >> and jeb bush met with supporters and answered a few question >> how excite ready you? i'm excited. i'm excited that we're starting finely. before rushing to get to yet another last minute stop. >> now, you hea hillary clinton there mention a winter storm. well, , me of the forecasters are saying that might happen after the caucuses and i'm sure some of the candidates are hoping that that will be the case as well. not sure whether or not that will affect turnout but so far
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in eye o woovment a har ti bunch. >> it is definitely not warm but knot definitely is interesting. reporting live in des moines. nicole linsalata. 7 news. >> craig: stay with 7 news and win for complete coverage of the caucus. we'rlive with des moines here first at 10:00. >> belkeys: coming up, a burglary and no business of a smooth criminal. jeff is there live. >> reporter: this crime unfold at aaundromat in wilton manner. this bumbling burglar makes his way in tried to to get inside a locked office but makes a clean getaway with any cash. stay tune to find out. >> craig: also concern spreading word wide because of a mosquito born virus. >> belkeys: a dver getting into a a fiery accident. he would need to think fast if he wanted to make it out alive. >> craig: and kids getting a lesson of a lifetime seeing
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student has.
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>> camera stealing from a business and he would turn out to be a bum belg ding u-burg lamplet he hit the laundromat. >> belkeys: and cramps show didn't get away way gene cleen getaway. >> jeff is live with more. jeff. >> reporter: not at all a clean get way. this is live in wilton manners and he tried to to get inside a locked office to getaway with cash but once inside, thihi lawn crow mat right here. his plans spun out of control. this leadgedburg larg. we pick up the crime at 5:00 a.m. on mon dmierng. wilton manners please say this man was caught on camera walking up the andrews before he made an attempted to break into the office. for several minutes he tries to stack bins and trash cans to get flvment he falls a f time
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the way. the store employee who viewed the video reacts. pretty dumb. he heard the alarm and ran out like an idiot. eventually he gets in but motion senators in the office signed and he bolts through not the nearby door but instead back up through the ceiling. he falls again and stumbles and a cablbl almost choaks him before he hits the ground. he takes off leaving a b mess behind. >> got into the office without gloves and sow left fingerprints >> so he left a dirty trail behind here at the laundromat in wilton manners. take a close look. we took a screen a grab from the video to get a close look at this guy. sphru any information on who that man s ca contact crime stoppers at 954-493-tips. information that leads to an arrest in this case couou possibly get you a cash reward. we're live in win wilton manners
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jeff lennox 7 7 ws. craig: okay jeff. >> reporter: jie and still head tonight a surfer offhe the coast of hawaii finding out first hand why this, what is what you call a monitor wave. >> craig: and a student stunned to find out what was
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>> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: and good afternoon every one. it was a rainy day here across south florida. checiewt key west.
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than half an inch in miami of. under 1 inch in plawd and the temperatures todayay were very steady basically from the lows to the highs a the 70 degree range. right now 73 just about every where expect nick mc sue key and key west. partly to mostly cloudy sky. the wind out of east. anywhere between eight and 12 miles per hour. the humidity at zero%. now still pesky showers for the time bsmght across inland portions of miami-dade. west kendall. we also have rain that has just moved in across key biscayne ming for downtown miami and reaching the airport. but we are drying out and hopefully after sunset, it should be dry cpletely. should be a very nice and quiet night here across south florida. one front here. have another one here right now. everything in blue. that is snow and a lot of it coming down across the rockies. we'll be watching for the tail end of that front to arrive here by friday. mug by tonight. a little bit of haze. by tomorrow warming temperatures
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highs will be in the low 80s. should be much drier. same scenario here for wednesday. but then look. that that front will start to move n. wednesday evening. should arrive in southflorida some time on friday. with a better chanceor rainfall. and the temperatures will be coming back down to where they should be after the passage of that front. no advisisies tonight. biscayne bay with a light chop. four in the florida keys, use caution. especially for seas beyond the reef. building three to 5 feet. coastal waters way moderate chop. next high tide will be at three or four miami. almost 3:00 in the morning for fort lauderdale. key largo 3:27. 5:00 in key west to. night gradual clearing. coastal rain for miami-dade. and tomorrow more sunshine. looking dry. warmer of e here's your extended out look. wednesday still warm. same on thursday. here comes that front on friday.
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to near seasonal values.
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>> time now for 7 sports with steve shapiro. >> got heat news. dywane wade is the eastern conference player of the week. but he substitute point guard tyler johnson out after two months having surgery on his
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the heat back in first place in the division flip nopped flopped with atlanta last night. a march rye ree stot to meyer rebounds. and the heat beat the hawks 105 to 87. first place and 4th in the conference. >> and on this eastern conference right now man. it's so crazy. you can be out of playoffs one night and then top three the next. it's just the way it scht so right now what we're concerned with is how well we're playing f. we're playing good basketball. the wins will come. >> they play at houston tomorrow. first game out of all-star bake for the panthers thers. the capital have the best record in hockey. the panther held practice today. li on go and es guard made it back from the all-star glaivment night in nash vivment panthers in first. five points head of tampa and detroit. >> i remember last year trying to catch up. you knkn, we felt like we were battling the florida panthers
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the year and it's nice to be on the open sigh sit side but you can't take too many days off because every team wts to get points and eye ni team can get hot. big game tomorrow. every game is okay but denver broncos got in a minor bus accident after pran practice today. both teams riefd in the bay area yechtd peyton manning and the broncos taiing in santa laire a. # weeks before the game and super bowl game this s sday. >> i think two weeks between games helps everybody athis point in the season. certainly i will take advantage of the time to try and feel even better.% soy think for any player, with you es fecial specially a player 30 years old and up, having a week off. definitely going to help you. >> he is almost 40. trees blew down during the final round. finished delay until today. kj joy k5eu78 to 18 today. one shot behinin brans snet a
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he finished yesterday. troy needed is to time. sned a cer wins today without in hitting a single shot. he finished. try with five under. and al golden hired today by the detroit lions to coach tight end. back next half hour. i'm steve. here's craig and belkeys. >> craig: thanks steve. >> belkeys: that's a wrap for 7 news at six clofnl see bach here at 10:00. caio caio i'm belkeys nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens. stay tune. 7 news at 6:30 isext.
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